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So true; really just typical of that mindsdet. s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-05-30
In Reply to: No..not yet...(sm) - Just the big bad

There's an addendum that is also 2 hours, done last year, all about the Federal Reserve and exactly what it is and its function.  V-e-r--r-y interesting . . . and scary.  I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I will definitely sit and watch the whole thing later.

Maybe we can pick this thread up again after you've watched!

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I did not mean typical of either party, just what I see as typical on
What's even more typical

....is when somebody posts the hypocrisy in your posts you accuse them of something in an effort to change the subject.

Go ahead and have the administrator track my IP address.  I don't have anything to hide.


They're desperate.  The fact that she had the decency to even think of something is refreshing.  Truthfully, both parties need to try it more often.

If they want to continue this, fine.  We can just keep reminding them how nobody on their side does anything to return $ to the taxpayers.  All the libs want is to redistribute wealth and take more $ from you to give to someone else while further bloating the gov't.  This is why the Republicans were punished by America and also their own party.  They deserved it.  Now we're reclaiming our party.

Ask your accountants how it'll affect you.  I suppose some people will get lucky due to random numbers, but not the bulk of Americans.

dumb dem drama queen
Typical ploy
Ask me a question and then answer it for me.

Where did I say *any*one wasn't entitled to spew as much filth as they want?


Typical apologist for the hate-mongerers out there: Don't address the real issue(s) just change the subject or wave a red herring.
This is so typical of you lefties. sm

Cut and run. It's your mantra.  For all your crying about the innocent civilians killed in Iraq, that is NOTHING compared to what will happen when we leave.  But you never mention that.  Just like Vietnam.  Well, at least your are consistent.

What is typical of the left?
It kind of got lost in the point you were trying to make, something about Lurker not answering your question the way you wanted her to...or somethin' like that.
Typical lib reply
The name-calling.  You wear it so well.... Classy, honey.
This is your typical response from the
Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. They cannot and will not face the truth, they only want to argue. So what if this is just an example. So is Joe the Plumber. He is just a man who asked a simple question. He never said he was a licensed master plumber making 250,000 a year. He did not go to Obama to ask the question, just happened to be there. Oh, sorry, wrong subject. Anyway, stereotypical response.
You have the typical dem attitude of it's everyone
Typical Democrat
always wanting to take from what others have created.  HA!  Sorry, you're wrong.
Dramatic and typical........
I agree with you 100%. I want the best for my country and I am willing to sacrifice whatever I have to in order to achieve that end.
Typical liberal
When you can't debate a point adequately or someone dares speak out about your party or candidate, you turn to personal insults. Sad.
Typical NeoCon spincrud
NOBODY KNOWS for a FACT what is causing climate change on earth. It's just as much propaganda to hear one side as the other on the matter. Not surprising however that NeoCons would find outrageous the fact that anyone might want to take some action to lessen the human impact on the planet in hopes of preserving some part of it for future generations. Oh, how EVIL! Oh, the dark awful motivations of people who want to CLEAN THE AIR and restore some balance to our atmosphere.

Besides that the article is ridiculously stupid. It harps on KILLER hurricanes. Oooh killer hurricanes are DECREASING DECREASING.

Interesting fact ANYONE can figure out for themselves: Hurricane ANDREW (note the first letter) struck on an August 29. First hurricane of the season that year. On August 29.

Note Katrina's first letter: K. That makes her the 11TH hurricane of this year. On August 29.

While the category 4's and 5's are rare, the instance for having them at all is VASTLY INCREASED WHEN THE NUMBER OF HURRICANES THAT COULD BECOME ONE ARE VASTLY INCREASED. Last year and this year both have shown an astonishing upsurge in the NUMBER of hurricanes were are experiencing per season. Since hurricanes are born in the hot air over the African desert, the fact that the desert is expanding by leaps and bounds due to an upward trend in temperatures in that region virtually guarantees we will be having more and more hurricanes that have a chance to develop into killers under just the right conditions.

Nobody knows if global warming is responsible for the expansion of the Sahara or the melting of the polar glaciers, or if the worldwide phenomenon is due to mankind's effects or is just a natural cycle we can't avert. WHO CARES. If some educated people believe they know a way we can HELP the situation why do NeoCons want to thwart them? Oh, right, because corporations might lose money. Our oil economy might burp. So, let's just pooh the world away why don't we. Let's make it a political game and let our arrogant pride hold out for the sake of nothing but holding out. That's the NeoCon game!
Typical when somebody tries to engage you in debate
you show them the door like you are the princess of this palace or something.
You post an article. How typical.
I DON'T CARE about your articles.  This isn't ABOUT articles.  Many of us have someone there.  By all means, don't step outside that box.  Don't make a life better.  And by all means NEVER EVER THINK OF ANYONE BUT YOURSELF.   I don't want to hear your personal stories.  As far as I am concerned, those soldiers over there are everyone's son, everyone's daughter. 
Typical conservative response......sm
I'm sure there are liberal groups that back him. The same way Ann Coulter is embraced for her hate speech. I mean she won the Conservative Journalist of the Year Award if I'm not mistaken. Quite a prestigious award for a job well done, stirring up liberals. If that's what it's all about then I need to bow out and suceed this debate now. You don't think any has the stage to do any harm, well I respectfully ask you to think again, because her face was plastered all over the news spewing her hate for all to see and react, which is what she thrives on. She is hardly the noble person the cons (who support her) think she is.

Certainly I can only speak for myself, but since I have actually *read* what Lurker was trying to relay. Neither she, nor I, support Churchill's statements about the 9-11 victims and have said he was wrong. He was dead wrong, and any liberal group that he is apart of should not condone his comments. Now where his blood line, his plagarism, and anything else you can dig up fits into the equation of hate speech doesn't matter to me.

I too think teachers should teach an objective lesson, and if he was not doing so he should have been reprimanded up to losing his job if he continued to do so. *BUT* an objective lesson does not mean a lesson approved by conservative critics.

Typical....when a liberal does not like history...
they ignore it or attempt to re-write it.
Typical Republican POMPOSITY.
Typical response from someone who refuses to
Your typical ignorant, have no answers
Aah, typical response from an O lover....
There is the old typical refrain, play it
Bush, baby. Thank God, the pubs in the house wised up, along with 11 of the dems! Prayerfully, so will the Senators!
Typical of the honeymoon phase. nm
Typical right-wing intelligence.
That's true - and Barack Obama is a true Patriot too.
Again we can agree to disagree. How John McCain has voted goes against everything I want as a President, but there are an equal number of people to me who feel opposite. That's the way it goes.

Your last comment brought to mind how true that is. Being a true patriot is not harmful in a candidate. John McCain is a patriot. So is Barack Obama.
Yeah, resort to name calling...typical
dem modus operandi. You sign your post great MT - that is indicative of a rather large ego, blowing one's own horn, so to speak. You asked where I could work that I could post here so often, and I merely suggested I type faster than you, and that is how I can do my job and still post. Dial it back a notch and keep the *ignorant* name calling to yourself.
Joe Blow sounds like the typical Floridan to me. And PS:
Typical democrat on this board. Trot out the ...
condescension and insults.

Surly and ugly and attack, attack, attack. Whatever floats your boat.
Typical closed-minded, my-way-or-the-highway,
(which means, "Waste of Our Time").
Typical driveby low blow potshot that has...
nothing to do with the thread. Just to inject a little shot of nastiness. What was the point other than that?
typical pub response -- sidestep the question
Aaah, typical response from an O lover
Typical dem on this board, insulting, hateful.
Plenty, but you will just bash that as well.  So much for intelligent conversation. 
I said typical minimimum wage workers

I paid well above minimum wage...I guess reading my post it looks like I paid minimum.  That was my mistake.

Typical pub. Underestimates the intelligence of US voters.
typical O supporter, can't take the facts, so switch
to something else...your kool aid should wear off in about 6 to 8 months.
Typical response. If people disagree, the name-
That is a typical sick comment from the left.
Typical conservative lying and twisting of facts...

Note that the Army exceeded the June goal of 5,650 by 507 recruits……….but if it hadn’t have lowered the original goal which was 6,700, it would have missed its goal again by 545. Are these guys smart or what?


You guys just never get real or get honest...do you?  ANd the pathetic part is that there so many folks who just follow along with the obvious deceptions and lies......

Typical Republicant hypocrisy. Ya gotta love it!

He questions "whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good," and then he turns around and marries a LAWYER!

This isn't surprising to me at all.  Bush's is doing nothing but taking us backwards in time, whether it regards science or civil rights.  The only area that is moving forward by leaps and bounds and progressing at an alarming rate is the price of gasoline.

Typical. Totally ignore the fact that you and your buddy...
condescend, talk down, belittle, demean, ridicule, lace your posts with insults....but I guess that is such normal behavior for you you don't realize it.

C'mon Teddy/Taiga/Lifelong Democrat and who knows how many other...it really doesn't matter and it is old news. If you don't want comments at least change the style of posting when you change your moniker. Why do you care what I think anyway? Again you protest too much.

All I can say is that they time their comings and goings reallyyy well.

A world full of evil liberals? Puleezzeee. I see a couple here with delusions of grandeur but evil? Not even close.

I don't call you Teddy as a taunt. You posted under that moniker for a very long time. Apparently you didn't mind the name.

Had I time/energy/and cared I could go back in the archives and cut and paste out of context for you and Ms. Piglet too, but...I don't have...and, frankly, your opinion of me is not something that is going to cause me to lose sleep. So rail on. Knock yourself out. Get that anger out. If you are directing it at me you are letting someone else rest. And that is a very good thing.
Typical, let someone make a decision in a free country..
to support the person he believes is best and his party turns on him like he is a traitor. How can you call yourself Democrats with a straight face?

I am raising my hand...I certainly give a flying frito if someone wants to send this country down the road to a Marxist government. How is that working for Cuba? For Venezuela?

Typical pub. Can't address a single issue directly.
Typical sentiment from the party of no responsibility. Cohen that is, not England.

Typical, retreat without answering a simple question under ANY of your many names...
demean, belittle, name-call, deride, post under different names to support your view because no one else will...and as far as granting my wish...never asked you leave...you said you were leaving to hunt a job. I said see ya when you get back. That is hardly asking you to ride off into the sunset. You are so similar to Mr. Obama...birds of a feather and all that...ask a simple straight-forward question and you dodge it like it was on fire. Guess your superior intelligence just deserts you in the face of a simple question...or perhaps even you, from your lofty perch, have enough common sense to realize that there is no bigotry to what I said. You are far more bigoted toward conservatives and people you feel are inferior to you than I ever could be...and certainly more bigoted than my stance on immigration.

Still with the plaigiarism thing...good grief, you DO love to belabor a point, especially when you are wrong. Someone has always said something before...and in all your diatribes I did not find one original point. Read the same thing on leftist blogs, in articles, and on and on and on. Not one original thought from the great brain that is GT/GW/BW/FPJ.

See ya...and yeah, it HAS been fun. lol.

And no, I did not discount that FPJ could have been speaking on her own...just said if she was, she was plagiarizing you. You seemed to be so concerned about plagiarizing...not even taking into consideration that your lectures are about 98% plagiarized (by your definition...your words, not mine). Did you really think people wouldn't google?

Take care. I am still considering spiteful little vixen stationery...might even get T-shirts. :-)
Typical, make a nasty comment and run. You have no credibility with anyone with any brains. nm
The typical knee-jerk (wrong) reaction. No one's been talking censorship.
Everything you said is true and can be

easily seen by just reading the board.

At least it can be seen by most of us.

But it IS true.
I saw a feature on it. They had videotapes of the recruiters coaching the kids on how to pass a urine drug screen.  It is absolutely true. 
I don't think that is true at all. sm
I think a lot of people are pretty sick of Cindy and her histrionics.  I don't see it as political at all.  A lot of people aren't going to sit by this time for another Vietnam where the antiwar crowd totally influenced the way the war was run.