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Value of an MT declining

Posted By: Lucy on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: I understand. - lk

All I know is that I worked at a union hospital for 15+ years. Great benefits, fantastic pay. In fact, MTs were considered (Market Sensitive) meaning it was a hard-to-fill position. You had to meet certain criteria to even be considered for hire. We recieved our yearly increase, a cost of living increase, and 4% increase over what the hospitals paid for MT work in the area that we were located - SO CALIF. Retirement, sick time, vacation time, etc. (Why did I leave?) Long story, but it would not matter because NOW they are completely eliminating all the MTs because they have implemented the EMR system. They can go to other jobs, but their salary will be cut - about 25.00 per hour as an MT.

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Declining MT pay

As you all know there has been a steady decrease in MT pay over the years.  I think its probably the counting system.  Its so hard to get lines these days I believe because the strings are being pulled tight.  This one particular company has this to say about their platform and ability for companies to cut transcription costs.  I wonder is this for the hospital or facility's benefit (I sure don't think so) or is it to cut their MT costs, and then do they really pass that savings on to the facility, I think not.

“Special Characters” that can inflate line counts by 15%.

 “Invisible Characters” that can inflate line counts

up to 20-40%!

 Poorly designed templates that can lead to

excessive line counts.

 Multi-page reports that can drive excessive characters

and/or hidden words


Pay is less and less, declining 3 rotten cents/line for VR (sm)
If you have been offered a job for 3 cents for editing, I hope you decline.  We need to have these rates raised.  It's getting lower and lower. 
Letter declining job offer inside...sm

This is to inform you that I have decided to decline the offer for FT Acute Care MT.  I have accepted another position.  The mitigating factor in this reversal is the insurance deductible amount and the CPL pay rate as quoted for both accounts. 


While I fully realize all the ramifications of MTSO outsourcing abroad, it is becoming more and more difficult for experienced MTs to remain party to the deterioration of our profession that has occured (in my case in the interim since 1974, when I began transcribing) as a result of this decline.  For most of us, this is a deeply personal issue.  


The experience I bring to the table after 27 years of transcription is worth more than what most MTSOs are willing to offer.  I do not expect to be become wealthy as an MT, but I do expect to make a living wage while still being able to preserve a family and social life.  Because the wages are so low, the benefits are an extremely important part of the picture.    


If you spend any time at all in the MT chat room forums, you know that these sentiments are shared by many other MTs.  Most of us are at the end of our ropes in this regard.  The work may as well go to India.  They can afford to live well (the way American MTs used to) with the money they are paid.  Not only are we driven by these dire financial concerns but, more importantly, it is simply a matter of honor and self-respect. 


This job search has been different than the ones I conducted in the past.  It used to take me less than a week to secure employment with a good company.  This time, it has taken me nearly 2 months to find one who is willing to pay 10 cpl for full-time employee status and offer a $500 insurance deductible that I can live with. 


In all the chat room chatter, the MTs are always challenging themselves and each other to step up to the plate and refuse to allow themselves to be part of the problem, rather than part of the solution, by refusing substandard wages and benefits.  I am one who accepts this challenge. 


I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused for you and I do appreciate the time you spent with me and the consideration you gave to my resume.