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That's funny, it's in mine. s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: Did you know gullible's not in the dictionary? - Skully

But I can understand that it is not in yours since it has more than 3 letters. 

What exactly is your problem?  Why did you think it necessary to make a comment like that?  Tell me, did it make you feel more superior?  Or are you just so pathetic that you cannot even come up with something more grown-up sounding?  Were you the bully or the bullied in school?  Which was it -- something you never grew out of or something (or someone) you're trying to get back at?

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funny! mine told me the same thing a few minutes ago...lol nm
already heard this - wasn't funny then, not funny now!
So has mine. nm
Mine too
I was seriously bummed when he left the race. I really think he could have shaken up the party and turned Washington around. Oh well, guess we'll never know.
so are mine nm
So were mine
I get aggravated too when people lie or use eloquent words to gloss over the real issue.
Neither are mine
None of mine
have either.  I usually lurk but I enjoy a good debate and intelligent conversation.
And clearly, neither did mine...
we are still spending money that doesn't exist to try to spend ourselves out of debt. But are you serious that everyone supports the troops? Have you not seen people protesting at military funerals? Or how about the people who stood outside our base with signs that said that all military men are terrorists who only want to murder helpless children. Whether or not you personally know them, there are people who are not behind troops. Take a look at the person who said they die for "no reason." Heaven forbid that my husband does not make it home from Iraq, God help anyone who has the audacity to say to my face that it was for nothing!
Unfortunately, not in mine......
SP said it, too. In the post above mine. :) NM
and you keep making mine

So if something is amiss in the word you don't try to fix it at all you just hope that it goes away?

Would you rather deal with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas before they get nukes or after?  Should we have let Saddam get nukes too?

This whole *Bush was too preoccupied with Iraq to deal with this situation* the Dems are crying is bull. Just like everything else they say in fact.  This situation has been ongoing for years.  The cease fires so touted by Madeline Albright and Clinton have never been true cease fires.  This is a conflict that has been going on ever since there were Jews and Arabs.  This is one situation you cannot historically place the blame on Bush.  Doesn't hold water.  So, if you are so concerned about our President supposedly not knowing history or geographics then I suggest you do some studying of your own, because your history and your perception of it is a little skewed itself.

so was mine, but I guess

the recipient didn't get it . . . .


It's their own words, not yours or mine. nm

Sam, you give closed-minded people way too much of your time!  Oh well.  It's your call.

They may be off your radar, not mine...
and I base mine on

available information .... don't just pull them out of my bellybutton.


In your world....thank God not in mine. nm
Mine is nm, stopping using that too.
I have a friend of mine who has a

few nieces who are biracial and they are absolutely beautiful kids.  I think some of the cutest kids are "oreos."

Your words, not mine.
Got it?
Her message....not mine..(sm)

"If there is an open door in 2012 or four years later, and if it is something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plough through that door," Mrs Palin said.

All indictations, from what I see, are that Palin is going to run for Prez in 2012.  I would guess that this means the pubs are going even farther to the right.

Mine's 148, and I'm just "Joe MT".

and you missed mine...
All I meant was she wasn't judging her on her LOOKS, but I believe how she looks at people. does that make sense? She is a beautiful woman and she does love her family, that is great. But I believe the poster was relating her personality... which some find abrasive and a little rude and "above" others you know? you dont see it that way, but some do. that's all. personally i have no opinion of her i dont know enough.
Your comparison, not mine.
Can't blame him at all for trying to grab a couple of gasps of fresh air after being immersed in the cesspool with the tax cuts for the rich or else monolith.
So did mine - but one wonders when?!
I've dropped all kinds of hints, and finally went upstairs and came back down in my pyjamas and slippers. But they're still sitting there swilling my punch, dropping cake on the carpet and acting like they own the joint.
Did mine. YOUR turn.nm
That's your notion, not mine
As I said in a previous post, I believe in Jesus's death and resurrection. I just don't believe that belief is all it takes to get into heaven.
contacted mine and...
also Nancy Pelosi. You can email her even if you aren't in her district. There is a place on her web site for anyone to email her. I hope everyone does the same.
I contacted mine too
I hope it does some good. There are just so many of them in lock-step with the big O and they don't want to cross him.

Her words (the missionary's), not mine.
Bush: A Case for Murder and Execution by Vincent Bugliosi, the Los Angeles prosecutor who so far has batted a thousand in murder cases: 21 trials, 21 convictions, including the Charles Manson case in 1971. He laid it all out there. Please do not come back with that tired rant about authors and book sales unless you have read it yourself.

Or maybe she just watched the horror unfold and came to her own conclusions. She and Mr. Bugliosi are not alone in this view/opinion. Despite the absence of mainstream media coverage, this book is enjoying brisk sales.

Like the OP suggested to you: If you come out of your comfort zone you might be surprised by what you find.
Pompous is your forte, not mine.
Writing mine in because I don't care
Many say that's a "wasted vote," but I think not. It shows both candidates that there are people that don't agree with either one of them! Besides, if I don't like either one, I'm not voting for the "lesser of two evils" because either way, it's still evil in the end, right? I'd rather "waste" a vote on a write-in candidate than have any remorse later for placing a vote I can't stand behind.
I couldn't live w/o mine

I have 3 CCrane radios, which are designed for AM radio, durability, etc.  At least you can catch many podcasts.  The thing I like about them (the free ones, of course, which basically all are), have the commercials extracted from them.  The only problem is that there literally aren't enough hours in the day for all of it.  The best part is that it's free--no cable, etc.

You may have already signed up for Glenn's things being sent to your inbox.  I get those and many more... 

WHAT 401K? Mine evaporated after the
And since my job will probably end up in India soon anyway, I'll be the next one needing a government handout. So bet your bippy I'm voting for a democratic president!
Please refer to mine and give me
relative to your double standard.
NO!! Those are Palin's words, not mine!! She said that!
I was responding regarding qualification. Palin had no idea what the VP does... not sure what interview it was, but she said that the VP was in charge of the Senate.
Well, mine is definitely Okie. Never lost it.
Guess I haven't been gone long enough to lose it. I think NE Oklahoma/NW Arkansas accents pretty similar. So we probably do. I say "coke," (the Okie all purpose word for Coke, Pepsi, DP, lol) these folks up here say "soda." Drives me nuts. Soda is made by Arm & Hammer. LOL. The very FIRST thing I do when I get back to my old home town is get a chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and white gravy. These people up here don't even know what white gravy is. lol. Traveling for a few years has been real educational though. Still...ready to go home. :)
it would be my children's choices,not mine
Woo-hoo...YES YOU CAN.....have a party of ca-ca.....your definition, not mine....
...sorry, couldn't resist, you left yourself wide open on that one.... :-=)
No post of mine has been deleted
make mine cherry please
Perhaps your narrow world, not mine.

Trying to figure out exactly what a community organizer does (besides having dinner with terrorists, listening to - but never actually hearing - hate speech in church, rallying fraudulent votes, etc.). 

Perhaps you could enighten me, o wise one?

I see your point but you fail to see mine.

If we are reading stories to our 5 year old about a same-sex couple who raises a baby together....to me that suggests more than tolerance.  That is teaching acceptance that that lifestyle is okay and that is something I cannot condone. 

I believe in God but others don't.  I would appreciate it if people would tolerate my religion as it is a part of me but they don't have to accept my religion.  That is their decision.  My faith and religion cannot be taught in schools or even on school property because it is a controversial subject nowadays and I have tolerated that and continue to keep my "preachings" out of public schools.  I would appreciate it as well if public schools would keep the teaching and acceptance of homosexuality out of public schools as well.

One coal mine survivor...see article

TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va. - In a stunning and heartbreaking announcement, mining officials told family members early Wednesday that 11 of the 12 trapped coal miners initially thought to have survived a mine explosion had died.

The devastating news came more than three hours after relatives gathered at a nearby church had heard that 12 of the miners survived the disaster. Rescue crews found the first victim earlier Tuesday evening.

“It’s sorrow beyond belief,” Ben Hatfield, chief executive officer of mine owner International Coal Group, said during a news conference.

Gov. Joe Manchin said that, “about the confusion, I can’t tell you of anything more heart-wrenching than I’ve ever gone through in my life. Nothing.”

“I can feel the outrage,” he later told NBC’s “Today” show, referring to the anger from the victims’ families.

Manchin said the state would investigate the cause of the explosion, the miscommunication and the mine’s numerous safety and health violations last year. “We’re going to look into this,” Manchin vowed.

John Bennett, whose father Jim Bennett was one of the victims and had been due to retire in April, complained that his father would “tell me how unsafe the mine is.”

Problems at the mine had been “going on for months ... and they still send men in,” Bennett told “Today,” adding that he felt that if the mine owner had allowed workers to unionize the violations wouldn’t have happened.

Those were the arresting officer's words, not mine. nm

No, mine doesn't, but many small businesses...
including mid range transcription business who operate as S corporations, the entire income from their business is in that bracket and taxed as personal income. It is going to hit small businesses extremely hard. And I don't think it is fair that they have to pick up the tab to pay for tax CUTS for people who are already in the lowest bracket. I don't think that's right, I don't think that is fair, and it will result in businesses closing or laying off workers. So tell me what pray tell does that accomplish?
Vengeance is mine...saith sarah....
your world is not mine - if you cannot get jobs or they are being lost,
or you can no longer afford to go to college, then there is no way to survive without social programs. Lucky for your life, more power to you, but opportunity is shrinking for most of us in the country. The people with the most chance for opportunity and becoming rich are now $250,000 and over - we make $40,000 between 2 of us - sorry, we are just not buying into the mentality that we should just be lucky to have jobs and we should just work hard for our money. we have spent some 40 years putting money INTO this society only now have no control whatsoever over anything.

you honestly think people are going to just keep giving and giving, taking less for themselves and be happy?

I totally disagree with you and I am not all that intereseted in what people who have money think or what their opinions are about what to do with my money. my point is at least it comes back to ME via social programs, or helps some disadvantaged children to get ahead. do you think whoopie there would have gotten anywhere without utilizing some kind of social programs?

I am not bickering about small things here, I am talking about rich people who do not pay taxes and get all the tax breaks and credits while I pay higher in percentage of taxes on everything, such that I cannot even survive on what I am making now.

you act like it is so easy to just go get a job, work hard - where, tell me where to get a job paying enough to cover cost of living. are you living in reality? I do not have a college education, could never afford one, and more and more people cannot afford college education, a lot of grants are gone, no help for the disadvantaged.

have you ever had to decide whether to buy groceries or to pay the electric bill that is going to be shut off? I could go on but what is the point. the republicans just seem to want to get rid of dead weight and just use people as servants, that is the only kind of job I have to look forward to after all my hard work, a service job at some fast-food chain.

again, this is a good point because all this is doing is going to cause a revolution, but it will not be a good one and it will only open up for some worse type of 'party' to take over.

we have more crime than ever going on where I live, because of the economy, but wait until the rich start getting hit because we are starting to see that a lot now here.

they have everything and flaunt it all in front of the poor living right beside them.
Mine never gained back the 25-30% it lost after 9/11.
And of course, in the past 5 years or so, I haven't been able to put in so much as a dime. I should have switched it over to something safer earlier this year, but of course everyone advised against that. Now, there's not really any point in doing anything with what's left. Might as well lose that, too.

If I ever do get a better job, though - one where I can start saving again, NONE of that money is going in to my 401K or the stock market, or any other stock-market-driven type of savings.

a friend of mine has grandparents who were slaves...
sorry, they do not trust white people. read up how these people were treated, what do you expect them to love white people, worship us?

not that retaliation is right but perhaps this is not far enough behind us yet in our history, there are still deep deep scars and both sides have so much hate and anger still.

come on though, now are including muslims, I mean, please tell me, who do you like? who is acceptable to you to share the world with.

ever listen to odette? you might try listening, really listening to her songs. ever listen to billie holiday? do you know she saw a hanged black man?

the world did not work the same way for these people.

women who are abused hate and sometimes kill their abusers and yet no one is outraged. people cheered the movie the burning bed, I remember when that came out - yay, she killed the man who abused and tortured her.
I've gotta put mine where it will grow without