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Well according to her we should adopt instead of actually giving birth...I think she is just unhappy

Posted By: MtMommyof2 on 2008-12-26
In Reply to: If you don't like being an MT find something else - Anonymous

and I agree...stop complaining about your job...if you don't like it, find a new one...

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You do not have to put your date of birth on
an application.  It is illegal for them to ask age so date of birth falls in line.  If you want to just provide the month and day, that's okay.  The only time you would have to give date of birth or anything age related would be after you get the job and I can't really think of a reason they would need that.  They would probably find it out on your driver's license for identity purposes but other than that, I see no reason to let them have it prior.  Social security number again is a sensitive issue for application purposes only.  When you get the job of course you do HAVE to give it whether you are employee or IC.  I just would not randomly provide them with this information until you are hired and if they don't like it, they do not have to.
FMLA for the birth of a child
I work for Spheris and am questioning their FMLA policy. They are telling me that while I'm eligible for UP TO 12 weeks of FMLA, they are only approving 6 weeks after the birth of my child. According to what I read and understand about FMLA, for the birth of a child you are entitled to the full 12 weeks but HR is telling me that it's up to them to decide what I am able to take off and right now they feel I only need 6 weeks unless they have a doctor's note to extend it (which my doctor will not provide as there is no medical reason at this time). Everyone else I know gets the full 12 weeks and has never had a problem with their employers so I'm wondering who is right.
Would you adopt me?
When the day comes where all MTs adopt the attitude (sm)
that I don't get paid to research doctor's name and keep up with new terminology (drugs, surgical equipment, procedures, etc.), then, sadly, that is the day when we really will be nothing more than typing monkeys.

I'm not saying spend so much time looking up a doctor's name, drug, or term that you get kicked out of the system. General rule of thumb at all companies I have ever worked for is don't spend more than 5 minutes on research. I think that is a reasonable expectation. If you find what you're looking for, great, make a note of it so you don't ever have to look it up again. Better yet, pass it on to other MTs. I have done this on occasion, if I think someone else might come across the same thing.
Do you *adopt* free rabbits from people and then
Just wondering, as dog and cat 'bunchers' do that. They 'adopt' from people giving away free pets or selling them at low prices, then sell in quantity to research labs. Lots of 'missing' pets end up this way, too.

If you aren't a buncher, you just MIGHT want to try a different name, as that one has a pretty unpalatable meaning to pet-lovers!

(FYI only, not a flame!)
Oh, poor baby -- horrible pregnancy - adopt

I had CANCER -- that is just nothing to you pregnant woman, huh ?????  I got NOTHING from company.


Why do all the unhappy MTs at MQ
stay? I worked for MQ a long time ago and after 2 months with them I knew they were crooks! With all the legal issues pending and the drama that seems to linger with every passing day, why not go somewhere else? I know many MTs are happy there and that is great. But really people life is to short to be so unhappy with your jobs. There are better places out there to work. Good luck to all of you.
unhappy with VR too
I hear you on that one and just wondered if you ever found anything else. It seems to take so long to make up the money --- even the double amount that you have to make to make the same amount as typing. It is so dull. Please let me know if you can. thanks much.
For all those looking for a job or unhappy

I read the board quite a bit, post sometimes.  At times I agree with topics or points of view and say so.  Other times, I disagree, and say so.

All-in-all, though, I want to say to every MT who is unhappy with their work, their particular company, their paycheck, that for 2009, make this a year of healthy change for yourself. 

Sometimes that healthy change can come by just changing jobs to a different company.  Remember that every company is not for every MT.  There is no company that is 100% great nor 100% horrible -- some MTs will always be happy and some will not be at every company. 

A healthy change can also be deciding to go into a different branch of MT work, such as QA or even a team lead or supervisor position. 

Sometimes healthy change comes from making a step out toward a new profession, if you feel you need a complete change of pace.

It may include taking on the new challenges of voice recognition (editing) or a new platform, etc.

Whatever your situation, I hope you will join me in making sure that we actively do something for each of own situation.  It doesn't require banding together nor attempting to overhaul anything - just a simple decision, a simple plan, followed by a deep breath and taking that first step.

I already have and I hope you will join me. 

Here's to 2009 ...


To All Unhappy MTs s/m

I have been screwed, glued and tattooed by several MTSOs.   Now I am !!!  The only difference is the last one has broken new ground.  I feel sure the big boys are waiting to see if this works as the ultimate club to keep you in line.  Courthouses may not be able to prosecute criminals because they are so clogged with SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits or legally known as slander and libel.   All of you are opening yourself to this by posting your experience with companies you have worked for on a public forum (unless, of course, you can give glowing reviews).  The one I am in trouble with is no worse than any of the others.  I am shocked that apparently ALL MTSOs feel they must monitor what their employees are saying about them.  What's that old saying? The guilty flee when no one pursues.

If all of you want to change your lot in life then do it!  It can be done.  Needless to say, because I have been placed in a position to HAVE to defend stating my experience and opinions, I have learned many things that I did not know before.  I will not share these things on a public forum.

The first thing you should do is organize a means of communication that is not viewable by your adversaries.  You also need a leader, one who is not afraid to stand up and fight.  If fatcat declines, perhaps Topaz or cj might be willing.  I don't know any of them but they all make very intelligent posts.

Good luck to all of you.



Dear unhappy, is that IC or FT
is that MDI Maryland or what.  I can't seem to find their web site.  I would also apply.  Not too happy with the way MQ is headed.  I am happy you got your raise.  I do feel sometimes the lines are jiggled a little bit, but not sure.
Unhappy MDI-MD MTs - any idea where you will
look if there continues to be no work?    What are some viable options?
And a few months from now you will be unhappy there too!
tsk tsk tsk
So you are unhappy with what others posted
your post better in some way?  Okay.. yada, yada, yada....   I'm sure she'll do just fine whatever she decides.    
Happy vs unhappy
That is true, but like a lot of forums, it's the unhappy people that are doing most of the posting. Spheris has happy and unhappy employees, like most companies. There's a lot of change going on that's stressing a lot of people. Not everyone is affected, though, and there are people that are happy there, including me. I know others who have been there for years who have no plans to leave. Just trying to give the other side.
I agree with unhappy.
I am no longer there. I had 5 accounts each with different styles, and you MUST know them or it is taken off your QA, thus your pay is decreased. They woudl run out of work or have mandatory overtime as the week went. Seek someone else.
I am thoroughly unhappy too and here is my beef sm
I echo everything you have said! You are on target (typos or no).

SOmething happened at TT in March of this year, dunno what, but something slipped out of sync all right. Since then, I can't make 1500 lines, which I need, in anything less than 10 hours, no matter how much I try to do. My shift is 8 to 4 days, but I have been working 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. trying to get work. I am sorry, but duplex scans are NOT worth my time and that seems like all I get. One of the leads was kind enough to take care of me and assign work all afternoon and evening and I was doing better, till they told her not to. Now I am back to slim pickins and it doesn't matter when I am on there trying to work.

Flexing ASSumes we having any down time at all, which most of us are not. I don't call working 7 to 11 flexing, I call it slave labor and I call it illegal. I mean, their base rate is pretty poor, but if you can make numbers you can do much better. There is no longer a way for you to get those numbers!!!! Not anymore.

My old company that I quit to go to TT asked me back in the last month. They are willing to work with me to do whatever hours and work types I want. So, it is some mornings for OPs and then late afternoons and evenings as much as I can, and weekends, but I don't have to work all of every weekend, only if the work mounts up over a certain level. Heavy ESL account, but 10 cpl IC. Almost work as much or when I want to.

Today, I put out a resume and something happened with mtstars...the posting I saw was not connected to the right email, but it is a happy accident. I got a call to do ER work with a ton of templates at 8 cpl and I can set any schedule I want, but she would like weekend coverage, and I can have 2 days off during the week. I said I liked certain work types and she said she had the capacity to find that work for me, if I wanted it.

It does mean going back to working 7 days a week, which I am not sure I want, not exactly. Then again, I'll probably be working less in the end for more money. My days off with TT means I have 2 whole days to catch my lines around my life, not the other way around.

The account status emails are driving me up a wall.
Really unhappy at Webmedx, but don't know where to go (sm)

Webmedx keeps buying up new companies but the employees aren't seeing the $.  It's a good company in many ways, but there's no where to climb and they're not trickling down their earnings to the employees that are keeping them afloat.  I'm not an MT.  I guess I've gone as high as I can in this company.  They rarely hire from within.  You work your tail off only to see the rewards (promotions) go to people who don't work here.  It's very demoralizing.  My pay isn't climbing (yes, I've begged for a raise).  For the first time I'm starting to hate going to work every day. 

I know it can seem like the grass is greener elsewhere so I don't want to jump ship too soon.  I just don't know about timing.  How do you know when you've reached burnout with no return?  I guess it's time for another job or maybe a second job so  all the things wrong with this one don't bother me so much.  I would love to just have an IC position where I could just transcribe or QA documents based on a requirement of lines per week, work your own schedule.  I only know of one company that does this and leaves you alone, which is Oracle Transcription, and they're not hiring.  If anybody knows of another please post or email me.

I hope everybody else is in a better situation.  I'm on the edge of putting in my notice, but I'm hesitant to leave too soon. I've been waiting for a long, long time for things to get better, though, and they haven't.

Unhappy Z'er
My experience with ZyloMed, if this is the Z out of Naples, Florida, was not a good one. I was on a large radiology account they acquired and I had numerous bad dictators, hard to get lines with different doctors constantly (advertised exclusive for one doctor or a small group). I had doctors from different locations/states. I stayed about two months. I figured I lost around 1,000+ dollars in those two months.

Be warned that they pay by a 65 character line. Make sure you have a good counting program. If they offer a bonus for “catch up” work, document it. Without knowing what your lines are, you will not know if you got your bonus or not.

They IM a lot, including mass IMs. I keep a log of my IMs and had more than one “group IM” of when are you going to start working etc.” I was already logged in and proofing one of many of my bad dictators- so figured this was to others that were signed on and not working. It really did not seem like IC work to me.

My QA was decent to me. I never had any issues with her. I’ve heard that some of the QA is snappy and rude, but like I said, the QA I had was okay.

Read your contract!! If you quit without notice, they can keep half your pay. They take away lines from you from the demos- Emdat Inscribe program- and I believe (I may be wrong) they charge for direct deposit.

This is just my own personal experience with Z. Others may be/have been happy there. It was not a money maker for me and I was very unhappy.
I am very unhappy with Softscript and
am not sure I can articulate why, exactly, as I'm not that good explaining. I've had 7 years as an MT, and worked for two MTSOs in the past as well as in-house. Recently started with SS because I was so desperate. Started me at 7 cpl (horrible), and it is the worst system I've ever used. It is NOT MT-friendly and am constantly having delays for things I cannot control. No support system to contact that doesn't take 15 minutes for a reply, nothing. There is flat nothing to help the MT make better production. I've never felt this way about an MT company before, so don't think it's me, personally moaning and  whining (at least, hope it's not). They have work, but most of the dictators on my account are terrible ESLs--get about 30% decent dictators overall, and 70% just rotten. I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice very shortly. I could never make a living with this company alone...never. Well, guess if I worked 16 hours a day...could maybe support myself.
Her message is obviously that she's unhappy with TT
So she should move on already. No one is holding a gun to her head to stay there against her will, right?

Unless her emails and resume to prospective employers read like her posts here. Then I can see where there might be a problem.
Not unhappy with my job Right Now, but I would be will to research it.

I love my job, but I feel like the future of MT in general is very insecure.  I would and I have investigated other possibilities.

Unhappy MDI-MDer
It makes me wonder how people can sell others out? I wish that all of these people who worship at the Shrine of Fort Knox would think of this little story I once heard. A wealthy man died and his friends were at his wake. One of the friends turned to the other and asked How much did he leave? And the other friend replied, All of it.

They can't take it with them. I have never seen an armored car following a hearse......I hope it is worth it.
Always unhappy people
there are always unhappy people at every company. Why are you asking these ladies to give more credence to an unhappy worker than a person who is reasonably happy with their job?
Are you the same unhappy employee with no work?
What's up with all the slamming.. People say negative things but never back it up with any proof or clear up what they mean.
Okay! Sounds like you are an unhappy person.
I agree! I was very unhappy working for them.
You ought to get your resume polished up and look elsewhere.  Lots of better MT positions out there!!
RIU has had some very unhappy campers with them if you search. nm
Management. From what I hear, many MTs are also unhappy (sm)
with their pay as a result of the implementation of ASR. Management has a pattern of taking a myopic view of limited data, then applying that to a larger picture. That's adversely affecting processes and job satisfaction in many positions throughout the company.

I was told that everyone in QA starts at about $16 an hour. Sounds like they can't even be honest about that.
Very unhappy with responses to your post
Saw your post from the other day -- have some other suggestions for you. Why not start investigating other ways to transition yourself from where you are to where you think you want to go. Below is a link to bookseller that offers a tremendous college level transcription course text book you can purchase on your own (includes practice dictation CD or tapes too) and for a small investment learn the way to do MT (which is a lot more than just new words. You do need to learn the body--and the formatting style. That's what medical transcription is really all about). But, you can do it on your own. There are services that will hire you part-time as a new MT while you keep your present job. That way maybe you could transition without losing your income. It's a tough way to go but can be done. If you go with Career Step you're months away when you start from even getting you started on the actual transcribing practice, as I understand it. Lot's of time spent in the beginning on ethics, work types, etc., and learning anatomy and physiology (though very important) but you will still always be using reference matarial no matter how much A&P you ever study. The way to go is get this book (which has all that preliminary stuff you can read in the first chapter, including the true-blue formating and editing guidelines set by AAMT (have you checked out this link too? www.aamt.org) and move on! Start learning what you really need to know (you must do the terminology part which is also first or second chapter). That will set you on the path. After that you will have a better feel for what MT really is. Also after that, I'll bet with 3-6 months or so of self-practice (obviously you know how to type) you need to decide where and how you want to work as an MT. (In the meantime you'll learn about how to make money doing this). Do you want to work at home or ouside the home? If you're going to work for a service or look for a local MD office. Or, do you want to work for a hospital? Many times hospitals have entry level programs that with a little experience and skill they will take you on as in-house employee (but, good luck finding one of those these days). If you want to do acute care (hospital) for a national service working from home the requirements are totally different. You do need 2+ years experience with hospital work. Either way, you can make the change. Many times an MD's office doesn't give a hoot about your training (they would like to hear about your experience). They want to see if you know the work, and how cheap they can get you. (Maybe) you're in the ballpark though at around $25,000--which is pretty good for transcription in most parts of the country. Email me if you need more tips about this. Not every MT is classically trained. Depends where you want to end up. And, I don't think MT is dying out quite as quickly as many may say. Here's the link for the book. Email me if you want to discuss this further--have been where you are, extremely possible to do. Best of luck to you--don't let anyone shoot down your vision of giving something else a try--you sound pretty ambitious. Expanding your skills and pushing yourself to something better is never a bad move.


MDI-FL is the one most people dislike/unhappy with. nm
I agree...move on if you are unhappy, sm...

you have to expect there to be times of little to no work, it is called TAT, plan accordingly. While I don't like down time either, I find something more worthwhile to do than sit here and complain about the company. Spend time with your kids, read a book, clean the house, the options are endless! If it is a money issue, have a little saved up for just those occasions when work is slow. Better to be prepared and calm than unprepared and stressed!  TT is a great company to work for, IMHO.


But there are some people who are so unhappy with their lives...
it makes them feel better to complain about other people or things that have nothing to do with them...thank god I am not that crabby..my husband would probably divorce me....LOL

Webmedx MTs ... happy or unhappy ...

I have some very specific questions I would like to ask you - whether you are happy or unhappy with Webmedx.  If you will allow me to email you or if you would email me. 

I don't want to argue on the board about the answers.  I would rather talk to just 2 or 3 people who have a positive experience with them and 2 or 3 people who do not share the same perspective.

Thank you.



You're the one who is unhappy and hurt, etc.
Thanks ... I was thinking of a friend of mine who is unhappy sm

with her current job, doing radiology transcription at a local hospital.  I was going to suggest she send her resumes to some of the national companies, but did not know which companies out there had radiology accounts.  If Keystrokes is the best, then I'll suggest that to her.  Thanks for the tip.  :-)

As for me, I've been doing acute care since Moses was a baby, but doubt I could pass any kind of radiology test. 

Some have been unhappy with them according to a search of other internet forums. nm
My name is Fred Flintstone and I have been VERY unhappy for 2 years because all I get are...

crappy jobs that are NOT $17 a week for insurance, but when I get that job at Medware with Wilma, you will be hearing me sing their praises too. Until then, we just can bask in the glow and knowledge that the perfect job does exist. Good grief!!!!

Check the old posts here. There are a lot of people unhappy with them. nm
Unhappy QA at Webmedx -- Transhealth questions

I'm yet another unhappy CQI/QA member at Webmedx and have to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever spoken up about their negative experiences at Webmedx (though I understand anybody who's too afraid to speak publicly, which seems to be the majority of the QA department!). I realize that it takes much more courage to speak up than kiss up or stay quiet, so I always appreciate anybody who comes to these boards and posts.   And anybody who's been in this industry any amount of time knows that the adage all mention of the company is good advertising doesn't apply to this field.  Things have definitely taken a turn for the worst with the QA portion of the company, IMO.

I have questions about Transhealth, which has been recommended as an alternative to doing QA at Webmedx.   I'd like to know what the upper management of TransHealth is like.  Is the person who manages the QA department someone with a background in MT, or is it someone who is a data puncher but doesn't even do that well?   Do they express support for QA, or do they seek to squelch communication online and in the department through intimidation because they're afraid of criticism and fallout of their decisions?  Do they have several people at the top who handle different departments, or do they have one person in several roles, perhaps all of which they're unqualified for?   What kind of quota is there, and how are you paid?   Does ALL your work count toward the quota, or do you find yourself doing a lot of work that doesn't qualify? 

I realize this is much to answer.    Please feel free to add anything else you'd like that would help me make a choice.  Thank you!

~~Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.--Bertrand Russell~~

also susie, although it is none of my business...seems to me if you are that unhappy you should find
a company to work for that makes you happy...good luck....
I agree. They are too big for everyone to be unhappy. There is a very small representation of most
Most people are either very happy or very unhappy and just because they unhappy ones are more vocal does not mean that they have a more accurate experience, just a louder voice!

I own a small service and admire those like MQ, Spheris, Transcend, Keystrokes, MDI, Medware, etc that have gone through what I do on a daily basis and came out on top. It is more work than most people know and more than most would be willing to do. MQ has some unhappy people, but we sure do not hear from all 10,000 of them!
Have me confused with someone else .. I never claimed to be happy or unhappy. sm
I work for CardioScribes ... I just am not a cheerleader.  I see their warts, same as I see the warts on other companies.  I'm sure they see my warts as well. 
But most of us are unhappy there now...especialy those of us who are long-timers.
Old posts also say your pay is docked if client is unhappy with your work. No thanks. nm
Anyone work for Proveros? There is not much in the archives. Only seen one unhappy camper

Control freaks and think up everything they can to make things difficult. They must be very unhappy
women up there.
The grass is always greener over the septic tank. Go find another job if you are unhappy.
MT jobs are easy to find, so very easy to find.
What in the world would make you think someone is unhappy who has not stated so? Diggin deeper
Old posts say they dock lines if the client is unhappy and starting pay is very low for 1200 lpd. nm