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Flame you? I applaud you!

Posted By: lk on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: I'll add my 5 cents to your 2 for 7 cents sm - Flame me if you will

That was a remarkable post. You have guts to be able to lay it on the line like that. Yes, you have to work SMART in this field. I am fairly new at this, a little less than 4 years as an MT, but I am doing very well and do better every year. I make a fair bit more than what some of the MT's on this board say they make who also say they've been at it for 20 or 30 years. The response I will probably get for this is how unfair it is that they don't make more money than I do because they have so much more experience. My question back is why AREN'T they??? It's not the big bad MTSO's fault. This is a field that rewards talent and ingenuity, not tenure. Don't get me wrong, knowlege is invaluable, but it should enable you to produce more and therefore make more money. Now I'm going to put on my flame-proof suit, just to be ready!

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Well, I applaud you for
taking a stand, any stand, at least you're doing something.  I pretty well guess though that the big suits have already figured out exactly how to get around the scenario you promote.  IMHO, and I'm too old to care anymore, the solution lies with MTs for these big *sshole companies forming a union to collectively represent them.  Pro-union or anti-union, doesn't matter, it's all about the workers standing together as one voice, no matter what occupation we're talking about.
yes it is and I applaud your son. It is sm
also a free country if the other poster wants to ask wahtever question she wants to ask. You don't make the rules.
I applaud your decision
In the beginning it looked like AAMT was going to be a good thing but I don't believe anyone can name one thing they have done to better the lives of MTs.  They sold us out years ago, about the time they started taking corporate members.  Doesn't the fact they have corporations in their membership tell anyone ANYTHING.  Who has more money the huge MT companies or the MTs?  Yep, greed took them over too.  And as for the CMT exam, most physicians never even heard of it!!!  I for one, have never had any prospective employer even ASK if I was a CMT or not, even those companies who advertise a premium for CMTs.  I WAS a CMT, am not a CMT now and refuse to ever consider having ANYTHING to do with AAMT ever again.  They are a big root in the evil in the world of MTs.
I applaud them for giving feedback. YOU, however,
should learn to spell (with meaning!!) before you go slapping people around. Advise indeed... pfffft.
I applaud your tenacity to fight
this.  Don't get me wrong...I am an IC who has also gotten really irate at MTSOs who have continually wanted to have their cake and eat it too.  You may be right about your taxes.  It may be beneficial to you in the end and you may even get a refund.  However, if you have claimed office in the home, etc., you will end up owing your share of taxes (well, come to think of it, once you deduct the self-employment tax you may still come out ahead).  Since you have been with the same company only a year, it will not affect you that much.  I have been working as an IC for the same company for 14 years and in the early years it was very flexible and accommodating to me to take time off for vacations and for my kids' activities but things have certainly changed from the perspective of MTSOs skirting the law for their own benefit and pocketbooks.  Let us know how your fight goes and good luck
And as my above reply to your post, I applaud you.
I applaud your honest reply. You will go far with your honesty! sm
I observe many coming on this board and bashing companies, but never once blame their lack of skills for not being happy or quite yet competent to do the work. We were all new MTs at one time. Hang in there and keep working hard; you will be rewarded. I just had to say how refreshingly honest your reply was. No, I don't work for Spheris.
I applaud you for being resiliant and taking initiative
strong, resourceful women who do not have to be victims. 
What is all of this about, who is the recruiter? did you email them? Just curious. I applaud Msla MT

for being honest. She tells it like it is and thus far has anyone proved her wrong??? I think NOT...

Not to flame but telling me I don't

Thank you for mentioning things in your latest post that you left out of your first.  See how easily one can jump to conclusions?

For what it is worth, I ran my own daycare for 10 years.  I know EXACTLY what it is like to be the one responsible for every aspect of running a business day in and day out, when people don't show up or go to lunch and don't come back, having to meet laws from varies state agencies that are contrary to one another and smile the whole time.  I've started work at 5 in the morning and finished at 9 at night (while trying to raise my own two young children).  I know what it is like to cook for 95 kids EVERY day for a year because I couldn't keep good help.  I know that until I converted all my private investment into a nonprofit organization, I could not achieve the success with my business that I was able to do.  Imagine working for 10 years and having NOTHING left of it but a good reputation, no retirement plan, no assests, nada, because the effects you left on people and the benefits you offered were worth all of it.  Would you be willing to do that?  Not many would, I bet.

When you want to yell at me some more and show your true colors, you will turn away the good MTs whom you were trying to entice in your original post.  See how easy it was to fly off the handle.

I do wish your business well, but I stand by what I said.  I save you money by working from home and doing what I do.  Every year I get devalued by the onslaught of forces I cannot control.  If you want to toot your own horn, I would suggest a marketing consultation next time.


Yellow flame
Can somebody please tell me what the yellow flame means?
Yes, a flame happens after a post has been
viewed a certain number of times...I think it's 200 on most of the boards.
Not a flame, just a question
How much do the pay you to spout the company line?
Keystrokes warning not a flame -sm
No flames, but my version...be VERY VERY sure you have a job with them BEFORE you quit your other job. I was hired, got the programs loaded, waited for training, and never heard another word from them......all after I quit my other job. No flames, just telling what happened to me, as a word of warning about this company. Even getting it in writing is questionable. I got no answer to multiple telephone calls and e-mails. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
This is not a flame, but how recently did you work for them? nm
Re: The flame by my original post
Folks I'm sorry someone considers my post a flame.  That was not my intention, but then again I have never been treated worse by an employer in my whole professional life.  That's why I'm looking forward to working for a company without local roots and the small town, small-minded mindset it brings.
They flame out so fast and so ugly.
this is a flame plain and simple. NM
post on this at the bottom of this board with flame
Flames? Putting on my flame retardant suit. sm
So what if some are happy and express their feelings about a company.  If given the companies and the reasons, each of us can use this info as we need to.  The remarks that just say Stay away don't help anyone.  In fact, makes me wonder what the poster did that contributed to the bad remark.  If someone disagrees with your reaction to a company and flames you or if you get flamed for giving reasons, seems to me you are getting flamed one way of the other.  Might as well give reasons and help educate the rest of us.  And no one knows who you are, what do you care about the flames?  Actually, when I get flamed, I have to smile a little to think about how I got everyone excited for a few minutes. 
Where is the flame. It was only stated that you had incorrect info. Calm down a little
We can see you dont like the company but there are those that do like it.

We can state our opinions as well.

No one was flaming you.
Too much info often makes fuel for fire for those looking to flame (sm)
If an individual is actually looking exactly what is wrong with E-mailing that individual? A person can post hateful comments anonymously on this board, but when you are E-mailing back and forth people tend to be more friendly and less critical. JMO