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It's all relative. Depending on where you live, that might not even pay for an apartment. nm

Posted By: short on 2008-12-25
In Reply to: I am amazed by how many ungrateful MTs there are - my 2 cents


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Depending on where you live (sm)
this could be a very good position for you. The people I used to supervise (pathology transcriptionists in-house) made about $15-19 per hour depending on how long they had been there. This is in Southern California, though, where employers will pay a little more when transcriptionists are scarce.
depending on what state you live in - sm
you could possibly be hired by another hospital IN THE STATE you are in and go to work at home, or you may be considered for a position at Diskriter that is hiring for a Florida hospital, but again, it depends on what state you live in. The Florida hospital can hire from about 7 other states, but if your state is not one of them, then you are out of luck.
Not so, depending where you live...100,000 is not that much money.
Depending on where you live, there are many facilities hiring.
Check with Radiologix. They had an ad running for MT, pay well with great benefits.

If you check around, there are many other facilities hiring in-house if that is what you prefer. Some are hiring at-home employees also with a better setup than what you describe.

Pick yourself up! Don't let it get you down. Life can be much much worse.

Really, if you were in a room full of people and everyone threw their problems into the middle of the floor, you will see you really have no problems at all!

Good luck to you!
It's all relative

Up here in the Northeast I couldn't survive on $14.00 an hour - not if you got to support yourself, which I have to for me and my three children.  I average $25.00 an hour, and even though that's not too bad, even that is pretty much chump change up here.  Every time someone posts a survey about how much they make, there's a lot of MTs that seem to make in th$30-$50 an hour range.  I'm going to keep looking till I find a job where I can make $40-$50 an hour.  Then I'd be comfortable with killing myself to get in enough hours all the time.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that chump change is different to everybody.  Personally I think at 8 cents a line you just have to work way too hard for your money.



Was it a relative?
cpl is relative
MQ: 10 cpl averaged (at the end) 160 to 180 lph.

At new company: 8 cpl, average 280 to 300 lph.
LOL - did you mean relative?

Although I do have a relative--sm
such as you describe, I have found that it is NEVER effective to tell her to *quit whining* *get off your butt and change your life if you are not happy* or *stop being a victim* types or responses to HER actions. It only serves to make things worse, and that is what YOU are doing, making it worse. You are NOT helping these people by yelling at them, and that is what you are doing, as well...yelling at them. You cannot *help* someone to *change their lives* by simply *telling* them to change their lives. Sometimes you have to sit back, quietly listen to their problems, and let them figure out things for themselves. Yelling at them to take control and change things on their own is only going to turn them in the other directions. You are not being, as you call it, *proactive*, you are simply dumping on the heads of someone who already feels like a *victim* and yelling at them not to feel the way they feel. That is not being *proactive* that is just plain being mean, and yes, I do see the difference, but you are not it. Sometimes people need to be taken gently by the hand and *guided* into a situation that would help to make their lives better, but simply telling them or yelling at them to *just do it* has never solved anything. ever. You need a good course in psychology 101! Yelling at people turns those people *off* and does not *motivate* them into doing better for themselves. You seem to think you are a *motivational* type person, but you are doing just the opposite. Leave them alone. Most of them will find their own way in their own time, without someone like you yelling at them to quit whining about their situations. Compassion and understanding is definately not among your strong points. Beind cruel and unkind is definately in your make up.
ESL is a relative term.
Just because they have an accent doesn't make them any more difficult to do than the average Joe.  JMHO. 
IMO, it's completely relative. sm
I have an account in Cquence which felt cumbersome at first, but then I got comfortable and produce as much there as I do typing, say, in Word offline. Recently I started a Meditech account and...hey! Cquence is absolutely wonderful compared to Meditech!! So my opinion of Cquence has gone up, for sure.

I don't know where you live but where I live foreclosures are rising and there are no jobs -- non
I worried about my employer for part of the winter as my accounts grew sparse. I had plan to switch to being an employee with benefits but dared not make the switch in this economy (this was last year this time, got it?)
I figured keeping my seniority was worth whatever security it afforded.

My accounts have rebounded some and I can pay my bills.

By economizing seriously, I have paid off my credit card and put some money aside, just in case. I'm breathing easier, thanks.

So, all in all, I'm not complaining. This last winter was brutal, but I had a job and I paid my bills. When employment rebounds and/or national health goes into effect, people will go to the doctor again and we will be busy.

My part of the world is like a ghost town -- everyone who could left to find work in the city -- many apparently leaving their homes to the banks. Several houses in my vicinity have been on the market more than 4 years.

Forgive me my loyalty ... it pays the bills.

What does yelling at the rest of us do for you?
ESL is a relative term. We all know Dr. Joe EFL can be far worse! nm
Yes, "best" is a relative term but (sm)
I mean best based on info by MTs on this board and by docs in the industry who refer colleagues to this fast-growing MTSO.  Guess which MTSO?  I'm not saying   Actually, this icon looks like it is waving it's middle finger instead of pointy finger, so don't mean to offend and don't think I'll use it again (lol!)
MTSO not loyal friend, relative. Best not to treat
Manager relative told me noncomplete dont hold up.
It depends on where you live. If you live in their
service area it would be cheaper than outside their service area.   I only have rates for out of service area and medical is  139.13 for family or 168.42 depending on what plan you choose.  Dental is 20.85 for family, vision is 5.13.  These are per pay period. 

Individual coverage would be 44.79/54.21 medical, 7.99 dental, and 1.71 vision.  

I opted out of insurance as we have through my husband's job.  I believe  the cheaper insurance is a 70/30 plan and the more expensive an 80/20, not sure about co-pays.  Deductibles are $2000 for family, not sure about individual.
depending on who you ask
If you ask me, not hardly.  Lets see, six weeks back pay still owing, heard more people are quitting and have not been paid, heard IRS is investigating, the district attorney is in the loop now as well as Department of Labor.  How many girls are still owed?.... It will not settle down with D&L until they PAYUP!  I will make sure of it!
Depending on DC
A friend of mine has a chiro account she's had for 15 years.  She charges 0.12 per line and a line is a line no matter how long it is (none of this gross line crap).  Not all chiros are cheapskates!
Actually, depending on where you are
They use Fedex and the actual charge from there to GA is $16 and some change so when I worked there they did make money off of that.
sometimes it can take a while, depending
on how busy they are, but if has been a few days you can email them and ask...... that's what I did
For me 3-5 hours..depending on
how focused I am that day, how many interruptions I have, whether the system is running slowly, etc.
Depending on your proximity to them I'd allow
it a couple more days.  DH company mailed his 1/30, in the same state, took 2 days to get here.   If you don't have it by the first of the week call them. 
Probably depending on the position sm
but I imagine most will want to see a 98 at least.  Some might be more forgiving, especially with a somewhat newbie?  You'd be required to maintain a 98+ during employment so I don't think they'd want to start anyone much below that.
Depending on the company, sometimes
direct deposit to kick in and you'll be mailed a paper check until then.  It all depends on their bank and their procedure.  Some banks require a test run to validate the acct being deposited into.  Have you asked or inquired about it?
Depending on the company you might

One company just cut QA pay 30% and up, so that might not be a good idea, although, MT pay cuts will probably happen soon here too.

Depending on the account
ER reports have a really good potential to be a big money-maker. Lots of normals and a lot of repetitive statements you can put into your expander. Not to mention the fact that the work is usually far more interesting than acute or clinic work.

IMO, 7 cpl is a decent rate.

Anywhere from 3 to 10 hours, depending on speed,
experience, ESLs, interruptions, platform, etc.
About 4-5 for me depending on how many ESLs slow me down on any given day.
I average 20-25 depending on the radiologists who are on.
I work in Radnet, use Shorthand and do all types of exams. I am paid by the report one rate but a much higher rate for IRs.

depending on your state, incorporation not necessary..sm

I did not incorporate....the state I live in allows you to be a sole proprietor, and I think 3 states allow this...where you are the employer and the employee.  I still submit 1099s on the privates to the IRS along with MQ's W2-W4 that they give us....and so I also do a schedule C for the sole proprietorship for the MTSO part of my business.  *S*


depending on length of the reports,
that is 2 less Americans employed in their own country and the taxes that would be collected for that income missing. How patriotic of Transcend. These companies only think of their own pockets, never the needs of the citizens of the country in which they live. Selfish, greedy, .......................
Axolotl does have ESL, but depending on the account, you may not see any all day
As for your other questions, pay is always on time.  Paid twice monthly.  Pay periods 1 to 15, 16 to end of month.  Direct deposit available first thing in the morning.  Have been on OT for last 4 months.  Depending on what accounts you have and if you are Acute Care or Clinic, OT could go on for many more months as Axolotl  is rapidly expanding.  You don't have to stress about ELS because Editors are available by IM and depending on what your schedule is, you may only deal with 1 editor; almost have her as your personal sounding board.  They are always willing to answer questions, even give you a toll free number to call if you can't reach them by IM. The Editors and Management are always available to answer your questions.  Out of the 5 big national companies I have worked for, personally, I think they are great (I would say the best, but someone will accuse me of being a recruiter if I do -- I am just a new employee who loves it there).  You could certainly do worse. 
they hire in all states; depending on what
state you are in, determines if you can be SE if that is what you are looking for.
I have heard anywhere from 3.5 to 5 cpl depending upon your experience.
When there is steady work, they are awesome. Sometimes, it is feast or famine.
Depending on mood it could be _____Head. (sm)

FMLA - Depending on your state

might pay.  I remember reading NJ just passed FMLA with up to 12 weeks pay (you'd have to be employee status though because it's taken from state disability funds you're paying into) and I think CA also provides for paid FMLA now.  My state doesn't pay for FMLA, but does temporary disability and maternity is covered under that.

depending on your experience, lots sm
of companies will take you part-time even if they SAY they only hire full-time. Most of the time part-time is 6000 lp pay period. I work for a company part-time right now and they really needed somebody M and F and every-other Saturday adn they don't hold me to the line count requirement. Just depends on the days you are willing to work sometimes.

It is nice to HAVE A LIFE!
I would say it's a little lower than average depending on your experience
but I think with them the more you type the more you get paid. For each level there is a range. My advice would be that if 6 cents is the most you can make with them, there are other MT jobs out there. I was offered a job with them too so I know that the benefits to me were impressive. It was hard to turn them down.
They have lots O' work depending on the acct.
If you're on an account with terrible sound quality and very heavy ESL, then they have tons of work for you.  If the particular account has no problems with the platform, you can bet there won't be work.  They advertise all the time because they have tons o' work on certain accounts and they have tons o' turnover in both accounts and MTs.
Depending on the reason you may not qualify for unemployment...sm
If an employer has good grounds for dismissal then unemployment won't be awarded.
Old posts said easy to work for, but your pay would never go over 7 or 8 cpl depending on
Depending on the account your placed, this is not bad place to work.
If your on the Escription account, run and do not look back. Work often runs low and the stuff you get is horrid (ESLs) etc. and it is almost impossible to make any money. These are VR accounts. So, if your not on a VR account, you will most likely like it as far as pay on time and decent benefits. I had to quit because I either had no work or crappy accounts where I made no money. Obviously, it was more beneficial to find another job for me. Communication leaves a lot to be desired.
A bit strong. Transcend is good depending
I have worked with them in the past and returned 3 months ago. I am on a really really difficult ESL account, and I am having a learning curve to get to my full-time lines. But, the team lead and my regional manager have been a safety net for me by being very supportive and always addressing my concerns. I must say my account is not for the faint of heart, but the Beyond TXT is fine for me and I am getting there. The major reason why I am sticking out the learning process is because of my supervisor is so supportive and flexible with me taking longer to get my lines. I just about make my bills, and did not make the sign on bonus which is a negative. However, I will stick it out b/c I know that I can do it and make good money here. If you can do ESL and get a good supportive supervisor I would suggest you give it a serious consideration. I do believe there is money to be made at this company and there are a lot of people who have been there many many years. Good luck to you.
Depending on the amt. of money owed, I wouldn't
showing up on her doorstep early the next morning - say, oh, about 5:30 or so, and I'd be knocking LOUDLY.

Or... check and see if it's possible to at least file the small claims suit online or by mail, and then you'd only have to go to Virginia for the hearing. If you show up and she doesn't you would likely win by default.
AllType-unstructured, several platforms depending on accounts

so you could possibly have to learn 2 or 3 platforms depending on what your back ups are.  Too chaotic and hard to get work in that way!!!

MDI is a good place to work. Depending on what account you get.... see msg
Some accounts are slightly overstaffed and there is less work but I know other accounts are swamped. Their benefits are comparable to other companies. Line count is reasonable and I like working there. The staff is really nice. Just like every company, what works for someone else may not work for you etc.. so go with your best judgement. They have been good to me so that is all I can speak for. Can I ask who else has offered you a job??
Rad pays by line and by report, depending on the account
I have had rad accounts at Keystrokes pay both ways.  I haven't heard of one that pays for reports over 2 minutes, but it all depends on the client.  Your starting rate typically depends on your experience.  Everyone at Keystrokes is super-nice, you will like working with them.  Agree with poster who said get a backup account from day 1.  Getting IDs for your account can take quite a bit of time, so be prepared to wait.  Good luck.
Radiology pays per report or lines depending on
account. Per report is less than other companies out there, but line pay was about average.
A weekend required, may vary depending on account
needs.  12-hour window.  Frequently no work on many accounts where others have nearly daily OT. 
Also depending on hospital, downtime (no work or tech