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I agree, especially with your posts.

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: LOL! Ain't that the truth! "Fair minded"..."well-researched"... - my aunt Fannie.

There IS nothing that contains one scintilla of anything that could be called I haven't seen one scintilla of anything that could properly be called "fair minded" or "well researched" when all someone can do is refer to someone's posted initials as "Just Terribly Bad Breath."

All that is, is kindergarten bullying and name-calling.  I DO find JTBB's posts to be intelligent and well written, but any time just ONE person agrees with her, the mob mentality swarms down like a bunch of nasty, stinging yellow jackets.

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I could not agree more with your posts!.....nm
Well, if Obama WOULD agree with your posts...
yet another huge reason not to vote for him. But I do not think for 1 minute he would. I cannot imagine this sort of ... tripe ... issuing from Barack Obama's mouth. If it did, he would be maligning a good portion of his base. But even that said...I don't believe he would. I believe he is a basically decent man...and basic decency should preclude anyone from posting this ... well to call it crap elevates it.
Thank you, Nanaw. Don't agree with some of your posts,
Beautiful posts and I agree with all of you
We need to come together regardless of our personal feelings about the outcome of this election. I believe both candidates are sincere in their desire to do what's best for our country. Something that helps me remember God is ultimately the one in control is to pray "Thy will be done."
I agree, and I enjoy reading your posts.

Wow. A historical moment. I almost never agree with your posts....
I agree that Sam's and Gourdpainter's posts showed the differences (sm)
between the two candidates but I think you are absolutely clueless when it comes to your judgement. Sam's posts are always backed by facts. No one is her "follower." We who are voting for McCain are often grateful that she takes the time to find these facts and post them for all to see. While I can appreciate your admiration for Gourdpainter, your insults to Sam are completely unfounded and uncalled for. You Obama-backers are always looking for proof---show me some proof that Sam's posts are garbage. Proof please?
Posts were removed due to the nastiness. Play nice and posts won't get deleted.

I saw the posts for myself, no one "ran" to me. Note that all boards were reviewed for inappropriate posts.

She also posts regularly here. Who are you to say where she posts? nm
our posts never last! LOL...
We understand what is happening, the truth of the matter, and they don't want to face it, although I saw someone's (you-know-who) title stating something to the point that "we must get our head's out" or something to that affect.... when will they ever get their "head's out?"  Such fantasy world they live in.... We must pray for them because when it hits them, they're not going to know what happened!
Look 2 posts up.
AW does not dispute the veracity of the quote, she defends it. That is my issue.
If we ignored their posts they would most likely go away..

I really do believe that, at least as far as the crazy/psycho/nasty ones.  But they are so darn hard to ignore!!!  I'm going to try, though, starting now.

We play right into their hands by getting irritated and retaliating - just as I have on many occasions.

Where in any of my posts...

...did I state I was the board monitor?  How curious that you would think I was.

I had assumed, as most reading this board would also, that the Merry Christmas was somewhat passive-aggressive.  It is quite peculiar to bash someone repeatedly and rudely and then top it off with MERRY CHRISTMAS and then wonder why they didn't acknowledge the greeting. 

You are here as much as me....if you look at all the posts to my posts...
I am just one person, there are many more of you. ANd you must be here to see me here and all pile on my posts...so....and I manage to get everything done. I read fast and type past, and I have many who help me research. We do have other places we post and other things we do for the candidate. So now you can stop wondering. :)
I already said, in other posts, that I don't...
think he intended to suggest that she was a pig. It was just an unfortunate use of words and in politics perception is everything. THe people at the rally he was talking to certainly perceived it as their candidate finally fighting back...you could tell by the reaction. THEY thought he meant it that way. Perceptions...lots of people DO think he meant it that way. I am not one of them. However, his camp has been really quick to haul out the videos for political hay (and not all of them true, just innuendo), and the McCain camp did the same thing here. He opened that door with a bad choice of words...and there it is. It's not like Obama doesn't capitalize on every slip of his tongue...we talked about the how many houses thing for a week. This is no different. He just used an unfortunate phrase and here we are.
just like some other posts
I always like your posts, too
From one educated American to another...and I don't mean educated by the drivebys!
What is it that you see? Your posts do nothing...
to give argument, just attack the poster's character.
She is also one who posts
misinformation and outright lies without checking the validity of what she posts. Should no one challenge this misinformation or is it only lies about Republicans and Christians that can be set straight? (Just checking since GWB is still in office.)

Last I knew, everyone is entitled to speak their mind no matter what their views are, but if you are going to do so on a public board you should have facts to back up your statements because they will very rarely go unchallenged. Everyone who stirs the pot risks getting burned.
I think many posts

reveal about the poster than they do the subject.  I feel extremely lucky to be living and politically aware during this time.  I think Obama has much potential for greatness and look forward to watching him grow and govern. There will always be folks who disagree with the president and complain - that's the magnificance of living in a democracy.He appears to me to be the first in a long, long time who sought the office to improve our lives rather than just gain political power.


see posts above

Transparent projection.  Suck it up and enjoy the next 4 years, y'all.  Absolutely nothing you can do or say to change the fact that the country has changed and is moving in a new direction. The republican philosophy has been soundly and firmly rejected.



The next 5 posts
are brought to you courtesy of the Confederation of Sore Losers' Junior League. To qualify for membership, your mentality cannot exceed the middle school ranks.
I also like FOX, but from posts down below
you basically get crucified on this board if you mention FOX news. I got the impression CNN is the only one to watch. Lately, I have been watching CNN and quite a few news reporters are stating negative comments about Obama. In fact, I had to make sure I was still watching CNN because I was shocked by reporters comments.
You mean like the posts about...(sm)

Obama to tax aspirin, or the post that says Obama said that old people are going to die anyway....those kinds of posts??  Oh wait....that wasn't us dems....now who could that have been?.....hmmmm

If you're going to dish it out, you need to learn how to take it.

Once again...if you don't like his posts
don't read them.  Sheesh....that isn't a hard concept to understand.  Sarcasm....everyone uses sarcasm.  If you can't handle it, once again, don't read his posts. 
He said he was, but his posts were definitely
About the time 'Sam' disappeared, Tech Support appeared.
From all the posts below from this
American Indian - with the feathers on his head - I think they have an issue with the 'feather' versus 'dot' thing!
I agree, that goes for both sides. I don't agree with those starting trouble over...sm
on your board either, but then some of you come and take it out on the people who only post here and we have nothing to do with the fights over there.

I enjoy communicating with liberals and occasionally do learn something from conservative posters, so I refuse to let the driveby, no moniker, one-sided finger pointers, self-indulging posters drive me off.
Your statement a few posts above that (SM)
liberalism is the problem with this country is BASHING.

If you want to bash Liberals - go do it on your Conservatives board.

I see you haven't changed. BTW, Nan, who in the world supposedly "invited you back" as you state below? Perhaps you were invited back to the Conservative board? LOL
These are your posts. Why do you deny saying this?

You never meant a socialist Jew! sm

[Post a Reply] [View Follow Ups]      [Politics] --> [Liberals]

Posted By: MT on 2005-07-20,
In Reply to: I know history - gt

What do you think they come up to you and say hi, I am a socialist Jew.  Do you know Noam Chomsky?  How about David Horowitz's parents?  How about the Rosenbergs?  Shall I go on.  Do you wonder why almost all the actors blacklisted in Hollywood way back when were almost all JEWS?!? 


Google has 637,000 entries on Jews and communism. sm

[Post a Reply] [View Follow Ups]      [Politics] --> [Liberals]

Posted By: MT on 2005-07-20,
In Reply to: LOL - gt

But I guess you read the one history book that didn't have that in it.  Unbelievable.

I don't think I was responding to those posts

I was responding to gt's, and no, I was not around when those other posts were made, and that's why I didn't comment on them.

I was responding to the "drunk" comment that gt made which was totally off par and shows what that gt is here for only one reason and that is to incite fighting, because calling someone a drunk without knowing them at all is definitely fighting words.

I don't know how you can render me a phoney, because I have told you nothing of my self.  That is again, a baseless judgement.  GT was typing nonsenical stuff right after telling someone their posting habits sounded like those of a drunk.  If posting habits are evidence of drunkeness then gt needs to look at his or her posting style.

Your previous posts
Arent you the one who posted you were in the military and when asked about it, the truth came out that family members had been in the military, not you?  So, are you spinning the untruths again?  Or are you someone else using the same initials?
It's in several of the posts, don't you see it? OH MY GOSH!!! SM
You can't see the WORD Christian now!  It was in Yepper's post, which is what I was really talking about but you really cares?
She's only saying what is very obvious from your posts!

skip my posts

This is the liberal board, you dont like my opinions, dont read them, its as easy as that.  Free country, freedom of speech..

always read the posts
I assure you, I read every post and the ones that I respond to, I have read at least two or three times.  I will restate, I would love for my tax dollars to go for stem cell research but not for unnecessary immoral illegal wars.
Yes! Reading your posts is EXACTLY like that!
How insightful of you (as opposed to your customary *incitefulness*).
That's anyone who posts on this board...sm
but, I'm sure I have called a spade a spade a time or two in my lifetime though, but I haven't called anyone on this board a racist.

But I still think the remarks that Bennett made were WRONG and if they weren't racist remarks I don't know what is. Sorry you can't see this. If he's not a racist why is he spewing the racist idealoges from the Freakonomics book anyhow, which by the way if these are the type remarks I can expect in the book I would rather burn my money.
Deletion of posts. sm
In the past, this forum was not closely monitored. We often relied on e-mails to let us know when things were out of hand.  It is an unfortunate function of the way things work, if a post is deleted, everything in the thread under it goes as well.  There isn't anything I can do about that. I don't know the post you are referring to, but I am sure that is what happened. In that case, as I said below, if it was something you wished to be read, just repost it. As far as the inference that I have not always been fair in deleting on BOTH boards, I won't address that.  I have explained how the boards work.  Ideally, there should be no need to monitor EITHER board.  Thank you.
The posts were not from posters outside of the US. They

were from posters from within the U.S.

Sometimes posts show..
up in between posts; how many times have we said, **that was supposed to go under blah blah blah.** I know you didn't post the chickenhawk piece but I am still interested in what any of your definitions of winning **the war** are. When we will know we have won? How will we know we have won?
Check my posts
I am a pro-choicer and I believe I am allowed to post where ever I please, as long as I am respectful.
Would you PLEASE read my posts BEFORE...

you start sermonizing?

You said:

I think that you have made a crucial error in believing that WWII and Vietnam are at all similar.  WWII and the US Civil War were also very different wars.  There are even major differences between Iraq and Vietnam and the Korean War although some historians would also find greater similarities in these three wars.  You may rewrite the history of wars as well as US history to fit your agenda of political hatred, but you will never be able to present a convincing argument if you have completely questionable sources and facts to back it up.

If you will please read my post, I was alluding to the differences in the mindset of 18-year-olds at the time of the draft in the 60's and at the time of the draft in the 40's.  It was an opinion, one I believe is justified in looking at the correlation between mindset of young people then and of young people now.  When morals decay, and the character weakens.  That is my opinion and frankly I don't care whether you share it or not.  I was NOT comparing the two wars.  try reading it AGAIN before lecturing me.

You negate most historical records, which I admit often have some aspects of questionable validity, and you seem to re-create a fictionalized account to accommodate your rather far-out-there belief system based in hatred of the left. 

Please explain what in my post led you to say that...that I fictionalized something for my rather far-out-there belief.  And again, how many times do I have to say it...I have no hatred for the left.  A lot of sympathy, but no hatred.

You rearrange and fictionalize facts and history to make your point.  You provide spurious sources for your facts (I could probably find sources that prove that the earth is populated by aliens from Mars if I looked hard enough).

What the heck are you talking about?  Spurious sources?  Did I post any sources?  I was answering a question and then giving an opinion.  I rearrange facts and fictionalize?  What did I fictionalize?

I also notice on the conservative board constant condemnation of liberals, leftists as a whole.

No, not leftists as a whole.  I based my opinion of leftists who speak out and speak *for the left*, the poster children of the left, on these boards, blogs, in print, on TV, etc.  I form my opinion of the left on what I hear coming out of their mouths, mostly, and here from their fingers as it were.  That is plenty.  The rest is icing.

 We are characterized as stupid, immoral, crazy, unpatriotic, love the terrorists, cowards, angry, on and on. 

Well, to me abortion IS immoral.  To me cloning embryos just to kill them IS immoral.  To me oppressing people with social programs instead of helping them grow into productive citizens is immoral.  If that is you, then I think you are immoral. 

I never called anyone crazy.  So far you are the only one I have ever seen call anyone mentally ill....when you compared me to your mother.

I believe patriotism is supporting the military when they are engaged in a war.  If you do not do that, then I believe you are unpatriotic.  You will notice I said I believe.  I did not say all Republicans believe, all conservatives believe....I, myself, believe.

I never said you or anyone else loves the terrorists.  I said when you get out and protest against the war and carry nasty signs about the commander in chief when we are engaged in a war you are aiding the enemy.  I, me, myself, speaking only for ME, believe that you are.  I did not say you love them, and if you cannot figure out how they would use that video as propaganda....not my fault.  I still have my opinion.  You, if you are carrying those signs or support those who do carry those signs, are aiding the enemy.  It should not be done in war time when we have soldiers fighting.  Again, MY opinion.

Cowards....well, to me it is cowardly to call yourself a *peace* movement and be unwilling to take that movement to the real enemies of peace....you know, the ones who have been attacking us for years now, with the big hit on 9-11.  The people who are really interested in snuffing you, and I mean literally.  The people who are really interested in making this a Muslim nation.  Those people.  Talk to THEM about peace.  Because if you change THEIR minds, your problem is over, sis.

Angry...yes, I believe you as an individual are angry.  The left as a whole...sure, I believe they are angry.  They act angry.  They talk angry.  They can't even get along among themselves (kind of like radical Muslims seem to be) ---and before you go there, I am not comparing the left to radical Muslims...just the fact that they cannot get along in their own ranks.  The Republicans seem to be having the same problem, though not to as large a degree....yet. 

You are condemning at least 50 percent of the citizens of this country with those adjectives.

I am not *condemning* anyone.  You escalate each post with needless inflammatory rhetoric.  I am merely stating an opinion.  And yes, when I see that some 41% of Democrats are not sure they want the surge of troops to succeed, 51% say right up front they DONT want the surge of troops to succeed, and the rest are undecided, my opinion of those folks is not very high, and yes I think they are unpatriotic.  If you can say bold faced that you do not want your troops to succeed in battle .... yep, that is about as UNpatriotic as you can get...my opinion, my own, me, myself. 

Doesn't seem at all patriotic to me. 

Of course not.  I would not expect that it would.

 Your group also points out nuts (like those who would spit on veterans) as representing the liberal mindset.

*Your group.*  There you go, doing the same thing you accuse me of...demonizing an entire group.

 I realize I am not going to be able to convince you of the great disservice you do to yourself with a narrow and naive mindset like that. 

Oh here comes the compassionate I know so much more than you do let me lead you along speech.  I swear it must be in some leftist handout because I have heard those same words from others.  And I mean the EXACT same words.  Your mindset is not only narrow, it consists of the opinions of others.  Leftists seem to be incapable of forming an individual opinion and instead repeat what I have read in a million articles, full of buzz words, yada yada.  Do you know what you yourself honestly believe as an individual?  In your own words?

 I know many Republicans and with the exception of possibly one, none are as condemning and narrow-minded as the posts I see on your board. 

You are paranoid.  I do not see any condemning.  All I see is rebuttal with opinions that differ from yours.  Thank Heavens for that! 

While I have participated in bashing and see bashing on the liberal board, it rarely occurs in a generalized fashion toward all right-wingers. 

That is true.  You have participated in bashing.  You are, in my opinion, the worst offender.  But again...MY opinion.  Oh come onnnnn.....*your group,* *you guys*...gimme a break.  You are into the group bashing as much as anyone.  The reason I refer to *the left* as a group is because you all say the same things.  Nearly the exact same things.  If I could find any individuals, it would be different.  I can't.

As I said, that would be a very naive assumption and the root of bigotry and prejudice and ultimately hatred is in the grouping of all peoples as being of one mindset.....

I would not group you all together if you were not all saying exactly the same things?  And I am so glad that you are so all-knowing that you have laid down the edict that  the root of all bigotry and prejudice and ultimately hatred is the grouping of all peoples as being of one mindset....geez, which article did THAT come from?  But, you know, you might try flying that one at Bin Laden.  See if it will bring HIM around, because he has kinda put the West into one big group he HATES. 

Lurker is the only one that I can honestly say does not fall into direct lockstep.

think of Muslims, blacks in the south pre-Civil Rights, Native Americans in the 1800s (and even now). 

So easy to ridicule and oppress when we don't see folks as individuals.  Actually the comments I see made about the liberal mindset are so far removed from the reality of most liberals in the United States it verges on the ridiculous, well no, it doesn't verge on the ridiculous, it IS ridiculous.

Okay....let me see.  You said so easy to ridicule and oppress when we don't see folks as individuals.  Well, if you were all saying something different perhaps that would be easier to find those individuals.    Then you say *the comments I see about the liberal mindset*....hmmm...that does not sound individual to me at all.   How, dear Teddy, do you expect us to know the *reality of most liberals* when all we hear, see, read, are saying almost exactly the same thing? 

Well, I feel so privileged that you took my simple little post as a stepping stone to rant.  Please do not get me started on which board is the worst on bashing.  I have seen comments on both sides, but the liberal board has been far more virulent and tasteless (I feel like I have been defecated upon, sit your butt in your chair).  I have seen far worse than that.  The reason we do not see that now is that they probably have been banned.   And so should they be. On EITHER board. There is no need for belitting and name calling, and you are a master at it.  Your lecturing, condescending, holier-than-thou attitude wears real thin.   We all read it, we all recognize it, including other liberal posters who do not want to join in on your name-calling, condescending manner.    If you are so smart, and you have it all right, why don't you take it somewhere it will do some good?  Take the antiwar rhetoric, all the noble ideas about we are all the same, and it is wrong to group everybody together because that is where hate comes from, yada yada.  Why not take that message to the real enemy?  Quit preaching and sermonizing to conservatives and talk to your real enemies, the terrorists.  Except...oh...how silly of me.  You don't view them as a threat.  Or, more truthfully I am sure...you like your head where it is on your shoulders.   

As far as your further condemnation of Democrats as far as blacks and their allegiances, I believe most informed political science folks would be the first to admit that the party doctrines have evolved over time.  What probably counts most is the current party belief system.  Just some common sense.

*Party doctrine evolve over time.*  Now that is funny.  The only reason it evolved is because Republicans forced it to evolve.  Check the votes on civil rights legislation as close as the 60's, Teddy.  Democrats voted AGAINST, in great numbers.  Had it not been for the Republicans outvoting them, no civil rights legislation would have passed.  The filibustered it for days.  All that has evolved is now Democrats choose to enslave in a different way....through social programs that do not encourage people to do any better and stay tethered to the government for their existence.  Whenever you have 3 generations of a family on welfare, something is VERY wrong with that system.  Again, Teddy....pay attention now...that is my OPINION.


Rebuttal to sermon ended.


Yes, great posts! It's very concerning sm
A good many years ago it was argued that the US economy should (would) go from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, the end result being better paying jobs in the US.  Well, we no longer have a manufacuring economy and have gone to the service economy. Now, not so slowly, the "service economy" jobs are going to parts elsewhere, and we are again being told tht this is good because in the end it will produce higher paying jobs in the US.  How is losing first the manufacturing jobs, and now the service sector jobs going to result in more and better paying jobs in the US?  Jobs doing what???? Given that the overall standard of living for the middle class has been declining for years, I think we are all being, for lack of a better word, "had."
Are posts like this really what liberals are about? nm
Posts to get you worked up
are obviously not what 'liberals' are about, any more than posts comparing Hillary to Hitler are what 'conservatives' are all about.  The terms 'liberal' and 'conservative' are pretty much useless anyway because everyone has their own definitions.  It's lumping together people that are not necessarily the same.
Yup, nuff said. See posts below....nm
You need to write some more posts
on this board because you really seem to know what you are talking about. Maybe you can explain the popular vote versus the electorial vote to some of the people in posts further up that don't believe thier votes count.
If you mean the posts on this board.....
I agree. I don't know how many posts I've read here where people are just repeating lies put out by their "favorite" sources. I've read some posts that are okay, but all I keep hearing is Obama's evil, he's a destroyer, he's this he's that, or John McCain is senile, he's this or that.

I think people in nature love to "hate". They like to stir up "fear" in people. As in "If you vote for Obama he's going to let our enemies take over our country. Or "If you vote for McCain we're going to be at war with every country for the next 100 years". The most comical one I read was that Obama is a destroyer and anoher one that said Obama is trying to change the infrastructure of America. However, I did have to laugh at the ones "Obama wants to be GOD" and "Obama wants to be president of the UN" (funny I thought he wanted to be president of the US - maybe it was just a typo HA HA),

Looks like a lot of people are scared to death of both of them, but unfortunately that's who the "players" decided would be in there.

While this board can be "addicting" (finding myself visit it 6 and 7 times a day), I'm also finding it a place for gossip, rumors, and lies.

I remember reading a quote one time that kind of put things in perspective for me about people who spread lies/rumors. "Never make negavie comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours". - Brian Koslow

The most unfortunate part of the rumors/lies is there are a lot of people who simply believe they are passing on "important information", but what's worse is they haven't researched it for themselves. Just reading something in a newspaper doesn't make it the truth, and especially not on youtube or the conservative/liberal TV and radio.

Here's one more quote about rumors...

The flying rumours gather'd as the roll'd,
Scarce any tale was sooner heard than told;
And all who told it added something new.
And all who heard it made enlargements too.

- Alexander Pope,

You know what I love about your posts? sm
That they pop up on here like clockwork, reminding me that it's always a good time to donate to Planned Parenthood. Oh, and NARAL too. Thanks for the reminder.

Seriously, if you weren't constantly posting about this, I wouldn't be thinking about it. I'd be taking my reproductive rights for granted, which, with the rapid anti-choicers, is not a luxury we can afford.

And I'll be damned if I let our laws be turned back to the point where women are regarded as little more than breeding stock.

I'm off to write a check.
Have you read your own posts?
Not a very highly evolved sense of tolerance...OR justice.