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Guess I'm in an honest mood (sm)

Posted By: AnonMT on 2008-12-23

I work for a good company and I know on the days I work hard I make double what I make on my slacker days.  A slacker in life in general - no way - I am busy constantly! But I do slack on the typing sometimes.  Just the truth. But I have worked for companies where I had to bust my butt to make any money at all.  So I know it does depend on where you work. 

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oh my.....are we in a bad mood today?
You are actually in the "I'm telling" mood?
You're going to tell?  What do they care?  They should know where they stand on this board... Why do you think they keep hiring from here? 
I knew you were in a bad mood sm
I am not basing everything on my looks at all, just that it, like it or not, is a factor in getting hired. A groomed, attractive appearance is helpful when applying for jobs that aren't from home.

I have a college degree and many skills. Go back to your first reply and you will see how your mood is expressed through this thread. I will not fight with you. I am confident I will find another job and I will not quit this one until I do. Why do you seem so upset about that?

I did not use MT for a babysitter. It simply allowed me to be home when my kids had school days off, etc. That is why 99% of the MTs do this work. Some work at home because they have substance abuse problems or agoraphobia but yes, darling mtmt, a lot of mommies like to work from home. This does not bring down the quality of MT work. Only the demand for at home jobs brings down the level of treatment we are given by the MTSO because they know we will put up with a certain amount of disrepect.

Now go try to have a better day and cheer up!
Cannot be in a good mood anymore what with all
the aches and pains that go with aging. Donít mind the age but sure mind the aches. Even steven as far as the $1. Hardly ever meet anyone younger than me in this business. Most retired. Hope to transcribe until the ole folks home comes for me.
Depending on mood it could be _____Head. (sm)

Insertion of some humor to lighten the mood.
And that would be an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. LOL.
Typical transcriptionst. :)
Thank you for being so honest!
I work for MDI-FL and I know they post on here but I don't say anything on here that I have not said to them or would say to them. Honesty, it's an amazing tool, huh? Again, thank you and good luck to you!
Many honest MTs/not all bad
Yes there are many dishonest owners I am sure, been there as stated above. But rest assured, there are some great MT and owners out there who are very honest and will pay for the hard work we do, I know I work for one!!!! Just beware of the ones who have numerous accounts floating around among all their MTs, being done all times of days at their convenience(as they are working their day job at the same time)and dont always have time for you, and promises of many new accounts to come that you never see. These are the ones to watch for. I think all MT need to look out for this behavior and warn others to run when it comes their way. Make sure you are being mentored on your work and not doing there work that they claim as their own. Get your credit where it is due. keep looking good, honest owners are out there.
honest MT
I know myself of that practice with PJ transcription. She had her pay with her day job while mentoring me and getting my pay for my work also, must be why she gets paid vacation and I did not. Well I learned the hard way.
Yes, and I'm not being mean just honest..
There IS a difference.
Well, to be honest
Most companies don't consult their employees when they decide to sell. Someone either was ready to retire or tired of the business. Face it, it is a high-stress business.

I have a feeling not just the MTs were surprised.

No need to be mean, but do be honest.
In this case, I would tell her that most companies cannot provide the kind of help that you were, and what she needs is to go to school (or back to school). If she presses you and says she just needs something easier, explain firmly but kindly that radiology is mostly anatomy and contrast terms, so it isn't one of the more difficult specialties, but it does require near 100% accuracy, which is why you tried so hard to help her. If she is not willing or able to return to school, she should think about another kind of work. Just say it as kindly as possible IMO.
To be 100% honest
Thank you for your response.  I totally agree.  Actually, I've already decided not to accept work from them unless it is way over the limits and 300% better than any job I could ever find anywhere else on the earth.  What I am wondering now, of course, is just how I can best JERK THEIR CHAIN in each of 2 scenarios---a BAIT and SWITCH where they offer a different account than what was originally advertised, and a we needed you yesterday for this account, but someone better came along and now they have quit?   But, I guess I already know the answer to this.  It's kind of like letting the telemarketer go on and on with the speech, asking complicated questions, taking up their time, pretending to be interested, and finally saying NO.
Well to be honest....
A lot of times a terminology course is all you need providing it's thorough. There's almost no point in learning the equipment in school because so many places use their own equipment which you may or may not even be trained on. Each place I've worked I've used something different. Tell her to take the term. course and brush up HARD on her English skills and everything else can and will be learned on-the-job. My friend only took a term. course, worked in the Med. records dept as a clerk first, then there was an opening in our MT dept which pays more so she just jumped in the deep end. We were all there to help her which was time consuming but we were happy to do it and she was eager and wanted to do well so she absorbed as much info as she could and now she's been doing this for 4 yrs and is working at home.

Tell your friend to go for it. I wish her luck! :)
okay, then let's be honest here....sm
It is really no skin off my nose whether you care about me or not.  That does not negate the fact that MTs should behave as professionals if they wanted to be treated as such. 

Bottom line......The levels to which I have read of some MTs stooping to on this board does not belie a professional attitude.  Personally, the whole thing makes me pretty nauseous.  Backbiting, conniving, and manipulating may get you to the top of some professions but it won't keep you there long because there will be someone somewhere along the line that will pull the rug out from under you. 

In the immortal words of  Forest Gump.....that's all I have to say about that.
Thanks for being honest! (nm)
To be honest...
I wouldn't do it unless you really like working twice as hard doing VR for half the pay. I worked for them for a while until I went from 80/20 to about 60/40 or less typing/VR. The VR takes a lot of correcting and on top of not making money, it was pretty boring...much like monkey work to me in my opinion. I also had a few doctors who were accented and I could make great lines typing from who went to VR because they passed the testing but their VR reports were horrid and took me longer to review than to just type it. I would never do VR and especially not for pennies. I hope this helps. They seemed like a nice company but it was just more work than it was worth without any challenge for my brain.
To be honest
It's the wave of the future and even companies such as MDI-MD are making the transition.

My honest advice would be to stop fighting it, join a great MTSO team, and learn it. Make sure you get decent pay for it and just go for it. Unfortunately, I don't think any MT will be able to avoid it for much longer, so it's better to get on with a good company and learn it before it becomes mandatory.

Just my 2 cents...
ANP is not honest

Why did I keep working for them after 3 months?  You don't keep working with ANP - you are lucky to get 1 to 2 files A MONTH with them.  If you make $100-$150 A MONTH with them, you are lucky!  This is not steady by any means. Larry will tell you that it can be hit or miss on the workload when they sign you on, but they absolutely do not have the work that you think.  They have a calendar that you put your work days availablility and how many hours of dication a day you want - you will never, ever get that - not even close.  I went the entire month of May with ZERO files.  They have their favorites and that's where the work goes.  I know this because I accidentally was sent a e-mail that definitely wasn't for me to see.  It is not medical transcription at all - it is medical seminars and if you haven't done general transcription with multispeakers and poor audio, you will be in for a surprise.  You don't just sit there and type - you have PowerPoint presentations and slide presentations you have to look at while you're typing to see where you are at and what they are talking about.  It is rather time consuming.  Bottom line is they don't pay you for whatever measly pittance you earned!

To be honest
I don't think you're gonna get a straight answer anywhere. I just suggested Transcend direct because they're the only ones who COULD make any type of guarantee, but I'll betcha they don't ;-)
Just be honest and tell the truth.
If the service is one of integrity, they'll appreciate your honesty.

Let's be REAL honest now (sm)
Obviously, you are the Director over the QA Deparment and the QA Manager's boss. Knowing you, I am sure you are totally embarrassed at how things have turned out in that department, but what are ya to do?!!! Sure can't admit that you made a mistake, can ya? That wouldn't look good for you.

You more than anyone should know how bad the QA Manager's quality was. She was on 100% QA for over a month. That doesn't sound like somebody with experience, and on a clinic account none-the-less!

We all know that you kiss butt, because you can't do anything else. We also know that you could care less about the quality of a medical record. AND that is real sad! Let us all know when you and OSi start appreciating MTs.

An honest opinion
I was with them last year for several months. It was personally a bad experience for me and I was not fired. I left on my own because I did not like the way I was treated by the management over me. I was lied to and talked down to, which I do not enjoy one bit. I know to each their own. I have said it before. My best advice from what I learned was if you are unhappy like that and treated badly look elsewhere and run fast. They do pay well for holidays and such so I agree with that. I had an awful account making it hard to do anything with it and no support from them so I could not thrive. I have now been with a different company 13 months and am doing very well. I just was not a fit for TH. I do not want to bad mouth them but I too had a bad experience and stayed way longer than I should have.
Glad they were honest with you. nm
to be completely honest

Alot of people on this board do not have a life outside of MT'ing, home all the time, not around humans much, antisocial, and that makes for deep seeded anger/cabin fever and frustration that comes out the only way it can...through this board.

would you like an honest opinion? sm
As long as most (not all) companies can hire a few good editors or QA (and only pay them fair to low wages), and hire inexperienced or unqualified MTs at ridiculously low rates, they'll keep things running this way. I can't speak for you, but with having over 20 years of experience, I would not even consider editing or QA at the rates being offered by the majority of the large nationals. Good luck to you.
no, just an honest question.
no, I'm definitely not advertising for Career Step.  It's just that psych. transcription is alot different than medical transcription.  Right now, I transcribe mostly Dr./Patient appointments.  There terminology is completelly different as is the format used to transcribe.  I had 4 years of in-house training, and after talking to a few MT companies, they suggested taking a program like CareerStep (that's just the one I have done the most research about and have heard the most about, although I am sure there are many more).  They said that although I have experience in psych. transcription, it does not apply towards years of experience in MT transcription.
Need honest opinion

I sent a resume' to SoftScript yesterday to which they replied saying they wanted to continue with the interview process but before sending me their test they wanted to inform me of their requirements.  I replied to that email to which they sent an email this morning with a link to follow to take their test.  Anyhow, my dilema is this and this is what I would like an honest opinon to:  This morning I busted at least two blood vessels in my wrist, and possibly fractured it and typing is almost impossible.  I know this test is timed that they want me to take and I just don't feel I would be able to pass it in the amount of time they give with my wrist being the way it is.  Should I send an email to them explaining what happened and see if I can take the test later in the week or should I just go ahead and try to take the test and see what happens?  What would you think if someone sent you an email stating what happened to me if they had just yesterday sent a resume' applying for a position with your company? 

honest schmonest

Known job-hopping, complainers are unpopular with companies. Simple fact, I THINK SO.


Very unprofessional, they are not honest, some of their
accounts are horrendous, they offshore but don't want you to know that. 
an honest question for you

Please don't take this the wrong way -- I USED to work for OSi and I never felt things were right there, especially my line counts among many other things.  What has been written on these boards about OSi that I knew about is absolutely correct.

When that company newsletter came out about how to avoid your child while you work -- well, if they had substituted the word pet for child they'd had have the animal rights people all over them.  That really turned my stomach and I knew I had to leave.  That showed their character without a doubt.  But since their practices are so questionable, how can we on this board be sure you are telling us the truth and not a spy for them to find out who those are who are posting the negative things about them, especially if those people are still employed there while they job search? 

When I worked there I wanted to warn people on here about them but I was afraid of losing my job -- the legal document we had to sign, remember?  Readers -- Ask about that document.  That was unbelievable.  I fear legal consequences if I say more if I can be traced.  Maybe you can talk about it if you were in a more powerful position than I was.

Basically, how do those who are still there know who to trust anymore, even if you post here?  How can they be sure of not getting into trouble?

I got out.  I'll never go back.  Wish I had never gone there to begin with.   

Wow. Are you defensive. And not entirely honest.
Since when is being honest the same as being defensive
Sounds to me like you were probably one of the ones they had to let go.
but my honest opinion
I was employed by Amphion for quite a while.  While I liked it okay, there were things that did need changing, and because of this, I chose to move on.  It is true that there are some accounts that require you to fill in a lot of demographic information, and some not so much.  Being on many accounts, I will say some were much, much better than others.  It totally depends on where they place you.  The sound quality was a big issue on a few accounts.  In fact, that was probably a bigger issue to me than the demographics.  It was horrible on some accounts.  As far as 10-key skills, I think the person is just referring to entering a lot numerical information (demographics).  Overall, the people were nice to work for.  They did require the mandatory OT each day, which had been ongoing for many months.  I decided to move on and have found a good home with a new place, but Amphion was an okay place. 
Honest opinion-
I left there on my own free will. If you like being hounded about getting on early, staying on late and continually being asked to work weekends you will be fine. Otherwise I know for a fact that others that worked with me are dropping like flies and that includes lead transcriptionists. So, what does that tell you. It will depend on which account you get. Pay is on time, but if any different from the norm it has to be taken care of by Lee and not her husband and if he does not know about it it will not be what you think it will be. She was good about getting it corrected though. Will be thinking of you.
My honest opinion
I have never been hounded about my schedule. I have found them to be very flexible. If you stay put in your seat you can maybe make 1500 lines per day. If you break frequently then about 900-1100 per day. Work is assigned out by hospital staff whether that be MTs or supervisors, don't really know. Some of it is pretty complex but thats why I believe they pay the higher than usual line rate. If you stay long enough then you can learn these. The lead MT comes across a bit brash at times, but it is known that its difficult to discern the tone of emails without directly talking to that person. Pay is always on time and pretty much everyone leaves you alone. If you go with this company, do make sure you are a well-seasoned MT that can work independently.
I am being totally honest here...
you should never quit a job and expect DSG to sustain you. Consistently, there is no work on Mondays. It is nearly impossible to get your line count on Mondays because they always push, push, push on the weekends to get everything cleared out. Sometimes the work is still only a trickle on Tuesdays.

If you are fortunate enough to have been placed on the god awful ER account. You will struggle to get your lines (even if there is a ton of work) because the dictators are soooooooo awful. Nothing but speed demons, slurrers, and ESLs that I'd swear are still speaking their native language while dictating.

My suggestion to you is to get a backup job ASAP if you depend on having a steady flow of income. Obviously, you did not read the archives. There is one person on this board who tries to blast each and every negative DSG post here. I am telling you the truth. I have been placed in some rough places, financially, because of DSG and not being able to rely upon earning a steady income with them. I have a backup gig now. Good luck to you.
A lot of things to be honest about
I worked for three years for Keystrokes on clinic accounts.  I quit 3 months ago because my pay was late AGAIN by two days.  I called the office and someone told me that there was not enough money for payroll.  This is a sinking ship.  I hope you can swim.
They don't like being honest, not about outsourcing either.

It's one of those things if they don't like your question, they simply won't answer it.


Honest is the best policy!!
I have been going through company after another that continue to hide the truth about their accounts.  For example, ATSI is posting again for a large hospital account.  Guess what!!  The recruiter did not tell the truth.  They hired MTs and guess what, when the MTs got a taste of that large hospital account, they all quit and ATSI is posting again for the same hospital.  ATSI is paying 8 cpl for this horrid, horrid hospital account.  Plenty of gastly ESLs with samples emailed to you.  You cannot pull any prior reports.  Why not tell MTs the truth, offer them more money to work on these accounts and allow them all the time in the world to get to know them. Why keep posting advertisements and MTs take the bait, when they find out the truth they quit.  Honesty is the best policy, why not give it a try.
If you truly ARE an honest MTSO, I do not ...sm
in my wildest dreams see why you would even bother to post such utter RUBBISH! If you truly treat your MTs well, there is just absolutely no reason for you to worry, RIGHT? The fact of the matter is that, in this day and age, there are many MANY more MTSOs who are not honest, nor do they treat their MTs fairly, and a multitude of other problems such as the whining that goes on if one's paycheck isn't correct. It's in every MT's best interest to know who those MTSOs are.

It sounds to me like you are just reaching for an excuse for offshoring - pretty LAME, as far as I am concerned. Honesty begets honesty - nothing more, nothing less. If you fit that category, great - if not, we want - and have the right - to know about you!
Honest opinion
Go with the more difficult account.  You'll take a pay cut in the beginning as you learn the ESLs.  Okay, so they sound horrible until you get used to them but once you master them, they have usually have a pretty limited vocabulary and say the same thing all the time.  You will be less likely to run out of work and you'll probably have a job long after those who go for the easy work are forgotten.  I know this to be true as I have lived it.  Running out of work anywhere has never been a problem for me because anything that comes across my screen I can do.  You probably won't like my advice but that's the best I have to offer.
my honest opinion..
If you have the patience, can do without the money right away, and also be willing to learn these type of reports/ESLs, go with the first company you mentioned. It would be good if you could get great feedback/samples.

Otherwise, I would go with the second company.

For me as an example, if I applied with a company and they told me they wanted to try me out on OP reports with choke ESLs, I honestly would pass. That's 2 strikes for me as I personally HATE OPs and then PLUS ESLs? Yikes! I'll take the lower-paying job and spend the $80. I only speak for myself. Good luck with whichever one you chose.
Looking for honest info on OSi
I did a search but didn't come up with any info on OSi.  I'd like to hear from anyone who works there currently or in the recent past.  Things like paying on time, consistent work, etc.  Thanks in advance. 
Not New is totally honest - sm
NotNew is telling the truth. Wonderful people but work flow is very flaky. Subcontracted accounts which they didn't bother to tell me when I hired on several months back. I asked about the negative posts here regarding work flow, but I was assured this was not true. Unfortunately, it has been true. I have only been getting full-time lines about 40% of the time if that much. I have hung on several months and I now must decide whether to be satisfied with part-time lines or less and pick up another part-time job or just leave totally. I really do hate to leave because the people are great but that doesn't pay the bills.
Honest Folks
Hmm, don't forget to vent on all your police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, airline pilots and other union members about how lazy and dishonest they all are.



PER LINE:  0.085 straight transcription (no VR)


Only honest answers please

Was recently left go due to qualitly assurance issues.

I need the honest answers please, to be sure I am cut out for this position.

I did have another MT (good friend who also works from home) go over my work and she could find no major problems: a semicolon here, a comma there etc. I save my work for IT purposes.

I need the honest answers please, to be sure I am cut out for this position. Has anyone else ever been left go? I do know the company is increasing outsourcing on a daily basis and I am not sure if this may have be a factor.





Not an honest company
I worked for Landmark for about 3 weeks. I didn't get paid and when asked why was told 'I just didn't do it'. They used me long enough to get their backlog caught up and then figured paying their employees wasn't completely necessary. The owners don't return calls or emails. In 30+ years I have never come across a company as bad as this one and I even worked for Medquist for awhile. Unless you enjoy working for free or having to sue for your money - run run run!
Quitter with grace. Be honest. That's the best way. sm
And the only way. Just IMHO. Maybe if you tell them why, they might listen. Will they? I doubt it, but at least you know you will have tried.

Honesty is the best way to go here.