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AGE discrimination, that is

Posted By: TT on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: Oh, poor baby -- horrible pregnancy - adopt - TT

of course.  I can't get pregnant (unless as Mary and Joseph got impregnated), and don't expect that to happen and hope not -- so I get no PAID BENEFITS????

I didn't compare that to vacation in my post, by the way.  Read carefully.

How could it be anything different than age discrimination.  Seems so to me.

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It's discrimination??
Because they don't hire MTs residing in California, that is discrimination?  No, it is not the same as racism. That is really ridiculous.  It's only common sense that some business law must come into play here.
Age & sex discrimination are still very much out
discrimination hmm
Wouldn't that be a form of discrimination...hmmm
Because age discrimination is against the law sm
She was saying her husband's company makes people sign something that allows the company to look into their medical history and to see if they will use too much insurance. That's biased toward the elderly.
LOL .. Hardly age discrimination since we

AKA: "Age Discrimination" (nm)
Discrimination suit

I know there's that law that protects us from discrimination when we are between 40 and 70.  However, it would be difficult to prove that this was their reason for not hiring me.  I'm sure they would come up with some other excuse.  And, I doubt if the Labor Board would fight with them.  As a matter of fact, I am past the time limit on reporting that, as it happened more than 6 months ago (I think 6 months is the time limit for filing the complaint).  As for a separate civil suit, that would probably be more trouble than it's worth.  But, in the future, I will keep better notes and will create a paper trail just in case.



Some people think race discrimination is okay too sm
That's why we have laws. Civil Rights. Cannot descriminate for employment for age, sex or race.
I read the post completely and see absolutely nothing regarding age discrimination
You are reading between lines and not too well at that. If you are paying someone a huge salary, you have the choice of not wanting someone who might be there 1 day and not the next. Has nothing to do with age. It has to do with their wellness.