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I agree with you - I have been doing this 10 years and sm

Posted By: AnonMT on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: I am amazed by how many ungrateful MTs there are - my 2 cents

I am actually kind of a slacker...I take breaks and make lunch for the kids, go check the mail, put a load of laundry in, stop for a game of XBox 360 with my son, and I still make about $80 for a part-time day. I do need to get more focused and could probably double what I make if I was really determined.

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I agree 100% because I did all that for 5 years myself -
Made just under 70G a year, but nearly worked myself to death doing it. I now work no more than 7 hours a day for less money but am happier.
After many years, I really don't agree...sm
with that assessment. So much more goes into job satisfaction and productivity, and productivity means $$$. If you can find a company with good employee-MTSO-QA relationships, good feedback, a very MT-friendly platform which enables you daily to do more and more lines with less stress, you are more than just a number...and I know what many cynics are thinking, but back in the mid-90s, I worked for just such a national...I LOVED working for them; unfortunately, they decided to take all their MTs strictly in-house, and concentrated on the Coding/Medical Finance part of their Corporation. A company must give MTs an atmosphere where they can learn, grow, flourish, and at the end of the day, make it easier for them to make higher line counts and bonuses. Sadly, when I lost that company, I had to go back in-hospital for a decent job, a very good one. Right now, with a disabled child, I need to stay close to home. All the research is worth it, but isn't it a shame that the really good, MT-centered, productive companies are almost non-existent these days?
I agree...have been there for 2 years as well...
They are a great company...
I agree with Patti; I did that for years.
As long as you are an employee, you just file your Schedule C, plus deductions.  Worked well for me.
Agree, but over the past five or so years, new MTs sm
have been relying on Google and the Internet as their only references. We know how reliable the Internet is(n't)!! The US MTs need to step up to the plate, too!!
I agree - same account for 4 years.
I do have secondary accounts, though. This is a good thing so I never run out of work.
I agree. I have worked for them almost 2 years. sm
We had a slowdown when one account decided they wanted to leave. They learned a hard lesson and came back, and things have been smooth ever since. Even with the slow-down, it was just that.... slow.

The work is good. The pay is good. It's on time. They leave you alone and let you get your work done (for me, the no BS issue was a major factor). QA is always available. The owners are kind, and there is NO ASR/VR.

There are people here who like to trash the company, but I strongly suspect it is one, maybe two, people with a vendetta. Otherwise, it's a good place to work.
I agree with you. I have been in this business a lot of years and
it has never been this slow before.  I do acute care work and I would think that there would still be more work than there is.  Flu season is on its way so maybe things will pickup soon - I hope so anyway. 
I agree...I have been with them for 2 years and love them...
They are the best, for me at least!!!
I have been there almost 2-1/2 years and I agree with KS Lead
I have never had any problems with line counts either...
I agree! Have been saying for years the sound quality is bad.
I agree 100%...I have been at Keystrokes for 2 years doing Ortho
and I love it...best company I have worked for...
Sounds good to me. I agree 100%. Am 50 years
30 years and have a LOT to say and share.  Its late, and I just happened to stop here for a second before bed while my other computer is defragging. I will follow up on this definitely within the next day or two, holidays or not.  We have no time - less than no time, right?  Can't wait to communicate with others who have some hope for us as a profession, a UNITED profession.   Laurie
Agree with LTMT about Keystrokes..I've been there nearly 3 years (sm)
I had a bumpy patchy for a while with no work but the owner herself and some of the office staff worked with me to find a good secondary account that I couldn't be happier with. 
Agree.. What is up with Spheris..They hire new grads yet I have over 14 years experience in acute
care, multiple specialities, yet..they said I didnt meet the qualifications. WHAT???? Why arent they honest and tell the truth. Do not tell me I am not qualified when I have worked for two hospitals doing all work types including radiology for all those years. Their ad said at least one year of experience. I guess 14 did not count for anything. The funny thing was that the hospital I was working for at the time had just signed them on to do our overflow, having switched from MedQuist. I just find it ironic that they were hired by our hospital which I worked for and had experience at, yet, I was not qualified enough. What a joke!!
I talked to them today. They want 3 years in a hospital or 5 years combination sm
hospital and at home or clinic and at home. For radiology, they want 3 years full time radiology. I thought they were very nice and I have a few friends that work for them and are happy. The pay seems average to high for what I am seeing now. I think they are 0.08 per line or 1.08 for radiology. Beats what I will have with the new MQ program.
Honda is 11 years old, 190,000 miles . Toyota was 15 years old and 279,000 superb
I worked on site for many years. I've been doing this for 10 years... sm
I've worked on site, at home, for small MTSOs, for nationals, for hospitals. I've been paid per line, per minute, and per hour. I've been an MT and a QA. I have ALWAYS worked weekends and ALWAYS worked nights for the shift differential because MTs can't survive on 6 or 7 cents a line. At least I can't and I type 105 wpm.

I've BEEN dedicated from day 1, sister, so you are barking up the wrong tree.
15,000 lines per pay period. 8 years with KS, 6 years on this account! nm
Not going anywhere else!
30 years - this WAS my career. The last few years you guys have ruined it.
You work 9-5? Big deal. I work more than you do. I bet I work harder too. Treat US with respect, lady!

Don't talk to us like that and don't expect us to kiss your feet. Kiss ours for a change!
See if you'll be producing more after 30 years of MT'ing and at 50+ years old.
I don't think so. My income increased every year also, until I reached age 50 and 30 years of MT'g, been downhill ever since.
It wasn't tough 5 years ago. Or 10 years ago, yet
How to you spell
G-R-E-E-D ???

All the shifty, dishonest, greedy pigs in this country belong in JAIL.
Did MTfor 10 years; QA for 2 years and now
doing editing of speech/voice recognition.  I find all three to be very different.  MT you start with a blank page or a template, QA you have the whole document and you need to give a good quick read and check for correct name, MRN, formatting, and all blanks, etc., and if you know the MT you do not necessarily need to give the whole document voice to typed - editing is a whole 'nother thing.  From what I have seen so far - you have a document and you cannot count on anything being correct - you need to change almost everything in some cases - which is more difficult than a blank sheet as there is a lot of deleting and it is confusing.  It can be helpful because some of the medical words are in there and some of the drugs can be correct - and although I have found easier on the wrists some days - still very, very difficult.  You must match exactly voice to type because you cannot count on anything to be correct - JMHO
I think it just boils down to years and years of
If you kick a dog often enough, it's going to not only turn on you, but other dogs as well. Even though I made more money as an in-house MT, our managers were the worst. All greedy, self-serving women who lied, cheated, and made their way up the management ladder by stepping on those of us who worked under them. They created hostility, distrust and ill will in the office by pitting MT against MT (I suppose they figured it would keep the MT's from turning on THEM!), and the suspicion it bred created a hostile workplace like no other. I finally couldn't take it anymore and quit to work at home, for less than half the money. I'm lucky - I have an employer that at least treats me well, even though the pay stinks. But from what I've read here, that isn't the norm at all. So it's little wonder so many at-home MT's are ready to chew someone's head off. They're tired of being lied-to, cheated on line counts, disrespected, and at the same time expected to produce more and more work, with little to no mistakes. So it's little wonder we're all a mite cranky.
Some of us have been at MDI for years and years. Why should we have to start all the way at the bot
I agree, absolutely agree
and I might say, this is keeping updated in ALLLL specialities and subspecialities, drugs, instruments, and on and on. It is not a good profession for sure and sadly it is the MTs who are being very definitely HAD
2 years ago
I worked as a statutory employee about 2 years ago and quit after about 6 months or so because I got a better offer. The people were nice but I ran out of work a lot. Also they still have me on their mailing list as a stat employee. Obviously they still don't realize that I haven't worked there in almost 2 years!
4-1/2 years for me too nm
9 years.
Over 7 years, OTI
18 years.
I have no idea what is happening for others or new plans or anything.

I've just gotten started. I didn't ask about any of that -- I just know what I was given.
Been with them 8 years
9 cents a line - NO RAISE
A little over 3 years. (NM)
been with MQ for eight years and
never heard of such a thing, is this new/old/specific to your office ????
Doing this for 20 years
I had one hospital in Florida I worked for and they started out at 15.00 per hour, but the more you typed, the more you made. Their line counts though were based on 55 characters with spaces so it was very easy. If you typed 2000 lines per day, you got 20.00 per hour, and then for any after that they paid 8 cpl bonus, so the average monthly bonus was 1500.00. I made 65,000 for the first 9 months I worked there. There are still hospitals paying 12-21.00 for in-house work. In-house would be really the best way to make any money. I went to working at home because of illness. I made last year just under 50,000 but it nearly killed me because it was 7-days a week and up to 18 hour days. Now, I have seen ads for LPNs (1 year of study) making 15-20 per hour, and in most cases the admissions employees in hospitals make more than we do transcribing. Salaries for at home people have gone way way down since I started working at home in 2000. I've seen ads for 6 cpl for people with over 10 years experience and as long as people continue to take those jobs, the other companies won't pay us more either. Used to be we got overtime as well, but now they are going to lines per week basis and will let you work extra, but with no change in the line rate. It's really rather sad how the trend has been.
I get 10 cpl but have known them for years
About 4 years ago...
problems getting paid. Not sure if things have changed since then
I have been with OSi for just under 2 years


OSi isn't the most popular national around, which is basically why I just keep my opinions to myself, but . . .

I have a very simple account (lots of normals) as my main account.  While it isn't really challenging, even at 7.6 cpl as statutory I make plenty of money.  I have run out of work on my main account a number of times, but I have 2 backup accounts.

I am never hassled by QA or my coordinator.  I pretty much work when I want, have no line requirements or day or time issues to deal with. 

I have been very happy there.  There are bonuses at least monthly, and that adds to bottom line.

Go for it. 

IC MT with 8 years exp.
I have been working an account for the local ER for about a year now at 12 per line.  Now they have over-hired in house, and I am only called when they get behind.  I am looking for part-time or p.r.n. work that will either pay this or at least get pretty close.  Any ideas? 
YES for 6 years now.
My dear friend, if a person is mad, they can express themselves on whatever grammar they want to express themselves. Since there are rules and regulations in this forum i am not using any foul words to hit these very evil people. You can rant whatever you want but the things in my Post is always the truth.
Wow, 14 years. They must be doing something right! NM
I also have been doing this for 25 years and all

Accounts Payable.  All my accounts are large teaching hospitals.  Maybe a small hospital would work with you, but a large teaching hospital doesn't have time to mess with that.  It doesn't matter if you tack on a charge for paying later than your invoices says, or whether you offer a discount for paying early, they STILL pay on their own schedule.  Which is fine - I know how it works.  I just go ahead and make my invoices net 30 days because I know that's how they pay anyway.

Now a doctor's office - that's a different situation and yes, they will be more accommodating.  But I prefer acute care myself, and I prefer a teaching hospital, not someplace that does appendectomies and delivers babies and that's about it. 

18+ years
she probably thought you might get her preferred job.
OTJ - 19 years. nm
OJT - 28 years.
OJT - 15 years
Been there for a few years..
and I like it. There is always lots of work with few slow times, usually just around the holidays. Pay is direct deposit and always on time. As an SE I get no pay raises but line rates are structured to higher line counts bring you higher line rates. I really have no complaints as they pretty much leave me alone to do my work. Hope this helps!
It's actually been going on for years
Posts crop up pretty frequently about them not paying actually.  Personally, I worked for them about 3 years ago and had great difficulty getting paid.  Many others were having trouble at that same time as well.  Again, over the past 3 years, most of the posts I've seen about them on this board are about them not paying.  I can't remember now what exactly their e-mail to me said, but it was along the lines of as an IC, I would get paid when they were ready to pay me and that there was nothing that said when they had to pay me.  Of course, I had stopped working a few days after the paycheck didn't show up. I think it took about 3 months or so, maybe 4, to finally get paid.
6 years?
I thought they had only been around since 2001. 
6 years?
My guess is that she means she's been doing medical transcription (not necessarily for FutureNet) for 6 years.
I did that years ago along with the law. They said
they would take it under consideration and never did it. The state now knows and they are going to sock it to them.