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As Saint Augustine said: "Why does truth call forth hatred?"

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Please take this old saying to heart - sm. - WiseOldOwl

as is evidenced here with the unnecessary spiteful attacks initiated on what was only intended to be an innocent discussion that was specifically presented to JTBB.

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Once again using your Bush hatred to negate the truth. sm
Aid is getting to New Orleans.  It only happened a few days ago, just how fast can aid be summoned?  If I remember correctly, on 9/11, much of the aid summoned never even reached the people until years later IF AT ALL (Red Cross).   There are 28,000 guardsmen either there or on their way there. 
Wanting truth and accountability = hatred?sm
Dissent, not loyalty to the almighty State is patriotic.
Why do you call it cut down when all they want is to hear the truth
I don't get it. Whenever the truth is trying to be had if it goes against the crats it is called a "cut down" or mean spirited. All we want is the truth and Fox news is the only place I'm getting to hear the actual news story. Shepard Smith and others report news from all over the world. I stopped watching MNSBC a long time ago because if something favored poorly to the crats they wouldn't report it. I am surprised CNN came out with this but maybe that's because the Clinton News Network is mad that Obama's administration is giving Hillary Clinton a bad deal and making her position less important than it should be.

All I know is I want to hear the truth. I get that from Fox news, hence I watch Fox news and sometimes a little bit of CNN, but forget MSNBC. They are the worst at reporting news - only their hate-filled spew.

BTW - I was watching O'Reilly last night and he had a guest on that said he was making fun of Helen Thomas and the way she looks. Bill O'Reilly had made a comment that Helen Thomas' voice sound like the Wicked Witch of the West (and it actually does) but he never said anything about her appearance, but this guest kept saying O'Reilly was making fun of Helen Thomas' appearance (which he wasn't because I heard the comment he made). However, when O'Reilly asked her where she was when the liberal media was trashing Palin and Saturday Night Live was making fun of the way Palin dresses and talks where was she and her group. This lady kept coming back with the standard "I believe all woman have the right to run in politics, blah, blah, blah". She never answered O'Reilly's questions because she couldn't. They didn't come to Gov. Pailins defense when she was being trashed and made fun of but they attack O'Reilly because he made fun of a voice and now they are lying about what he said. He called it like it is - they are hypocrits.

Wanting to know the truth is not a "cut down". Right now the only truth I'm getting is from the news stories on FOX NEWS.
But the truth is, I didn't call you ignorant. sm
So I am not sure where you are going with this.
Truth hurts, don't it? Hey, whenever attacked, call someone a liar.
Sez a lot about you. 
The gospel according to Saint Hannity...
Sean Hannity must be your personal messiah and you, his most devoted messenger. His trite, tiresome, buzz-word riddled, rambling rants, raves and regurgitations echo throughout all of your posts and you employ some of the same shallow, superficial strategies he does in his endless endeavors to dodge, deflect and deceive his way through viable political discourse. Intelligence is a terrible thing to waste on such unsubstantiated, vacuous prattle. You definitely have it, but don’t seem to know how to use it, at least in terms of exhibiting evidence of even the tiniest trace of an original thought or idea.

Long on spin, short on substance, fundamentally incapable of objectivity, manufactured, wildly speculative, markedly biased theory-building, jumping to conclusions, void of veracity, without fail, skipping the dirty work of relentless data gathering, fact checking and close scrutiny…no tireless search for truth anywhere to be seen. Too bad. That’s the fun part that bears the best fruit of all…can you say self-enrichment? Inflexible and frightened of fact, running as far away as possible when encountered, paranoid, threatened and suspicious of the huge bodies of knowledge passed down to use through the ages. Not a pretty picture.

Sigh. Yes, I saw the tape and read the FULL transcript, took the sound byte and put it back where it belongs…back into its original context. My husband speaks 4 languages, my son speaks 3, I only speak 2. Trust me, Sam, it’s not fatal, it does not diminish the importance of English and it has not made us any less American. Multicultural high brow rhetoric poses no threat to you or to our country. Let me reiterate this. No one said anything about REQUIRING a second language, just expressed the opinion that it would be a good idea. You got something against the idea of Anglo children “getting along” with immigrant children? That’s pretty cold, I must say.

Once again, there are plenty of ESL programs out there for immigrants and they DO learn English. That is why we don’t need to worry about it. I live in Houston and our Spanish-speaking population is largely bilingual, thank you very much. BTW, Houston takes much pride in its multicultural nature. Most of us believe it would truly be a boring place to live were we not. We do not limit ourselves to one or two flavors of immigrant. We have largely visible Cuban, Jamacian, Pureto Rican, Costa Rican, Honduran, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Pakistani, Indian, Afgani, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Israeli, Egyptian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Bosnian, Somali, Kenyan, Sudanese, Ethiopian, South African, Angolan and Nigerian presence in our midst.

We have adopted an inclusive approach to our immigrant “problem”. We have learned to distinguish between them when we pass by on the street, not only by their physical charcteristics and native dress, but by the subtle cultural differences that are displayed in their behaviors. We are familiar with their customs and we respect one another, not only for our differences, but also for what we have in common. We work together, play together and worship together in churches, mosques and temples. We do business with one another without a blink of an eye or a second thought. Our restaurants serve up exquisite international cuisines. We enjoy each other’s art, music, literature and theater. They all bring color, spirit and life to our city. We certainly do not feel the least bit intimidated when we hear them speak their own language. We do the best we can to teach them how to speak ours. Guess what? It works out quite nicely.

That is why I heard Obama’s statement differently than you did. For me, yes it was about multiculturalism. I understand quite well where he is is coming from. Here’s a news flash for you. That national language debate is not being had by the majority of us….just the xenophobic right-wing fringe. The French part of your post is too weird to address…only to say that Obama used this as an example to illustrate a much larger issue. Again, you need to do some homework. The entire EU has immigration issues, but not the kind of “problems” Hannity’s cohorts would like to conjure up. Again, as you repeat yourself, so do I. Now hear this….they DO learn English, so DON’T WORRY.

Let’s leave Krushchev out of this and save him for another day. And let me make this perfectly clear to you. I am proud of America and the ideals it strives to uphold. But when national pride turns the “ism” corner and assumes an exclusionary puritanical Nazi-tinged nationalism, it has morphed into something ugly, dangerous and decidedly unAmerican.

Yeah, we know JTBB. Bush=evil. O=saint.
Is it better to pay for "why pigs stink? That is
Musta caught the virus from "why-in-the-
.Pesky. Hard to get rid of.
"why people think Muslim is wrong"
I didn't say "I think Muslim is wrong."
this is reminding me of that "why a cucumber is better than a man" thing LOL
i think PETA has brought increased awareness to many about animal abuse, although it seems some stuff is over the top, and i disagree with their stance on vegetarianism being morally/ethically superior to eating meat, so it's not the organization for me. wish i'd seen that ad, though...or maybe not? lol...
The truth sounds rude when put bluntly but still is the truth. nm
!!!! hahaha
Call me what you want, just don't call me late for dinner. LOL....
GP, I like your sense of humor.
You call it hysteria, some call it concern for the
Liberal truth vs. Conservative truth.
Then call it what it is...or call for conservation...
but don't make up a myth to try to gain control. That is what Gore is after...what all the global warming hoohah is after. They have an agenda...pure and simple. And the base fact is that a very low percentage of the greenhouse gas effect is from cars. Every time you breathe out, you contribute. Are we all going to stop breathing? Are cows going to stop belching? I have no problem with ethanol...I have used it. My husband is from Iowa...I would love it if we started using ethanol more extensively. But in previous years, Democrats (Hillary being a primary one) opposed the use of ethanol. I guess if I believed any of those people out there hawking global warming actually believed what they were saying it would be different...but I don't. The science is not there. As I said...if the real interest is conservation with the side benefit of less CO2...fine. Just say so. But as the article pointed out...if it is as bad as they say it is, you can't stop it anyway. It just does not make good sense to me.
Fine. Call if whatever you want to call it....
I will call it as I see it. I look at a totality of things. He has embraced black liberation theology which is racist and has Marxist tones for 20 years. There is no way the man went to that church for 20 years and did not know their doctrine. But, if you choose to believe that, again, fine. I do not. I believe he knows that theology backward and forward and believes it to his core. You don't have to. That is the wonderful thing about America. We can agree or disagree. On this we disagree.

Yes, I am feeling a pinch. But I don't think the government should take money from you and give it to me. I don't think they should take money from any private business and give it to me. If you think that is fair, fine. I don't. That is how socialism/Marxism takes hold. Historically it ends the same way. I don't want that for America. Perhaps you do...you want the pinch eased for you and if that means taking money from someone else that they earned, and giving it to you, who did not earn it, to you it is all good. To me it isn't.

He never has said who the $1000 checks are going to. I am thinking not every person in the whole US of A...so not only does he get to choose who he takes the money from, he gets to choose who to give it to. That would be another interesting piece of the puzzle. If he confirms to the Marxist view, it would be issuing checks to the "poor." And he gets to define who that is. You may be okay with that...me, not so much.

And by the way...have you ever researched an oil company profit margin? It is not as huge as Obama would like you to believe. But, again, he is counting on no one researching what he says. They hear free money and that's all they want to hear. Also, do you think oil companies don't employ people? You think it is one CEO at a desk in an office raking in billions? You don't think there are rank and file regular folks who work for oil companies? Whose jobs might be impacted by you and others wanting to take money away from their employers and doling it out to people who have not earned it? You think there is a chance they might have a problem with that?
I call, fax, and call again and I do campaign....
Well of hatred???
Extremist talking point. Do you realize that this entire plan of attack, i.e. liberals hate this and hate that and ooze this and ooze that and spew this and spew that requires not one iota of rational or analytical thought. It is simply responding to just about anything a liberal says with bumper sticker talk, no cognitive thought going on whatsoever. It is becoming tiresome.
No hatred
for a group of people but a nasty, immoral type of behavior. There is a difference.
for immoral acts is not a sin.
I don't see her as being consumed by hatred.

From her posts, it's clear that she's a very compassionate, kind, intelligent person who is capable of thinking independent thoughts.  She cares about people who need help in this country.  Nobody who is consumed by hatred can do that.

She's expressed fear and concern and frustration at this administration and where it's taking us, and she expressed anger at the person who's leading us in that direction.  She's not alone.  An increasing number of Americans feel the same way.

The only person I see consumed by hatred is YOU.  You've repeatedly littered this board with your hateful posts.  It's very easy to see who the hateful people are.

I suggested below that you/all the others (assuming there really is more than one) should be ignored. You contribute nothing to this board but anger, rage, hatred and skewed thinking. 

Having said that, I won't bother reading/responding to your posts any more.  It's simply not worth it because you don't want to debate.  All you want to do is attack others. 

I pity you.

River of hatred???

If Michael Moore has tapped into the river of hatred of the Democrats, what about a guy like Rush Limbaugh? What has he tapped into, the river of good will of the Republicans?

Elections are held every two years, and this election the people chose a majority of Democratic candidates.  I for one am glad that they did if for no other reason than it will bring new perspectives into a government that has been completely controlled by one party.  Further hope is that it may bring changes that work to the good of all of us.

I did not say river of hatred....
I said Michael Moore tapped into hatred and that liberals are on a river of denial...and I believe that. Why else would the very first thing they announced was that they planned to investigate Bush and corruption (not corrupt Democrats, just corrupt Republicans) and at least two have posted on the liberal board that they think terrorism should be on back burner to investigating Bush. Something is VERY, VERY wrong with that line of thinking, and that stems from hatred and revenge, certainly not any concern for this country.
You are so consumed by hatred
Me too. Am so tired of their hatred.
I did check. It is much more hatred for the right
Too much hatred and lies here

I come (used to come) to this board to hear about the candidates.  Instead all I'm reading lately is posters attacking others for posting their viewpoints.  Someone posts something about Obama and the O supporters attack them "lies" they call them.  They don't defend Obama but instead insult and attack the poster.  Then they come out and say "oh poor me, you just hate Obama, your so insulting" while at the same time calling them every name in the book.  What I'm hearing is the republicans are trying to shed some light on what Obama is but some of the democrats don't want to hear it and already exclaim that Obama has won.  They are condescending towards anyone who has a different viewpoint than theirs.  They won't read anything that has negative things to say about Obama and they won't read anything that has anything positive to say about McCain.  It's just hate-filled spew that comes out.  You'll cite polls if they favor Obama, and if they favor McCain you ignore them.  You won't even admit that the race is too close to call.  In your minds Obama has already won the election.  You'll support cheating if it favors Obama and condemn it if it favors McCain.  You'd rather live your lives having government regulate your lives, tell you what you can and cannot do, and take all your money to give a check to the people who are able to work but won't because why should they since they are receiving a check from government, while you are being told its your patriotic duty to give to these poor fellow Americans.  You'd rather have an inexperienced radical person running the country than someone who has experience and has shown by his voting record that he fights for the American people.  Yet not giving any reason (being older is not a reason).  I have not yet read any posts that are positive reasons for Obama being president, just hate-filled garbage against Palin.  Also makes me wonder why people are trying to keep Biden out of the spotlight.  Makes me want to find out more about what he's done in the past.

So I have decided to give the board a rest for awhile and will be back to vist after the election is over.  I'm no longer getting any valuable information here.  We have not had an election yet.  The polls are too close to call and even then you can't rely on the polls to give you accurate information (after all these polls are incuding all the dead people, pets, Santa Claus, Mary Poppins, Rama Dama Ding Dong, and all the other fictitious people, not to mention the people who registered 13 and 14 times or more as a democrat) in their polls.  I remember back in 2000 everyone was claiming Gore had won the election and it was very very close and look what happened.  He lost.

I will also continue to listen to all stations, and read all articles so I can at least get a fair and balance opinion of what is going on. 

So have at it y'all.  You seem to love attacking people for no reason and when I read these posts I can really feel the negativity and hatred oozing.  So maybe I'll just stick to the Gab board - I need some more positive vibes. 

P.S. - Just one more note.  Whoever wins will win, and whether it is democrat or republican we will deal with it.  When a democrat has won in the past there were no riots, republicans continued to try to work with the democrats, but we all know what happened the last two times a republican won.  As for the threats of "if Obama doesn't win there's going to be rioting in the streets".  Well if that does happen that goes to show you how many biggots wanted him in just because he's black - all the things they claim don't matter will come out.

over the hatred from the left... I see so much of it
More hatred against Obama
This video has the same creep with the monkey in it. He calls the monkey little Hussein. Can't hide this time buddy. Link below.
Sorry, but I am independent. As far as hatred,
Hatred some of you have towards her is obsessive
I absolutely HAVE seen such hatred

before, and it was turned against Bush.  'He's a moron, a retard, a national embarrassment a bumbler, a fool, a cowboy, a yokel.'   'So happy the moron is gone and we have Obama.' yada, yada, yada.  And it's still going on, right on this very board, although (and I hate to break it to everyone) Bush ain't prez anymore and did not run in the last election. 

I think it's impressive that Obama has managed to draw all this fire in 90 short days!   It took some dems twice that long to hate Bush's guts. 

There is no hatred in that post
You just don't like to hear that we don't bow down to your lord like you do. There is nothing hateful or slanderous about her/his post. It is the way that over half the country feels.

Read the constitution - it is in our constitutional right to stand up when something is wrong and say something.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but...It's probably the biggest...sm
reason why I am voting democrat...they seem more honest than the the republicans and it looks like people are starting to get smart and *bailin' Palin*... We don't need to keep hearing her *greatest hits" version of her acceptance speech over and over and McSame's POW story...that was then, this is now...we need REAL change and we need it NOW. I don't need someone to push the red button, I need someone to fix the economy!
Truth? The truth is she is nuts!
Your ignorance and hatred know no bounds. nm

I don't know what rabid hatred feels like.
Would you please describe it to me?
The terms used against Bush can only be described as hatred. sm
I can truthfully say, this place sounds like the DU and that is not a compliment.  Oh, I know, I know, this is the liberal board.  Gosh, I long for the days when we talked on the same board.  Fights or not, it was challenging.  Anyway, I am back to school next week, so I won't be hanging out anymore.  Bet you'll miss me!!!  Not!  
Now THAT is interesting. Me, consumed by hatred....
one little poster, just little old me. And how MANY of you jumping on me like spitting snarling cats. Now you tell me...which side of that sounds more like hatred or intolerance? I am the only one so far that has posted I would defend the rights of each and every one of you to attack me. Now how is THAT consumed with hatred?
Just tired of responding to hatred....nm
Somebody got a little hatred of RICH folks?
McCain's wife coming from money has no bearing....she is an awsome woman, just as her husband is an awesome man. Get over it that you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth for heaven sake.
Yes, these O supporter are "a joke". The hatred
Well, Stardust, YOUR hatred is showing. You think
You really need to see a doc about your hatred addiction to this woman...sm
You covered just about everything yesterday, even female body parts.

I am ignoring the hatred below. I agree with you.
So true. Big Bad's motives are only hatred
So much hatred in this posting, despicable..
Is it allowed to talk like that about

The President of the United States of America?

This is SLANDER !
Oh gt, one would have to go a long way to reach YOUR level of hatred. nm

They will think whatever they need to think to stoke the fire that feeds their hatred. nm

Please post examples of hatred and intolerance...sm
that you say describes the Republicans, please.

Other than Hannity, maybe, I can't think of any, so don't include him please. He sometimes is an island to himself. And don't include Rush, he doesn't hate democrats either, you just perceive him to.

Now O'Reilly, he's just plain weird these days, can't say hatred comes from him, he really does try to be fair and balance, no matter what the dems say about him. He's so fair and balanced, he leans too far to the left a lot lately. Can't figure that one out for the life of me, and dems still say he's banked far to the right...lol

Across the board, what I see, is the intolerance coming from the liberal democratics, one of which I used to be, oh so many moons ago.

I disagree with their platform as it has evolved, however.

Particularly the free speech thing, which only applies to them.

Examples please, without the above caveats.