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lol! i'm not mgmt and not scared, just wanted to

Posted By: my 2 cents on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: Thanx for your 2 cents, management. - (why else would U be so scared?)

share my opinion. I'm just a plain 'ole MT, wouldn't want to be in management or an MTSO. Had a couple of my own local clinic accounts some years back, but one of the doctors went out of business, and I gave the other one to a friend because I was tired of driving 30 minutes one way to pick up tapes and deliver.

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ooh I'm really scared
No seriously, this woman had it coming.
that would mean a bit scared, not bid obviously
about what are you so scared?
Is it the 'shortcuts'? If yes, I can completely understand you.

I never use the shsortcuts, I keep correcting using my mouse.

They say that using the shortcuts makes it faster, but this is not proved yet.

What else do they teach you in this 'VR training?'
Besides the shortcuts, is there something else to teach?

You are welcome! Oh, just scared about the
Needing to make a decision and majorly gun-shy about which company... again, sorry about the confusion before, and guess if TT isn't hiring I will not worry about them anyway. Thanks again.
Scared? Of what?
I am PAST retirement age. I have nothing to be scared of. Am already drawing SS and other retirement checks. I could walk away now if I wanted to. I stay because I happen to love my job and the extra money I love to make. No ONE when I had to make it on my own was in my corner so basically, this is a virtual world now. I do mine and others do theirs. End up in what same boat?? Makes no sense, your post. The OP was stating that she had a friend who hurried thru reports and there were lots of mistakes because if not hurrying thru was docked her pay. Read that again and then get the true meaning of this thread.
yes. you should be very scared if they did sell.
SPI is a bunch of crooks.
I think they're scared :-(
I think a lot of them have been there a long time (judging from their posts on that board), and I think they keep hoping for the best and that things will turn around, but from what I see on the outside looking in, I don't think it's going to happen. I think a lot of them are trying to get out but just haven't had any luck doing so (yet). I can't understand how many of them are managing when it seems a lot of the service areas are in a 'NJA' status so much of the time. A friend of mine works for the Q and she still has plenty of work; however, she works at night and it's basically straight transcription, so I'm sure she's just prepping an account to go to VR and then on over to India. She says she's intending to wait them out until they fire her so she can collect unemployment. Perhaps a lot of them feel the same way.

Oddly, I almost accepted a position at the Q about a year ago (still have the entire offer packet, etc.), but turned it down when something a little more interesting dropped into my lap. I've given thanks the past several months, watching the Q implode, that I took the other offer. My nerves couldn't handle that kind of job stress.

Sounds like you and I are both fortunate and have great employers with good accounts. We're very, very blessed compared to what those at the Q have to deal with.
It sure scared ME off! (And I've been looking).
People are scared to ask questions
Why can't people just ask questions here without being scolded for things that have absolutely nothing to do with what they asked? If you don't know anything about the insurance, just don't say anything. How does it help anybody to hear about your own prejudices? Probably a lot more MTs would join in a discussion if they didn't get pecked to death. If you don't have anything positive to say to them, just don't say ANYTHING!
you were scared of switching companies?
to each his own way. too scared, then don't, find your own path. sm
every company has a web site, just sent it to them periodically.

Scared Speechless!!!! Today is the first day
YIKES! Starting TODAY! Training, going to VR.  Have been in denial about the whole thing and now it is here, and can't affort a dime of cut in pay.  Blaming myself for thinking positively and not getting something else... Is anyone else frightened.. and if you are not scared, please words of comfort... because the rent and big bills due from this paycheck and the next. Thanks in advance for feedback!
No the loss of pay isn't fun and the reality is that I should be scared.
Only one responsible for the bills, no time to sit on my hands so to speak! Wrists resting or not... I am sorry I absolutely cannot take a dip in pay. Just got off the phone with my car loan and they will defer the payment but I had to give a reason why and then they will call my employer and verify I work there... isn't that something... Also wondering how I am going to pay the rent on the first... Just had to put 400 bucks to repair my car just in the last 2 days. Nope. Reality is I personally don't have the time to wait it out and see how it goes. I have to make as much money as possible, yesterday, so to speak. This was where the fear is. Not in the training. So, I count my days until I am safe and secure in a job where I know my paycheck will pay the bills and that is what I am working on while I look for a school to retrain for something else, while I work doubletime here at my job now to keep up. So, that's the story folks. Trust your instincts like the poster down below said. Everybody's situation is different. But with no second income, the time to move is now, not later. As the car loan lady said... Don't let your next payment be late... and guess what I will heed her advice!
excited in a scared hopeless kinda way

I put mine on the board but got scared and deleted it after a day
Did not want anybody and everybody reading my personal business. I guess I like to e mail my resume privately. Though I am curious what response I'd get, I am too chicken to post it. Plus I am always worried if my present employer were to see it on the board LOL. Isn't there a chance of that? Oh, well. It's nice to hear it works if you get the guts to post it. :)
I think the 'scavenger' post finally scared her away..nm
Thanks for setting the record straight. I was going to apply with them but that scared me off. NM

Thank you! Just wanted I wanted to hear!
LOL! No, I'm FAR from mgmt!
Nemesis would have been closer ;) Believe me, I have STUDIED this company and would be the first to zing them if I felt it was earned.
Former MQ Mgmt = HIS Mgmt
U'r KS mgmt - I do my job, so had better you
Only someone in mgmt at the co. would keep posting like this, and be so seriously upset. I can just see an MT defending someone they work for like this, LOL.

The IC co. I just left did the same thing. Always responding pretending to be an MT. LOL.

Like I SD - you better believe my pay better be in my acct on the day it is supposed to be there. Not 1-2 days late. You want me ON TIME on the job, you want me to be responsible, give you advance warning of days off, do a quality job, to work the hours I am scheduled. LOL - that goes 2 ways - you better do YOUR job and ON TIME.
Yes I am in Mgmt.
I see it as part of my job to check things and keep it fair.
U can try discussing it with mgmt but you will just

be discriminated against because u do not think what they do is the best thing since fried grits.  If the program is so wonderful, why all the problems, the notes on the private board about major issues never resolved.  Why does it break down every day?  Why are line counts so hard to get?   Say a word to mgmt about anything and u pay the price by getting nothing but garbage for dictators and garbage accounts.  

They could save a lot of money by trashing this program and starting from scratch cuz MLS could actually produce some work on something decent. 


They must be in co-hoots with OSI's mgmt
so lame
I'm not mgmt. I don't even work there, but was

My choice was between TT and another company.  The other company went higher than 9 cpl, and I went with them.

Should be -- Don't KNOW if she means mgmt.
re: Word/mgmt

When I applied, Word 2000 and Excel 2000 was the minimum that you needed.. I did ask about the bounced checks, etc and was told that they do not currently have an issue but it was at one time. 

Every reason to believe? Oh, boy. I think mgmt (sm)
has better things to do than sit around on these boards all day.  Trust issues, huh?
Did you not think that QA and mgmt were in contact?
My advice - look elsewhere. They (mgmt) is
extremely rude and feedback is insulting.
OMG! That explains it, then. MQ mgmt, and
ex-management are literally scum. After that enlightenment, I wouldn't say I was smart to send MDI-MD packing, but rather my MQ disgust radar was going off, and I didn't know why. Isn't that bizarre? That happened to me at another company a while back - one I was checking out before leaving MQ, and I accidentally recognized one of the names of management on a group email, and inquired. Sure enough, it was a company started by all ex-MQ mgmt. I tried to stay the course, but it was just the same old BS under a different company name. So sad, as I had heard great things about MDI-MD as well. Thus, my willingness to give them a shot. That's really a shame. Lots and lots of MQ MTs left MQ for them as well, and I know not many of us can handle any additional financial hits right now. So sad. People get the courage to leave one monster, and end up in the monster's spawn. Sorry if I offend anyone, but if you know MQ, you can relate.
Mgmt is US based but BAD!!!

Since the US management took over, there is no work and many Focus MTs have either quit - like myself - or have acquired 2nd employers so they make money.  No work, bad management, accounts leaving, payroll always coming up short now, no decent QA, management that won't answer your IMs and if you call team leader you are called stupid, a liar, a worthless retard and basically they hate you and will fire you.  I would personally avoid the company.  It was better and more honest and work flow was great when the Indians managed Focus!

That seems all you have done . . . TransTech mgmt ????
So silly . . . .
sure sounds like T mgmt, but thats okay.
send it to everyone BUT mgmt. Make sure it's just to the MTs. sm
what are they gonna do? fire you? LOL
They also did not change the MGMT insurance
and that's just not right. Seems the ones who are making them all that money for their BIG salaries are the ones who are suffering. VERY UNFAIR.
Don't ever forget that HR works for MGMT and not

Recruiters or mgmt should not be solicting
for employees on this particular board, it is for the MTs to share information about companies. I know this isn't an MT.
Adept Word Mgmt.
I used to work for them when I lived in Texas and I did not like them at all. Don't bother....
At the risk of being called mgmt, I have to say (sm)
that when I started 2 years ago my very first check was direct deposited, but I can't remember how much time they had to do it.  I DO remember I was shocked, because the company I had come from always told us, it took several pays before it went through.  I think it was because they just didn't bother with the paperwork involved.
TT Mgmt says more is going to VR by Dictaphone and Escription
Trying every way to cut our pay.   Less and less regular transcription.  Of course, as mgmt says, this is the wave of the future.  But how do we explain that 1/2 cut in pay to our mortgage companies and be able to put gas in our car to go anyway.  Horrible thing happening in this MT field for the MT's.
sups, mgmt, recruiters...
And whatever almighty names you wanna call yourselves. This is someone you can learn from.
Bottom Line -- Mgmt always says that
cherry-picking is not allowed and will be dealt with; however, it very rarely is. If management is not going to take care of it, nothing you can do. Just type and go on. This way, you will get up to speed on these dictators and it will not matter in the long run.
When MDI mgmt posts on these boards
they don't hide behind a moniker.  They use their real names.  People will think what they want to think, but I'm with the OP on this one!
Just because we can't see it doesn't mean mgmt isn't dealing with it. (sm)
Hopefully they are still monitoring this. The only time I really noticed a problem was a few months ago, they had hired some new people on my main account and they evidently didn't like foreign accents. After a few days an E-mail came out about cherry picking and those people were gone, either to another account or company, I don't know.
It is VERY clear Web mgmt does not care at all about their MTs.
If they did, this overhiring and scrambling for work wouldn't happen constantly as it does now. They can keep their townhall meetings and cookbooks and let us work consistently.
I'm sure the team leads and mgmt SM

are keeping track of line counts, right?  Then they should be quite aware of who isn't getting their count in and contacting those people to find out what the problem is.

I really enjoyed this post.
I have worked for a lot of companies and can tell you this has the worst mgmt of sm
any company I know. They are unprofessional and they do not know how to manage.  They are running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, play people against each other (watch behind you if you go there) and you really do not want to go there.  They do hire outside the U.S., almost everywhere actually-not just India, the Phillippines, but as far away as Australia. Their tech support is bad and the company could care less about those that work for them.  On an up note, they pay on time. That's all I can say about them that is good.  You would do better working for any other service that is around than working for them. 
or maybe some offices still have poor mgmt & skills
I thought this was mgmt also but kept my mouth shut...nm