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Wow,you're so filled with self-loathing and bitterness s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: What a suckup. - Get a room

you're incapable of accepting that there are people out there that are not.  To be called a suck-up for being nice and telling someone I appreciate them for being so?  Are you kidding?  You have proven my point to Marmann exactly.  What a shame to go through life so miserable that the only way you can feel good about yourself is to tear down someone else -- but for being nice?  There is plenty of nastiness on this board as it is, so really, you should be ashamed for contributing to the toxicity.  I bet you pull the wings off of butterflies, too, don't you?

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You need to get help for your bitterness.
All this hate you project at Christians is very telling about your own personality, dontha think? How very, very sad. You see exactly what you want to see, which is apparently all the worst in people. Good luck on having a happy life with that attitude.

And spare me the bogus BS about 'perfect' children.

Are you saying that no adoptive family has the right to want to raise a child? Insteady, they should all adopt 16-year-olds? Or kids with severe social/emotional issues? Or take a family of 6 kids when they know they can only support 1 or 2?

And maybe you should pay attention to your own link.

Let's take a sample:

1) A group of 8 children that need to be adopted together. This inclues: 17, 15, 14, 13, 10, 8, 5, and 4-year-olds.

The next listing on your chosen website is a group of SIX children - ages 9, 8, 7, 7, 6, and 6. Again, you think a couple who has never had a child will be able to hand adopting an entire FAMILY? Get real.

The next listing is for YET ANOTHER big package deal - 10, 8, 8. 4, and 2.

Then, big suprise, ANOTHER package deal - 17, 12, 11, 9, and 8.

And next, wow, what a twist. ANOTHER PACKAGE DEAL. 12, 10, 9, 8, and 7 year-olds.

Next - SAME THING - 12, 10, 7, 7, 5.


I work with families who for whatever reason cannot conceive on their own. They have an overwhelming desire to be parents. But they're not complete idiots. They know what they can handle and what they can't. I would never advise a young 20-something couple to adopt a group of 6 kids, or adopt a teen, or adopt a child with behavioral problems. Because that is just setting them up for failure. Unfortunaely, as proven by your own website lead, that's pretty much ALL that's available in America because lazy women choose the easy way out and ABORT their children.

Your argument just doesn't hold water.

Perhaps you should donate some time helping those kids find families. We're in desperate need of AFRICAN-AMERICAN adoptive parents in this country. Instead of whining on this website about how Christians have done so-and-so, why don't you be a stand-up human being and actually participate in making America better?

Or are you too bitter for that as well?

With all the anger, bitterness, and
childishness that comes through on all of your posts, I doubt seriously that you have respect for any one and vice-versa. You don't even sound American you are consumed with your own meaness. I really do not believe you care about our country, you just want to keep the anger going. I am sorry your life has turned out so rotten and I hope that things will improve for you, no matter who is elected.
What I have is personal bitterness...(sm)

for an organization operating under the pretense of religion molesting children.  Not only did they do it, they obviously condoned it by hiding the fact.  I must be nice to be a religious -- it's such a blinding experience.  You don't have to see the world as it really is.  You can just make assumptions based on your religion. 

I actually commend you on adopting children.  I do, however, wish more people would adopt children in this country.  I think it's a little bit of a double standard when one would go overseas to find a child to suit their desires and at the same time condemn this country over social issues.

And since you're waiting.....


When you go to this page, don't change the criteria under *child profile* to look for the perfect child, just go to the bottom of the page and hit *search.*  I came up with 3466 children waiting for a home -- and that's just out of one agency.

You are so eaten up with hate, bitterness
have no idea what I want nor how I feel. As stated, you cannot tolerate the truth.
Yes, and bitterness and synicism like yours goes to the bone......sm
I feel so sorry that folks have to put others down, just like back in high school. Yes, personally I think Michelle is very pretty, classy, lovely, has very good taste, and I really like what I see of her. But if I felt different, I would not make a point out of posting about how FUGLY, INAPPROPRIATE, and so much else that is hurtful and ugly about her. My mom and grandmas always told me the old "If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all," and I do believe in this. HER HUSBAND is the person in office, and this is a political board, so going after someone's political performance, their integrity, etc., I really see that, it is relevant and matters. But why pick on the First Lady? And you are very wrong, I have had the privelege and blessing of knowing many people in my life who were beautiful INSIDE ALL OF THEIR LIVES, such an inspiration.
Yes, and bitterness and synicism like yours goes to the bone......sm
I feel so sorry that folks have to put others down, just like back in high school. Yes, personally I think Michelle is very pretty, classy, lovely, has very good taste, and I really like what I see of her. But if I felt different, I would not make a point out of posting about how FUGLY, INAPPROPRIATE, and so much else that is hurtful and ugly about her. My mom and grandmas always told me the old "If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all," and I do believe in this. HER HUSBAND is the person in office, and this is a political board, so going after someone's political performance, their integrity, etc., I really see that, it is relevant and matters. But why pick on the First Lady? And you are very wrong, I have had the privelege and blessing of knowing many people in my life who were beautiful INSIDE ALL OF THEIR LIVES, such an inspiration.
completely filled
The main board used to be completely filled with them...and I mean completely.  You apparently missed all that.  Not sure if there are still there or not.
I filled in the blanks s/m
with Republican rather than profanity.  Of course I'm almost to the point where I say Republican=profanity judging from the excuses made for Saint McCain.  LOL
That's because our government is filled with more and
well actually 15 of the hate filled showed up from the sm
church from Kansas carrying signs reading, "God hates America," "Thank God for dead soldiers." It was ridiculous. The police had blocked them off a section and in front of them were a group holding the US flag so as to block them out of site from the family and friends.
Your *information* was filled with insults...sm
Sorry I don't meet your level of debate.

What a hate filled post.
What a hate filled post.
But he just signed a bill filled with earmarks???
To the pubs: Your fantasy-filled hatefest

Americans are tired of fear; they're voting for HOPE.

Americans are tired of lies; they're voting for TRUTH.   (Truth is not found on the tabloid pages, nor on internet "dot-com" pages claiming to be the gospel). 

Americans are tired of a dwindling and endangered middle class; they're voting for its SURVIVAL.

Americans are tired of being screwed by big business; they're voting to screw it right back.

Americans are voting for a leader who remembers they exist and will work FOR them, not AGAINST them, as the past 8 years have gone.

Americans are voting for NEW IDEAS to solve our problems; not the same old bull-caca that's been kicked back and forth through the halls of the White House in recent years.

As an MT, I'm voting with the hope of maybe, just MAYBE, saving my future employment; and NOT giving someone free rein to send the next wave of jobs to Mexico or Bolivia.

After tonight, I remain more optimistic than ever that a NEW DAY is coming to America, and that certain washed-up politicians will finally be put out to pasture.


Your first sentence really shows was a mean hate filled shallow person you are.

Thanks so much for proving my point about the angry, hate-filled left. sm
You did a perfect job of it.  You are incapable of thought other than that driven by hate. Your debates are screeds and your voice is strident and laced with the same adjectives...the word liar comes to mind. Which, of course, you are.
You're entitled to your opinion. I guess it depends on what side of the spectrum you're on.nm
We're not defending Bush we're pointing out the obvious
All you see in your view is Bush, Bush, Bush. Nobody else exists. You have yet to answer any of the questions I posed yesterday. We're not the one obsessing about Bush. I'm sure you'll counter that with I don't owe you any answers! It's really telling that for five or six days this board was mute about the Israel/Lebanon situation. You were too busy posting trash news about Bush like nothing was even happening, but I know that the left has wait for its talking points. You all cannot formulate opinions on your own. You have boilerplates ready to go though. *This is Bush's fault because _____________ but you have to wait on Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, etc. etc. to fill in the blanks for you. It's not just a phenomenon here but with all the left. You can count on at least two days of silence when something unforseen breaks out in the world, because they have to retreat to their bunkers to get their talking points straight, but it will always start with *This is Bush's fault because....
Hey, if they're smoking cigs, they're paying for SCHIP.
They're too lazy to show patriotism......they're waiting
So you're not racist but you're most definitely SEXIST and AGEIST!!!
"Someone more in our age group..."

"She should be taking care of her family."

Your true colors are showing, and they're truly ugly.
Just because they're LOSING doesn't mean they're VICTIMS.
What is it with people these days? You think that just because Hamas is getting its fanny handed to it that that magically makes them victims, and we should all weep and throw cash at them?

From the dawn of time, lesser civilizations have fallen to stronger ones.

It's why the human species survived and the neanderthals didn't.

It's why Rome conquered the Celts.

It's why the Barbarians conquered the Western Roman Empire.

It's why the British conquered the American Indians.

It's why the Spanish conquered the Aztecs.

It's why the Muslims conquered Israel the first time. But, since their societal progres seems to have permanently parked in the Stone Age, now Israel is conquering them right back.

Deal with it.
You're right. They're simply not worthy of a reply.

They're not tax breaks....they're tax credits
I'm snotty, you're rude...we're even....
My dearrrr....not everyone in this country pays taxes. So you are wrong there. Obama said "spread the wealth." From his own mouth. The interview in Canada...economic parity and redistribution. Words from HIS mouth. If you believed those words from his mouth as much as you believed other words from his mouth, you would know he is a socialist. Selective memory is a wonderful thing ain't it??
You're right. They're all wack-jobs... nothing
so they try to make themselves feel important by standing around on street corners with their posters and their dollies.

Most of them are just buffoons, good for nothing other than being laughed at by the rest of us. But the ones that totally lose all reason, and go so far as to shoot people (in a church of all places...) is pretty off the deep end.
You're a liar. GT didn't curse. You're a filthy liar, but you are a gift from God.
God sent you here to as a constant reminder of the kind of person I DON'T want to be and if I ever have a bad day when I feel temporarily stupid, all I have to do is read your posts, and I realize there are those out there who are much worse off than I am and for them it's not temporary.
They're doing to this board what they're trying to do

to the whole country.  They're trying to take it over.  They want to control which God you believe in, who you love and what you do with your body, be it regarding life or regarding death.  If you don't voluntarily agree to turn your free will over to their control, they will hunt you down and nag you to death (since they can't do anything more violent on a message board).  It's obvious they are sick, sick people and need major help.

But they ARE like watching a car wreck and are sometimes hard to ignore.

I've thought about it, and for me personally, the very best thing to do is ignore them and for 2 reasons: 

1.  Ignoring them and not reading their posts makes my visit on this board much more pleasant.  I already know I'm not missing anything because there isn't one post on this entire board written by them that has contributed anything of value or intelligence.

2.  If we all refuse to read and respond to their posts, they might give up and go find another board to terrorize.  I doubt that, though, because they've taken over this board and simply don't have the CLASS to leave.  They take pride in their bully on the playground mentality and are proud of their ignorant behavior.  They will probably just continue to pat themselves on their backs on this board.  The only thing that might startle them and cause them to stop is that the NUMBER of posts on the Liberal board are starting to increase heavily as a direct result of their posting.  In the past, they've used the Liberal board's lower numbers to trash us for not being as interesting, when, in fact, the CON board must be pretty boring if they are always choosing to be HERE instead.

Like I said, I've decided that I'd like my visits here to be pleasant, so I'm just going to stop subjecting myself to their cesspools of attacks.  They've proven their posts aren't worth wasting time reading, so I'm just going to stop and will feel much better as a result of stopping.

Your not you're. I hope you're not an MT. nm
They're children, though. They're not
adults.  Mom and Dad need to know these things even if only to possibly prevent problems later. 
You're welcome.

If I find anything, I'll be sure to post it, but I doubt he's going to be saying much.  I think he understandably wants to distance himself as far away from this administration as he can. 

I wish he would run for President.  I'd very proudly vote for him in a heartbeat!  I'd finally be able to vote for the best candidate instead of the least worst one. 

I agree with you, and I admire and respect him very much.

So I take it you're on your
so you don't mind your grandchildren paying their fair share, right?

Bush Tax Cuts = Tax Shifts
UFE Report: Tax Burden Shifting off Wealthy onto Everyone Else

$197 Billion in Tax Cuts to Top 1% of US Taxpayers as Big as States’ Budget Shortfalls of $200 Billion

BOSTON — A new report, entitled “Shifty Tax Cuts: How They Move the Tax Burden off the Rich and onto Everyone Else,” from United for a Fair Economy (UFE) indicates that between 2002 and 2004, the Bush tax cuts to the top 1% of US income earners redirected billions of dollars in revenue that could have eliminated virtually all of the budget shortfalls in the states.

“Congress had the option to send aid to the states to prevent $200 billion worth of service cuts and regressive tax increases,” said Chris Hartman, UFE’s research director. “Instead, they gave tax breaks totaling roughly the same amount to multi-millionaires and the rest of the top 1%.”

The report identifies five main areas of shifting tax burden:

FEDERAL TO STATE — a 15% shift in tax burden between 2000 and 2003

PROGRESSIVE TO REGRESSIVE — at the federal level, a 17% decline in the share of revenue from progressive taxes and a 135% increase in the share of revenue from regressive taxes since 1962

WEALTH TO WORK — A tax cut on unearned income — such as inheritance or investment — of between 31% and 79%, but a tax hike on work income of 25% since 1980

CORPORATIONS TO INDIVIDUALS — a 67% drop in the share of federal revenues contributed by corporations and a 17% rise in individuals’ share

CURRENT TAXPAYERS TO FUTURE GENERATIONS — record deficits that shift the tax burden to our children and grandchildren

“When President Bush and Congress trumpet, ‘Here’s a tax cut', we say, ‘Taxpayer beware!’ said Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy co-founder. “Unless you are super-rich, it’s a tax SHIFT, not a cut. Non-wealthy taxpayers will pay for these tax cuts with increased state and local taxes or cuts in public services.”

“Between 2002 and 2004, a full $197 billion in new tax breaks went to the top 1% of American taxpayers,” Hartman commented. “This is money that has disappeared into the pockets of the very wealthy, making it unavailable to solve ongoing budget crises at the state and local levels.”

“I got a rebate check last summer for $400,” said Collins. “Then my eight-year-old’s public school asked me to contribute money to replace worn-out chairs for the students. At the same time, I found out they laid off the librarian because of budget cuts. What good is a $400 tax cut when parents have to cough up additional money for chairs and books or else see their children go without?”

The report concludes that the total federal, state and local tax burden has become increasingly the responsibility of middle-and low-income families in recent decades, and that revenues being generated by taxes are not sufficient to pay for existing public services. Work in particular is being taxed at a higher rate than investment. “I do a lot of work in predominantly Latino areas of Boston,” said UFE Education Specialist Gloribell Mota. “Residents there are the working poor — they have jobs and pay taxes — yet are getting pennies in tax cuts and seeing health care services they depend on slashed.”

“The Bush administration has followed a strategy of starving public services by pulling tax money away from education and housing and giving it away to multi-millionaires,” said Karen Kraut, UFE’s State Tax Partnership director. “States are suffering as a result, and people are going without essential services in order to fund the lifestyles of the rich.”

The report calls for tax reforms to improve the fairness of tax distribution and ensure adequate revenues. Concerned Americans are urged to pass resolutions in their cities and towns to stop the tax cuts and restore local services that have been affected, to call and write their congressional representatives to take action to stop the cuts, and to sign the Tax Fairness Pledge at www.ResponsibleWealth.org/taxpledge.

The co-authors of the report are Chuck Collins, UFE Co-founder; Chris Hartman, UFE Research Director; Karen Kraut, Director of UFE’s State Tax Partnerships; and Gloribell Mota, UFE Education Specialist.

United for a Fair Economy is an independent national non-profit that raises awareness of growing economic inequality.

You're not getting it
if the Attorney POCKETS most of the winnings how are they any better than the greedy corporations?  Since you think one is more morally ethical than the other eventhough they may both be doing THE SAME EXACT THING....then the debate has ended as far as I'm concerned.
I never said don't come over there, you're the one
You're welcome.
Have a great day.
You're welcome.
I didn't know it existed, either, but I think it's a really great site and wanted to pass it on.  Some of these guys have said they're afraid to speak the truth and feel they're taking a chance by doing so.   
You're welcome, gt.

You're welcome and you're right.

You're right.

It's clear the ONLY people who have true freedom of speech and freedom of thought in this country are Bush disciples.  In addition, they have the freedom to lie to the rest of America.

Don't despair.  It won't be long before a Pat Robertsonesque appointee thug of Bush will be seizing my computer, bugging my phone and knocking at my door, ready to lock me up simply because I express my distaste for a President who is incapable of telling the truth to ANYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, as he wraps himself in the Holy Bible and American Flag.  His enemies aren't *terrorists.*  If they were, I wouldn't be able to get on a plane now with a knife again.

His enemies are Americans who have the audacity to pay attention, think freely and voice their opinions.

My freedom of speech, free thought, expression, religion, ETC. is about to come to a screeching halt very soon.

You'd better hope you continue to obey the master, remain in step and NEVER stray from the flock.  Otherwise, the next freedom-ending screech I hear could be YOURS.

Yes, you're right; I'm sure
their eye on me as well! What I find most pitiful is YOUR lack of outrage. Too much Kool-Aid, I guess. What will it take before you see what **King George** has done and continues to do to this country?
Huh? You're not going to believe this.
Or maybe you will...but for me it falls into the category of WHAT THE???????!!!!!!!!

Labored logic

Democrats have been buzzing about comments made by state Sen. Nancy Schaefer (R-Turnerville) at a recent eggs-and-issues breakfast in Hart County. We quote from the Hartwell Sun newspaper: Commenting on illegal immigration, Schaefer said 50 million abortions have been performed in this country, causing a shortage of cheap American labor. 'We could have used those people,' she said.

You're welcome. sm
I wholeheartedly agree that Lurker's post went straight to the heart of how I feel on so many levels and it took time to put it together.

You're welcome. nm

You're welcome.

You're welcome!

You're welcome. :-) (NM)
You're right...sm
War was used for lack of a better term - genocide. One day is a long time when you fear for your life and are watching other's die. Nothing made me more upset with Clinton than watching Hotel Rwanda. Quite frankly though, that is an ugly part of history. Darfur is here and now. What do we do, give the UN and Bush a pass?
I know you're not...sm
I said those interested.
But you're not sorry at all..
Call me condescending, call the majority of liberals on this board shallow, immoral, without firm foundations and that's just part of your comments.  What is the purpose of this name-calling?  Does it make you feel better about yourself?  What do you hope to accomplish?  This is the liberal board and I don't believe this board was provided as a venue for you to vent your condemnation of liberal folks.  Why do you and others do it?  Where is there one iota of value in your posting other than a rant against liberals and their many many failings. 
you're right

There is free speech and tolerance of extreme behavior in our nation, but here there is also a missing element of having enough social training to not persist in bothering people who do not wish to be associated with you.  In real life, this would be embarassing, but with the anonimity of the internet, people let their real selves emerge without fear of consequences.  Shunning has alway worked in the past.