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Yes. That poster more than proved your point.

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Wow,you're so filled with self-loathing and bitterness s/m - the truth is out there

You're reaching out to a person whose views you respect and are looking for an intelligent, adult conversation to take place.  About 95% on this board are more comfortable playing the playground bully and calling names.  Unfortunately, there's just no value to be found in their form of communication.

Now you and I have given them the "gift" of having two more people to attack on this board.  Anyone else want to be bullied and treated badly?  Just say something even remotely nice to JTBB, and you'll be ready for the he!l they inhabit now.  It's really sad that such "Americanism" exists out there.

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You proved your point to yourself.
I was responding to the he original statement about white reaching minority status by 2042. I was not trying to discuss immigration policy. I stated my opinion and put out some objective facts. I'm am not overlooking the word "illegals"…just refusing to engage in myopic nationalism. Facts are facts. Whites will be outnumbered. I think it's a good thing. You don't. I don't find their presence in the country particularly disturbing. I understand the political forces at play in this issue to my own satisfaction. Personally, I think it has been a long time coming and it has arrived for reasons much more complex than the anti-immigration cult dogma found on this forum. I am very much at peace with the idea. You're not. So sue me.
You proved my point
he can't do both. You're too old, Go home.
Thank you! You just proved the point with the
voting present. That is basically what it means in the Il. state when you vote the present.
You proved my point.
You just proved my point.
I love it when people are too cowardly to give themselves a name and, instead, hide under the "nm" moniker.

You're right.

You have absolutely NO MESSAGE.

Yup, you proved my point
Guess I should have expected nothing less than a juvenile reply.

Don't know who "Sue Ann" is. But then again I expected nothing more than in incoherent reply and that didn't surprise me either.

Have a good one, I've heard Obama is planning to pass out lots of Kool-aid at the coronation (oh I mean innaugeration). Don't forget to get in line. Oh yes, and it's free (or so he say's, you'll just be taxed for it later).
Umm.... I think you just proved her point.

Actually, you just proved her/his point.
I just stated the facts. You were the one who stooped to personal attacks. Nice going right back at you!
your post proved my point
My post has turned out to be a right winger nothing to attack GT fall back on that post thingy, LOL, so funny.  I love it.  Anway, isnt hell and burning in hell where xtians say we all go when we commit crimes, break the ten commandments?  Well, that is what I wish for this administration and Bush and his family.  It is obvious that is where they are headed when standing in judgment for this war.  But, hey, I get it, the old right wingy thingy, do as I say, not as I do.  The xtians can spout all the time about burning in hell but if a liberal says it, oopphhss..the worst thing in the world.  Right winger, Coulter can say liberals ought to be shot and publish plagerized books full of lies, but hey, she is a right winger, its okay, right winger, Robertson, can call for the assassination of a duly elected leader, but hey, he is a right winger, its okay.  Right wingers equals a bunch of hypocrites...  Anyway, your post to me proves my point of attacking and ranting and raving from the right wing.  *BIG HUG to ya*.
You have just proved the point I made below

While I don't agree with your opinion 100 percent at least you can talk to us without making anything we say personal, A.W. and Carla cannot.

I'll agree that some had a visceral hatred of Clinton.  I never did personally.  I didn't vote for him, did not think he was a good president, but I didn't walk around everyday blaming everything bad in my life on him either.  I disliked by his personal example that he lowered the morality level in our country several notches, and yes, I do think that he should have been thrown out of office for #1) having sexual favors performed just outside the oval office by someone other than his wife, and #2) then looking in the face of every American and lying about it (#2 being the damning impeachable offense).

At this point I haven't seen proof that Bush has done anything impeachable.  I think Bush has done some good things while in office and has also done some things I don't agree with.  However, if I support the president in any way then I'm accused of bowing down and worshipping at his feet by A.W. and Carla, and let's not forget the late-to-this-board gt.  Their reactions are way beyond the rational although it is understandable why Carla may have these strong feelings given what she's gone through this year.  I think she may be misdirecting some of her anger though.


do you know what YOU PROVED MY POINT MEANS?
IT MEANS that there is NOTHING else to say to you because you have no intelligence left to discuss with, that's the bottom line. you proved OUR point by just wanting to name call instead of having a discussion. This is so stupid we have to do this back and forth and look you ALWAYS have to have the last word... you'll probably prove my point on that one too!!!
You just proved my point. - no message
Well.....you proved her point with your zinger. Sigh. nm
You just proved my point. Still nothing positive to say about Obama.
There you go. At least counter the argument with something positive about Obama. That is if there is anything. Otherwise its all just blowing smoke.
Either you can't read, or you've just proved her point. Nice going.
you hit it right on track again - what is the poster's point.
I can't for the life of me understand what the posters point is, and there are so many names flying I don't know if its different posters or the same. Reading them I'm hearing someone who won't vote for her because she was in a beauty pagent. People are saying she doesn't have brains but they don't give any reasons. Why, because she's pretty? I'd rather see someone with her looks up there before someone like Hillary. With Hillary her ugliness goes deep withing because she is also ugly on the inside. Sarah Palin, is a beautiful person both inside and out. It's just beyond my comprehension how someone can come out and say something like that and when you tell them the facts of her experience, high approval ratings, and things she has done to make peoples lives better. They just don't want to hear it and no matter how many facts are there they just don't want to hear it. I'm sure these are the same people who believe the Algore global warming theory too.

It's just astounding. More so because I was like that (cutting her down because I liked Barack and Biden without even knowing anything about her). I'm glad I did my research. She is one smart lady. If we have any hopes for a better future for our nation I'm looking at her.

Oh yes...for all those who keep saying whats-her-name.....It's Sarah Palin. That's Sarah Palin....SARAH PALIN. You know S.A.R.A.H. P.A.L.I.N. Thought I'd repeat it a few times in different ways because you obvious are not capable of remembering. So if you can't remember her name, please come back here for a reference.
That point would be lost on above poster.....
Please point out one post on this board where a poster agreed with

as you claim, "examining the adoption records of Roberts, casting aspersions that his 4-year-old son is gay, that HE is gay (Roberts) because he didn't marry until he was 40."

Please.  Just one poster who said on this board that they agree with that.

You've proven that you're not here to debate.  You're here to keep the fighting going.  You were asked by Democrat to introduce a topic to debate.  But you're too obsessed on trashing liberal posters.  That's the only topic you've ever mentioned on this board 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME.  Look at your posts.  They're still here. That's the total extent of them, whining and complaining about the posts of liberals.  There isn't ONE post on this board from you regarding an ISSUE.


I believe the point was a poster was complaining about conservative posters here when there are
quite a few liberals on the conservative forum. 
You just proved how clueless you are
Are your paranoid or have you been drinking again?  I love confusing liberals, but then it's not too hard to do.
LOL! I've proved it???!!

For the last EIGHT LONG YEARS, all I've heard is, "It's CLINTON'S fault."  Now all I'm hearing, BEFORE THE MAN IS EVEN INAUGURATED, "It's OBAMA'S fault."

If/when Obama does something to deserve "fault," you can bet I'll be one of the first to say it.  However, the man hasn't even taken his oath of office, and all the soothsayers on this board have already judged his presidency to be a failure.

All the anti-Obama rhetoric is quickly getting old, again, BEFORE the man has even taken his oath of office.

The people have spoken, and the majority of them voted for Obama.  Please...get used to it and at least TRY to inspire some good feelings and hope instead of whining all the time.

This board has become a very toxic place to visit. 

you do know, proved by your posts below.
Geez. Well, just proved that the bottom of the barrel...
had not been reached until just now. What a nasty, sick comment.
Radical relationships proved or hear say?

Unless you're talking about preacher Wright?  I am beginning to wonder why that is not an issue since John Mccain is so righteous.

Yep, sitting in Rev Wright's church sure proved that
I think BB has a point here in that the main point on the board is political discussion, and let'
face it, there is SO MUCH going on right now, changes, problems, disasters, and so much debate on what should/could be done, but so many tims the political discussion disintegrates in a finger-pointing, name-calling exercise, spouting religion all over the place. Yeah, our spiritual beliefs are dearly held and we would all strive to be the best we can be, and do whatever we can whatever the ideology is, but sometimes I wonder, since we have a board EXPRESSLY for Faith isuues, where relgious debates/discussions/forums, etc are welcome, why does THIS board have to be turned into RELIGION BOARD PART II, especially if one ideology wants to dominate or ridicule/condemn those who come on here for lively inteligent discussion, debate of issues in Congress and in our lives, and just want their beliefs held separately? CNN is not EWTN or any other Christian network, and there are constant informative, bright, lively, balanced discussions from all over the political spectrum on the credentialed news stations, as well as C-Span, but they are not constantly hiding behind a cross, rosary, bible, star of David, or whatever....can we not strive to do the same and put religious debate on the Faith board?? Just a thought to ponder, MHO, it might work beter, who knows?
is the the starting point or the end point for the middle class?
I answered your post point-by-point and
all you can come up with is a lame tit-for-tat? Can you provide some sort of substantive response that would argue against the point I am trying to make here? Of course not.

Please show me what part of my post reflects bigotry or ignorance? I have made a few statements based on my own life experience, rather than the hook-line-and-sinker method of forming my world view. Then the impotence of your suicide bomber reference was buried under concrete evidence of informed, researched and factual data that would suggest an oppressed, occupied, half-starved population does not have the upper hand when it comes to defending themselves against Israel's US-bankrolled arsenal of pain, misery, death and destruction. They are just a tad out-gunned, wouldn't you say?
I answered your post point-by-point and
all you can come up with is a lame tit-for-tat? Can you provide some sort of substantive response that would argue against the point I am trying to make here? Of course not.

Please show me what part of my post reflects bigotry or ignorance? I have made a few statements based on my own life experience, rather than the hook-line-and-sinker method of forming a world view. Then the impotence of your suicide bomber reference was buried under concrete evidence of informed, researched and factual data that would suggest an oppressed, occupied, half-starved population does not exactly have the upper hand when it comes to defending themselves against Israel's US-bankrolled arsenal of pain, misery, death and destruction they employ in order to "secure" themselves.

The Palestinians are just a tad out-gunned, wouldn't you say? This might just account for the lop-sided fatalities/injuries ratios between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In closing, it is worth noting that even with the advantage of all those terrorist toys and tools our tax dollars have bestowed upon them, security and peace of mind just seem to be further and further beyond their reach. Wonder why that is?
It was another poster on a different day.

I don't know who it was, but those *in the know* have pegged him/her as an alcoholic.

Whoever it was, the person was definitely radical, no doubt about that.  If you respond with your email address, I will email you and tell you what it was, as well as the alleged *profanity* that Stephen used.  Then you can judge for yourself whether it was legitimate or blown out of proportion.

m-e-o-w did that poster

beat you in a BE-AU-TY contest or something? here kitty, kitty.


I think maybe what poster is trying to say
is that if same sex partners were meant to be in the first place, the body parts would be made to fit as well. Well, they're not, plain and simple. Man and woman were intentionally designed for the body parts to fit for a reason. Man and man and woman and woman were not and no matter how you try to twist that one, they're just not.
This may or may not be what the above poster

was referring to.  Not sure because this article refers to Palin being there and not McCain, but maybe the poster meant McCain as a whole and not the ind.  Anway here is the link.


No, just a poster.


Poster is right about something
Very well said by a poster on another

Something is not right about this election.

First, Obama does not defeat Clinton, but is nominated anyway.
Second, ACORN is openly engaged in massive voter registration fraud, and the authorities are doing nothing to stop it.
Third, Obama is awash with millions donated from abroad.
Fourth, the global banking system suddenly collapses, oh, just a month before the election.
Fifth, the Republicans are holding back?!

I think the entire sham is being orchestrated. Are there supranational forces behind the scenes, coordinating the seizure of U.S. banks while propping up a candidate with zero substance? What’s this “change” we keep hearing so much about?

Like another poster said, if this were the other
the liberal news would be all over this and you know it.

like a poster below said
Your last paragraph says volumes. you are willing to give up your freedoms for better economic conditions? When will that stripping away of freedoms end? just remember, you are opening the door to it. Get a handle on it. The economy should not be your only concern. Your freedom should.

And every small business owner I know is worried that they will be forced out.
Sorry, different poster, be that as it may....
Gosh darn, I must have been put in my place by you, huh. I am so enlightened now.

I'm probably not even up to or worthy for additional comment, I feel so gosh darn squashed.

See you on Tuesday. Betcha there's more of us than you.

So you think YOU should be the only poster
racist one at that you have!
YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Above poster is why
this country is going to he!! in a handbasket....too busy yawning and not giving a d**mn about anything but their precious O......
they obviously DO need someone to think for them and O is just their man.

There was a poster on here during

the primaries who waxed about how wonderful with Obama as president it would be to walk out to the mailbox and get another stimulus check like the $600.00 one received previously under the Bush administration, although the poster just knew it was going to be much more than $600.00.  Life was exciting just to look forward to another check in the mailbox.  Sort of like the woman who said, "Obama gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car" entitlement attitude.

I guess that old adage is still true:  There's a sucker born every minute. 

The only thing Americans are going to get from this porkulus package is higher taxes, more lost jobs, and a day of reckoning, the day Obama gets on TV and finally announces what every clear-thinking American already knows, we are bankrupt, and our biggest debt holder, China, is calling in the debt and taking us over.  Well, somebody's got to pay the debt to the biggest debt holder.  Considering China's treatment of its own people, just how do you think Americans will be treated?

I can just hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Obamatons when they finally have to say, "He lied to me."     Instead of MT jobs going to India, they will all be in China.  Better visit Rosetta Stone, the fastest way to learn Chinese.

Obama is nothing more than a merchant of false hope.  At least 49% of our population had the good sense to recognize it. 

After Obama throws at least another trillion dollars we don't have at the economic problems, puts some people to work building new roads, institutes another dozen or so failed plans by the top economists of our day, it will become apparent that he has no real answers to our economic problems.  Of course, that is because it is not really an economic problem but a spiritual one.

Can anyone doubt God's judgement is upon us? 




The other poster did not say anything.......... sm
about Christians hating Muslims. She just said that Islam is being taught in Muslim schools in the US and that those teachings are to hate and annihilate the Christians (infidels). Incidentally, Christians are not the only infidels; anyone who does not profess the Islamic faith is an infidel. Unless you are Muslim yourself, that includes you. I think the other poster is well within her rights to be concerned about a religion whose sole goal in life is to take out as many infidels as possible so that they are assured of their 7 virgins.

Were you educated in a Christian school? I personally don't know of any of the mainstream Christian denominations that teach to hate and condemn specific groups of people. FWIW, I don't hate Muslims. They are, after all, fellow human beings, but I do hate what their religion teaches them to do.
If a certain poster is a liar...
(or if anyone is, from the president right on down)...and of course this is fully documented and there is no question about it...and then they ask us to believe a claim of high personal integrity...well, er, that's asking a little too much. One has to wonder, do they believe their own delusions? Do they really think the house of cards is never going to crash down? Or do they just want us to think it?

Personally I prefer a far less complicated arrangement. You intentionally lie, you are bad and no one should respect you anymore until you learn how to tell the truth.
I don't believe that any poster on this or the other board

wished any poster to die and burn in hell.  I remember someone so frustrated with Bush that she once said that Bush will burn in hell.  She was frustrated, just like Pat Robertson, who your gang chalks up to freedom of speech.

The comment wasn't aimed at one of you, but yet you have to twist it and turn it into a total LIE before it's fit for you to write. 

I, for one, wish you WOULD go back to your board where hatefulness and lies are a way of life.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I've caught you in enough lies that i will NEVER believe anything you say.

P.S.  I thought you said you were going to Iraq.  YEAH... RIGHT... Add THAT to your never-ending list of lies, as well.  You don't have the guts to do it any more than you have the guts to tell the truth about anything.

You're putrid.  Just go away.

This poster is not slamming. nm

To quote the poster above....
I have a right to be here and you have no right to tell me where I ought to be.

I understand that you have a hardened heart and nothing I can say or do will change that. Anyone who thinks abortion is a valid method of birth control and is okay with that has a hardened heart. But, your right as an American to hold any opinion you want to hold.

But it is my right as an American, and my moral right as a human being to state my opinion. And my opinion is that a developing child has as much right to life as YOU do. And I will continue the struggle. If that offends you...I'm sorry.
Poster is a jerk to say the least. What a
The 50s-60s poster was talking about
Of course not. It's the poster's sarcasm
BDays is on the messenger, not the source of those hideous remarks. She just used sarcasm to express the same slimed feeling we get when we hear this kind of rhetoric coming from the right-wingers.
Poster is not wrong
I remember a year or so ago when this issue was raised, a journalist was interviewing a doctor who performs these abortions and it was not for the reasons you mentioned; it was simply because the mother requested it, did not want the child, and decided to have an abortion. He performed them. He made no apologies for these murders and as one would expect, he had convinced himself it was not murder.