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Please take this old saying to heart - sm.

Posted By: WiseOldOwl on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: I agree, especially with your posts. - Marmann

"If one person tells you you're dead, seek a second opinion.

If 50 people tell you you're dead, lie down."

Do you think maybe there's a reason the overwhelming majority of people on here think JTBB is a douche? So, when "ONE" (gee, I guess that would be YOU) person starts stroking her monkey and kissing her a$$, don't be surprised that the "MOB" calls you on it.

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Take heart, MT ME -
...Maybe they will knock the comet into the earth on July 4th and we won't have to worry about SCOTUS anymore, LOL!

or hopefully not, heh...
Take heart, AG. sm
Not all Jews believe like this poster.  I was reading recently about a conference in Washington by conservative Jews, Ben Stein being among them, and a lot of others, including many Rabbis, who are distressed at the pro-abortion stance of some Jews, including the partial birth abortion stance.  Not all Jews believe the same, just as not all Christians do.    According to the Mishnah (Sanhedrin 4:5): Whoever destroys one life is as if he destroyed a whole world, and whoever preserves a life is as if he preserved the whole world.  This was quoted at the conference.  No one person speaks for all.  Thank God. 
ive got more heart than you ever will
you have no idea about my life so don't assume i haven't seen someone (MANY) with a lot less than me.

2 things i lack? you're one class act i can tell. again, you have no idea about my life so to make a personal attack is ridiculous, ruthless, and sad
heart of darkness?
Heart of darkness?  Because I want all to have their share in life and not suffer?  Heart of darkness?  WOW.  I would call the super rich who give nothing back to society the heart of darkness.  And to me Kruschev saying that was a dark mark on America that he was questioning how we, the richest country on earth, can have homeless when, Russia doesnt.  Yes, I believe in socialism.  Capitalism never has survived, it has always destroyed itself and from the way the world and America is going, Capitalism isnt gonna be around too much longer..It cant.  It is an ideology for the few, the rich few, not for the working masses.  No other industrialized country has capitalism like we do.  they meet the basic needs for their citizens..Do you know what some super rich call the working class..**the unwashed masses**.  I have a quite well off friend and he actually calls them that.  I was shocked when he said it in front of me..So you go ahead and defend the capitalist fat cats who think of us as **unwashed masses**.  I will defend the people.
Crushes my heart, actually
Doesnt it just crush your heart to think there are people out there that no matter how bad the country is being run, no matter that thousand are dying for a lie, no matter that hundreds died because FEMA just couldnt do the job, that senior administration officials outed a CIA operative, which endangered the United States and all who worked undercover with this operative, that Cheney met with oil officials, no doubt to create an energy policy favorable to the oil industry, on and on and on and on..they still defend this administration when the FACTS are in and more are coming in day in and day out.  An upright person would see what is going on and even though they are die-hard republicans, they would realize it is time to bring this administration to task because it is THIS administration not the whole republican party..but no, instead of attacking and questioning this administration, they choose to attack us, *little people* on numerous political boards throughout the internet..
Yes I have a heart and a brain
which are 2 things you lack.  If you were raped by your father would you have the baby?  Take a walk (not a ride) through the homeless or less than privledged areas in your community.  Get a grip lady - deal with reality and stop turning away every time you see someone who has alot less than you.  It's not murder you jack a-hole!
and she has a beautiful heart
to go along with her beautiful self
murderous heart
sounds to me as if you have the heart of a true American -NOT.  How fitting for you to say such a thing on 9/11- typical democrat?   I hope not.  shame on you for wishing someone's death.
Well, bless your heart.
Don't you talk pretty, now? Did I mess in your post toasties?

Townhall meetings = can't prepare because you don't know what the questions will be. Obama will NEVER agree to that. If he has nothing to hide and he is prepared, why won't he do it?

Did someone just apologize on this board?!?!??!

By golly I think we are gettin somewhere! Maybe we ain't all rurnt!

(South Georgia :-D )
Bless your heart! nm
Government take God....either he's in your heart
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ...sm
for posting this, though I feel that it falls on deaf ears. Sadly the bigots and racists are still in denial. I am old and white and it is hard to pull the wool over my eyes too. I voted today for Obama/Biden. The going will be rough for whoever wins, but I have hope with Obama and I have not had this much hope in a long time.
This is so heart-wrenching. I know there is nothing I can say (sm)
to change your feelings on this. I am sure in many ways you are a very good person.  But this is just so sad.  Because I know there are many who agree with you....and the babies cannot speak up for themselves.   But earlier you did say that the baby moving around inside a mother is alive, just doesn't have a soul, just like you feel your cat is alive but doesn't have a soul.  Which would make abortion killing a human being who is alive.  The law doesn't know when a person gets their soul and neither do you or I.  God forbid we should kill a child and be wrong.
here's a girl after my own heart. I have
done my share of camping in the winter inside the house, too. We will probably have a cold winter, we usually do after a hurricane. I had whiskey barrel planters outside that had filled with water and never got any plants put in them and they froze solid that winter; I am 20 miles off the coast. My girlfriend went "skating" on the stock pond that winter and broke through the ice. She says her feet have been cold ever since. Looks like I will be spot heating again this winter, just where I happen to be in sweats and sweaters and an electric blanket or small heater. My son is a train engineer and he tried to tell the boys at the coal plant what would happen, but they were dems and their daddies were dems, etc., and oh, the ripple effect that is coming.
be still my pounding heart
Obama's personal habits are really no one's business but his own.  He is honest about the difficulty of giving up an addictive habit especially during the most stressful part of his life so far.  Your gripe tells us way more about your values than it does about Obama's.  Camel, needle, stone.
Wow! What has this to do with 'grow a heart?'..sm
Do you want to tell me that I should be 'merciful' in judging Michelle?
This your sentence shows me that you do not find her beautiful.
I would not say that she is ugly, but beautiful she is certainly not.

MAYBE it was just the heart of a much better woman!!
A socialist's heart revealed. sm
No socialist society has ever flourished. You must know that.  Kruschev.  My God. I can't believe you said that.  Well, I am but a passing visitor and I just saw into the heart of darkness.  Woweee.
Dick at the Heart of Darkness
Dick at the Heart of Darkness
    By Maureen Dowd
    The New York Times

    Wednesday 26 October 2005

    After W. was elected, he sometimes gave visitors a tour of the love alcove off the Oval Office where Bill trysted with Monica - the notorious spot where his predecessor had dishonored the White House.

    At least it was only a little pantry - and a little panting.

    If W. wants to show people now where the White House has been dishonored in far more astounding and deadly ways, he'll have to haul them around every nook and cranny of his vice president's office, then go across the river for a walk of shame through the Rummy empire at the Pentagon.

    The shocking thing about the trellis of revelations showing Dick Cheney, the self-styled Mr. Strong America, as the central figure in dark conspiracies to juice up a case for war and demonize those who tried to tell the public the truth is how un-shocking it all is.

    It's exactly what we thought was going on, but we never thought we'd actually hear the lurid details: Cheney and Rummy, the two old compadres from the Nixon and Ford days, in a cabal running the country and the world into the ground, driven by their poisonous obsession with Iraq, while Junior is out of the loop, playing in the gym or on his mountain bike.

    Mr. Cheney has been so well protected by his Praetorian guard all these years that it's been hard for the public to see his dastardly deeds and petty schemes. But now, because of Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation and candid talk from Brent Scowcroft and Lawrence Wilkerson, he's been flushed out as the heart of darkness: all sulfurous strands lead back to the man W. aptly nicknamed Vice.

    According to a Times story yesterday, Scooter Libby first learned about Joseph Wilson's C.I.A. wife from his boss, Mr. Cheney, not from reporters, as he'd originally suggested. And Mr. Cheney learned it from George Tenet, according to Mr. Libby's notes.

    The Bush hawks presented themselves as protectors and exporters of American values. But they were so feverish about projecting the alternate reality they had constructed to link Saddam and Al Qaeda - and fulfilling their idée fixe about invading Iraq - they perverted American values.

    Whether or not it turns out to be illegal, outing a C.I.A. agent - undercover or not - simply to undermine her husband's story is Rove-ishly sleazy. This no-leak administration was perfectly willing to leak to hurt anyone who got in its way.

    Vice also pressed for a loophole so the C.I.A. could do torture-light on prisoners in U.S. custody, but John McCain rebuffed His Tortureness. Senator McCain has sponsored a measure to bar the cruel treatment of prisoners because he knows that this is not who we are. (Remember the days when the only torture was listening to politicians reciting their best TV lines at dinner parties?)

    Colonel Wilkerson, the former chief of staff for Colin Powell, broke the code and denounced Vice's vortex, calling his own involvement in Mr. Powell's U.N. speech, infected with bogus Cheney and Scooter malarkey, the lowest point in his life.

    He followed that with a blast of blunt talk in a speech and an op-ed piece in The Los Angeles Times, saying that foreign policy had been hijacked by a secretive, little-known cabal that hated dissent. He said the cabal was headed by Mr. Cheney, a vice president who speaks only to Rush Limbaugh and assembled military forces, and Donald Rumsfeld, a secretary of defense presiding over the death by a thousand cuts of our overstretched armed forces.

    I believe that the decisions of this cabal were sometimes made with the full and witting support of the president and sometimes with something less, Colonel Wilkerson wrote. More often than not, then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice was simply steamrolled by this cabal.

    Brent Scowcroft, Bush Senior's close friend, let out a shriek this week to Jeffrey Goldberg in The New Yorker, revealing his estrangement from W. and his old protégé Condi. He disdained Paul Wolfowitz as a naïve utopian and said he didn't know his old friend Dick Cheney anymore. Vice's alliance with the neocons, who were determined to finish in Iraq what Mr. Scowcroft and Poppy had declared finished, led him to lead the nation into a morass. Troop deaths are now around 2,000, a gruesome milestone.

    The reason I part with the neocons is that I don't think in any reasonable time frame the objective of democratizing the Middle East can be successful, Mr. Scowcroft said. If you can do it, fine, but I don't think you can, and in the process of trying to do it you can make the Middle East a lot worse.

    W. should take the Medal of Freedom away from Mr. Tenet and give medals to Colonel Wilkerson and Mr. Scowcroft

Let's get to the heart of what I originally posted...
CBS, the same network that trotted her back out on Sunday, filed a brief with the US District Court stating emphatically that she was not covert at the time of the incident, therefore the reporters in question should not have to reveal their sources. CBS, like the good liberal mouthpiece it is, was trying to defend the first amendment...freedom of speech and the right of reporters to keep their sources anonymous...you know, to PROTECT whistle-blowers. Any other time, you would be FOR that.

I was pointing out the hypocrisy...CBS filed a brief stating they did not believe she was covert. And then they bring her on their network, supporting her statement that she was.

You cannot have it both ways.
Both of those are facts.

And, logically speaking...if a person goes to the CIA every day, sits at a desk in the CIA offices, gets a check from the CIA, chances are that person works for the CIA. And since when do covert operatives get a desk job and walk in and out of Langley every day? Surely common sense should win out here. While she was covert at one time, she was not at the time of the incident.

There is much more common sense evidence on the side of that than on the side that she was still covert.

What about Richard Armitage? Is he a liar too?
I was only taught to put my hand over my heart for
I think his dad died of a heart attack at 70? nm
Well, duh. But she's only a heart attack or a stroke

Bless your heart.....I know you're trying
he said NONE of that stuff about any of his other opponents ability. 'nuf said.
You talk about not for the faint-at-heart,

And you are worried about legal wild game?
Oh, no...... those bleeding heart liberals
than we all sit around a campfire with them holding hands and singing Kum Ba Ya, all the while their plotting to slit your throat. No doubt there may be a few innocents in the bunch, but even then, one cannot be too careful. Even the innocents are being used by the terrorists to do their ugly deeds and they will do them just to keep their families safe or they use the mentally retarded to do their sick deeds!
Well, guess he has had a change of heart because
was not talking about last week, I was talking about seeing him yesterday and it is surprising how Obama is bringing everyone together!
O.k..Cyndiee, 'grow a heart', will you?..sm
I am an Obama fan.
I'd like to see some of the bleeding heart Bush haters sm
stick flowers in the Islamic terrorist's guns.  They would certainly get a chance.  They will kill them first. 
Let's not. Divert, bas, name-call to ur heart's content.
Seems like you are the only one who is allowed to dominate this board. This is what democracy looks like. Deal.
If it is moving and a heart is beating its alive.
Your denial does not change that.
You need to check your facts, dear heart.
Abortion is not a Christian issue. It is a humanity issue. So...

If you have personal bitterness over being molested by a priest, or if (more likely) you just like to jeer and flap around in a desperate attempt to put people off of religion because you have personally chosen to reject it, GET OVER IT.

Were your foolish comments meant to hurt my iddie biddie feewings? You failed. Miserably. You obviously have not even a minescule glimmer of a glimps of an idea about what 'the idea of christianity' is.

Oh, and by the way, I was adopted at the age of 6 moths.

And I have 5 adopted children.

Your comments like 'a large majority grow up bouncing around ... yadda ... yadda' show your glaring ignorance of the true situation.

Are you living on Romania or Bangladesh or something? Or are you just living in the State of Delusion? The need/want for adoptable babies OVERWHELMINGLY OUTNUMBERS the availability.

As an adoption advocate at my church, I fly to Russia twice a year to help desperate AMERICAN couples find children because THEY CANNOT find them in America.

Because irresponsible, shallow-mined, self-serving women choose to DISMEMBER their infants rather than let someone else have them. It's selfish. It's abhorrent. And it's wrong.

Too bad if that makes you uncomfortable. I could care less if you are offended by the truth. Even Jesus called a fool a fool. He had righteous indignation when it was required of Him.

Please, please tell me where all these orphanges and halfway houses full of unwanted babies are. I have a 17-page list of adoptive families desperately searching for them.

Well? I'm waiting...
Hey, don't lose heart....look what he has done in 3 short weeks with...
the power you folks gave him. He has a LONG time left to do his O magic. When we are all lining up for the checks (well, that is if you lose your job and don't have to pay taxes as those are the folks who are going to get the biggest handout), just remember who put the great benefactor in Washington there and gave him carte blanche. Uh...that would be you. :)
Oh it's so sweet you're concerned, you do have a heart!...nm
If he read those words, he apparently doesn't take them to heart.
Bless your heart, my faze was entirely right, your correction of me is entirely wrong
Next time you want to be the spelling police, please be sure you have it right and do not come across looking like a complete fool. Ha, ha on you!!!
You know, it is not Unle Sam who is evil, I still love this country with my whole heart....sm
But the government has been looking the other way while the Wall Street Prirates and Mirauders were raping and pilaging everything they could find and having a grand old time doing it. We have a gorgeous country with so many assets, I have traveled all 50 states and the pure majesty in all areas is really humbling, and I thank God I was born in this country. We are all going to have to help each other out, pay attention to what our elected officials are doing, learn how to raise a giant stink when they are not listening to their constituents and home-base, have patience to think things through clearly...as so many of our leaders do not. Hey, anyone ready to storm the Bastille with pitchforks and torches????? Perhaps we should get out the guillotine on the W.H front lawn as a reminder of what happens when arrogance runs rough-shod over the "common" people who cannot even eat moldy bread, let alone "cake!" Off my soapbox now, hard day!
Barbara Bush recovering from Heart Surgery
Luckily she is doing fine. Didn't even know she was having heart problems. I wish her the best.
Investigate credit cards donations to your heart's content.
Hamas information?
Not even death can soften your bitter, Republican heart,s. We need change! nm
What........your twisted or hateful idea of truth, grow a heart, okay?...nm
Ovarian cancer. McCain's father died of a heart attach...sm
around 70 I think. FYI, Obama quit.
You poor thing. I'll say an extra prayer for the demons to leave your heart.

Big hug.

Amazing, a large, successful company with a heart and soul, putting America first?? Congrats to Int