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I'm quite prepared to accept your assessment that

Posted By: your mind is quite blown. on 2009-05-30
In Reply to: I am watching this in real time -- s/m - the truth is out there

After all, who would know better?

The question is, how long are you going to drive around on that flat tire?

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And which fair assessment would that be?
What are you taking issue with here, the part where insults beget insults, that I'm sick and tired of non-stop snipes or what? Answer one question for me. What part of this thread has anything to do with politics at this point? In fact, what political issue did you have in mind when you made your so-called fair assessment?
Yet Another Govt Assessment
High confidence: Military experience is found throughout the white supremacist extremist movement as the result of recruitment campaigns by extremist groups and self-recruitment by veterans sympathetic to white supremacist causes. Extremist leaders seek to recruit members with military experience in order to exploit their discipline, knowledge of firearms, explosives, and tactical skills and access to weapons and intelligence.

Although individuals with military backgrounds constitute a small percentage of white supremacist extremists, they frequently occupy leadership roles within extremist groups and their involvement has the potential to reinvigorate an
extremist movement suffering from loss of leadership and in-fighting during the post-9/11 period.

I agree with the assessment in the last paragraph.sm
They will use kiddie porn and so-called domestic terrorism to limit our use of the Internet. Everything is greatly exaggerated to induce fear, and then you will allow them to slice up more of your liberties.
As a former cop, I'm afraid I have to disagree with your assessment.
If I had read this report as a cop, I would have concluded that someone at DHS had come unglued, and it would have been laughed out of the squad room. It is virtually useless in terms of offering any actionable intelligence and it labels people who have very legitimate, NONRADICAL, viewpoints as potential threats.

This should bother all of us.
Why didn't you appeal the assessment to the county?
If the bank said it was only worth $8k but the County says it is worth $100K, it seems like there should have been an appeal filed with that large of a discrepancy.
What is wrong with being prepared? nm

nothing wrong in being prepared
Nothing is wrong with being prepared.  I have Mormon friends who have supplies and even a backyard shelter in case of attack.  I, however, do not fear death.  I do fear pain and suffering.  I have food and water and supplies for earthquakes, guess I can use them in case of attack too.  Nothing wrong with being prepared and each of us needs to decide how we will deal with attack, in case there is one..but no terrorist is going to make me change my lifestyle.  I will continue to live as I have and when I return to NY next year (cant wait), I will ride my beloved subways and Long Island Rail Road and walk the streets of Manhattan without fear.  Terrorists love that they have placed fear into Americans and if they never strike us again, they have done harm in placing fear into our souls.  We cannot live in fear.. 
Then be prepared for Obama to take

all that money you are willing to put on him......because he will!



I am in Gustav path, all prepared.
Yeah. My husband and I have prepared best we can
Don't worry honey, our safety is gone now...be prepared! nm
Don't worry honey, our safety is gone now...be prepared! nm
No, not making it up...watched him as he spoke, no tele, no speech prepared.

Okay...I will accept that....
but Cindy McCain did not deal. The laws that McCain wanted tighted up was on dealers...any dealers. As part of that he also called for more government funding of rehabilitation programs for all users (which would affect the lower income people, obviously higher income people can avoid their own rehab). I have no problem with tougher laws on dealers...be they poor, rich, white, black, or polka-dotted. Cindy McCain did not deal...she was a user, addicted to prescription meds. Like a bunch of other Americans...you read about it most every day, especially celebrities. Patrick Kennedy was hooked on prescription drugs. Just like Cindy McCain. Has his father at some point voted for tougher drug laws? I don't know, but I doubt he is opposed to it at the dealer level.

That is why I don't understand all the hooplah about McCain going after people for doing the same thing his wife did. I can't find any documentation that says he did.

That's all I am saying.
okay. I will accept that

site as a valid news organization.


If you want to accept............ sm
a blog over a news source, that is your choice.
accept the aid, Bush
Frankly, Im ashamed of America.  We can send as many troops and spend as much money as Bush wants for war, war, war but when it comes to people who through no fault of their own are homeless, displaced, starving, hot, sweaty, thirsty, just about at ropes end..nope, cant help them..or hang on, we will get around to ya, sometime.  Any compassionate person would accept aid from other countries, including leftist countries, who we take oil from.  Bush, instead of flying over, should be down there walking around..9/11, he is flying in a plane, the people are the targets on the ground and the heros on the ground, Katrina, he is flying in a plane, the people are the targets on the ground and the heros on the ground.  When it gets down to it, if the money to shore up the levees was not cut and used for war and Haliburton, the money would have went to New Orleans so they could insure their citizens safety and the continuation of their beautiful town.
accept the help, Bush
I agree, Democrat.  My mother is not a rich woman, she gets by with my father's retirement and whatever from his Army service in WWII, however, each year I know she struggles to heat her home (I have told her it is too big..five bedrooms, but it has been our family home for over 40 years, my father died in the home and she does not want to let it go).  She pays a few hundred dollars a month on oil.  To me that is unbelieveable because fortunately in CA, we have used natural gas but that too is going up, however, nothing like oil in the northeast.  Whatever help other countries can send America, America needs to accept.  The help Bush declines isnt gonna hurt him, its gonna hurt the citizens of America.
Well, TT...please accept my apology...
I spoke out of turn. While I do have personal knowledge of Mexican immigrants who became citizens, I don't know anyone in the DAR personally. I should not have made that comment. Not like me, but as I stated, trotter pushes my buttons. At any rate...shame on me.

And as to being a daughter of the confedracy, I have no problems there either. I have a friend who is a descendant of Robert E. Lee. He was a fascinating man. His decision to secede took a horrible toll on him. He wanted to preserve the Union as much as Lincoln did. Both great men with great vision.

So, TT, accept my apology for the "tea" comment. Fell prey to stereotypical comment, was wrong of me to do. I would love to learn more about the DAR, so I am going to practice what I preach, and start reading.

You go girl! :)
cant accept any responsibility

for her own actions -- the dems MAKE her do it.  Yeah, she's an independent.  You can put your shoes in the oven but that don;t make 'em biscuits


He has but the loons cannot accept the
Poor loons. They are riding for a fall.
I did....you refuse to accept it.
Go tweak someone else for a while.
Which figure would you have us accept?
the 38% (average) disapproval, the 60% somewhat approval or the 34% strong approval ratings, all with that wide, wide +/- 14% margin of error? Don't see a whole lot of difference there. Like I said, 76% overall approval (CNN)...not too shabby after the week from he!!.
that was quite in style and I accept
your apology. Thank you very much.
Excuse me. If we are to accept 20 months as
by population and the 6 years as the mayor of a hamlet in Alaska with population of 5000 (at the time of her administration), then surely we should not be expected to overlook the 7 years he served in the state senate in Illinois in the 5th largest state in the union by population, some 13,000,000 people. More importantly, check out SP's 8 stated positions on political issues and how well they stack up with the 139 positions O has on the same issues as posted here: http://www.ontheissues.org/default.htm
What I am looking for is somebody who was paying attention while they were building their resumes.
He had the right to accept his Kenyan citizenship... sm
at age 21 and since he didn't, it expired. Hence his only citizenship is his American citizenship.
I do accept her as a nice person and...sm
I am never rude to her or mean or anything. It is just I see the financial ruin our country is in and I think there are no telling how many illegal immigrants the government is paying for to have children and other benefits. Our government cannot afford this and it isn't right for them to cheat our country out of money when they are illegally here. And there are people who are legal American citizens who can't get this help from the government but someone who is breaking the law can. It just doesn't seem right. And who can blame her for not wanting to live here rather than in Mexico? BUT why not go through the appropriate means to do this? Legally? Become a US citizen and pay taxes like other US citizens do. If you want the benefits of living in America you should pay for it like everyone else, i.e. taxes.
You are wrong. I did accept Obama as
president, but now I am questioning this Emanual, a terrorist son and so on.  What I have read about him is scary.  Why couldn't he pick Col. Powell, like I thought he would?  or at least someone with class with no ties to terrorists.  Now Obama and Emanual and Lord knows who else?  I am deeply concerned about the USA.  He is going to change this country alright.  I hope it is for the good, but so far as today with his selection, I am not seeing it.   
You expect us to accept this bluster?
This election has been as clean as clean can get, especially when compared to 2000 and 2004. As you can see by the overall 2008 results, democrats don't have to throw elections to assume power.
Accept my sincerest apology for s/m
""lumping"" you in.  I totally agree with you about both sides being guilty of the outrageous spending.  The pork has always been there -- this is a very old concept.  I infuriates me to hear the conservatives putting all the blame on the other side, when this has always been a nonpartisan issue.  I just think it is ridiculous to jump to conclusions before anything is given a reasonable amount of time to see if it works or not and, I, for one, am willing to be a little more patient before I start going off the deep end.
children were being taught to accept the
lifestyle of homosexuals in their sex education classes, is that right? Might we assume that is why you don't teach them your views on this issue at home? Please explain the great truth you found in JTBB's post to us.
He is your PRESIDENT. Accept it or move out of the country.
dr's urge america to accept cuba's offer
Doctors Urge US To Accept Cuba's Offer Of 1586
Disaster-Trained Doctors

By Ken Thomas
Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA (PRNewswire) -- A prominent U.S. medical group
voiced deep concern over delays in health care and
epidemic prevention reaching Katrina victims, and
urged U.S. authorities to accept Cuba's offer of 1586
disaster-trained physicians to prevent a second wave
of sickness and death.
Latest reports indicate the U.S. State Department is
backing away from the offer, implying they are not
Up to this point, there been a clear need for more
medical help for Katrina victims, said Peter Bourne,
MD, Chairman of MEDICC and former special adviser on
health in the Carter White House and former Assistant
Secretary General at the United Nations. The Cuban
physicians are accustomed to working in difficult
third-world conditions without the resources and
supplies most of us are accustomed to. Since they are
just an hour away, it is a shame that they have not
been allowed to join our committed medical corps
He is joined by other physicians, medical educators,
international health experts and a former U.S. surgeon
general associated with MEDICC, Medical Education
Cooperation with Cuba. From 1998 through 2004, MEDICC
has provided medical electives in Cuba for nearly 1000
students and faculty from 118 U.S. medical, public
health and nursing schools.
Cuba has been recognized by the UN, Oxfam and other
international organizations as a leader in disaster
response, expertise that could be saving lives now,
said Doctor William Keck, former long-time director of
the Akron, Ohio Department of Public Health.
A 2004 Oxfam Report, Weathering the Storm: Lessons in
Risk Reduction from Cuba, states that there are real
lessons to be learned from Cuba on how to safeguard
lives during extreme natural disasters, including
getting medical attention to vulnerable populations.
The report can be found at
On Tuesday, August 30, Cuba first offered U.S.
authorities hurricane relief in the form of 1100
disaster-trained bilingual physicians, each equipped
with 52-pound pound backpacks of medical supplies,
including rehydration therapy, insulin,
anti-hypertensives, and medications for systemic and
topical infections.
On Saturday, September 3, Cuba increased the offer to
1586 doctors, ready for immediate deployment and
prepared to stay as long as necessary to help wherever
needed. A Cuban spokesperson said that as of today
there has been no official response from the U.S.
Cuban disaster relief experience spans 45 years,
mainly in hurricanes faced by the Caribbean island and
in coping with disasters confronted by other
developing countries. Another nearly 25,000 Cuban
health professionals provide longer-term health care
services in 68 countries, under
government-to-government agreements.
Cuba trains 10,500 medical students from 27 countries
at its Latin American Medical School -- 65 of them
from poor and minority communities in the USA. (See
The New England Journal of Medicine, 2004;
What an irony that the first U.S. MD to graduate from
the school this August is a young African American
from New Orleans, said Diane Appelbaum, RN, NP, MS.
He just passed the U.S. medical boards and is eager
to fulfill the commitment he made in exchange for his
free education from Cuba to serve the very
poverty-stricken areas now devastated.
For additional first-hand reports and interviews from
Cuba, please see MEDICC's on-line journal, MEDICC
Review at
http://www.medicc.org, Archives, Vol VI, No.
3, 2004 Disaster Management in Cuba: Reducing the
MEDICC (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba) is a
non-profit organization based in Atlanta. MEDICC is
committed to maintaining institutional and educational
links between the U.S. and Cuban medical communities.
MEDICC publishes the English-language journal MEDICC
Review, reporting on Cuba's medical and public health
programs, available at

Go ahead, I'm sure she will accept your help. Email her and find out where to mail your help. nm
You must accept Michelle Obama's racist bent, then...
in the way she has spoken out, especially during the campaign months, correct?

Thanks for sharing your story. It was very moving. But I meant your bullying attitude towards other posters, when they don't engage you.
I realize it is hard to accept, when it is revealed that your idol....
has clay feet.
why then does Netanyahu till now NOT accept the 2-state solution?...nm
if you accept and confuse slander as freedom of speech
I would not like to socialize with you.