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Oh, poor baby -- horrible pregnancy - adopt

Posted By: TT on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: My recollection is a bit different - - Maternity leave

I had CANCER -- that is just nothing to you pregnant woman, huh ?????  I got NOTHING from company.


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typos are one thing (inadvertent), but poor grammar is a poor reflection and demonstrates lack..
of knowledge. In this profession, if you lack proper grammar knowledge, you should expect to receive comments from those MTs who take pride in producing top quality work. Just my opinion, but I think it is quite embarrassing to see inproper use of the english command from those who profess to be MTs. There's a difference between typing a message here and having a slip of the finger and just not knowing proper word forms and spelling. I see grammer quite often, dependible etc. I truly do no believe these are simple typos, sorry.
Horrible, horrible, horrible place. Unlike the other poster
I actually worked there.   Sound quality is horrendous.  The account I had was the worst ESL I've ever had and I do 85% ESL so I have no problems doing ESL.   Frequent management turnover.   When I was doing QA the work was so bad that I pretty much had to redo every report.  I hear about how well they pay, but they don't pay that well and certainly not enough to compensate for all the other stuff. 
Would you adopt me?
When the day comes where all MTs adopt the attitude (sm)
that I don't get paid to research doctor's name and keep up with new terminology (drugs, surgical equipment, procedures, etc.), then, sadly, that is the day when we really will be nothing more than typing monkeys.

I'm not saying spend so much time looking up a doctor's name, drug, or term that you get kicked out of the system. General rule of thumb at all companies I have ever worked for is don't spend more than 5 minutes on research. I think that is a reasonable expectation. If you find what you're looking for, great, make a note of it so you don't ever have to look it up again. Better yet, pass it on to other MTs. I have done this on occasion, if I think someone else might come across the same thing.
Worked there 2 years ago..horrible, horrible, horrible.
Would totally avoid them at all costs.
Do you *adopt* free rabbits from people and then
Just wondering, as dog and cat 'bunchers' do that. They 'adopt' from people giving away free pets or selling them at low prices, then sell in quantity to research labs. Lots of 'missing' pets end up this way, too.

If you aren't a buncher, you just MIGHT want to try a different name, as that one has a pretty unpalatable meaning to pet-lovers!

(FYI only, not a flame!)
Well according to her we should adopt instead of actually giving birth...I think she is just unhappy
and I agree...stop complaining about your job...if you don't like it, find a new one...
Webmedx and Pregnancy
Has anyone worked before, during, and after pregnancy with Webmedx?  Thank you for your answers. 
And this is from someone who has been through both - pregnancy and now status post BC x6 years and counting.  The big difference is I CHOSE to have the pregnancy - but I DIDN'T choose the BC - it chose me.  I don't see how a pregnancy is a disability meriting 4 weeks paid vacation while the rest of us get crap - I was even told I didn't qualify for PTO since I didn't make the required line count. 
pregnancy is a preexisting condition. No one will sm
probably hire you anyway being pregnant. How old are you??
Pregnancy is excluded from pre-existing conditions. nm
Pregnancy/plantar warts, what does it matter sm
if you are pregnant?  What is the exact question you have?  I don't understand what about the pregnancy is impacting your job.
SoftScript is the worst - horrible accounts, horrible management, don't go there! nm
horrible, horrible contact person! Worst experience ever. SM
Turned it down because of the arrogance and attitude.

That was not long ago. Ads run every 2 - 3 months.
pregnancy is a disability when you have complications/C-section/ and even child birh is a procedure.
So just because you didnt get money for your pregnancy, then just get over it.

I had a horrible time with both of my pregnancies and could not work even though I wanted and needed to.

People can get off of work for 6 weeks for drug treatment, mental angious, etc. Those are not disabilities but are conditions that warrant time off.

I think someone is turning green with envy and doesnt handle life well.
Horrible accounts, horrible sound quality, etc
The only time SoftScript would not be wonderful is if you aren't doing your job. They are an extremely professional company. Sounds like someone may not have lived up to their standards.
Horrible, horrible place. Lots in the archives.
Come and get it baby...
MT all the way baby. sm
Why on earth would I be management anywhere. Anyone who is a quality MT and gets good line counts knows being paid on production and being eligible for OT is far more profitable than being management. None of the nationals pay squat for management. If you figure management is on call pretty much 24/7, they make less than minimum wage most places. I will always be an MT, production is how I like paid and I like being paid for OT, not being exempt like the managers are.
Run, baby, run
I quit working for Spheris about 6 months ago (after 5 years). Cannot believe how miserable they had made me...

Loving new company... should have quit long time ago!!!
Puff up, baby!
Put on your face, get back in the race.  The Lord wouldn't want you moping around.  Get out there.  Wal-Mart has openings.  It doesn't have to be a permanent thing.  Work till something comes along.  Get out of the house.  NEVER GIVE UP!
Baby Doll

I don't know who you are....but, I just sent an SOS to OSi to bring attention to your posts here.  You are incredibly foolish  and immature to come here making such statements and dropping names and phone numbers.  I don't know anything about OSI, but I do know that you have really crossed the line here.  You are obviously not very bright because of your improper usage of several words in your post...and misspelled words as well. 

If you actually do work for OSI, they are going to know who you are once they read your posts and your 'good thing' will come to an end. If I were in management there, I'd fire  you on the spot  for what you have done here.  You are pathetic.

Work it, baby.
NO. You can't just get a raise just 'cause. Our government works that way, but this is not the basis of good, old, happy capitalism, which our grand country was founded upon.

There are different levels for different pay, and the way to move up in line count is clearly outlined for the MTs. If you're unwilling to do what's required to get the raise, do you think they should just give it to you? They're not just trying to get you to jump through a hoop to give you a raise. They're trying to help you become a better transcriptionist. If you never did anything to better yourself (get your CMT, work on a harder account), you would stay stagnated in your same position. Learn the harder work! It will not only give you a raise, you'll be more marketable, and you'll earn respect and be less replaceable. Some companies don't ever offer raises, no matter what you do, so this is not a bad deal!

No, they're not going to do it. You have to prove that you are worth it. MTs are a dime a dozen, and you HAVE to show them you're in 1st place out of 12. Don't just do what they're asking to move up. Do MORE than that. Increase your production. Volunteer to help newbies. Get your CMT.

It's worth the effort, and so are you!
sad that you think wanting a baby is
completely unnecessary. I worked for an IVF clinic and I would not call it a crap shoot, either - cold, cold, cold.......
I had a baby in December (sm)
I had a baby in December and did not qualify for FMLA because you have to get at least 25 hours a week or so many hours average for the year. I do not know if this is different from state to state, but this was true for me. I did get a 6 week unpaid leave of absence because I did not have any PTO. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was off starting the end of October and had to come back to work 9 days after my baby was born.

If you qualify for FMLA you can get up to 12 weeks, but I think you still have to use PTO or sick time to get paid. The best thing is to check with your human resource department where you work. By the way, congrats if you are pregnant!
Vegas, baby!

Horrible company, horrible dictators, ESL
at its absolute worst, sound quality horrible.  The MTs I did QA for were horrendous.  They made up words, obviously didn't use a spellchecker, couldn't get the hang of something as simple as copying and pasting Preop diagnoses to postop diagnoses and would type same again and again.  QA manager would send out updates for new drugs, equipment and have things misspelled, frequently got e-mails that evidently were sent because someone wanted to feel important, absolutely no useful information, management problems, lots and lots of turnover, including management.    The CEO has no clue about transcription and is in it for the money.  After talking with him you feel like you need a shower. 
Horrible platform. Horrible communication.
Horrible people who say one thing and then when you do what they say, they get mad and act ugly.

Enough of a bone?
And proud of it baby. Laugh is on you lol
Since you're planning to have a baby
a couple of years from now, you might also want to consider opening a flexible spending or a medical spending account and put some money aside on your own. Not to tie you to the computer 24/7, but perhaps you can pick up an account locally on your own and set the money aside.

This business is unstable with offshoring, buyouts, lost accounts and the fluctuating workload. You're smart to plan ahead, but I wouldn't exclusively rely on an employer. Is your husband's insurance another resource? Good luck to you.
Not baby with bathwater at all. She is an intelligent MT
They do double talk at MDI. But their supporters are probably favorites or mgmt. There are plenty of people who have been messed up by this company's revolving door and double talk. I am one of them and I see others on this board as well. If this poster is throwing any bathwater it is to clean the misrepresentation and expose the clean honest truth.
In these days of low work, I wish EVERYONE would go have a baby, go on sm

vacation, get your bunions fixed, etc., and leave more work for me! 

I don't understand the anger towards people on maternity leave, but as a 50-year-old happily menopausal old woman, I'm also not too flattered with the nasty little cobwebs in the womb retort by someone.  I do not resent women who want to have babies -- better them to deal with all of that than me.  I can barely handle taking care of myself and my doggie, so hats off to you. 

Seems lately that we are all kind of sniping at each other and we forget that we are all in this together.  I know that times are tough -- I'm feeling it myself -- but that's when we should bond together and support one another.

Anyone want to join me in a round of Cumbaya?  Or even better, the Barney song? 


Wrong baby. More and More new accounts. sm
Lots of work, lots of new accounts, overtime is getting offered more and more. Don't know why the other person left but been here 2 years and lovin it!
Yeah, Baby, lots of ESLs
Hmmm... Work 4 months, get 4 weeks paid baby....sm
vaction - quite a sweet deal ... while the rest of us are struggling with monumentous premiums (financing a newbie's love/sex life not my idea of fair play).  Many of us haven't gotten a single day of PTO, (thanks to the line requirement to meet when there is no/low work) and most of have been here much longer than 4 months. 
Poor me?? Really now!
I have seen only one post that you could possibly misconstrue as a "poor me" attitude, and that was from a very close friend of mine who lost her home to a hurricane. She wanted me to go to work for OSi because she thought they had been very considerate of her circumstances (plus she wanted the referral bonus). I will say right now that she is THE strongest woman I know. She does not kiss butt at work or here on this board. She told the truth about her experience with the company. She has not said a word about anything other than OSi's support. She has never met any of the managers and does not participate in garbage gossip of any type on either "side." Does she gush over OSi all the time? No, absolutely not, but she voices her concerns and opinions with them, not on a public board, particularly in order to humiliate another person. I am highly offended that she has been attacked without cause. I used to work with her at a local hospital, and she is a joy to be around and doesn't go around with a hang dog "poor me" demeanor. There is never a dull moment because you never know what she is going to say next. "Poor me" - you don't even know who or what you are talking about. It is time to write something productive on this board instead of jamming it with bulls**t.
Yes, they do, but very poor IT
Some poor MT will take it though.
That's pretty bad.
LOL!!! Poor pud! ....nm
Poor pay

I got paid per line during QA but had to submit 10 reports at a time for review and then had to wait around for approval of each set before I was allowed to type again.  Sometimes I was idle for 1 to 1-1/2 hours after each set waiting for the go ahead.  Needless to say, I lost a lot of money that way. 

Not OP either. Just another poor

sap who hired on.  I think the statement is correct in that they only do overflow work, too. The account I was on was behind on discharge summaries for 15 days. 



It's too bad that you have had such a poor experience - sm

I have never worked for another national so I have had nothing to compare Transcend to but I am happy with my choice and I am not a newbie.

The size of the company is comfortable and the people I work with are great. If I were truly being a cheerleader for the company, I would post my name too.  I'm not trying to recruit anyone. I just stated my own personal opinion based on my experience and was curious to know how you came to yours since you posted it.

I just don't understand why the negative posters have to be so nasty.  If I was unhappy with a company, I would say why but not bash.  That's not my style and I think its playing dirty.

Have I always been happy with them?  No.  There have been times when I wanted to just give it up but I didn't. I saw it through and have been glad I did every time.

It's my fit though.  It obviously wasn't a good fit for you and that's fine too. 


poor management
I think someone should write a letter to the corporate office, they really have bad management at MQ, all over the board!
They offshore, they lie to you, very poor
communication, some very difficult acounts, and pay is so-so. 
They are a very poor company - NM
Poor dictations
Many companies seem to be going to voice recognition. The only reports they have to send to us, then, are the poor dictators, the ESL's, etc. Time for a new career.
My experience was poor
No one should take anonymous comments without a huge grain of salt, but this board is great for getting general feeling for a company... Biggest red flag for me is late payment and/or some of the chronic management problems some of the larger services seem to have.

It's a reference tool, no more and no less.

Your poor grammar
You are not using proper sentence rules by using a lower case letter to begin a sentence. I truly do not believe you have a simple typo, sorry.
not surprised about the poor
communication and the jumping the gun. I think someone there likes to blame all the unreliable transcriptionists for the problem rather than taking responsibility for poor pay and poor management.
It is usually the ones with poor quality most likely.
poor and struggling
I feel for you; I am right there with you. BTW, my name, Fatcat, has to do with the fact that I am fat, not an allusion to being rich, ha ha. We live mostly on lentils and rice, sometimes hamburger once in a while if it is on sale. Please do not feel that you are alone. There are many of us in this same boat. I recently took on a second job just to be sure I always had work to support my family. God bless you. Hang in there.