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should be administrators, my bad!

Posted By: MTinshockandtired on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: What about those who made 12 cents a line only a few years ago - MTinshock

:) some other minors errors too because I rely on my abbreviator too much I think...been doing that a lot lately...

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To the Administrators

Would you PLEASE delete posts/threads immediately that are nasty and highly inflammatory (like the one on TTS from a few days ago).  There seems to be a cycle of totally nasty posts that appear from totally unprofessional people in this profession, and that is not fair to the MTSO or any of us for that matter. 

Being upset with an MTSO or a person within the MTSO and stating the facts is one thing, but there have been a lot of just plain nasty things posted here.

Thank you for considering this, and I sincerely hope you do something to take immediate action when nasty things are posted.

YEP - it seems likely the administrators of the website
either through court order or other means - identified GP through posts to the plaintiffs...

SO other posters should realize that you are NEVER anonymous online.

Administrators - What about starting a VR Board
The hospital I work has no intention of outsourcing...physicians and administrators want inhouse tra
and Medquist hasn't bothered us at all. Our reps are still the same personable guys they have always been.
Bottom line is administrators trying to save a buck. Many drs. don't want records going offshore.