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Posted By: Skully on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: BTW, Skull-less, it did not go over my head. s/m - the truth is out there

You're so typical. People like you always vomit out the same remarks when someone challenges you. You're a laugh riot, and you just made my day. Obviously, I've gotten under your skin.

I only hope you have half as much fun and laughs as I do in my life. Though you so desperately want to believe I have a "hellish, miserable world." Sorry to disappiont you, sister. I love every single day.

I got a hoot out of your message board karma/bad juju warning. I guess you ARE that gullible. Lol!!!!!

"FYI, in school I was the cute popular girl..."
hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha - uh, riiiiiiiiight.

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Gotcha now. sm
Must be the soy, or a priest from their childhood, or alcoholism, or liberals made them do it, something.

These two evangelical leaders are the only 2 we know about. I'm still shaking my head about Haggard. I'm not even ready to speak on him, and his *spiritual* advice to the president.
I actually agree with some fo the anti smoking laws. I think that smoking in restaraunts should be prohibited, but I grew up in California, where that was passed when I was a small child. Some are stupid--smoking in bars should be up to the owner of the bar (in my opinion, anyway.) I have an interesting mix of feelings on this. At any rate--thanks for the interesting read. I was unaware of this, as well.
It's a lot like telling a little kid in January, 'Touch your tongue to the pump handle.  Honest, it's really fun.  It won't hurt!'
You Betcha, and we Gotcha!
Gotcha. Reject candidates who promise what we know they can't deliver.
...although that does raise the little problem of who, then, we could possibly vote for?

I read an interesting statement over the weekend and can't find it now, but basically it was this: When we scream at our politicians we're really screaming at the electorate that put them in office. And at bottom, that really is the problem. The politicians are exactly what our electorate has chosen. And frankly, I don't see the electorate changing for the better - especially younger voters - for which I think we can thank at least one generation of parents who didn't parent, and teachers who didn't teach.