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You know what's really funny?...(sm)

Posted By: Just the big bad on 2009-06-02
In Reply to: Please take this old saying to heart - sm. - WiseOldOwl

The fact that you seem to hate me to the point of obsession.  Maybe you should just take some time out and relax.  Forget about me.  There's no need to be jealous of Marmann and Truth.  They say there's a very fine line between love and hate.  Considering the way you like to follow me around on here, I'm starting to wonder which side of the line you're on.      Don't worry.  I won't tell anyone...LOL.

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already heard this - wasn't funny then, not funny now!
This is funny.nm
So are so funny
LOL, your posts get funnier and funnier..with more hate shining through, LOL. 
This is so funny! Thank you.
I copied it and sent it to everyone I know, and they love it, too. 
OMG! Too funny!!

Especially the guy who said he was in favor of national healthcare because he works 40 hours a week and his benefits are terrible.  Yet he didn't know that Bush doesn't WANT him to have good medical benefits.

The last guy was right on the money (even if he didn't know Bush's name):  Bush SHOULD be over there with a gun in his hand since he started this mess.

Someone should point out to these people who can't remember that his name IS what he is: BU_ _ SH _ _!

Vanna... I wanna buy a vowel.

That's funny. No, I am most

Too funny - here's 1 more
Donald Rumsfeld was meeting with George W for their daily brief regarding the war in Iraq.  Rumsfeld said to George, And yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq.  Bush is visibly distraught; hanging his head, wringing his hands.  He finally looks up at Rumsfeld and says, My God, that's terrible.  How many are in a Brazilian?
This is what is funny about this?

They have made up their minds they have got this thing won just like they did in 2004.  They don't even entertain the possibility that they will lose.  They are so egotistical to think they might even throw the elections to make the Republicans look like fools.  This is along the same thought process that they think they won by losing California primaries and losing on Prop. 50.

I think they know they're in trouble, but have chosen to lay their strategy out like they've got things under control.  The Democrat blogs are all up in arms about what is happening with the party.  Let's just say the extreme left is very unhappy with them right now, and they think the extreme left is their bread and butter.  They thought that in 2004 and look where it got them.

Wow, this really shows how screwed up they are, not you dem, but your party.

LOL - too funny.

Too funny. One of the best
http://seattle.nwsource.com/horsey/viewbydate.asp?id=1400 David Horsey from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Mike Keefe from The Denver Post consistenly nail it....too good.
It's almost funny to me
How heated this debate has gotten. When I looked at that site I posted, where it compares the current legislation and the proposed legislation, it doesn't look all that different, just more funding so that more children qualify.

Funny that. sm
Yours and one other are the only bad comments about her I have seen. it doesnt' appear to be working.
Too funny
Unfortunately too true.
I don't think it was funny....like I said, if he DID say it...
she should have slapped him silly right there in front of the cameras and everybody. But it IS rumor. It was told, supposedly, by 3 reporters from Arizona to this guy writing a book who has a bone to pick with McCain. As to not coming forward because of fear of retaliation...I don't buy them for a nanosecond. I am sure when this guy went looking for dirt some money crossed hands and a lot of embellishing went on...like any political smear book on any political candidate. When you can't deal with real issues that can be proven or disproven (Read "The Case Against Barack Obama" and you will know what I mean). There is none of the personal smear tactic where innuendo and "anonymous" quotes are used. Just plain simple historical fact that can be proven. THAT is the kind of information I pay attention to. Not the "anonymous" rumor stuff.

Obviously if it DID happen they wish it never happened. Obama wishes someone had not been taping when Wright went off on his rants. Obama wishes no one had checked on his fib about voting against saving babies who survive abortion. McCain wishes he hadn't done the things he did to cause his first marriage to fail. Everyone has regrets.

What about all the rumors and innuendo about Hillary Clinton bathmouthing the secret service people and calling them names every bit as hateful as what the rumor says JOhn McCain called his wife? I just chalked that up to rumor and innuendo because it could not be proven...just like I am doing about the McCain thing.

As to them denying it...why bring more attention to it...ever heard of "I think he doth protest too much?" I don't blame them. I would not dignify the accusation with a denial either.
Sad and pathetic......yes.  How can they ban one speaker because of his affair and lies and yet let another man speak who did the exact same thing.  The only difference is that Hilliary was not dying when Bill shoved a cigar up Monica's.....well....you get the idea.
Something funny about
the sandbox. Your subject line is a phrase I used a while back when I was on the run from the Bible thumpers. Their fearless leader will be hopelessly confused now that the libs are coming out in droves sporting all kinds of intimidating intelligence. Their heads snap around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist as they spin themselves into the ground and especially when the same phrases and concepts start showing up from all different directions. They really do not know what to do when they can't dominate the board and woop up on one lib at a time...seems to be their limit.
too funny

Yeah and McCain has a biracial love child..........just ask GW, his campaign told everybody the REAL truth. O is a closet muslim (just ask the mental giants on this board!). He eats baby brains for breakfast. He wants to teach kinder-kids the proper way to put on a condom. He's hiding, he's hiding, he's hiding..........but, he hasn't been able to drop a decent deuce since the onset of his campaign because the media is so far up his bum. Bad Obama. Bad, bad, bad. Spank him, spank him hard. Yeah, just like that. And the truth shall set you free.

Too funny!
I will throw softly here :-)  I guess my point is, and again, I may be showing my ignorance on the subject.  I am a Christian, coming from a very fundamental background, but have since strayed from so much of the legalism.  I am beginning to see a lot of things from a different light, if you know what I mean.  I was taught that same-sex relationships was a horrible, horrible sin.  I no longer feel that way about the issue.  I do have questions though.  We as a human race are here because of heterosexual relationships are we not?  Not from same-sex relationships.  Would we be extinct if that was all there was, and if it were the norm?  I have worked with gays and lesbians, I have been neighbors of gays and lesbians, as I mentioned two of my best friends are gays and lesbians.  I do not have an issue --- REALLY!  It is just some back of the mind questions that I have. I guess we all have questions and may never know the answers.  I am not voting against gay marriages.  Yes, your same-sex relationship is your business as my heterosexual relationship is mine - - but it seems as if no one is questioning mine - - Is this because it is right, and the norm???  What exactly are the issues here??. 
that's okay - it was funny the first

time.  I imagined myself as a human broach.


It is just too funny
to see it happen though. I know they are trying to distract with stupid things and it really shows this individuals ignorance. But, it is an amusing way to kill a few minutes while my new software downloads!
I think she is funny. . .
I get tired of the pompous know-it-all attitudes.
too funny
Too funny

That gave me my laugh for the night.  Thanks,

too funny - thanks



OMG - too funny
My friend emailed me a few weeks ago and said if he says "uh" one more time...
That was almost as funny as your

Funny -- that's what I see too -- Nothing!

Sorry, I thought it was funny when McCain slipped up and said "fellow prisoners."  He might have come closer to the truth than he realized.  I saw, and heard, Obama slip up on the number of states.  Big deal!!  Have you ever been so dog-tired you could barely speak your own name?  Obviously both Obama and McCain were in such a state but there's always those who try to make a mountain out of a mole hill!
A little funny...s/m
Here in the boondocks where I vote we don't even have voting MACHINES.  LOL  Not only that.......in spite of the fact that I KNOW all of the workers personally and they KNOW me, I have to show my driver's license!!!!  I never question it.  I do not know if this is a State requirement or if it's a requirement of this "backwoods,  hillbilly"  HONEST place in America.  Might not be such a bad idea if all elections went back to the backwoods way of doing business.
This is really funny to me. I did not need my...sm
12 grandchildren to come down to Florida to convince me to vote for Obama. Neither did my friends. Most of us would move back to Jersey before we would vote for McCain, especially the women, not likely. We have been Democrats all our lives and are not going to change now. Obama has the Jewish vote in Florida hands down.
Funny, you seem to know he will fix your little
You are funny and right!
McCain did himself in over and over... first picking Palin, then going to Washington with his superman cape on, then bashing Obama, being snotty on the View, being rude in the debates, making noises. What the heck? I think he would be worse than Bush. People think Bush is as bad as it gets but I think truly, McCain could be worse.
Too funny! Yes, I am an MT. nm
You know what's funny?
There is an Obama ad running here in Arkansas.  It cracks my husband and me up.  It is McCain advertising FOR Obama.  All showing McCain's angry expressions during the debate and at the end from McCain's own mouth saying he voted with Bush 90% of the time.  He also says that he has voted with Bush more than anyone else even from his own party.  That ought to cause most people's common sense (if they  have any) to kick in.
that is too funny
the bible contradicts itself all over the place
OH MY GOD. This was funny at first, but it's
gotten completely ridiculous & monotonous. Hillary and McCain threw everything at Obama including the kitchen sink. After their extensive teams of researchers and lawyers got through, they found the BC was a non-issue, otherwise they would've had a field day with it! Not to mention the DNC would've never let him run because they wouldn't have chanced losing on a technicality. The courthouse in Hawaii has his BC and has shown and certified it officially. Let me repeat, the birth certificate has been made available and certified. All the neighbors at the time remember his pregnant mother and when he was born. The newspapers have his birth announcement. WHAT is it going to take for you to get your head out of the sand and quit spamming the board with this nonsense?! Use some logic here.
Funny how
we give the government money to use in a way that is supposed to benefit us ... war, space exploration, etc. and all the bull$#it they choose to waste it on. Then as soon as they want to help regular hardworking people out who are caught in the rut of low pay for hard work (a big part due to big corps dumping us for cheap labor and ability to pollute other countries), we say it is socialism. Really? ... Really?
Funny, isn't it sam, ......sm
How Obama's background seems to be off limits but he can investigate everyone else. How does that promote equality in a nation that he says has become more divided than ever?
This is too funny!
And flattering too.
But who wants a sheep brain?
I would prefer a sheep a$$ because I am an Obama sheeple.

That was funny. (nm)

my dad just called and said someone called him this morning and told him he would be arrested if he went to vote because he has an outstanding warrant.

1) He doesn't have any warrants out for him, as he hasn't committed any crimes.

2) He's a registered republican.

Hmm...goes both ways I believe.
That's funny...
I heard it was the White Crackers.
How funny!!!
I say soda and it drives me crazy that everyone refers to every soda as "Coke" down here.
I do not think it is funny
To say that the new president is the anti-christ and the end of the world is here. I don't think that is one bit funny, and if someone is telling you what to do, I think you should tell all of us.
OMG - too funny.
It's funny but amazingly true.
There has been NOTHING funny about the
I think it is funny
that if Obama is supposedly a Muslim, he would pick a Jewish chief of staff and a Jewish top adviser. Don't Muslims and Jewish people supposedly hate each other? How does anyone who thinks he is a Muslim reconcile that?
That's funny because,

other than crafting a brilliant scam on America with the trillion dollar white-collar bailout that includes purchasing BANKS, the only thing Bush has been working diligently on is perfecting his martial law plan.  It's had a few revisions during his regime. 

BUSH is  the one who once "joked" about being a dictator.  (He also "joked" about WMDs, about the "have mores" being his "base," when he giggled and told the mother of a dead veteran not go go sell that medal on ebay when he gave her the medal, giggled when talking about World War III, etc.)  Are those "jokes" the fault of Barack Obama?

BUSH promised to get Osama bin Laden.  What happened to that promise?  Is that OBAMA's fault?

Then BUSH said he wasn't worried about bin Laden.  OBAMA's fault?

Yet, if Osama bin Laden provokes another attack, it will be OBAMA's fault, right?

If/when we enter the second Great Depression after Bush has squeezed every last penny from the average middle class American to give to his "have mores," that, too, will be OBAMA'S fault, right? 

The antics that occurred under the Bush Administration are nobody's fault but BUSH'S, and unfortunately, they will continue to haunt America for a very long time, over the course of future presidencies, if we are fortunate enough to live that long without recklessly nuking the earth first.

my belly hurts from laughing SO HARD.  I want pink actually.  And i want my own doggie bed right by the fireplace.  Us poodles get cold in the winter. 
Funny isn't it that she says...
"These are the same people who helped elect Barack Obama and sent a decisive message to your party." True, true, true. The people who voted to ban gay marriage are, "the same people who helped elect Barack Obama and sent a decisive message to your party." Perhaps she is not as in touch as she believes.
Funny you should say this
I found this article today.