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Excuse me, but I think you're wrong. (sm)

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: First of all, posting your CV has nothing to do s/m - the truth is out there

Those who hate JTBB and continously nip at her heels like pesky, rabid chihuahuas are allowed to communicate with her in any manner they choose, the more hate filled, the better.

It's those posters who try to be polite, those posters who understand and (God forbid) AGREE with JTBB who aren't welcome here.

What I usually come away with after reading one of JTBB's posts is an opinion with a very well thought-out opinion borne from a lot of research.

She's one of the fairest minded and intelligent people to post on this board, in my opinion, and for having that opinion, I'm sure the fire will be aimed in my direction for having the unmitigated gall to say something NICE about her, when only the most hateful insults towards JTBB are tolerated here.

P.S. to the person who demands how everyone communicates on this board:  JTBB is being singled out by a person who is interested in discussion of issues and isn't interested in bashing, insulting and bullying.  There are very few, if any, on this board who fit that profile.

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excuse me, that was wrong...
it is actually between "For a long time" and "has hated." Pardon me, my mistake, but "most of the world" is in there.
Excuse me: Did you wander into the TWILIGHT ZONE? What's wrong with you?..
Nothing is 'creepy' about Obama. Don't forget that he is campaigning for an eternity and his so beloved grandmother, who 'made him', just passed away.
You're just trying to find an excuse for what's
A 5 year old could give that answer if I woke him up in the middle of the night. You guys have gotta STOP making excuses for this man. THat's is all I've seen on this board, one excuse for him after another. It's a shame when you constantly have to find excuses for someone who obviously has an agenda only those like yourself are not smart enough to figure out. And, what's worse, the big economic plan he has put right under your nose, he also knows those like yourself won't even stop and ask wait a minute, exactly how are supposed to pay for all these social programs? You just don't wanna know because you hide your head in the sand and I'm sure one day will pull it out when you have no choice.

BTW, I ain't a McCain supporter, so please don't try the McCain tactics some of you only know how to do.
You're wrong...
Everybody is innocent until proven guilt for me.  That's the American way.  I'm not picking and choosing who suits me to be guilty or innocent.  As for somebody's life being in jeopardy, that's isn't even mentioned in the indictment.  In fact, it may be that the woman wasn't outed at all, being that she pushed paper at a desk and everybody and his cousin knew where she worked.  I think this is either payback for the Ken Starr investigation or an attempt to park a dark cloud of suspicion over the White House, being that even with everything that is going wrong the polls show that 44% of the country would vote for a Democrat and 44% of the country would vote for a Republican if an election were held today.  The Democrats have no solutions, so they try to discredit the Republicans so that they'll at least get a vote against the Reblicans to put them back in the White House.
Actually, you're wrong about that.
See link. Some people believe anything they are told, I guess.

You're wrong
Oh, you're quite wrong.
I would have replied exactly as I did whatever your gender. I might have substituted "Bub" for "my dear", but that makes no difference.

Trying to portray yourself as the poor widdle victim of misogynistic meanies is no different from someone misplaying the race card in order to deflect unpleasant truths.

Grow up.
Yup. You're wrong.
If they put up a statue to that pathetic joke, AL Gore, "inventor of the Internet" and "Chicken-Little of Global Warming (NOT!)", then I want to be a pigeon. And incidentally, I'd like the honor of being the first one.

Take your judgments and take a hike.

I agree with you and yet I'm still wrong. You're only here..sm
for a fight and you know it. Even when I agree you still are in attack mode.

Please show some accountability and show me where I said you mentioned this administration. I said we may never see eye to eye on the administration and from your vicious attacks here on the liberal board gives me the impression that you see nothing wrong in Iraq, but that we are not sending care packages. That's been your main argument here.

You are the one imagining things. You cant even grasp the fact that a liberal (myself) was actually agreeing with you about the care packages, so you had to turn it all around and start the argument that I shouldn't send anything. You have a lot of anger in you and it's not my fault. I'm sorry my dear, I can not separate the fact that our soldiers need care packages from the administration that sent them to war, but they need them nonetheless. Like I said I will do whatever my heart leads me to do, and you and YOUR bitterness will have no say in the matter.
pssst...you're both wrong, too bad.
That's what happens when you swallow your bait whole on Faux News! By now everyone should know that Sheehan was never even asked to zip up her jacket and stated that if she had been, she would have done so without any problem.

Also, it was revealed several days later that there is NO law against wearing shirts with statements or political messages at the SOTU. The Capitol police have apologized for their mistake. Right.

So, turns out that Sheehan (who Bush just happens not to like)did nothing more than accept an invitation, wear a preferred shirt and show up in her assigned seat. All the silly nonsense about unfurling a banner or refusing to cooperate with police or being a nuisance was no more than lies spread by the very people who are constitutionally incapable of telling the truth, cowards afraid to be in the presence of anyone who disagrees with them, even if that person is totally silent - and they will break, bend, twist and contort the law in any way they can to avoid having the truth look them in the eye.

Unfortunately, they have too many Americans duped into believing and repeating their nasty little memes every time they are vomited out.
Nope you're wrong

I haven't posted here in quite a while.  And as I said, there are apparently quite a few others that post here.  When some of us see your posts deteriorate into bullying and name-calling we speak up about it.  It's as simple as that.

I think you're numbers are wrong. The top 5% of
the U.S. makes millions and billions. $200,000 is NOT the 'top 5%' of the country. It's definitely more than a single, head-of-household MT makes, but depending on where you live, it won't put you in that mansion on the hill, either.

When he talks about raising taxes on the top 5%, he's not talking about YOU. He's talking about people like Bill Gates. He's talking about huge corporations (like the oil industry, tobacco industry, HMO & insurance industries, etc.) that rake it in, and then have a jillion and a half loopholes and secret cubbyholes to stash it in.

You're in the wrong place s/m
If you want an objective, nonbiased opinion don't expect to find it on this forum.  Read the ridiculous stuff aimed at ditzing Obama.  Ridiculous.  My suggestion is to watch the candidates as much as possible and listen carefully to what they say.  You can also usually find video clips of their stump speeches, etc. on Yahoo.  Don't depend on anyone to make up your mind for you, do your research and vote your conscience.  That's the best I  have to offer.  No use being reduced to tears.
you're talking to the wrong sm --

You're Wrong, Kendra
We didn't invade Iraq because "Saddam Hussein was well on his way to becoming another Hitler." You have no idea what you're talking about, Kendra. We invaded Iraq because of a pack of filthy lies by a pack of filthy liars who lied about WMDs and yellowcake uranium, and the list goes on and on and on....

"Fighting a little on other soil." Nice turn of phrase, Kendra. How about 4243 American military personnel killed since Bush's war began? How about somewhere over 90,000 Iraqi civilian casualties since Bush's war began? How many Iraqis participated in the 9/11 attacks, Kendra? ZERO. How is invading Iraq defending our way of life, Kendra? AL Qaeda in Iraq DIDN'T EXIST until Bush's war. How about a price tag of $3 TRILLION and counting, Kendra?

Anybody who claims to be against the cost of the stimulus bill while turning a blind eye to the human and monetary cost of Bush's war in Iraq is a hypocrite of the worst kind.
Well, how YOU think she looks, you're right, I'm wrong, now u r happy........nm
Well, how YOU think she looks, you're right, I'm wrong, now u r happy........nm
Yep still in Ohio and you're still wrong sm

Guess we play by different rules down here. Ya'll come down and see us some time.

I don't know where you found your info, but here is info I found at this website under food stamps fact sheet:  http://jfs.ohio.gov/families/food/index.stm

Doesn't say anything about being taxable or not and definitely does not specifically forbid soda.

What can be bought with food stamp benefits?

Food stamp benefits can be used to buy most food or food products intended for human consumption. Items which

may not be purchased with food stamps include alcoholic beverages, tobacco, hot food and hot food products

that are prepared to be eaten immediately. Individuals who receive food stamp benefits may not sell or trade food

stamp benefits, buy nonfood items or use food stamp benefits to buy food for someone who is not a member of

the household.


Ah, but you see, you're wrong again. (Are you masochistic or something?)
LOADS of folks on the forum get my humor (for instance, please read the testimonials posted by my mother and sister - both of whom are of the female persuasion) - among others. I'm putting them into a scrapbook.

...and I think you meant "THERE you sit", since I checked and didn't find you hiding under my desk. Wait, though. I forgot about the trash basket.
You're on the wrong board, aren't you?

Twist away, the truth is out there. Sam's right. You're wrong. nm

"we" did the right thing....no, you're wrong there.....a lot of
people, mostly young, were bamboozled.

"We" did not do the righ thing...

Unless you like total government control, and social medicine, and social economics.....

We may never recover from President Obama, at least not in my lifetime.

I did not vote for him. I wish him well, but his choices as he is leading up to his inauguration do not bode well for our country on a whole, especially our children and grandchildren.

Libs refuse to call it socialism.

But that's what we're putting into office.

Bush opened the door a crack.

Obama intends to play on our fears and take full advantage of them.

Maybe when all your rights are gone, when govt has total control over your healthcare, your mortgage, your loans, your 401K....maybe then, you will understand what is happening right under your nose, and finally see what you have lost.
"we" did the right thing....no, you're wrong there.....a lot of
people, mostly young, were bamboozled.

"We" did not do the righ thing...

Unless you like total government control, and social medicine, and social economics.....etc......

We may never recover from President Obama and his "change", at least not in my lifetime.

I did not vote for him. I wish him well, but his choices as he is leading up to his inauguration do not bode well for our country on a whole, especially our children and grandchildren, who will be left to foot the bill, and have less rights than we do now.

Libs refuse to call it socialism.

But that's what we're putting into office.

Bush opened the door a crack.

Obama intends to play on our fears and take full advantage of them.

The barn door is wide open, and the winner take all (Obama). "Never let a good crisis go to waste" as his team has recently stated.

He has, and will, take full advantage of our fears, as even he, Obama, was the fear monger today.

Maybe when all your rights are gone, when govt has total control over your healthcare, your mortgage, your loans, your 401K, (and other things I can't even imagine as of yet unveiled b....maybe then, you will understand what is happening right under your nose, and finally see what you have lost.
I think you responded to the wrong person here. You're
My whole point was that the UK is not the country to talk about banning "extreme" ideas. They're loaded with extremists yammering on every street corner and advocating violent jihad.
you're wrong, S. FLA the illegals paid on the books
at least the ones I know.....the ones who did arrive with at least a visa.....and who get paid off a company payroll and not off the books or in cash is what I mean....
Kinky. I think you're on the wrong message board.
Then you're apparently listening in the wrong places. nm
Yep, you're right....it was probably that pesky "sm" poster typed in wrong....my bad.
wrong, full of wrong statements, see my upper post...nm
Wrong Woman - Wrong Message
Wrong, wrong, wrong, clueless Lu.
Horse hockey
You're entitled to your opinion. I guess it depends on what side of the spectrum you're on.nm
We're not defending Bush we're pointing out the obvious
All you see in your view is Bush, Bush, Bush. Nobody else exists. You have yet to answer any of the questions I posed yesterday. We're not the one obsessing about Bush. I'm sure you'll counter that with I don't owe you any answers! It's really telling that for five or six days this board was mute about the Israel/Lebanon situation. You were too busy posting trash news about Bush like nothing was even happening, but I know that the left has wait for its talking points. You all cannot formulate opinions on your own. You have boilerplates ready to go though. *This is Bush's fault because _____________ but you have to wait on Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, etc. etc. to fill in the blanks for you. It's not just a phenomenon here but with all the left. You can count on at least two days of silence when something unforseen breaks out in the world, because they have to retreat to their bunkers to get their talking points straight, but it will always start with *This is Bush's fault because....
Hey, if they're smoking cigs, they're paying for SCHIP.
They're too lazy to show patriotism......they're waiting
Excuse me.....

How can it be easy enough to prove with ISP numbers if the ISP numbers are not available?  Yes, I may be blowing this out of proportion but you seem to be contradicting yourself and your posts, as well as some others did raise the specter (sp?) of this being a nonsecure website.

I do know such outings' with a lot more info that just ISP numbers have occurred on other political forums, i.e., proteswarrior.com (although I am bracing myself right now for the retaliation this mention will bring from right-wingers).

Golly, I kind of feel like this forum is in the midst of being hijacked by the conservative in-your-face folks somewhat. 

Excuse me, but I'm AO.

You are careless.  Even a small brain like mine can see there are major differences in gt and ao's writing styles.  Check it out.  Besides, we don't even live in the same part of the country.  I'm sure the administrator can verify that for you if it makes an important difference in your life.

Also, AO is not Another Observer, in case that was your next accusation.  See, there's more than one of us out here. 

Excuse me but it should have said *did not*

Geesh, I forgot that this forum doesn't like apostrophes.  Do you ever make a mistake?  I don't make fun of people's typos, but evidently because you can't stick to the subject or respond directly to my post without calling names it's just a rabbit trail to discredit me.  You know, whatever, you've proven that you're not worth my time.

See ya...

Excuse me, but it's a law. sm
She was asked to comply by the police and she IGNORED THEM.  She is not above the law.  None of us are.  Everyone should be concerned about this behavior.  Bush had nothing to do with it!  My gosh, the things you say.
Excuse me.
If you don't want my opinions then don't read them. It's that simple.

Sorry I dared to enter your high and mighty world. I'll leave you to your hate.
Excuse me, but yes you did. sm

I usually don't post here, but here is what you said below.  You have posted on our board, so I am posting here.  By the way, your temper tantrums and attacks are not doing anyone any favors.  Not an attack but an observation. Here is what you said below. 


*The neocons, of course, can't have this, so they send our threads to people like you to crash the liberal board, utilizing their very own name calling and intimidation tactics.  They never gave a hoot about Israel in the past, but suddenly they see Israel as their new best friend.  They're winking at God and saying, See?  We're on Israel's side now and won't be one of the groups against Israel, so bring on the Rapture.  We've secured our place with God.  The Rapture Index has indicated it's fasten your seatbelt time and they can't wait.*


As far as for the rest of what you have said, most of us have always been on Israel's side.  You are showing how really and truly uninformed you are by statements like this.

Excuse me.....
the first settlers were not slave owners and came here for religious freedom. The founding fathers were deeply seated in Christianity. The country WAS founded on those principles. However, others came who did not ascribe to those principles, just as there are those who do not ascribe to those principles now. May I also remind you that slavery was introduced here by Dutch traders who bought slaves in Africa and brought them to America...much later. And who sold those slaves to Dutch traders? I believe it was other Africans, who enslaved and sold their own people. The original colonists at first got along with the Indians. It was much later, in the plains, where the near annihilation as you call it occurred. All during that time were present the Christian missionaries who tried to intervene, were often killed for it, by whites and Indians alike. I am Choctaw, I am descended from the indigenous peoples. Indians also killed and enslaved one another. It is not an *American* invention. And...who said I was painting anything as *rosy?* My point was, and still is, and is borne out daily, that the further you travel from Christian principles the more acceptable killing, slavery, and all other ill of the world becomes. Turning the blind eye so to speak. And it is generalizations like you state above, that the entire country is responsible for what a few did...it is that kind of mindset, like the other poster who thinks *Republicans* need to be destroyed. That kind of generalization is dangerous. Blaming an entire country, an entire group of people, for what a few do is not realistic. Not everyone in the country condoned everything. All through history you will see Christians spoke out against slavery, spoke out against what was happening with the Indians, spoke out against segregation, spoke out against abortion, and on and on and on. Perhap I should stop saying *this country* and say *the people in it.* *This country* was founded on Christian principles, and for a long time for the most part most of the people in it followed those principles. As time went on, fewer did. And somehow, the tide has completely turned and Christians are the enemy. But, I do stand corrected. America, the concept of America, has not chnaged. But the people in it most certainly have.
Excuse me again...
See my responses below.

You said: You need to read up on your history of this country.

I say: Right back at you. And you need to look deeply into books published 100 years ago as well as ones published in this century so you get the whole picture.

You said: Why does it matter what the origins of slavery were? The fact is, most of the founding fathers either owned slaves or families' had owned slaves. Washington owned hundreds of slaves, although he freed them as part of his will upon his death.

I say: I never said the founding fathers did not hold slaves. Re-read my post. I said that the original colonists did not hold slaves, and they did not. Jamestown was settled in 1607...slaves were introduced to this country around 1640, several years later. That is the truth and that is what I said. What matters about the origins of slavery is you want to condemn this country for holding slaves. I don't see you railing against Africa for starting the slave trade...if no slaves to sell, none would be bought. If you are going to rail against something, rail at the source. That is like blaming the school child for taking the drugs the dealer sold him.

You said: What do you mean, slavery came much later. Later than what?

I say: See my answer above.

You said: This country still condoned slavery for 100 years.

I say: Please do not say *this country condoned* because this country as a whole did NOT *condone.* Huge numbers of people did not own slaves. You know that. Only the more well to do folks could afford it. And through the years several thousand people did speak out about it and did what they could, and in case it escaped your attention, we finally fought a civil war in which one of the principles was to abolish slavery.

You sid:
As far as the founding fathers and our rights we protect here's some info:

It's important to differentiate the Constitution that the Founding Fathers cooked up from the Bill of Rights. Today when we think of the protections of the American system, we usually think of the shining example of ethics and goodness contained in the Bill of Rights. These are the first ten amendments to the Constitution. They are primarily the work of George Mason (1725-1792). He would have been a Founding Father because he was a delegate to the convention from Virginia, but he refused to sign the Constitution. He realized that it failed to protect individual liberties and failed to oppose slavery.

I say:
Excuse me, yet again, but isn't this the same George Mason who himself held slaves? Yes, he did. What he did was speak out about the slave trade, but he did not give up the slaves he already had. Don't know if he released them upon his death or not, like Washington did. He was holding slaves at the time he was criticizing the practice. Pardon me if I do not see that as the height of hypocrisy. And you are wrong,because the Constitution did not address slavery is NOT one of the reasons he did not sign it. You are correct that he did not sign it because he did not feel it addressed individual freedoms; but, in fact, he spoke OUT against including mention of slavery in the Constitution (probably because he owned slaves himself). Get your facts straight.

I can find no mention at all of the founding fathers lobbying against the Bill of Rights. Please supply me with the historical references.

You said: Mr. Mason lobbied against adoption of the Constitution just as many of the Founding Fathers lobbied against the Bill of Rights. Most of the Founding Fathers disapproved of giving ordinary citizens such liberties as freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and torture, the right of free speech and so forth. In fact, when John Adams (1735-1826) was president (1797-1801), he took away freedom of speech.

I say: Well, what John Adams did then is no different than what the Democrats are trying to do now in shutting down talk radio. Same song, second verse. Get after them with equal zeal, I challenge you.

You said:
The Bill of Rights is really the people's voice against the Founding Fathers; liberty against conformity.

I say:
You are very liberal with your interpretation.


You said:
As far as the Native American disgrace/slaughter, all I can say is you have an interesting viewpoint that is not shared by many indigenous. Bhoo-zhoo.

I say:
It is shared by many more than you are aware. But remember my friend...we are still entitled to our opinion, whether or not it agrees with yours. Question for you: if you still hold such emnity today, hundreds of years later, what could be done about it? You cannot turn back time. Most tribes are doing very well, have their own lands, pay no federal taxes on those lands, and are among some of the more well-to-do among us. If the Nation does not share that wealth properly with the tribe, then the people should take it up with the Nation, which many of us are doing. Native Americans did not just suffer at the hands of white men. They have also suffered a great deal at the hands of their own, and that has nothing to do with this country and everything to do with human beings. There are the good and bad among us, always have been, always will be...in every culture, every population, until the end of time. And dwelling in the past does nothing to help. Learn from the past, yes; but do not dwell there.

And try to get your information from several sources. Study for yourself, research for yourself. I learned long ago that is necessary.

Excuse me....
Thou shalt not kill - there is a federal law against murder. Thou shalt not steal - there is a federal law against stealing...you will have to do better than separation of church and state. That being said, the words "separation of church and state" are not in the Constitution. It says that there shall be no state-sponsored religion. To my knowledge there is no religion called United States of America. Did that happen while I wasn't looking? Funny to me that the government can pull many laws right out of the Bible, but come to one that that doesn't suit the more liberal ones among us and they start yelling separation of church and state. Go figure.

That being said, most of the laws on the books today have "religious wacko" origins. This country was founded by "religious wackos," or was that missed in history class? Oh yes, I forgot...the more liberal among us stopped teaching that inconvenient truth. However, one can still do searches and read the original writings of the founding fathers...if one is really interested in the truth.

What would folks like in place of "religious wacko" laws? Just let everyone do whatever they want...kill you if you are annoying or a burden to them? Kill you if you are no longer wanted? Steal from you if you have something they want and can't afford to buy for themselves? America was basically a ""Christian theocracy in its infancy, meaning the basic laws all came straight from the Bible. It was also a democracy...the two are not mutually exclusive. And there it goes again, lumping Christians and any other religious group into one group of "religious wackos." Extremely divisive and unnecessary. And, it looks to me like it is not the "religious wackos" on this site who are going bananas when someone doesn't agree with them....
Excuse me?

Excuse me but I do not believe

I bashed SAHMs.  I think it should be a personal decision and one should not be looked down upon if they choose to work or choose to stay home.  You have no right to bash her any more than she has right to bash you for staying home.  I work out of my home because my husband and I need this extra income I bring in.  My sister-in-law stays home with her kids and my brother works his @ss off trying to support them and he hardly ever gets to see his kids because he is supporting his family.  He wants to spend more time with them but he cannot.  So why is it fair for him to never see his kids to support his family working 2 jobs?  My mom stayed at home and I hardly ever saw my dad because he was working to support us.  Don't you think that sucked with me never seeing my dad or was that okay because my mom was there.  If my sister-in-law would get a job, my brother wouldn't have to work 2 jobs and he could see his kids more.  If my mom would have worked, my dad wouldn't have had to work that OT and I would have seen him more. 

It is great that you can stay at home if that is what you choose to do, but don't bash others for their choice.  It isn't like SP is up and walking out of the door to never see her kids again and they do have Todd Palin, their dad, to be with them.

Excuse me, but I think that

"Divine and perfect order" originates in God and only God. 

Excuse you. lol. nm
Any excuse at all

Black Republican Activist Bob Parks predicts riots will ensue if Obama wins or loses the election.

Parks, a syndicated writer, talk show host, and Republican activist, lists his reasons in the video, Obama’s America: Win or Lose, as to why he believes an Obama loss would mean “things could get ugly on a grand scale” or that an Obama win would give ‘”punks” the “greatest of reasons” to take to the streets:

“Now what occasionally happens when a city’s team wins a championship? We have riots! There’s looting, hooliganism, vandalism, drunk and disorderliness, assaults, and sometimes injury or death, and this wouldn’t be about one single city. Can you imagine the potential for nationwide rioting by punks, looking an excuse and now having the greatest of reasons to do so?”

Excuse me? I was not the one
who posted that other post about being jealous.  So please do not attack me when you don't know what I have or have not posted. 
Well, excuse me! I am too new to this
board to be familiar with all the vernacular.  I was just responding to a  remark made by a poster earlier who spewed out a hateful personal attack on another poster, and someone asked the Moderator to ban that person from the board!