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total agreement

Posted By: susan on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: I am amazed by how many ungrateful MTs there are - my 2 cents

MTs can make the $$ exactly how you stated using expanders. I also stay in one specialty field with the same dictators... but you must be focused on your work and with no expense on gas or clothes, that all adds up to money in your pocket.

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In total agreement
with the poster who stated that being overweight, most of the time is due to overeating because of emotional issues.  I am such a person. I am 160 pounds overweight and emotional issues led to my overeating.  Surgery will not take these issues away.  I was 200 pounds overweight.  I have been undergoing counseling and have joined Nutrisystem, where I also receive a lot of support.  A long haul?  Yes, but I would much rather go this route, then risk my life in a surgery with no definite outcome.
An agreement that you will never
try to sue them.  
SPI Agreement
What am I missing? Isn't it a nonissue anyway since we are all classified as at-will employees. They can fire us for no particular reason and we can also quit without a reason. My feeling is they have a lot of lawyers trying to justify their billing.
License agreement
How about paying for the license agreement for the software that is needed?
I'm in agreement, but how bad of a manager
3 jobs.  How on earth would they even be able to manage anything?  I would have to assume that management is nonexistent for the people under that manager at those companies!
Of course it is a breach of the confidentiality agreement.
But what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing. We have no way of knowing the identities of these individuals. There is no way to enforce it, especially when most of the MTs work from home. It would be a totally different scenario if two MTs work at the company and are overheard discussing matters that should not be discussed. All the MTSOs can do is to maintain our company standards and follow them to the letter, i.e. x amount per line based on x number years of experience and try not to deviate from it.
She might have had him sign a confidentiality agreement. Did you ask her about it?

You signed nothing? Not even a HIPAA agreement? I would think she sm

would be in hot water over that.  Generally, you sign the HIPAA agreement and the contract at the same time.  DId you talk about pay at all and make a verbal contract? 

I agree with everyone else.  Until some sort of pay is establishied, I wouldn't work anymore, PLUS, not sure I would want to work there anyway with all of the phone calls and drama that you described.  It sounds like you would be signing up for a duty in Hell.

I'm sorry you have gone through all of this.  Good luck to you.

Read the fine print in the agreement - sm
I am very upset about it because I was told when I signed up that MT was not a problem, but if you read through the agreement, it clearly states that if they determine you are using the service for anything other than normal residential usage, based on what other residential customers use, they will change your plan to the talk 30 plan, which for me would cost about $60 dollars/day to use. I have also heard of other MTs being given pretty large bills. Honestly, I can't sleep at night!
I put a blurb about not contacting until a mutual agreement is met. nm
What kind of agreement is it? They didn't tell me anything about that when I talked with them.
The agreement is too broad in scope. It does not give you a
mile range limit on where you can work, therefore it is most likely unenforceable. Some states like Arizona have limited these contracts with regard to the medical profession, i.e., a case with a physician with a noncompete clause. They said the area was too broad and the MD could not make a living, therefore was too restrictive. Check out information in what state you are, but from what I see, it would be hard to enforce this contract.
Why did they send you a confidentiality agreement just to take the test?

In agreement with the above, sitting working on work
is just beyond what it should be. In earlier years I worked 2 jobs but each job paid every 2 weeks. One job paid 1 week, the other the next so my check each and every week was for 2 week pay period. How sweet was that! Now if I have a few hours downtime for no work it is fine, just take off, can make it up, donít have to if I donít want but very few times this happens and I only have a partime job now.
Not a single soul here works for CIT? Did you sign a confidentiality agreement or something?! :) nm
3 in total, 1 FT and 2 PT..sm

Originally took on another PT local doc to cover daughter's competitive cheerleading costs. Then, hubby got laid off last fall and took on another national PT to help make ends meet. He now is employed elsewhere, but still have late bills, not to mention never want to be in that position again. Trying to pay off all the bills!!! Feels like I work round the clock, but really don't with lots of breaks and extreme flexibility to work whenever and also be with my kids whenever (and be their chauffeur, mostly!) Good luck to you, it's hard but there is something to be said for security.

Could be because of total lack of sm
professionalism and loyalty to those she worked with if indeed that is true.  All I ever heard from her was talking about others behind their back.  I never met anyone other than from one other one there who went long ago that did that and it is the worst case of management I have ever known. 
Look at the total package

Sometimes a great incentive program more than makes up for low CPL, also a good program, good dictators, how many templates and normals you can get.  I knew someone who consistently did over 2000 lines per day and did not work more than 8 hours, doing mostly OPs with ESLs, but they all said the same thing, used formats.  She just had to keep making her normals and inserting them.  They said the same phrases over and over, so she made big bucks.  Once she got used to them, it was a breeze and she was consistently one of the highest earners. 

I would just keep checking other companies.  I am sure there is something out there for you.  Don't give up.


total lines
I work on extext and that is the way it is done for me to. Just shows total lines for that hospital. But you can get the total lines for a certain period not just that day.
well, IMO total disgraces!!
ridiculous to offer a whopping six cents a line!!! Wahoo!! Are they out of their frelling minds. You get what you pay for and six cent quality is what they are going to get. UGH!! SHAME ON THEM!!!
That's my question. How do you know the total is right?
I'm a TT newbie, so please don't take offense. For the other companies I've worked for you can see the number of reports in the final count, including work types. With TT, I see a client breakdown with total lines. If there's a report missing, I have no way of knowing. If there's a way to do it with Ctrl I, I can't figure it out and can't get an explanation. I don't check every 5 minutes, but I do check my line counts a couple of times a day and this has always helped my production. I don't understand why this is so complicated. Am I doing something wrong?
Any fool knows that VR is a TOTAL RIP OFF.
How that can be slander, well, only in the mind of an MTSO.  Don't want the MTs to realize they are being taken with these LIES about VR, now, would we?
I had 4 accounts total
Primary plus 3. There were times that there was no work in ANY of them. Funny thing is that the *Backlog* would show a certain number but when I'd go in to get reports, there were just a few. Then my primary would get gobbled up by people working on east coast (I'm west-Pacific time), so there has been lack of work in the past 3 to 4 months.

Cross-training did help but the ship had been sinking for some time without our knowledge.

My new gig has no weekends, no holidays, NEVER any VR. No pool, I'm the only MT on the acct. Full-time employee after 90 days, bene's (10 PTO a year) after 1 year. Regular 9:00 to 5:00 Clinic schedule.

Like musical chairs, have to find a place to sit once the music stops or....
My total hours were 85 of which 7.5 were OT. Does THAT satisfy you?
I draw a line at telling you my earnings, however.
No communication at MDI-FL. Total chaos.
They're total flakes. They don't know what end is up.


no it doesn't track total for whole day
you have to do each document individually, but also keep in mind that it counts ALL lines, both typed and not typed. So be careful of that, if you aren't getting paid for blank lines.
It depends on total years of
what work type.  You can actually make more than 8 as an employee if you make the bonus.  I do acute care and make 8 plus the first level of incentive which is an additional 1/2.  That is for 1400 lines per day.  Some days I make the 1400 and some days I don't, it just needs to be 14000 in a 2 week pay period.  There is actually a level above this one too, for 16000 in a pay period. 
At MedWare, too, can't do it. You'd have to log in after every report to get a total, but
I pay $140 a month total for $500 deductible-WMX

MTSOs like you are total tools.
Try treating your MTs like valuable employees, and not expendable machinery, why dontcha?
Name your source and the total quote
Its irresponsible of you to suggest that Obama (or McCain for that matter) wants to put records online implying they could be unprotected.

So name your source, and the entire quote and then WE can determine what the position actually is...
Again, there is a total lack of reading
I don't even know who you think I am in regard to the comments you are attributing to me, I think.  I never said that I was against attacking, I never said whatever mumbo jumbo I think you are accusing me of.  I stand by my analogy of your behavior as a child in a sandbox. And you're now at the throwing sand stage, soon to be followed by the I'm gonna tell my mother on you which would be in this case, of course, the moderator.  The OP gave a very nonemotional and intelligent synopsis of her opinion on hostility on the board and others have responded in kind.  It was not an attack, the post was not a complaint, the post had no mention of not wanting to come here. You have 100% completely misconstrued the entire thread and are, indeed, the nasty one telling a poster to move on and go to lovey forums, etc., topped off with your attempt at a final insult of Cheers, or don't let the door hit ya on the way out.  Now, do I have to explain this post to you?  I think you get it, but you don't like it and just want to stir up the sandbox some more.   We were all playing just fine before, not to worry.
8 cpl, national, 10 yrs acute care/15 yrs total
10 total years in the medical field, 8 as a MT.nm
Total waste of time and money
No doctor or hospital even has heard of CMT. It's just crap made up by the AAMT to line their pockets with application fees.
Can you tell me does it keep a total tally of your reports instead of just one at a time. I would

like a line counter that does it by the day or week actually.

any companies with total MS WORD platforms

Are there ANY decent companies to work for who have totally MS WORD based platform for the work... i.e. you can use the autocorrect and/or some other word Expander than shorthand?

I have HAD it with these nasty platforms that are from the dark ages... worse than WP5.1.  meditech, chartscript, docuscribe stuff, bayscribe ......

Because I compare the total lines to my paycheck
not to mention being discourteous to your co-workers this comes across as being a total ah
It is actually the total character count divided by 65 sm
not the word count. To answer your question, yes, the total character count with spaces divided 65 should equal any line counting program, provided you are paid on a 65 character line count with spaces and headers and footers are not included.

Counting in Word does not include headers or footers.

My counts match those in Word.

It will also depend on how your company/facility manipulates the system. It seems the same program will count lines differently depending on the facility or company. It is not the program - it is the facility or company.

Been at this 25 years and investigated into many counting problems with various programs. When I realize my counts are off, I leave. There really is no way of knowing until you actually start working on that specific platform. Monitor your counts daily for a few days and see if they are off. Most likely, if they are, it will not change.

I'm not the OP, but I had 3 files. I am not sure of the total number of minutes, sm

but it took about 1-1/2 hours to do, and that was with going back to the beginning of the dictation and re-listening and proofing each dictation.  Hope this helps.

What a total and utter waste of time
If THAT'S how they're handling it, just email Transcend directly and cut out the MIDDLE-MAN.

The two suits on here Wednesday left their email addresses. Just email them directly if all D and C are going to do is check with them for the answer.

We have important questions, and I believe we've let D waste MORE than enough of our time.
What bothers me the most is making total fools out of us to sit and
wait on work.  That really gets to me.  I think we all discussed this before but to expect people to sit around and make no money waiting on work to keep everything on the second is absolutely bizzare and then complain when you dont get lines in.  Well, wheres the work.
Total Crap -- Business Weekly has no such info. sm
I've done an extensive search of Business Weekly (and even Business Week in case you had made a typo) -- there is no such news article or info available. Again... don't believe this sort of rumor from a poster who doesn't back it up with some sort of verification.
Always cpl times total lines, unless a bonus applies

Once you are totally off training and being paid only by your line rate (cpl), your pay will be based on your two week, total lines typed  (cpl x total lines typed).  The only time lines per hour would affect you is if you qualify for a bonus.  I do not know what MT Level you are (3 or 4), but I believe Level 4 bonus starts after 150 lines per hour.  If you qualify, don't try to figure the bonus out.  It will drive you crazy.  Just be happy to see a bonus in your check! 

I remember a call like that total waste of time
Do all MTSOs with Ex-Text just show total lines

At my MTSO, when I check the I-Chart site, it gives a total of lines per hospital--no total number of reports or any kind of breakdown to make sure all my reports are in there.  The Ctrl-I function shows the number of reports, but the line count is inaccurate and only shows for that day only, so that's useless.  Am I overlooking something?  I hate being not able to track my line count accurately.

Now that bonuses are paid by total lines per week sm
it doesn't matter what your LPH total is, so you can stay clocked in or out for those little things, as you choose.
Actual work history total is 50 years, only
36 in MTing. You quoted as desperate, unskilled, newbies with Dorland's could probably do VR which shows your lack of knowledge in talking about VR. Why spread falsehoods any more. Learn about it first. I love VR, make a good salary and glad I don't have to wrack my brain trying to transcribe word by word everything the multitude of ESLs dictate these days. I have no plans to retire, don't want to because I love the money. I spoke about you going back because you have no knowledge about doing VR, otherwise you would never had spoken like you did. Takes just as much knowledge to do as straight transcribing.
Every company I have worked for (5 total) has paid twice a month. sm
Every two weeks would be too hard to manage. I get paid on the 10th and 25th, so I pay all my bills on the 12th and 27th, which works out perfectly for me.