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you have summed up a lot of feelings and

Posted By: curiousMT on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: Again, we make pretty big concessions to be in our line of work ... - Eh

realities of this once profession and I really appreciate the post...

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I think you summed it up in a nutshell
or have contact with multiple companies do run into the same people over time. I've been online for 10 years and I know certain people based on their postings and others I worked with through the same company and we all parted ways for our own reasons but kept in touch after moving on. Some of these people of MTSOs, some are recruiters, some are QA managers, etc. People do tend to know who is who and talk about people. Gossip is human nature and so is just keeping up with who is doing what where is part of human nature.
Thank you! You summed up my thoughts and plans exactly..

Thank you!  You pretty much said it all.

I expect that 2009 will be the last year that I will work full-time as an MT. 

Go with your gut feelings. nm
I understand your feelings...
It is so hard to be two places at once but if you feel that your son needs your attention right now, call off. They will have to understand. You would call off if you worked in an office right? Just do what is right for you and in the end it will work out...Hope your son feels better!!! Hang in there!!!
Believe me I understand your feelings. I had been with MQ
for 17 years, when they starting cutting the ASR rate in 06/2007. I decided then and there the writing was on the wall. I knew it would not be too long before they cut it down to 5 cpl. I was making 10 cpl straight typing, but took a pay cut to work for TT and it was worth it. I am sure things will work you for you. Take care.
I didn't mean to start any bad feelings. I am sorry. nm
I understand your feelings, but let me give you
my recent experience. Mind you, I do not recommend just any company or say someone is good if they aren't. I am a seasoned MT who has worn many hats in out field. I recently decided to give MT a try again after running the gamut all the way up to QA manager, but so many problems with companies who pretend to be what they are not. I saw the posts by others that to me seemed unrealistic.

I wrote to Transtech and I was hired. Immediately after hire, I was set up, no wait. The tech guy got his job done and the program worked with no problems.

Their recruiter was very nice, willing to work with you, set a schedule that was workable, etc. These people were the nicest people I have been associated with in a long time.

I found myself unable to do MT on a full-time basis due to back problems and it really broke my heart. I have seen the industry just go downhill through the years and this company to me is just absolutely THE ONE that can lift your spirits in a field that has dampened your spirits.

They may be growing at a fast pace, but their ability to communicate and make you feel like a very important player in their team is something that none of the other companies I know will let you do. You are important to them.

I had to resign just due to my medical problems, but had they had a position available that enabled me to utilize my other skills open, I would not have quit. I really wanted to give MTing a try again with the downward spiral of the upper level jobs in most companies. I will not give my expertise out for next to nothing so I felt I could truly make management money by just going back to MT again as I always made management money doing MT. I guess I was delusional thinking I could make it work. They bent over backwards to give me a great flexible schedule and work with me. Their program had no flaws after one initial problem and the way they decided to solve it.

Trust me, I don't pat a company on the back that has not earned it.

I can tell you I am not a planted person, but I cannot say enough nice things about this company. If there was a position available in their organization that could employ my other skills such as management or supervisory, I would not hesitate to go back.

They are the cream of the crop IMHO and I do not work for them and the brief time I did taught me not to totally give up on this profession because I know of at least ONE excellent company.

BTW, their account was great and the sound was quite good. I cannot commend them enough.
I got the call, too. Mixed feelings here, too, but (sm)
my deep-seated distrust of all large companies of any type causes me to be worried. The call was upbeat, but I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens. This did kinda ruin my day, though.........
I understand your feelings completely...
I also get discouraged because working over the internet we are nothing to these companies. They cannot see us or hear us. They treat us with such lack of respect, and I especially hate the sadistic behavior I see all throughout this industry of women toward women, manipulating people's work and messing with someone's livelihood.

Research online and you can find out each company's profits, yet instead of getting raises and perks, after the companies are profitting millions in 1 year, we have benefit after benefit reduced or taken away, and the pay just keeps decreasing. We are paid whatever they want to pay us. It is like we have no advocacy whatsoever, just like back in the days of slave labor and child labor.

I was hoping the old AAMT would step up to that challenge but they are even more self-oriented than the companies themselves. They are in bed with the competition and playing both sides.
If she was so upset about your letter not representing her feelings...sm
then let her write her own letter and express how the minority in this situation feels!!  Kudos for you in your quest to let the country know what kind of shaft you all got!  Don't ever forget that you have a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of MTs behind you, ex-Heartland or not!
Medical insurance isn't about feelings. It's business. nm
Trust your feelings. Too many good places (sm)
out there.  No sense making yourself ill.   My hope is that someday all the cherry pickers will be put on one big boat and shipped to India to assist in training. 
Good for you. I hope you share your positive feelings
towards that company on this board then. People are only stating their opinions. If they have a bad one, that's their choice. All you can do is share your opinion that's good. However, if you don't share that opinion and simply jump on to tell everyone else to stop complaining, you're really not helping things.
You'll get over the good feelings. I've been here over a year now. (sm)
And if you had seen the subtle changes they have been making, you may agree they are moving in the direction of becoming the new MQ (pre sale to India).
I work with a rescue group so I get my share of fuzzy feelings
I financed a group to get it started, paying for the animal's care, vet bills, medicine and still do the financing. I also take my money and help others out. I just sent some money yesterday to a MT whose has a son who is in dire shape and she wants to go be with him. Not too long ago I read on here about a lady who needed help in buying a foot pedal. I sent her money for that so basically you don't know what you are saying when you say help others out. My mother said I did this from a very young age and I continue to do the same. I also take care of me, though. As far as a sugar daddy, never wanted one. I have a chef husband and a housekeeper. I work, travel, rescue animals, help others out when I want to. Priceless. End of conversation.