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Yes, and I'm making a FORTUNE!

Posted By: TheSnoozeIsOutThere on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: It is probably not an MT and a paid blogger. sm - LVMT


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LOL! I've had the great fortune

of never actually MEETING someone like you in my real life.

Every single person I meet in my life I treat with dignity and respect.  When that person refuses to regard me the same way, then I treat them the same way they have treated me. 

The key word in your post regarding the *respect* you show people is *tonight.*  So tonight you have decided to play nice, after continually being rude and obnoxious on this board.  I suppose everyone, therefore, is required to bow down to your sudden change of *heart*.

I'm sorry, but before your sudden transformation tonight, you have been consistently rude and obnoxious and incredibly JUDGMENTAL on this board. 

Just making sure
because many of those on the side of "we're sending kids to war" are the exact same people that think 13-year-olds should be able to have abortions without their parents knowledge or consent...glad that's not you.
Boy, you just keep MAKING our
don't you? Because the middle east has been unstable was only 1 of many reasons not to start a war there.
they are making all the $$$ they can because they know
fossil fuels will be exausted in about 10 years. For the record it doesn't matter if the average joe stops buying gas, truckers and airlines will still need fuel. it's quite ignorant of someone to assume they can really affect big oil buy not buying gas for one day. They know you will just buy it later; they are like a drug dealer and you need your fix---you will eventually come back.
since you are obviously making

over $250,000 a year if your taxes are being raised, can't feel too sorry for you.


It's you or them and when making

the split decision to save your life, I am sure you would choose LIFE.  That's where a gun would come in real handy.  I don't think our founding fathers needed counseling, do you?

I don't know? Just making a

suggestion?  Don't get your ruffles in a twist?


Are you making this up?
It sounds you are making it up. If not point me in the right direction. I'm on his website searching everywhere and I am not finding these 3 type of revolutions you are claiming are on his site.

What I am reading is that he has been hearing that a lot of people want one, not that he's inciting them. But he is trying to get to the bottom of what it would mean and what it would be like.

Besides, what do you think a revolution is all about? A revolution is standing up to a govt of Tyranny. It is up to them (govt) whether they make it violent or not. The people need to hold them accountable for what they are doing.

I like the flag that Texas has


Someone stated it means "I would rather cut off my right arm than serve under Tyranny".
the reason they are making
the reason they are making a big deal about the drilling about to happen in alaska is because tyhey think that it is going to interuppt the migration of one of the biggest elk herds in all of alaska, and because if it did, that would not only kill the animals, but a local tribe depends on that herd for food........lol.another contradiction in their thinking.

i personalluy believe that the drilling there is going to be a huge step towards our energy independence.because it will provide over 3 million barrels of oil for over thirty years.wich is ten percent of what we would have used...............
AR making a habit of that, LOL
Just can't seem to help him/herself!
This is a kid you're making fun of
Why does this upset you so? If a student had taped a pro-Bush student would you be making fun of him? I highly doubt it. This kid was concerned that he was being continually being taught a particular political viewpoint in geography class. It happened more than once. I think the kid showed a lot of courage--it wouldn't have mattered to me what his political persuasion was. He should been learning geography and not subjected to political rants on either side.
and you keep making mine

So if something is amiss in the word you don't try to fix it at all you just hope that it goes away?

Would you rather deal with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas before they get nukes or after?  Should we have let Saddam get nukes too?

This whole *Bush was too preoccupied with Iraq to deal with this situation* the Dems are crying is bull. Just like everything else they say in fact.  This situation has been ongoing for years.  The cease fires so touted by Madeline Albright and Clinton have never been true cease fires.  This is a conflict that has been going on ever since there were Jews and Arabs.  This is one situation you cannot historically place the blame on Bush.  Doesn't hold water.  So, if you are so concerned about our President supposedly not knowing history or geographics then I suggest you do some studying of your own, because your history and your perception of it is a little skewed itself.

You are making it an issue
You are trying to defend Merv Griffin when no one said anything bad about him or that he was not a conservative.  All that was stated was what he commented about the vote, nothing more or less.  You are reading much more into it than I ever intended.  Dont waste your time looking up more information about Merv, who cares?  His comment is what his comment was.  Goodness, LOL.  Dustin Hoffman also made a comment on Letterman that the democrats taking over the House and Senate was a historic day.  It was a comment nothing more.  I must state, though, that the audience also clapped, whistled, cheered when Dustin said that.
Thank you for making my point...
"their crimes, if brought to light and hopefully proven, will be far worse than Clinton ever did." Sigh. They are guilty in your mind as I knew you thought (was in the windy post you did not read). Which makes your comment about innocent until proven guilt worthless and the "wind" you refer to. It only applies to those you want it to apply to. Yes, that IS hypocrisy.

Worse than Clinton did? In a FAIR world, perjury is perjury and is a crime. No matter what they were lying about. Obstruction of justice is obstruction of justice. Which is what they are talking about impeaching Cheney with. The judiciary committee is talking about the Plame case, nothing else. That is what is on the table. Obstruction of justice and perjury. Same thing we already know Clinton is guilty of, because we saw him do it.
And yet you make excuses, as I knew you would. Sigh. You are nothing if not predictable.

Again...I wish the WOULD investigate. I wish they WOULD impeach if they think they have the goods. And if he is proven guilty of perjury and obstruction, then I hope he is removed from office. You CANNOT, and WILL NOT, EVER say that about Clinton (oh because he only lied about sex), and that is a BIG difference between you and me. Maybe I was wrong about your morality. Maybe I gave you too much credit.
You are the one making an issue (sm)

out of his middle name.  So what if someone posts his middle name?  What do YOU have to be worried about?  It appears that she cut and pasted an article written by someone else.  Had you not written a huge post about the name *Hussein,* many would not have even given it a second thought.

i am making light of the

attempts to discredit Barack by calling him a celebrity.  You will see the same issue repeated over and over on this board, only by those who seriously consider that a valid issues.


That is too funny..thanks for making my day!

I think she was just being sarcastic not making fun of
Seems JM has no problem making POW
and this qualifies him to run the country how?
racist and making fun of

the disabled.  Little Flap Palin would be so disappointed with you.


what's wrong with making

your money and paying your taxes and not whining about it?


the bailout IS making

the US a socialist country - compliments of your beloved GWB and McPalin. congratulations you got your wish.


And you don't see this making the headline
are you actually making this comparison
Obama to JFK? No way. 'nuff said.
You are right. People are making way too much...sm
of this "Keating 5" thing. He was only reprimanded for poor judgement, not a crime. That was the way of politics then, private planes paid for by corporations, no oversight. There is much more oversight now and McCain agrees that it was not right. He admits to poor judgement. Has no one made a poor judgement in their lives? Give me a break!
Must be the HDTV making her look that way
making right decision

This is my first post on the Politics board.  I'm struggling with my decision between voting D or R. 

I'm a registered Democrat and have been pro O'Bama 100%... until this past week when I read "They Must Be Stopped" by Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! For America at www.actforamerica.org. 

First, I am in no way saying O'Bama is Muslim, I do not believe that, but I am concerned with his voting record regarding bills that would protect us here at home.    I'm middle class and believe me, I want to support the tax cuts and programs he is talking about... 

I do not understand why either side will not stand up and call the "War on Terror" what it really is.  I see the American traditions I grew up with disappearing and being replaced with "politically correct" traditions.  A supposedly holy book (Koran) calling for my death or to strip me of my rights as a woman.  On and on and on. 

I haven't seen anything mentioned about this issue and I am interested in how other women/men feel. 

The plumber would be making $250 k and
it would be 36 percent tax and 39 percent, which is 3 percent more, on the amount over 250K. That's pretty rich. Keep on typing, dope.
Making political hay.
These dadgone Republicans will make hay out of anything even if it makes them look like idgits.
I'm just making an observation (sm)
If there are any FACTS (and I'm not talking about an interpretation) relevant to this election from pubs on here, please feel free to point them out.  I am honestly trying to understand why people would vote for McCain. 
They will keep on making excuses for him...
I thought that was obvious. lol. It won't be his fault...oh no, could NOT be his fault.
I have not seen any racism here. You are making
Making noise....LOL

I don't think all christians should be lumped together as republicans.  There are just as many christian dems as pubs.  Having said that though, what pubs call *the base of the party,* which at present seems to be to the far right, are definitely typically hard line christians.

The main problem I have with republicans when it comes to abortion is that they are against abortion and yet also against *welfare.*  So, the way I see it is that they want you to have the baby regardless of the fact that you may not be able to take care of it, but are not willing to assist in the care of that child.  And yeah, I understand the concept of responsibility, but that only happens in fairy tales.  If everyone was responsible we wouldn't be in the economic nightmare we're in right now.


The only ones making a big deal are
the liberals trying to argue that everyone is prejudice against him and a racist. Conservatives and independents could care less. Conservatives and independents try to argue about issues. The liberals (most but not all) are the ones who turn it into a race issue.

We all know he's half white/half black and I think the one making the biggest deal out of him being the first black is he himself.
You still are not making sense
I read all of the posts from the beginning. The Franklin Mint makes all these presidential coins. Yes I know it's not Obama's fault they colored his picutre in. Like another poster said (that is Franklin Mint's fault) They didn't with the other presidents but they did with Obama and it looks Tachy and cheap! They should have left his face in gold.

I know exactly why you said what you did. You are trying to turn what someone wrote about the colored coins into a racial thing and its not. If I was you I would drop the subject entirely. She was talking about the colored coins the Franklin Mint put out. Washington and the other presidents faces are not colored in on the coins.
Can't help making the comparison
I'm not saying he's Abe Lincoln or Socrates either.  I'm just saying I can finally stand to listen to presidental speeches again without cringing.  And I think you're desperately seeking something to gripe about, if you need to gripe about this guy's speaking ability and didn't find any problems with the prior guy's speeches.
He might be making an impact, but . . . .

it's the kind of impact this society at this time does not need -- inciting paranoia, fanning the flames of those fringers just looking for an excuse to let loose their craziness.  I have watched this man's show many, many times and he and people like Pig-in-a-Blanket Limbaugh scare me to death.  Their rabid spewing of garbage serve only one purpose -- to feed their own humongous egos and pad their greedy pockets, and I feel sorry for anyone who look to people like this as someone to admire. 

I think it's more making a statement
I don't think they're necessarily making the interstate trip for the sake of getting married per se; I believe they're doing it because they can do that thing that they felt it has long been denied to them. Many have had their own private/personal commitment ceremonies. As an example, I started going out to clubs when I was 17 (back in the days, 18 was the drinking age). However, it was still an "occasion" when I turned 18 and went out. I went to the same club I had been going to for the last year, drank no more than I ever had, and danced the same way I had for the last year. But that didn't make it any less special. I'm guessing it's the same kind of thing.
Please stop. You are making us all look foolish. nm


making false statements
Well, if someone posts that I have called them a bigot TEN TIMES and all I see is the heading of my post talking about bigotry..what do you call it?  I call em as I see em..Liar is someone putting out false and misleading statements.  Stating that I called you a bigot 10 times is false and misleading..hence, liar..
You're not making much sense.

You don't seem to realize there's a written record of all your posts for folks to review.  Many of your posts with other folks are quite strange and don't seem to make much sense. 

Well, at least you're having a big laugh.

Kids from families making as much as $83,000

Bush was lying about that, as the $83,000 income level limit was not a part of the bill that he vetoed.  Also, Democrats already worked with Republicans and compromised quite a bit to come up with a bill that many in both parties agreed upon - too bad only one guy matters, huh?  It's a sad day for many struggling middle-class families, but at least the issue has had a big spot light shined upon it - hopefully we can make some much-needed changes to make healthcare more affordable now.  All kids deserve healthcare, regardless of how much money their parents make or don't make!!!

Here's a section of a New York Times Article that states that the $83,000 guideline was not a part of the bill that was just vetoed:

"This program expands coverage, federal coverage, up to families earning $83,000 a year. That doesn't sound poor to me," the president told the Lancaster audience.
Dorn says that's not exactly right, either. "This bill would actually put new limits in place to keep states from going to very high-income levels. SCHIP money would no longer be available over 300 percent of the federal poverty level, which is about $60,000 for a family of four."

The president gets to make the $83,000 claim because New York had wanted to allow children in families with incomes up to four times the poverty level onto the program. That is, indeed, $82,600. The Department of Health and Human Services rejected New York's plan last month, and under the bill, that denial would stand. White House officials warn, however, that the bill would allow a future administration to grant New York's request.

link to the entire article:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14962685 

Oh, Sam, quit making so much sense.
I know you're both making jokes....
...at Chuckie's expense....

But he has more true intelligence in his little pinkie, than you or I or could even imagine.

He is one of the few original thinkers left in the country...who happens to be a Republican (I think he can be more center of the road also, and is very articulate on both sides, if you ever really stopped to listen to him)....and the dems think that because he is Republican, that he is to be despised.

It's not having an answer that's making you nervouse.
Perhaps she would not have been forced into making it public...
had not the left gone to the blogs trying to claim that Trig was Bristol's and they were passing him off as her brother. To let that stand would do more damage to her daughter, don't you think?
Thank you for making me smile today!
how was the mother making the choice?
she was giving a speech on stage... and who was using the baby for anything? we wouldn't have even known if the cameras didn't keep flashing back to them!

How can you be worried about the safety of the baby when it is family members and close friends holding it? I mean, I'm trying to see your point, but it's still stretching a bit...
Revisionist history in the making.
Hopefully, none of it will stick. I think after January 20th there will be a flood of tell-all books from people affiliated with the current administration.
Then how are you making a comfortable living
Husband with better job & income? Otherwise how else would you be for some of the things you believe in, unless you were an MT that actually OWNS a large company?
Your making statements you can't back up.
In your dreams - yes, you do just pull out statements, but they are not out of your bellybutton.

For every poll you come up with that Obama is ahead I can find a poll where McCain is ahead. Polls are polls and they don't mean anything. Even all the liberal media people on MSNBC say that (especially when Obama is losing). They're the first to admit polls don't mean anything.