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The beauty of this job has been that I can play with Junior (sm)

Posted By: AnonMT on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: These responses are so female and so probably - fake or just ignorant.

and still make decent money. It all depends on the company you work for. And 20 years from now, I'll be doing something else.

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That's probably why most legitimate junior colleges don't even have an MT program anymore
Only fly-by-night crap schools have MT programs because it's an easy way to get money out of desperate people.

Go to an accredited college and get a real degree that you can use.
She doesn't. That is the beauty of it!
She is sick in the head and likes to pretend that she knows everything. That's what everyone on this board does.
The beauty of it is we DON'T HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION! sm
There are still hundreds of jobs out there that don't require this ridiculous schedule. The OP turned down the job! Why does this anger you so?? Because she refused to settle?? MTs settling for crappy pay rates, schedules, etc. is what has sent this job overseas. The majority that have sent their work overseas have also come back to the good ole American MT!
Just click on Play then click on Play again to pause dictation
I'm working in Bayscribe right now and that appears to be the only way to do it.

Play to play
Play again to pause
Play again to start play again

Hope that helps.
They play a lot of games. Pay was on
time, but they do have their favorites who get the good work. Used to run out of work all the time and have to wait for more overflow to come in, so bailed out.
Play favorites.....
pay is good, but they still play favorites and some typists make off like bandits on cream of the crop dictators while the rest of you get the scum.
It all boils down to who will play the game
There have been a lot of good MTs at OSI. Most of those who do excellent work and have years of experience have left OSi because of tactics such as this. She may have a good work ethic and sunny disposition and do good work but is not in a better position to supervise other MTs who are better all around. The point is that people new to either the MT industry or to OSI are most often the ones promoted because they are most assuredly YES people since they don't have enough experience to know any better that OSI consistently does things such as break the wage and hour law among other things.
make sure your player is set to play
Unless you have another way to play your voice files, use
Can't play the game unless you have the equipment.

Express Scribe does play that!(sm)
Not sure about Gear Player, but in open Express Scribe and go to settings, and then settings, and go to the tab files, and you should be able to check the box there. You can also go to the WMA file right click and select open with and then select your Express Scribe. Good luck on the test!
Two companies that do not play games
are MDI-MD and Landmark. Good honest people at both companies.
It's one of the tricks that companies play on us
so that they can control our productivity, penalize and pay less, despite getting their work done.  The same thing happened to me a year ago, we were asked to follow dossier given by the client, but then a few QAs followed AAMT BOS, etc.  Nevertheless, we were penalized left and right and eventually when we stood up and reported their actions, then it stopped completely.
Help! How do I play this test file?
I'm taking a test for a job.  I was sent a file that opens in Creative MediaSource.  How am I supposed to transcribe this when it's going so fast?  I need to use my foot pedal but there is no option.  Please someone help me!  I want this job!
our fund of knowledge comes into play

with each report we type.  If that doesn't justify a decent compensation, I don't know what will. 

Should we just hop to the problem parts of the report since we are only getting paid for that part of the report, eschewing the rest, not making sure it makes sense?  It's outrageous, and we should all refuse to do it unless we get paid the same as straight typing.  Why should technological advances cause us to lose pay?  No one else is taking a cut except us, yet we are the glue that holds this profession together.  I know it's all been said before, but it's wrong, and if the MTSOs read this board, they will at least know where we stand on it. 

We earned our knowledge through blood, sweat and tears over the years, and we should be compensated for it.  Why shouldn't we?!

Ask about what role American MTs will play versus their

I'll play - EZ lunch decisions
I don't have to make the decision the night before or in the morning whether to pack a lunch or buy. Can decide to make rice in the cooker, microwave a meal or just eat a sandwich, or even not eat till I'm famished, all up to me and not a clock.
I know, that wasn't the point. It was simply the play on words....
......simply the play on words in the Google blurb that fit the situation, not the whole related article.
Can you download Express Scribe and play the file thru there? nm
ho ho ho but the hosp can play Russian Roulette w/going to court with

Those medical records became cheaper for hospitals how?  When they go to court with those expensive incorrect records and LOSE, wonder if they think it was cheaper?


Or the voice files may already be there "somewhere" for you to click on and play and you
I had that happen and had to play them in Windows media player-nm
You'd play lousy poker - obvious bluffer.

Don't have to have the last word to have the last laugh, and I'm having a good one.

Such an easy mark. . . such a short fuse.  WOO!  I am laughing out loud. 

Fatcat, didn't we play chain socks once?
I hope you're the same Fatcat from the other board.
DocQ, hmmm, how to play audio from keyboard??
Can you share.  Didn't know, worked on platform twice and nobody ever said this.???  Can you share?
FTP is just to move files around, not play them. That would be software like ExText, ChartScript,
Very similar thing happened to me. They play head games.
Your friend is better off moving on - but I am so sorry this happened to her - they really are a horrible company.
Odd way of doing business. Most places dont have time to play those games. They just get rid
of people and move on. 
If offshore owned, they want to play by their rules, treating MTs like slave labor, much like
No experience because I couldnt even take the transcription tests. The voice files would not play.
How about you? I was bummed. I was really interested in the job but I tried everything to get the voice files to play but they wouldnt. Oh well, I guess if it were meant to be, then I would have been able to take the test.
Anyone else have problems taking USA Type test? Cant get my comp to play the sound file.
Any suggestions? I really want to take the test but their sound file keeps loading onto my music program, and when I try to load it on Windows Medial Player it tells me I need codecs, so how would I find that to load?
The company hiring you should provide the Dictaphone pedal or the adapter to play the ExText
Don't need to record files. Pull them into Express Scribe (free on line) and play them thru there
After all these years, if I use Media Player, I just have my test outline ready and play the voice
how are you supposed to work and watch your mail all the time to play a stupid contest?
Transcend cares only about the big pay for its managers and corporate people, nothing for its MTs. Pay used to be decent, is less than mediocre for that horrible editing platform we are forced to use. ROMs have nothing to do but yell at the MTs and invent first grade games to play. I would rather have had the $1.48 postage and $1.00 it cost for the mouse pad and strip calendar.

Remember the old days when Edix used to give the Drake and Drake drug book for MT week? That was when Edix was a good company, too.
Yes, but there is play time and there is work time. sm
You volunteer. Awesome!! As long as you are volunteering during nonwork time that is great or during time that you have scheduled to be off. Again all great!!! We all have to take off with our kids when they are sick. Did it today as I had both at home and took PTO time for it. If you do these things in this manner, no big deal, but I am talking about the ones who constantly do not showw up for work and have excuses as there are more of them than there are of people who actualy take this job seriously.

As far as retirment from the other poster.... please. I am nowhere even close but I can say the downfall of this business is NOT because it is going overseas. It is because we do not have well trained American MTs. I have been here for 18 years. I have watched it go down. It is sad but we can't change it YET!