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Just because someone doesn't agree...

Posted By: MT on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: Your "Two Cents" is probably what you're worth per line. - XmasMT

Does not mean that you need to be so childish .

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I agree. Definitely called them. That doesn't sound right to me either.
I agree with Happy. Starving MT doesn't
a ton of work at Transcend.  It sounds like she's limited in her work type capability.  Please stop with the they send their best work to India because this is not accurate.  Good luck with your training.  I think you'll find Transcend a great company to work for.
I agree...change can be hard but it doesn't hurt to try...
especially if you are unhappy at your current company...and if you just hate being an MT, time to find a new line of work...Happy New Year everyone!!!
Doesn't apply if your OSI account doesn't use Ichart.
It is the Ichart only for OSi where you are cheated.
TT doesn't pay for spaces or ExText doesn't
That doesn't fly - KS doesn't offshore
He doesn't trust VR, or doesn't trust his MT to train it correctly?
Or perhaps his MT(s) has/have been filling his head with horror stories about VR and how it is a lawsuit waiting to happen?

Personally, I don't see any reason an M.D. would not trust a VR program, unless he's seen the products of a report edited by a less than competent MT who didn't do their editing job appropriately.

okay, that doesn't really help. I really need to know
the major city that is near you, how far away it is, and also put the next major city to you. For instance, if you live in kissmee, florida, you would put Orlando about 30 minutes away and Tampa about 45 minutes to one hour away.
TH doesn't. nm
It doesn't mean anything now though.
I don't care if I got anything, but if it didn't come until all the posts about not getting even a card, it just doesn't mean anything.  
for CMT...CMT really doesn't mean....sm
a heck of a lot, as I know plenty of CMTs who make errors (just like any MT who sometimes does), errors like  typing Port-A-Cath as Porta-Cath.  For decades, *CMT* yielded NOTHING extra $$-wise.  Today that is changing a tad.
It doesn't get better than this! NM
And if you think she doesn't already know, I
It doesn't seem so to me. SM
I was told that my account would be 50-60% ESL, but I don't find them too difficult. As well, there are lots of normals to look back on for help if needed.
It doesn't take me any
extra time. I just write down the job numbers while they are downloading. If I was having to actually take time out of work, I don't know that I would do it!
It may well be, but it sure doesn't sit well.

Doesn't matter to me either way, I'm not staying. 

MQ doesn't either.
Maybe she doesn't have the exp in ...sm
the area they are advertising on the job boards. Maybe she doesn't have the years of exp they want. There could be many reasons why she hasn't obtained another job. Maybe she wanted to give this one a fair chance. Who knows?
doesn't have anything to do with that..
how many companies state a minimum and overhire so you end up not making your lines? It does not mean Synernet does not do the same thing. Have you worked for them? Do you know this for sure?
This doesn't add up...
I read the article.  It states, We have 1,000 domestic transcribers and 600 in India.  Now, why do they need 600 transcriptionists in India if only 15% of the work is being sent to India?  So, it takes 600 Indian MTs to complete 15% of Transcend's work and 1,000 American MTs to complete 85%.  Either the Indian MTs are very, very slow (and how is that cost effective and how does that affect turnaround time and quality) or they are sending more than 15% of the work to India.  Take your pick .
That says a lot about you then, doesn't it.
Why on earth would you find entertainment in MTs taking a pay cut to do VR and being low on work, etc. Sigh.
From the looks of that ad, it doesn't appear that
I believe and to anyone who doesn't sm

she tells the truth here.  It's so sad that they are doing this to us.  Those who stay will probably be people who are the 2nd income in the home, not the main breadwinner.

You mean she doesn't post her name (nm)
That doesn't mean it was sold...
there are many reasons why the accounts/offices are going through closure/moving.

If contracts are not renewed, then not only will the account be finished but if that is a significant percentage of work for that office MQ may choose to merge that office with another for cost savings.

All I know to believe is what they have told me.
Well that doesn't say much about the company
You've been there 4 months and have 5 accounts already?????  That tells people that they run out of work consistently otherwise you would be working on 1 account and have a backup, maybe 2.  I've been there years and didn't even get my secondary account for almost 6 months because the work was so heavy on my primary account.  Things have changed.  The turnaround is so great they have to continually overhire.  The only thing I have to say is think about why you were hired at 10 cpl.  You're training the VR that is going to be cutting that 10 cpl to 5.5 cpl. If you're happy earning 5.5 cpl doing FULL editing that's great.  Maybe you weren't there when the CEO was saying that the people who do really well on editing are not high producers in typing and vice versa.  Those who have a hard time doubling their lines in editing are the ones producing 350-400 lines an hour in typing. There's no way they can make 700 lines per hour doing FULL editing.  So if you're doing great in editing, you're not that great in typing...you're average.  If you're a high producer in typing, let's see how happy you'll be when making 5.5 cpl for producing the same amount of work.
This company doesn't try either
They have not responded to their employees directly ... instead they put their comments anonymously on this board.
Best pay, doesn't always mean the best company. sm
You could make $0.18 cpl doing ESLs all day long and run out of work. That being said, how much would you make really if you can't do ESLs or there is no work available.

Everyone is looking for something different in a company. My suggestion is to write down what it is you are looking for, line rate, steady work flow, schedule, pay periods, etc and seek it out.

Good luck to you.
Stop saying that just because someone doesn't
share your opinion they must not get the reports you do, must not get the dicators you do, must not be an MT, must not...must not...must not.

Some have a different aptitude for this work. Others have a different OUTLOOK on the work and on life.

You're not the only MT there. You're not the only one with your outlook. Just because someone works at MQ, however, does NOT mean that they MUST feel like you, get the same work you do, etc. I get difficult dictators and reports a LOT but I don't complain about it. It's part of the job.

I really hope you can find something you are comfortable and satisfied with. I wish you all the luck. Please work ardently at doing so.

Doesn't matter
They won't have the work anyway! They just want to keep EVERYBODY on standby constantly.
She doesn't. That is the beauty of it!
She is sick in the head and likes to pretend that she knows everything. That's what everyone on this board does.
It doesn't matter anyway
We don't have any work now, so no work later will be no surprise.  Have been working for 3 hours and have been able to "snag" only two reports. 
A company that doesn't ...sm
test? CMT, 16 years experience including transcriptionist, QA, supervisor/trainer. Tired of all the companies that use mttest before they will even talk to you which takes up my time - only to find they don't pay very well! Are there any companies that wave the testing if you have the experience and great references?
How would you know the hospital doesn't know?? sm
Unless you are literally involved in the contract agreement between Diskriter and the hospital, how in the WORLD would you know what the hospital does and does not know.  If you are an MT, you would have no idea because we are not involved in those discussions.  They do not hide the fact that they offshore, in fact are pretty up front about it.  They contract witih an offshore company, know because I was told by upper management when I asked.  They only hire domestic MTs themselves.  Little work goes to the offshore company or they wouldn't have so many domestic MTs working OT like crazy.
Why the government doesn't come down on them...sm
Because the government, which was formerly assumed to be the people of the United States, but is now Corporate America only, doesn't have a stake in us, only big business. It is for this same reason that they allow illegal aliens to work all over America without consequnce to the employers who hire them. They make more than they would in their home countries, and a whole lot less than they should in the U.S., but companies want cheap labor and the US Dept. of Labor is there to help them get it. We who sell ourselves in the once respected MT profession for too little wages, at too long hours, without defending our rights to overtime and a fair wage, have just made the sacrifices of so many people who fought and died for those rights, martyrs to a lost cause. Shame on us. I don't work for Food, or Insurance, I work for a decent living wage, and if I can't make it working for one of these Nationial MT Sweat Shops, I quit. I don't blame myself because I know what I am capable of. I have had terrible sound quality, stupid and slow work platforms, unresponsive supervisors, account switching up to 4 in one day, nit-picking QA that I have had to prove wrong (and did) to keep my QA at 100%, and no pay for problems that were their fault. I quit them all. Although I may be Peeing in the wind, I will continue to uphold my standards, and make them uphold the Labor Laws of America. PTC I think we would all be better off it the likes of the poster below who said they did not want overtime because the government just took in taxes would leave the profession. It is hard to believe someone could be so stupid, and if they are truly an MT, then I would be ashamed to be seen with them. I would stake my life on the fact that this poster is a female, because men are not so foolish as to think that after the government takes out their 30% to 40%, the remaining 60-70% isn't worth having. Give me a break!!!
Doesn't cost the MT anything, though from my
experience you can do as good, if not better on your own.   They actually contacted me (probably from my resume posted on a couple of job boards) and I tried them thinking that maybe they had companies that didn't advertise and that probably paid well considering they were using a third party company to hire/screen, but the company they referred me to was one that frequently advertises here and the pay was average. 
Doesn't seem too important to get especially

if you have to get CEU's and renew. I already do that as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I don't need the additional expense and there doesn't seem to be a financial benefit.

Thanks for all your responses.

Who doesn't anymore?

Fact of life.  More Editor positions now available, less typing, hourly salaries.

Can you be more specific? This doesn't help at all. nm
Just because she was nice with you doesn't
Great if you had a good experience with her.

And yes, she would benefit by helping you with JLG's website - SHE WORKS FOR THEM! LOL

Just because they OFFER doesn't mean they will ACTUALLY PAY
Check out the company history, many on this forum reportedly offer the great sign-on bonus, but only to get you to apply there. This happened to me and 2 of my friends, we met all their qualifications, but keep they never paid up on their bonuses! Good luck.
Amphion doesn't.
Most does not equal all and doesn't mean all MTs
I work for 2 very professionally run MTSOs who refuse to outsource. If I am ever in a position to have to work as an MT for a service who outsources or changing careers, I will no longer be an MT. There will always be a need for US transcriptionists for US service providers who have clients who do not want it any other way.
just because they do it, doesn't make it RIGHT!
No, it really doesn't matter sm
I get health benefits through my husband, so I really don't need those.  I do like my taxes taken out, though. 
Only coordinator that doesn't do it is
She should have stayed gone the first time, she is the best, she does not allow cherrypickers.
And, it just doesn't stop. Normally it is a
for your accounts even in the evenings and weekends.  If an MT doesn't work or your account goes out of TAT, it is your fault and you must take the blame.  So, for 32K, definitely is not worth the hours you have to put in.  I used to be a manager too and worked at least 10 hours a day, sometimes 12.  I always felt the need to go to my office to make sure that everything on my accounts was ok.  Once I stepped down, I realized just how much it was affecting my life.  You need to decide for yourself if you want all the responsibility of TAT on several different accounts, even when you are not scheduled to work.  Think of your family, your hobbies, your life outside of your office, and realize you will need to give all these things up.  Definitely not worth it, IMHO, speaking from experience, of course.  Good luck with your decision.
Webmedx doesn't. nm
doesn't sound off to me
I ask for opinions on here all the time and am happy to share my experiences with different companies to anyone who asks including the current one.  It is hard to find good help and good companies that respect it.
Doesn't it cost...
an individual out-of-pocket to get a background check? I mean, if one is looking for a job, chances are he/she is broke and does not have the money to pay for such paperwork, not to mention the fact of how much it costs in gas to run all over the place.

The reason I know this is because my son just got a job at a local restaurant as a chef. In South Carolina some jobs require a background check, but the potential employee has to pay for this as well as run all over creation requesting records from the Highway Department as well as City and County law enforcement offices. It's time consuming and costly.

I wouldn't mind the background check if it came out of the potential employer's pocket (which they can write off anyway) and if they did all the leg work. I wonder if this sort of thing can be done online?
You can ask, doesn't mean you'll
get the truth!  Been there, been lied to, too.  But wish you good luck in finding a good employer...