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Hey, JTBB, here's something interesting . . .s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-05-30
In Reply to:

I feel sure that you, of all people, have probably seen this, but if you haven't, check out "Zeitgeist, The Movie".  Go to "vodpod.com" and check this out when you have time -- it is a 2-hour movie explaining that great Christian hoax.  Quite an eye-opener for me!!

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Hey JTBB - interesting video you might enjoy
I heard this guy interviewed awhile ago and I thought he was right on. I agree with what he says in this. Thought you might enjoy it. It's an older interview and she has been picked but I thought it was good and I agree with him.


Hey jtbb.....here's one for you....sm
But you really can't find much on this subject, prolly cuz the powers that be don't want you to know, or else it isn't newsworthy to them, and thus it's hard to find the info. You know how that goes.

Fox News is middle of the road these days, not really far right, as most would have you believe. But they still report on subjects that most other far left news outlets ignore.

As for any of the bailouts, I was for the first one the way it was first presented as a three page document...however, it quickly became out of touch and out of hand....it no longer resembles(d) what it was originally for. All of them are worthless, throwing good money after bad, so to speak.

All they have done is pave the way for Obama to create bigger and bigger government, and take more freedoms away from all of us. Like his people have said recently....."we will let no good crisis go to waste"....they will use any and all to further their socialist causes....calling them by any other name, until everything is owned and run by the government. It's a sad day in America, and I hope we can hold out and hold on through the next stormy four years.


I sure am glad to see you!!  Seems this board is just about devoid of names anymore.
Good to see you both. I may not always agree with your posts but I enjoy what people have to say (no matter how demented you all are - HA HA HA HA - just joking). I'm seeing a lot of sm (see message), and a lot of people finishing their thoughts in place of a name. Although JTBB I'm seeing more people agreeing with you than not on this board. Always good to get people's opinions. I'm always ready for a cat fight. HA HA
Well, now, JTBB...

...that wouldn't work out so well for him, either, because McCain wasn't born in the United States.


In every post you make sure to say something bashing a "pub."  How do you know they are a pub? 

Thank you, JTBB!

I'm not surprised at all by your compassion; nevertheless, your post almost brought me to tears, as well.  I've always enjoyed reading your posts and admire your sense of humor and strength in dealing with some people on this board.

Thank you again for your post.  It means a lot! 

JTBB would have said something very different
We know it and JTBB knows it.

JTBB is just another example of the liberals who dishonestly claim freedoms for themselves ONLY.

So let me paraphrase you, JTBB: "If you want to assert rights for yourself and groups that you like, you have to assert them for others and for groups that you don't happen to like."

Get it?
Thank you JTBB - I did not know that
I thought it was part of sex education class that taught about acceptance of that lifestyle. Funny how when you find out the truth it puts things in a different light.

Thanks for your post.
Ahmedinejad won the election. This is not good. I bet it has to do with the fact that Netanyahu refuses to accept the 2-state solution.  So the people decided to re-elect the hardliner and not the more moderate candidate, Iran being a supporter of the Palestinian cause.  Or maybe manipulation was going on?
OMG, JTBB, I am almost always on your

That you plant 'upside-down' tomatoes gave me a big chuckle. I guess that's not the only thing that is 'upside-down' with you!

You are hilarious and your posts are always exciting and thought provocing, never boring.
Keep up the good work!

JTBB.... it's has ALWAYS been about that with you!
JTBB - I knew you'd try this
That is why I said that are many more websites than just what I listed. You can say all you want and try to reason that your viewpoints and your opinions are truthful while the others aren't, but in actuality they all are like Hitler. The actions of what Obama has done so far are like Hitler's whether you like to hear it or not.
Right on, JTBB. W's $40M makes O's $21M
Nice to have a balanced perspective.
Donn't you wish there were only one of JTBB.
you seem to be talking to her. What good people? I don't see her running down any GOOD people?
Hey JTBB my apologies to you too
Boy, talk about getting slapped into reality (more like smacked) by Just Curious.

After 10 seconds I turned Olberman off and looked for an article to read. Got the same message but without the painful anguished look on Olberman's face. HA HA.

You are right - I can't find this story in any of the conservative web pages.

Do I believe what we have in the office right now are neocons? Most and absolutely yes!!!! Do I believe what we have coming in is the Nazi regime. Most definitely yes!!! I don't know whether I like that or not because basically I do not see a difference. Only time will tell. I hope Obama will do a good job, I really really really do. This country is just in shambles. Am I worried - oh my gosh yes because of who he has been picking to fill his cabinet. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I may certainly be wrong, but I don't see him picking any conservatives in his cabinet, but yet when he was campaigning he was saying he was the only candidate who can bring the two sides together and he will choose both liberals and conservatives for his positions, yet I have yet to see any conservatives. I most certainly do not want more of the same, but I know there are a lot of conservatives who could do a good job, but to me I feel like he is just pushing them aside, which I feel is going to lead to such a division in the country. I still don't know what it is the Clinton have over him, but for him to pick her - oh my gosh!!!!!

I think I just take offense (even though I'm not conservative - I'm an independent with some conservative viewpoints and some liberal viewpoints) but I take offense when one side is called "the enemy" and people lump everyone into one group.

I do hope he does good. I hope he can get some jobs created and the economy back on track.

  You have echoed my thoughts, but much more eloquently!

I think she's JTBB in disguise.
That's rich, JTBB....lol...nm

I disagree with you JTBB

So many economists have said this so-called stimulus will not work. All we can do is take a wait and see attitude and hope it will, but I have my doubts. After all, you and I and the many millions of taxpayers, plus our children, grandchildren and great-children will be paying for years to come.

O is already workintg on another stimulus plan if this one doesn't work. He has already "spent" more money in the few weeks he has been president than any other president in history. He is too close to FDR, who everyone now knows did not help, but hinder the American economy when he was president.

I had hope, but just watching the stock market fall into the abyss not seen in how many years, tells me they feel it will not work, either.

I just don't know where we are headed, but I'm very uncomfortable with what is going on lately. Every time they (Geithner, O, Gibbs) talk, the market falls. That's not a good sign.  Geithner has no idea what's he's doing. O uses fear tactics all the time, and Gibbs certainly does not know what is going on.

So, I tend to disagree iwth you. I no longer have any hope that things will get better.

Even our governor thinks this will "fix everything." He's braggin our state is getting $6B. I looked it up. Our state is only getting half of that. Another frigging lie from a democratic governor.

So, sorry if I don't agree, but I don't. This country is going down to its ankles and unless they stop passing stimulus plans, it's the end (hubby's thoughts, which I tend to agree with).

Well, JTBB, I guess we know who . . . sm
all the violent rabblerousers are on here now, don't we?  Maybe they all can secede to Alaska with SP. 
JTBB you crack me up!

Do you do this all day long?  You are always on here with this stuff.  There is a whole life out there.  Go live it and quit worrying that us horrible Republicans are going to get you.  Your party won!  You have Obama!  Aren't you happy yet?  Surely you have something else to do all day...don't you?  Hannity and Keith get paid to do this.  You don't dear, go find a hobby.

JTBB grow up!


I am SO disappointed, JTBB
We all know you are JTBB in disguise! nm
OMG. JTBB, I'm starting to believe

you're a blind dem. The aboe poster stated his/her thoughts and most of them are true to form. If you don't belive in your country, you are not patriotic. Just because some of us don't believe O is going to do a good job is not a reason to call someone a loon.

I decided, after he was elected, to give him a chance, bvut all I can see is that he is digging us deeper in the hole. I though the bill passed the other day would help some people who were in deep trouble even though they did everything right, would get help...but, again, O is just helping the people who really didn't deserve help. I think you should wake up and start reading a bit more and/or listening a bit more to those who know what is really going on in this country.

A bit of advice... if you have any money in your bank over $100K, you best get it out of there. Although the FDIC is promising a guarantee up to $250K temporarily, the money will not be guaranteed if the country goes broke IMHO.


That's an understatement, JTBB!
You are trying to reason with the Wizard of Oz. There is no global warming in the Emerald City. It is much easier to ignore the man behind the curtain!
So, you think JTBB is rambling. sm
I would expect that comment from someone who either has their head in the sand or maybe it's just totally over your head by the very intelligence of it.  I guess the fact that you don't understand intelligent "rambling", as you call it, pretty much says it all.  Maybe JTBB should draw stick people to illustrate! 
Trust me, what JTBB has to say is far
Right on, JTBB!! I agree
There you go again JTBB. As usual,
Oh, JTBB. You NEVER let facts get in the
You see, JTBB? Just one more case of . . . .
these people twisting rational words into irrational fears and accusations?  Then again, they learned from the best -- Fox Noise.  And you are absolutely right on one thing, too -- it's that way of thinking that is making their party obsolete -- thank GOD their umbrella is getting smaller and smaller!!! 
Thanks for that JTBB, I missed that one . . . .
Love Colbert as well.  It makes sense that the "cons' think he is just joking; this humor is way over their heads.  After all, they've got that whole "delusional" thing perfected!!  LOL
Come on JTBB, don't show everyone
how shallow and childish you are by stooping into the depths of the toilet with your name calling!! You can be more original than this!
No answers yet, eh, JTBB? That's what
Ah, poetry.
Are you speaking of Joy or JTBB?
Do you know whom you are talkiing to? I am not JTBB
You are so superficial and uninformed to compare your facts of life, which are obviously overwhelming for you, having a job and raising children, with the tortures afflicted to prisoners, also innocent ones.

JTBB, read this......
Romans 1:26-27 - For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.'

The downfall of them decadent Roman Empire....
I agree with both JTBB and cj.

Isn't there supposed to be a separation of church and state somewhere?

People can go to City Hall and get married without any church ceremony involved.  More and more states now are coming to their senses and realizing that that ISN'T any of our business.

I wish them all well.

I believe what JTBB has is "intolerance"....now
Amen, JTBB!
Unbelievably small minds. He has done absolutely NOTHING to be impeached for. Now his predecessor, on the other hand.....

Holy Cow! No wonder everyone tries to shush us up when we mention Bush - it's too embarrassing for them. LOL!
That was a non-answer, JTBB. Look at what he did
thanks, JTBB, now it worked....
I wished I could zoom in into those testimonies whciha re in teh mail to the court!
thanks, JTBB, now it worked....
I tried to zoom in into those testimonies in the mail to the court! Didn't work!
You and JTBB might want to get a room.
I agree with you too, JTBB.
Trying to defend the indefensible, yet grilling Obama for anything and everything. Talk about hypocrites!

Your posts are always very insightful and intelligent. Your intelligence scares the daylights out of them. Keep it up.
I agree with you too, JTBB.
Trying to defend the indefensible, yet grilling Obama for anything and everything.

Your posts are always very insightful and intelligent. Your intelligence scares the daylights out of them. Keep it up. There are some of us here who agree with and side with you.
Yikes, jtbb.....
Bush the war monger. Good lord. How many times does a person have to say that Congress are the only ones who can start wars?? And enough dems voted for it to start it...lay all the blame where it all belongs. Doesn't matter what Barry from Chicago voted for when he was a senator...he has the power now. And the string pullers (who are the same string pullers that pulled Bush's strings..this is not about political parties, it is about power) are not ready for us to leave Iraq (and all that oil) yet. They could care less about the Iraqi people...but they DO care who controls all that oil. That is economics and power in the middle east 101. What makes me think he wants to stay in a war when all he has done is talk about how we need to get out of it? Because the man lies, for goodness' sake. He has welched on nearly every campaign promise he made. He is a politician. He lies. He said what you wanted to hear and you elected him. He has the job now. And you all are doing just what he expected you to...hate the "pubs," blame them for everything, accept all his excuses and make excuses FOR him. And a good job you are doing! Pat yourself on the back. :-)

As for the funding...geez Louise, don't act so outraged. It is politics! It was wrong when the Dems did it and it is wrong with the pubs do it...JUST as wrong on both sides. You DO see that, right??? lol.
There you go again JTBB..always resorting