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JTBB: Did you get a chance to watch it? s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-05-30
In Reply to: Really? (sm) - Just the big bad

Let me know what you think. 

I came across this because I was researching the Bilderberger Group.  I had seen a documentary earlier today on IFC and so decided to see what I could find.  Ran across a list of members and, interestingly enough, one of the American members just happens to be David Rockefeller. 

As far as the OP's comments, I was wondering why the need to be so insulting to someone not even addressing them directly  Pent-up aggression much?   




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Isn't it time to watch Hannity or bowl or some other watch Nascar?
Any chance you could get down here
next Sept. 20-21?  If you could I promise you a position in the judge's tent for the Dutch oven cook-off judging.  Each cook makes 3 D. O. dishes, bread, main dish and dessert.  There are usually around 15 teams entered.  You'd love it.
Any chance
the mother ship will come back and get them?
I don't watch Fox, I watch CNN and feel the
exact same was .... just sayin
I don't watch Fox, I watch CNN and feel the
exact same way .... just sayin
are you obsessed, per chance?
Are you obsessed with gt?  This post must have been from a while ago, I don't remember reading it.  To actually spend time to find it and repost it, I don't know about that.  I guess my point is, do you really think your reposting is changing anything political-wise when it comes to ideology and trying to open other's minds or understand the opposite political spectrum?  What is your purpose of reposting something from weeks ago other than to cause disruption and conflict on the board and to actually try to cause hate which, from what I have read, the liberals posting on this board have been doing a good job trying to keep harmony.  Can I make a suggestion, let it go.  
It probably has no chance of passing sm
and was just a symbolic parting shot, but some of us are grateful anyway. Rallies from coast to coast today are honoring and thanking Cynthia. Wonder what makes you think her party has disowned her.

My favorite clip of Cynthia vs Rumsfeld below:

Snowball's chance
I don't think Ron Paul has a snowball's chance of winning, but I wouldn't vote for him anyway.
There is a good chance....since we get most of our oil from...
foreign countries. However, if you inflate your tires properly, we could be of dependence on foreign oil pretty soon. Good chance your gas came from the same place. You a supporter of terrorism? Not hardly, any more than McCain is. Geez.
No chance of that happening...but
The last time we had a democrat president most of my family, freinds, and freinds family WERE homeless. Lost their jobs, lost their homes, lived in their cars, went to the soup kitchens once a day for a meal. The last democrat president implemented NAFTA (not sure implemented is the right word - but was responsible for the start of our jobs going overseas). Continued the deficit (not a surplus like he conned everyone he did). So luckily Bush is not running again so no chance of us being homeless. McCain and Palin gives us experience, loyalty, and a fresh face and ideas for the country. Obama and Biden gives us inexperience, lies, and false hopes. I don't want to end up homeless and broke so therefore I will NOT be voting for Obama. Obama is more of the same except with different packaging.

He reminds me of that commercial by Microsoft for the Mohave experiment. Its the same ol crappy Vista system only being hidden under the disguise called the Mohave experiment. And nobody knows its Vista until they are told.
If they did that, there's a good chance the
There would just continue to be excuse after excuse after excuse.

No more excuses, I want some ANSWERS.
Please give him a chance.
The press conference was 4 days after he was elected.  As for who he picking for his staff, he said as soon as he decides who will fill these positions, he will make an annoucement.  I, too, am glad he apologized to Nancy Reagan.  I knew as soon as I heard those words, there was going to be stuff said.  Also, you can blame the press for the question about the dog -- he doesn't have control over questions like that.  We need to be patient and not be so nitpicky over such small things.  I can't even imagine the pressure he is under right now, not to mention exhausted, and he probably hasn't even had the chance to mourn his grandmother.
He had another chance to do that and he failed
When he was just in Hawaii. A very simple trip to get his bc and prove to everyone he is legal would have solved everything, but he didn't do that.

He is basically saying to the country. I know I don't meet the legal qualifications, so what. There's nothing you can do about it.
Not a snowball's chance if
you think all you have to do is sit around taking pot shots at O for 4 years and turn zero focus on the implosion of the GOP, it's leadership deficit, the long dark shadow of W's scorched earth legacy and their need for a platform transplant. Yeah. Good luck in 2016.
At least give the guy a chance.
He needs some time but I can see that if someone disagrees with anything he says, they'll be called racist. That is completely unfair.

My personal opinion of freezing his staff salary is that is a little bit of nothing. It was just a show. If he wants to impress, he needs to freeze the salaries of all Washington politicians. That would impress me!

I am giving him a chance and I
know that this isn't a quick fix.  I'm realistic enough to know Obama cannot wave a magic wand and make this all go away.  I'm just saying that for a man who hasnt' been pres for a whole week......he has made a lot of promises already with 2 already broken.  I'm not trying to get a lynching mob together.  I just want to stay informed of what my president and the government is doing because I refuse to just assume they are making the right decisions.  Holy crap people.....seriously!  Xanax....try some.
EVERYONE! This your chance to do something about outsourcing

What can you do?

* Call President Obama at 202-456-1111 and ask him to ensure that all new jobs created under a stimulus package go to American citizens and authorized immigrants already here. Tell the person answering the phone that the administration should suspend most work visas and green cards until it can be determined that issuing them will not harm the chances of unemployed Americans.
* Send a fax to your Senators urging them to make sure that only American citizens and authorized immigrants already here get jobs created by whatever economic stimulus package eventually is adopted.
* Fax your House Member thanking him/her for ensuring that the stimulus bill kept jobs out of the hands of illegal foreign workers but urging that in negotiations with the Senate businesses and governments should also be prohibited from using stimulus money to import more foreign workers.
* Read NumbersUSA's fact sheet Putting Americans Back to Work.
* Forward this page to as many Americans as possible to educate them about the statistics the media and government don't want them to know -- and to warn them what may happen to their jobs if they don't join you in taking action.
* Post your comments about the ad and this campaign.

Well I just had a chance to listen

to this and you kinda misrepresented what he said.  Surprise surprise.

He said he hated about 10 people out of the 3000 plus 911 victims' families who won't stop complaining, then he compared the people in New Orleans who were making it hard on everybody else there by not cooperating to those same type of people who are never satisfied no matter how much people are trying to help them.

I completely agree with everything he says on this.  I never really felt sorry for the people in New Orleans who refused to leave when they knew way ahead of time that a disaster was looming. 

Any chance, there would be a point in this post>
Do you agree that Democrats had a chance...
to head this off in 2006 at John McCain's urging? That the situation we find ourselves in now was avoidable?
Actually Bill Clinton had the chance
To get Osama and he never did. This started long before GW ever got in the white house. You may not like GW - I can't stand him, but I'm not going to blame him for something that started in the Clinton administration.
Anyone over 40 years old has a very good chance

of having Down's syndrome child at birth.  

I worry more about Biden being President and Pelosi being VP. 

90 percent of Melanoma growths are curable.  Lung cancer is bad.  Smoking is bad. 

I'm willing to give the man a fair chance...

...the exact same way I gave George W. Bush a fair chance even though I didn't vote for him.  It was only after he was in office and I saw his contempt for the Constitution and for anyone who wasn't filthy rich that I formed my negative opinion of him.  It was his very own actions that formed that opinion, not partisan hearsay.

If this issue is legitimate, why in the world aren't Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and/or any of the other right-wing media screaming it from the rooftops?

If this issue is legitimate, why in the world didn't Hillary Clinton or John McCain scream it from the rooftops?

The SC will meet this coming Friday, in private (five days before the EC votes) to discuss whether or not they will hear this case. 

If the SC goes against the will of the people in this nation and selects the US President again, then the mayhem that will result will make it very easy for George W. Bush to declare martial law (to control the "masses") and officially promote himself to "Dictator in Chief" for an indefinite period of time.

Perhaps that's the true goal of all of this.

If somehow, the will of the people is upheld, we need to be a country of AMERICANS that bond together.  We are living in very dangerous  and challenging economic times right now.  This isn't Obama's fault.  It's the fault of George W. Bush and the crippled America that Obama will inherit from Bush.  Something tells me, though, that you'll find a way to blame Obama for the sins of Bush, regardless of what happens.

As for me, I'm sick of reading and responding to posts regarding this nonissue.  I'm more concerned with legitimate problems facing this country, as they are extremely serious, real and potentially life threatening.

Have at it all you want.  I won't be participating any more.  I want to be a part of the America that supports its President, especially in these emergent times, not the small, bitter minority that will never give Obama a chance.  He could wind up being the best President we've ever had, but sadly, some people will never even realize it.

I just hope he's given at least the chance to be inaugurated...

...before some right-wing home-grown terrorist (with or without the prior knowledge of the GOP) decides to enact "what is to come."

That truly is my biggest fear.

I just don't understand the absolute refusal of some to even give Obama a chance.  These are the Americans who frighten me the most, the ones who seem to be the most angry and bitter.

I never voted for Bush, but when he was first installed in the White House, I never felt this bitter about him.  In fact, I was starting to like him a little right after 9/11.  It was HIS actions in the years to follow that absolutely disgusted me and the very first time in my life that I was afraid of my country's leader.

But I didn't flat-out hate him before he was even sworn in. 

If Obama has the opportunity to survive a Presidential term and has actually been a GOOD President, would you even recognize it, or are you so firmly implanted in your crystal ball's readings of "what's to come" that that's all you can see?

In any event, I hope you and everyone else who visits this board has a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009 that is full of love.  My health hasn't been all that great, and I need to surround myself with hope and optimism.

thanks for the website, i'll look at it when i get a chance...
we can kindly agree to disagree; i am tired of the hate and negativity here! hope you have a good day!
Thought I'd take a chance last night

and watched Olbermann because I was bored and wanted to see what all the hoopla is about over him.

Turned the channel after 5 minutes. He just spews hate. He took pot shots at everyone not conforming to his thinking and tried to twist words of his guests.

Never miss a chance to slam the Dems, do you?
By any chance, you catch Larry King?
To begin with, I was a pregnant teen and most definitively will be voting for Obama. The other unwed mother poster is voting for Obama too in case you hadn't noticed. Bully, fear and threat tactics are not effective.

His candidacy is alive and well and has nothing to do with this issue and how it is going to play out. Tonight, Larry King's panel were talking this subject up one side and down the other. Every single issue that was raised today in these posts on this board were touched upon....every single one. SP is in the political arena now. Unfortunately, she has put her daughter there too. The issues surrounding this will be politicized. You can't stop this train.
Have you by any chance researched Biden's temper?
just wondering.
Give peace a chance cuz we are broke now.
McCain graduated 5th from the last in a class of nearly 900 from the Naval Academy. He crashed 4 times before being shot down after being in the air for 20 hours. They accepted him for the family's legacy. He was obviously unqualified to be a Navy pilot.

And Sarah, pretty as she is (the news net works have her picture all over my screen as if she is a super model), would be a nightmare of a VP - and it has nothing to do with her stand on reproductive rights.

Did you watch 60 min?

Let's face it, he stands no chance of winning. However, with the
econmy in mind, he would definitely be the guy to fix this horrible situation we find ourselves in. My whole intention in giving my vote to Mr. Nader is this:  I am not going to give up my right to vote, I will be at the polls and I will cast my vote. That being said, I am sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated. I am tired of having my intelligence insulted over and over again by politics as usual in Washington. I will cast a vote and send a message. I know that my tiny vote and its tiny message won't be heard, but I will have satisfaction in knowing that I followed my heart and I did not vote for any Washington liar. We need a change alright and neither McCain or Obama is going to bring it.
Frustrated, are you in a swing state by chance?
I've never had a single call, Republican or Democrat, in my decidedly red state. None of those controversial mailings, either.
I appreciate the link. Always a good thing to be given chance
when it comes to watching a smear campaign implode all over itself.
When GW Bush became pres, I did give him a chance even though
You're sarcastically clueless. Any chance you could buy a clue?

If you took a second out of your I love Bush, and nobody else cloud, you would see that we do care about our soldiers, our countrymen.  But, you're so full of the Bush Kool-Aid you can't see straight. Did you even read the article???  You obviously didn't from your response.  Knowledge is a powerful thing.  It's not just liberals feeling this way about Bush and his war, the country is at a divide and more people support his impeachment than those who supported Clinton's impeachment that by the way republicans pursued on their own to defame the president in front of the world any all and any cost. So you can save your do the right thing speech.

If the McCain/Palin ticket has any chance of winning...sm
the election, they need to about face, stop the negativity, stop talking about Obama, and tell the American people how life would be better if he were elected president.  If he doesn't, he does not have a chance. John McCain needs to stop pandering to the religious right and go back to the maverick that he used to be, representing middle America.
Why didn't Clinton kill bin Laden when he had the chance?

If it weren't for uninformed voters, Obama wouldn't have a chance.
Did you happen to catch John Stossel's report on 20/20 last night?
TY! But I only post what I deeply feel, jeez, no one is even giving President O a chance, and rewri
Hey jtbb.....here's one for you....sm
But you really can't find much on this subject, prolly cuz the powers that be don't want you to know, or else it isn't newsworthy to them, and thus it's hard to find the info. You know how that goes.

Fox News is middle of the road these days, not really far right, as most would have you believe. But they still report on subjects that most other far left news outlets ignore.

As for any of the bailouts, I was for the first one the way it was first presented as a three page document...however, it quickly became out of touch and out of hand....it no longer resembles(d) what it was originally for. All of them are worthless, throwing good money after bad, so to speak.

All they have done is pave the way for Obama to create bigger and bigger government, and take more freedoms away from all of us. Like his people have said recently....."we will let no good crisis go to waste"....they will use any and all to further their socialist causes....calling them by any other name, until everything is owned and run by the government. It's a sad day in America, and I hope we can hold out and hold on through the next stormy four years.


I sure am glad to see you!!  Seems this board is just about devoid of names anymore.
Good to see you both. I may not always agree with your posts but I enjoy what people have to say (no matter how demented you all are - HA HA HA HA - just joking). I'm seeing a lot of sm (see message), and a lot of people finishing their thoughts in place of a name. Although JTBB I'm seeing more people agreeing with you than not on this board. Always good to get people's opinions. I'm always ready for a cat fight. HA HA
Well, now, JTBB...

...that wouldn't work out so well for him, either, because McCain wasn't born in the United States.


In every post you make sure to say something bashing a "pub."  How do you know they are a pub? 

Thank you, JTBB!

I'm not surprised at all by your compassion; nevertheless, your post almost brought me to tears, as well.  I've always enjoyed reading your posts and admire your sense of humor and strength in dealing with some people on this board.

Thank you again for your post.  It means a lot! 

JTBB would have said something very different
We know it and JTBB knows it.

JTBB is just another example of the liberals who dishonestly claim freedoms for themselves ONLY.

So let me paraphrase you, JTBB: "If you want to assert rights for yourself and groups that you like, you have to assert them for others and for groups that you don't happen to like."

Get it?
Thank you JTBB - I did not know that
I thought it was part of sex education class that taught about acceptance of that lifestyle. Funny how when you find out the truth it puts things in a different light.

Thanks for your post.
Ahmedinejad won the election. This is not good. I bet it has to do with the fact that Netanyahu refuses to accept the 2-state solution.  So the people decided to re-elect the hardliner and not the more moderate candidate, Iran being a supporter of the Palestinian cause.  Or maybe manipulation was going on?
OMG, JTBB, I am almost always on your

That you plant 'upside-down' tomatoes gave me a big chuckle. I guess that's not the only thing that is 'upside-down' with you!

You are hilarious and your posts are always exciting and thought provocing, never boring.
Keep up the good work!

JTBB.... it's has ALWAYS been about that with you!