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Seems like job discrepancy

Posted By: TT fast_fingers on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: If you don't like being an MT, find something else... - MtMommyof2

The mommies/expectant/pregnant girls get special benefits that the mature/aged MT's do not get.  They get maternity/paternity PAID LEAVE !  This seems more like age discrepancy.  Where is the aged/mature MT's PAID DAYS/WEEKS to make this an equal benefit -- and NOT age discrepancy.   We mature individuals enjoy PAID holidays as much as those who get pregnant.  We have enough children in this world now -- adopt a child.

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Seems like job discrepancy
Just to inform you all - (and I would be considered aged/mature MT) It is a federal law - Maternity Leave is treated as a disability. That means if you get paid for maternity leave, they must pay for someone that has a disability that prevents them from working. It is not vacation!! It is not age discrimination. I have worked as an MT for many-many years, but my husband owns (owned) a construction co. with over 50 employees. So, I am familiar with human resources laws, etc
In our conference call, we were told the statutory employee status would end effective Jan 1. They pushed the employee side of things and hemmed hawed on the IC side.
1000 lines discrepancy needs to be fixed.
Not a discrepancy, just a lag time - they don't count headers or footers.
Spheris/Cornerstone CUE program/line discrepancy

I just started cornerstone last payperiod and there have been line discrepancies according to my mentor.  I show I did 3,024 lines last week and she only showed 1597.  When we had our weekly mentor call I showed her how you have to go to the next day to get all of the lines (i.e. 11/17/2007- 11/18/2007 to pull up the lines for 11/17/2007).  She also said that CUE only showed that I was only for 18 hours which is a load!!  I worked 40 hours.  She said that everytime it pauses it adds that to the time.  It pauses when I am spell checking.  But none of that added up to such a discrepancy. 

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem.  Or maybe I just needed to vent.  I like the idea of having instant line counts but they are not even getting the same ones we are.  I have to double check my paycheck this time just to see if they are paying me all of my lines. 

the reason for the discrepancy has been explained by the owner of the company already - nm