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You know, I have always wondered if s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: It is probably not an MT and a paid blogger. sm - LVMT

pot-stirrers wandered in and out of these forums just to rile people up on these controversial issues.  I hope you're right and it's not an MT.

Yes, people are all too willing to accept things at face value and not question and that makes it much easier for subversive factions to weaken and destabilize a system of integrity that needs to be protected.  I don't understand it when I hear people say that the CIA doesn't lie, or that government officials would never betray the trust of the people, but history has proven time and time again that it happens all the time.  Power and greed are insidious entities and unfortunately our society is rampant with it.  I have believed for a very long time that there are a whole world of things we don't have a clue about and, God forbid, the proverbial caca will hit the fan when those things come to light.  It's not a conspiracy theory or paranoid thinking, it is a reality.  There are two types of people:  Blissfully ignorant and painfully aware.  I was burdened with the latter  Gee, what type are you?

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Yes, have often wondered about this...

I remember the nightly news on Vietnam with all the photos of stretchers and wounded and ongoing battles.  It made all of us think, "golly, we have to stop this." 

But the thing that really bothers me is the lack of major non-TV news coverage on Iraq.  If I didn't know better, up until the 14 marines getting killed recently and thus lots of coverage, I would have thought no one had been killed or wounded in Iraq in quite a while.  RARELY does Iraq even get mentioned on the major internet news sites I follow.  If my relative were killed over there and it didn't even warrant mention I'd be angered.  I surely do wish we could find out why the war is so poorly covered!!!  Anyone know?

Often wondered why

the US doesn't teach a secondary language in schools.  I remember having some high school kids come to my elementary and teach us colors and numbers in Spanish and I still remember that to this day.  However, when I took Spanish for two years in high school, I barely remember a thing at all.  They really need to start with the young kids and continue it all the way through school.  I mean, we have English class every year of school and that is the language we speak and yet they expect us to speak fluent English or French by two years of class in high school.  I don't think so.  I truly wish I could speak another language.  I would particularly like to learn Spanish fluently and sign language.

If I went to live in another country, I would learn their language.  So in that respect, I think people coming to the US should learn English as well as. 

I wondered that, too. Whatever it is
messed up her brain. Unless of course, it was all Republican propaganda she keeps spewing.
Has anyone wondered this before?
I'm sorry I'm posting left and right tonight, DO NOT take 5 hour energy! :-D

Okay I just had this thought, and it's a scary one. Even though I don't want Obama for president, I pray this doesn't happen. I know we have all probably considered that Obama may be assassinated if he wins. While the majority of America is past race and what not (I hope!) there are a crazy few out there that would go to any means necessary to make sure we don't have a black president.

Well, what if Biden was chosen because the democratic party knows this is going to happen? Well not knows, because that would just be evil, but has a strong feeling? I mean I just can't see Obama choosing him personally after him saying "on the job training" and "I'd be honored to run with Mccain and the country would be better off" and all the other Bidenisms. What if they are just using Obama as a poster boy?

Sorry, I guess I have a little bit of conspiracy theorist in me.

Anyways, not trying to start any wars, just wondering if anyone has ever thought about this? javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I wondered where you'd been, sam...

I haven't watched the board much, but normally a hornet's nest is easy to find once you post anything.  Then they just dog-pile on.

If you want to see some really neat stuff, go to lauraingraham.com and see these:

We are starting a viral movement on YouTube to show the world that smart people are for McCain/Palin. Visit our YouTube Channel that we set up and Laura's video.

Please upload a video reply to Laura's video stating your academic degrees/credentials and current professional position, and then simply conclude by saying: "And I'm voting for McCain/Palin ང."

Let's make this a force on YouTube!

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I too have wondered about this
I already have 20K in student loans and I haven't even graduated yet. I took a year off to take MT classes at the community college because I needed something that paid more than $7 an hour. I'm probably looking at at least another 20K to get my bachelor's, and since I want to get to my PhD in psychology one day, who knows how much more. I am trying to save money and pay my way without taking out loans, but as I'm sure you know something always happens and that money you saved is gone!

Wow. I just wondered where you
I did check out the DHS website and see nothing alarming to me there. In fact, I saw a number of very positive things. Sorry to have bothered you.
Oh, Observer. I wondered where you'd been. sm
By the way, 'sm' means 'see message' (as opposed to 'nm' meaning 'no message'). Doesn't mean 'small message' as far as I know.

I agree with that last paragraph that kitty wrote. And I don't know where you're getting your statistics either, because poll after poll has shown that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of abortion remaining legal during the 1st trimester. Less (but still a majority) are in favor of abortion remaining legal up to the 2nd trimester, but not after that.

What I get from your posts is that when someone mentions 'abortion' you picture a healthy, full-term infant of 9 months' gestation, angelic and cooing happily in its crib, being viciously 'murdered.' Obviously, that is not what takes place when the pregnancy is under 3 months.

Me, I picture a cluster of cells that may or may not have gone on to become a person. After all, it's been estimated that 50% of all human conceptions end in spontaneous abortion ('miscarriage'), usually w/o a woman even knowing she was pregnant. And in fact, 20% of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriages. That is just human biology. Are you weeping and wailing for all those 'children'?

I don't believe there is any suffering of the embryo in that case, or in a 1st (or even 2nd) trimester abortion, but there is *plenty* of suffering of the unwanted children that are already here on this Earth and being abused and neglected.

Make safe, medical abortions illegal, and that suffering will grow exponentially with more unwanted children, as well as more women who will die or be injured during an illegal, unsafe abortion - because abortions will still take place.

IMO, on both 'sides' of the issue, we should all be working towards reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies in the first place by demanding better education, better birth control methods, and better access and affordability to birth control.

If you've ever wondered how
Hitler came into such power.....you are looking at it right now.  Such a smooth transition with blind followers and before you know it.....we have dictator Obama. 
I've kind of wondered about this
because my stepson's great-grandpa on his mom's side has always been strictly democrat.  If you mentioned voting for a republican in his presence....well....it got kind of ugly.  However, I don't know what he is doing this year....and am too terrified to ask him personally...lol.....because he is also a prejudice sort of old man.  So will he vote democrat and stick with his regular party or will he refuse to vote for a black man?  Makes you wonder how many racism democrats there are out there and which way they will go.
Have you ever wondered where Tony Blair went?
Case in point.
Good one, gourdpainter. I've often wondered that myself...nm

I've always wondered the true family ties here