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What about those who made 12 cents a line only a few years ago

Posted By: MTinshock on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: I am amazed by how many ungrateful MTs there are - my 2 cents

you have no problem with reduction in pay, are you serious? making less money is truly okay with you because you sympathize with those poor administors and owners of the companies who should have the money instead.

I respect your talking about bad work habits but what type of transcription to you do, what percent ESL may I ask? You do realize it is not humanly possible to jump through all the hoops just right now to make that kind of money, not unless you are lucky enough to work on 'good accounts' which are usually saved for those who also do QA, and for new people or whoever gets or however they get it I have no idea.

you must type so many lines a day, but your quality better be 98-100% or you lose benefits and pay and also you must never complain or speak up about anything or you will get the worst dictation on the system only to have your work gone over with people who are paid hourly so they can pretend quality is what matters when we all know what really matters is the hospital saving money for the CEOs and their families.

if anyone cared about the patients, I mean truly cared about the patients as we are expected to do, the whole system would not have gone to capitation and nonprofit to a for-profit business. Halls in hospitals would not be filled with patients who have no one to help them and who lie there moaning and groaning while the nursing staff is cut back to less than skeleton crew, or any kind of ancillary service is outsourced and moved out of the hospital to save money, no matter that elderly people suffer because they may not be able to drive all over.

I could go on and on but it no doubt will be lost on where you are at.

This country seems to be becoming more 'sadistic' and less compassionate day by sorry day.

where were people like you when the money was flowing freely, were you protesting for lower pay - do you want to take lower pay right now because I am sure your boss will oblige...

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In REPLY TO: What do you call 6.5 cents?? - Geeze, when I started out 15 years ago, I made 8 c
6.5 was the offer for one place and the second offer was 9 cents. I chose the second offer :). Rough out there indeed! There are even places paying per report now... I saw 75 cents, $1.10, $1.15 and $1.25. Ain't good for Rad.
I have 11 years experience and am on 9 cents a line
and I'd say 9.5 cents per line is pretty good these days!
Made 1200-1600 per week paid on a gross line for 5 years!
It CAN be done. The key is either a really high line rate or canned text over and over again with very small accounts. I had a little of both and then some harder stuff thrown in. It also helps if you work like you are on fire most of the day. Needless to say, that gravy train ran out of juice and now I am back to *normal* pay of around $750 per week at another company. SO many variables out there with the *how much do you make?* question.
I also work for 8 cents a line. I left a job typing OPs for 10-11 cents sm
to take a clinic job. I made an average of $17-18 an hour with OPs, now make $16-17 an hour, but the work is easier on me. I do not call that poor pay. I type 200+ lines an hour. True, it isn't the $26-27 an hour I was making 10 years ago at a hospital, but that's gone for good. I have excellent skills, make better than 99% on QA at any company I have worked for, and some of those have been very demanding.

I'm afraid the people that are expecting to make $20-30 an hour in MT are going to be disappointed. A few can still make that amount, but for the average good transcriptionist, the pay is much more likely to run $15-20. Benefits are pretty much gone. However, I feel that what I'm making is considerably above what I could make in another field, unless I decide to teach, which I will not do. Still, I make more than I would at Walmart or Burger King, or even a secretarial job. It's my choice. Good luck to you.
The mentoring program does not pay 8-1/2 cents per line. Believe it is like 6 cents.
Do they still pay you 5 cents a line and 2 cents if you send anything to QA?
I have a problem with 7 cents and 8 cents a line because
...when I started 15 years ago, my very first MT job started me out at 8 cents a gross line, then went to 9 cents a gross line after only a year. I was SOOO happy and proud of myself for choosing a profession that paid so well - I imagined myself making a lot of $$ once I had 10 or 15 years experience behind me...

Well that never happened; in fact, it all went backwards, pay wise. The company I worked for back then sold out to a national, and of course the pay was cut, and 9 cents a gross line was never to be had again, at least not that I could find. I am considered living in poverty now. I started out great but have ended up very badly.

I think my own personal problem is that it's hard for me to let go the fact that I made good money just starting out and how everything I had ever learned about jobs, careers and pay was that the more experience and education you have in a particular field, the more your pay goes up as each year passes. Well my pay has been consistently taking a nosedive for at least a decade now. I actually have to work MORE to make at least as much as I did years ago, and it's killing me health-wise as far as my wrists, my legs, my neck, my back....

It also kills me that I'm going to have to accept 7 or 8 cents a 65-character line when I made so much more than that 15 years ago.

I suppose to someone who's just starting out, 7 or 8 cents would seem pretty good, though. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to land any jobs with my resume. They may not want me with my years of experience, probably want a newbie who will be more grateful about such low pay. I dunno.

I could just kick myself for wasting money on MT school those years ago when I could've spent it on a career that would actually LAST and where I'd be making great money after being in the same field for 15 years. There's just no reward to this business. None at all, IMO.

I would NOT recommend this field to anyone just getting started. To me, it's a dead field.

I'd have more freedom working at McDonalds (for a number of reasons), and, believe me, I've been considering taking a local job around my home for minimum wage. At least I'd have a consistent paycheck and would know exactly what I'm getting every 2 weeks, then build from there as far as another job or two.

Well anyway that's all. I really need a job. I'm going down, going under, and it's a shame because I do very good work and have all this experience but no one seems to want me, even the low-paying companies. Oh well.
Oh, they make money off us. Line rate is 17 cents a gross line.nm
10 years, 4.5 cents !!
Wow, what a bunch of crap that is for your hard work! I have 7 years myself, and I make quite a bit more than that, and I am being paid far above the national minimum wage. I am finally doing editing after the rat race of MTing because of the general way that these so-called great national companies treat MTs like they are not even people, just a machine. I hope you will look for something that pays you what you ARE worth, so you can make some money and live on it.
Over 23 years, my 2 cents...
I have had a very similar transcription career experience as you have, although I started with Medquist back when they became The MRC Group.  I was with them for 15 years until recently when all I got was NJA and I had to make a living.  So I researched companies and found Diskriter and here is my opinion for what its worth.  First on a positive note I will say that everyone I have dealt with has been great.  Pleasant, informative, noncritical and they actually pat you on the back which I never got from MQ. Now for the negative side.  When I was hired on as second shift, Sun-Thurs I would run out of work on Sunday halfway through the shift and then had to make the time  up during the week.  That wouldnt be bad except for their is mandatory 5 hours overtime you have to do every week with an email daily that says (get this in as soon as possible).  So basically you end up working 10 hour days with the whip being cracked telling you to hurry up and get those 5 hours in, which you cant get until you have made up your downtime from Sunday.  I have found all this to be extremely stressful and feel like I dont have a life anymore, I am just a factory worker.  Unless you love  working long hours I would suggest something else...in fact, I am looking myself.  I am too old to be under this much stress.  I havent worked my normal shift in 5 months that I have been there!
7-1/2 cents for 5 years experience?
You're outright lying. You'd have to make at least 12 cpl to make 7-1/2 with ISR (not VR, as you're saying).
10 cents per line
so does AccuSTAT, Wisconsin for ER work!!!
This would be cents per line.
If it were more like 65-70 cpl, it would be characters per line.
CPL = cents per line

Then of course you need to know how they define a line.  "Standard" is 65 characters is a line, but that might be with spaces or without spaces being counted.  Also, not all companies a define a line this way, and it could be gross line (anything on a line, even one character is considered a line), or it could be a character line (with or without spaces).

But...CPL means cents per line.

MA 3 cents per line

Yes, yes.  I worked for them for one whole day.  The only reason I applied was because I was born in Mass (but now live in AZ) and it was an editing job, which I wanted to try doing, since I trained MTs for so long and edited their reports, etc.  Anyway, the supervisor, Bobbi, was an absolute tyrant nightmare.  Training was done over the phone, and she was so nasty and bitter, she made you feel like you had never done a thing in the medical field ever before.  For example, I was not following what she was talking about as far as her formatting statements, and she was going on like, what are you talking about???!!!    I had to take a Valium and Rolaids, and then she told me to go ahead and transcribe some reports.......I have been doing transcription over 20-years, and wanted to just edit.  Well, she said she was going out for the evening, but there should be no problem with the system and sending the reports on after I transcribed them.  Well, there sure was.  I contacted the lady that was her assistant, and SHE ragged on me for contacting her.  I said, 'sorry, I can't send the reports.  Something is wrong with the system, so I am just going to email them to you, so you know they have been done at least.   The next morning I woke up and emailed Bobbi that I am not right for this job.  Nobody is.  That has been years ago, and amazingly she cannot hold on to anybody for that Editor job.  It was so bad, I cannot remember the name of the company - Maybe something like Infomatics, or something.  She was an absolute horror.  Don't work for her.  You will not be happy........ 


QA at 2 cents per line...
Is this fair pay?  Tomorrow I have an interview with a company that pays 2 cents a line for proofreading.  This seems a bit low, but I dont have anything to compare it to.  This might be a good opportunity to learning something new and get some experience in QA - since it seems like QA might be the way to stay in this industry a bit longer with all of the offshoring and VR now.
6 cents a line!?!?!
I have almost seven years experience and some people have the nerve of offering 6 cpl IC status.  I think that is crazy.  Even if it is the same doctors and no ESLs.  I have worked for a couple of places where I make 8 cpl and have the same doctors and no ESLs.  I could understand if I were a newby or I tested for them and did bad.  They never even tested me.  They just send me an email stating what they offer.
at least 4 cents a line
I got my first editing job for 4 cents per line. 2 cents is slave labor.
3 cents per line
Are you sure they didn't mean 3 cents per line added to 7.5 cents per line? 
Their ad says 6 to 9 cents per line; not 6 to 8 (nm)
I get 3-1/2 cents per line..nm
8 cents a line...
I regularly see people posting that 0.08/line is very low pay.  I have only been paid by the line for the past 2 years...before that I was paid hourly and worked for a hospital.  When I decided to work at home and saw that I could expect to get paid 7.5 to 8 per line...I thought that was decent.  I regularly type between 200 and 300 lines per hour...so even at my minimum that is $16/hour....I can't make that at Burger King.
6.5 cents a line?!?!?!
No wonder Spheris doesn't give a rip about keeping their top-notch employees.

And why should they care that MTs with decades of experience are walking away in droves, when they can just get some newbie to work for peanuts?

No offense to you personally, but the MTs who are willing to work for next to nothing are driving the entire MT profession down the drain.

I started 23 years ago at 8.5 cents a line.

If we keep devaluing ourselves, how do we expect MTSOs to place any value in us either?

'Nuff said.
6.5 cents per line
only 6 cents per line
You probably should try to get your own accounts, by calling doctors and/or putting an ad on MTStars like I did with my resume and my specialties, because doctors' staff do look at it.  I should know, I am doing a major account because of it.  I wish you the best.
I believe it was 7.5 cents a line, even
with 17 years' experience. Plus their software and system did not sound efficient.
Umm, take the 4.5 cents/line!

Even at a moderate pace and 100% reading of each report, that is more than $11.00 an hour.


5 - 7 cents/line..........
I bet it is for voice recognition
I would do QA for 2 cents/line
If all I had to do was fill in blanks, with ZERO proofreading and feedback. 
At 6 to 8 cents/line?
Are they kidding?
Pay is low - 0.05 cents per line
I'm not sure what platform they use.
It's 8 cents a line, it's in the ad. nm
Here is my 3 cents (per line)

I SO agree with what you said.  Loved the platform (EditScript V8) and the account was really not that difficult & good sound quality.  However, they had too many people trying to train the VR and sometimes it was a mess.  The 3 cpl for the VR is RIDICULOUS, especially when on some reports it would be quicker just to manually type the entire report rather than edit.  I was told I could not use a word expansion program, so I HATED that part.  We also could not copy/paste repetitive phrases of dictators from another report due to alleged HIPAA violations.  I truly don't see how a generic phrase or even paragraph for a procedure, as long as patient names are not mentioned, is a violation of HIPAA.  I think it has more to do with training the VR program.

My pay was relatively on time and accurate, but it just was not worth my while at 3 cents per line.  I also hated the panicking e-mails and the nastygram e-mails I received CONSTANTLY.  The nastygrams were just a blanket e-mail to everyone saying if they didn't do this or that they would be TERMINATED and constantly crying wolf about backlogs when at times there was no backlog!  I don't consider 4 jobs to be a backlog.  I now work for a small service where I am getting top dollar (12 cpl weekends) for relatively easy work & am happy that I quit.  Maybe someone else will do fine at TTD and will like to work that way.  Maybe they will make a lot of money at 3 cpl, but it sure wasn't me.

3 cents a line for VR

In order to make $20.00 an hour, which is what I make most days, I would need to edit 666 lines an hour.  Is that even possible? 

Hmm.... 666.....hmmm


3 cents a line for VR

In order to make $20.00 an hour, which is what I make most days, I would need to edit 666 lines an hour.  Is that even possible? 

Hmm.... 666.....hmmm


You are too much...I made almost 60k five years ago
working in a similar recruiting/QA position for a small company. It varies widely. And it is a whole lot nicer position than MTing..well just about anything is IMO. Stop being so envious.
Huh? When did 9.5 cents base per line become...
I think you said you are making 10.5 cents/line, but you still have - sm
taxes taken out of your pay, approximately 30%, right? I realize you have other benefits, like paid vacation and health benefits, but you are still having taxes taken out.
I was offered 10 cents/line. I think they pay very well! nm
Pay is six cents gross line.
10 cents/line for radiology at

MDI  in Florida.  if you have Meditech experience.  If you don't, they will train you on it.  Giving sign-on bonus through March.  Diskriter pays by report, 1.05 -1.25.  Just have to do your research.  Its a pain.




I currently make 3.0 cents per line
and I average about 2400 - 3000 lines per day.
1.5 cents per line. nuff said

Or 1.5 cents a line for editing. nm
So go out of business. I know I won't help you for 3 cents a line.
I would go on welfare first.
No. But I see they are only paying 7 cents a line
You can get clients if you undercut. But it is getting good transcriptionists that is the trick if you pay so little.
They state they pay up to 12 cents a line - sm
How can that not been good pay?
Good pay at 6 cents a line?
The overall pay means more than cents per line
Getting really bad ESL or even really sloppy American doctors at 12 cpl is sometimes less profitable than some accounts at much less CPL. The bottom line is making a living and I've found there is not much compensation for doing the crap work in this profession anymore. The more experience, the more crap work you often end up with (and less pay for it).

Do you mean 0.07?? if it is 70 cents a line grab it. (nm)
3 or 5 cents a line? are you crazy?
you can make more money bagging food in a grocery store! that is an insult to this profession.