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Posted By: See message on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Wrong??? No way! - Watcher

Not only is not AAMT not ashamed of what they do, they are PROUD of it! And MTs think AAMT cares about them? They're only in it for the money, kids.

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I believe AAMT guidelines is 65 chars. with spaces. Maybe go to aamt.org and see if you can
Nothing much... can AAMT do anything?
She said AMA not AAMT, and (sm)
they will be taking American out of the name, as there is a committe in place to work on a name change for the organization.
And you trust HIM? AAMT has gotten to be one of those companies who are out to make money, be it from India, Phillipines, who have you. Everything that falls from his mouth is NOT gold. Read 05/11/2006 post for notice on India trying to get him to come over - I would bet my bottom dollar this wouldn't be his first trip.
How about if everyone quits supporting AAMT as in stop paying dues and stop signing up for their useless CMT exam?  The only thing greed understands is cutting off their money.  And as for the politicians, how about FIRING them?  Useless bunch of scumbags anyhow.  Republican or Democrat, they're all alike.  We need a leader...anyone remember hearing about the Boston Tea Party?  That worked then, it'll work now.
As of right now, I am canceling. Was going to take their CMT test, but why can't another company be started or asked to create a CMT exam? Why is it only the AAMT that has the exam? I will no longer have anything to do with AAMT on a national or local basis. I have given them enough of my money for a magazine that comes four times a year and a discount to go to the national meeting. Big deal. It's not enough.
One reason offering offshore membership is because they sre losing American MT members.  Whole group needs to undergo complete change.
In reality, the CMT does not open all that many doors. All companies care about is if you can get the job done properly and correctly. The CMT is nice but by no means necessary.
If AAMT members really canceled rather than just talked about it, we might get somewhere. I know so many who just complain.
You are SO right. AAMT needs to take an A out of their name. I dropped out years ago, after being certified for 15+ years, when what's-her-name spent her time flying around the country going to conventions, etc., on our increased dues money and the organization stopped dead in their tracks. AAMT never did anything for me, but I was proud of my certification (which means crap now). My work ethics and quality of my work are, and have been my own and the companies that I have worked for have been smart enough to realize that I am a person who knows what they are doing and that I take pride in my work. AAMT did not do that for me. I did that for myself and all AAMT did was give me a piece of paper that said basically the same thing. I am nearing the end of my job years and I'm glad because this job is NOT what it used to be and I believe with all my heart AAMT is largely to blame for lowering their standards, increasing their dues and not standing up for the integrity of CMTs in THIS country. They should have been fighting to keep transcription here and not allowed the travesty that happened to use to have gone unaswered. The companies who bought into this concept and the hospitals need to remember - you get what you pay for and the hospitals who are allowing sensitive, LEGAL documents to be shipped overseas to people who can't even spell USA let alone understand anyone from here, are going to find their little backside cheeks bitten some day and it can't happen too soon. And for the future reference, I ALWAYS bought Dell. No more. My American dollars go to American made products. My local guy made my last computer. I know the components were probably made in a sweatshop somewhere, but I get an English-speaking person when I call their place of business. AAMT and outsourcing companies, can bite me.
AMEN, SISTER.  I have been an MT for over 35 years and I cannot think of one thing that the AAMT has ever done for me.  I am not a CMT; my college education, (at the time when English grammar and usage were still of paramount importance), and 4 years of high school Latin got me my first MT job.  That, plus a lot of hard work on my part, continues to get me jobs.  I have worked at several facilities that never heard of AAMT and many others that wouldn't have paid me a penny more if I was certified.  I don't care what rhetoric AAMT wants to use as far as MT being a respeceted profession and all that garbage.  The fact is we are still the ladies in the typing pool as far as most clients are concerned and we are treated as such paid accordingly.  AAMT has done nothing to try to change this image and I am actually  making less money now than I was 10 years ago.  AAMT is all about money...for it, not for us.  As far as I'm concerned, it belongs in the same category as the rest of the big corporations out to screw the American Worker any way they can.  Yet we can't blame it all on AAMT.  We, to some extent, are responsible for what has happened to us.  Right now, there is a lot of talk about doing things to try and remedy our situation because of Heartland.  There has been a lot of talk before and nothing has come of it.  I do hope this time people will do what they are saying they will do and write to politicians, letters to editors, etc.  Michael Moore is making his next film about the healthcare industry and is asking for horror stories on his web site.  I sent him 12 pages a a couple months ago.  Also, do most of you know that you can join the National Writer's Union (www.nwu.org)?  I am a member and feel that the cost of joining and paying the dues are well worth it, particularly because I can get health insurance through it.  The NWU would like to work on behalf of MTs, but there are very few MTs who belong to it.  No matter how you may feel about unions, you must agree that we need as many people and organizations on our side as we can ge right now.  I do not have lot of faith in the politicians at this point, and none whatsoever in the current adminstration in Washington DC.  By all means, write the politicans, but don't expect too much from them.  I think letters to editors, and I am talking A LOT of letters to A LOT of papers, are a better idea. Hospital and clinic admistrators read the papers, as do their medical staff.  Here are a couple useful sites: www.usnpl.com and  www.refdesk.com.  Also, you might want to talk to the newspeople at your local TV stations.  Here's hoping that THIS TIME we can make enough noise to get the hearing that we have needed and deserved for so long. 
Who says so? The AAMT?
THEY say who can and can't be certified? THEY say they're the only ones who can give certification? THEY say you're not certified unless you do it through them (AAMT)? Big, fat, hairy deal!!!!!!!!!! I say, screw 'em! They have no control over my life. They can't tell me what I can and can't call myself. I'll call myself The Queen MT if I freakin' feel like it--and there's not a dam* thing they can do about it! I have had it up to HEEEEEEEEEEERE with the AAMT!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh.
Yea to everybody canceling.
Had it with the AAMT
Me, too. I voted with my wallet and left. I encourage all others who are against offshoring to do the same. Why finance the hand that is helping to slash your job?
I did think AAMT was a day late and a dollar short, and I only posted that so those that would like to participate, can. I pulled my membership and heard from their president today which is how I got the information on the webinar.
If you had been following what was going on, you would know that most of us are not blaming AAMT for the problems with HIS. However, many of us are upset about AAMT expanding into the off shore market, and considering offering credentials to people in other countries. I for one feel that if they title themselves American, they should stay American. And while I have no prejudice against people from ANY country, I find it very upsetting that an organization that wants to promote American MTs is seriously looking into promoting our competition. When an organization starts taking food from my table, they lose my support. If you choose to support them until you no longer have a job, that is your privilege. I wish you luck with it.
So who ever said AAMT was interested in what we need? As far as I'm concerned, they're completely useless to us MTs and have always been on the hospital's side. That's why I've refused to even consider certification.
I have never worked for a company that has completely used the BOS... Most accounts have their own specifics, if it is verbatim, then that's how it is typed.. I have tried using the BOS but when push comes to shove what the account specifics says is what they want even if it is against what the BOS says. The BOS is really useless when the accounts want verbatim

I cannot force myself to speak or type their new and improved international name.  Everyone who read this post, cancel your membership!  We have had enough of being the workhorses for these money-grabbing NAFTA lovers.  I refuse to QA offshored work;  I refuse to work for any company affiliated with them in any way.  I refuse to buy their nonsensical publications.  I refuse to let their judgment control me and my practice.  No more support from nana!  I hope they fall on their two faces.  Maybe we need a new American organization that works for us instead of against us?  Hopefully, that would be one that aims for affordable education, affordable publications, integrity, and the best patient care in the world here in America.   

I was supposed to get a return call last week by someone named Heather - as soon as she got off another line- I'm still waiting. Things like this make me crazy - don't think I would deal with them now. I like stability, integrity, etc.
Tennesee Orthopaedics
AAMT No More.
Not AAMT anymore. Not American ANYTHING. Now the Association for Healthcare Document Integrity, and the world's largest organization working to advance...

Which basically reads: the Indians own us now.
AAMT was supposed to be looking out for our interests, maybe not union, but instead, they have sold us down the river and will let anyone outside the US become a member, just so they pay up their dues!!!! Why even bother putting American in the title of their company.
I was just recently hired by All American Medical Transcription.  I have searched for archives on this company but keep getting American Medical Transcription Services.  The one I'm wanting info about is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Does anyone have any info about this company, whether good or bad.  Thanks!
or whatever it calls itself these days has NEVER done anything but American MTs except take our money. We can do better. Why would you support an organization that stabs you in the back?
Was medware the AAMT
company of the year, or am I confusing it with another company?
There is an AAMT solution.
you could report this to AAMT, but it would take weeks to process the complaint. Also report the website to them. But its a great thing that you have posted the red flags. great work.
You need to go to the AAMT website for that.
AAMT--where's the American in it?

This is in reference to their teaching in the Phillipines.


I myself do NOT feel comfortable having my information sent overseas, including my name, DOB, and often SSN listed in the demographics screen of each note. I have heard stories of prosecution (or lack there of) by identity theft from people in other countries. Maybe Americans should start boycotting or protesting the healthcare industries that outsource overseas!!!!!!!!!!!! 

AAMT and offshoring
You all can blame AAMT as much as Heartland for the demise of your jobs. This anti-American worker organization has actively supported and contributed to the demise of your jobs. Put the blame where it lies, including with AAMT. ESPECIALLY WITH AAMT.
RE: AAMT and offshoring
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!!!
Uh uh my friend. The AAMT is JUST as
I won't renew AAMT membership.  They are useless.
Cancelled AAMT
I did not just talk about it, I ACTUALLY CANCELLED my membership. AAMT can take a long walk off a short pier.
You obviously have your hand in AAMT...sm
or HIS or you wouldn't post ignorant stuff like this. If you don't have anything supportive to say, don't say anything at all.
Isn't one of them on the board of the AAMT?
Or holds some kind of position with them?  I forget her name.
AAMT does not represent us
AAMT does not represent us.  Let me be the first to admit that I haven't had an issue with the offshoring deal...but I completely agree that AAMT does nothing.  AAMT is nothing more than a big annual social event where a bunch of old fat chicks can walk around making sure everyone knows their names, arguing over copyrights..(oh wait..I crapped, make sure my name is on that!)...  I am fed up with AAMT myself, and I think I am going to cancel my membership, as well.  The dues are too high for this organization that does nothing.  Funny thing about it is, with the employer of the year thing, some of the companies actually have a VP or someone who is self-absorbed and self-important and thinks they are an AAMT goddess to email employees and insist that they nominate the company for employer of the year.  I have seen this happen personally, and you are pressured if you don't participate...made to feel like an outsider, not a team player.  All because this VP or whoever just wants to be able to get up and make a speech and make sure everyone remembers their name. LOL  IT IS PATHETIC.
There is nothing AAMT can do - we are in a global
economy, and the cents per line margin is just so tiny - it really always has been. I remember in the - old days - max anyone was making realistically was 14 to 15 cpl. Its not like it used to be 50 cents a line even. There just is no margin for all this bartering. The entrepreneurs and MTSOs dreamed up the offshoring, and that was that! There is just no sense blaming AAMT - its so much bigger than AAMT. I know how you feel - wasted about the last 5 years being bitter about it. Again, don't join AAMT or whatever their name is, but many of us want to be members. I want to be at the top of my game in this career so that I will not be offshored. There will always be room for the top brains in this industry - whether American, or Indian, or Irish. I have seen offshored transcription, and it is not the joke that most of you would like to think. That's what actually changed my opinion of  -- the foreigners -- most of their work is absolutely meticulous and beautiful. I swear, being in QA I can actually get vibes from a report regarding the attitude of the MT. You can just see whether they are top-notch and professional, or sloppy and bitter. There IS a shortage of new talent in my company from the USA - its shocking! I give the offshorers whose work I QA kudos. And believe me, there was no one as angry and disgusted about it than I was. But I tried to be global minded, and it has paid off for me regarding my attitude and my sanity. Its NOT going to go away, and yes, I do embrace it. At this point, I don't care what ethnicity transcribes it, as long as its good quality. And, to date, I have had lots of Indian work in particular pass thru my hands, and I have not experienced the horror that others claim to see. Rather, the horror stuff is churned out by the US MTs, in my particular situation.
It is not a matter of whether or not AAMT can do
anything aboutit, the point is they should stand behind all American MTs and push to help maintain it as strictly a US-based business. Those who are members are, after all, paying to keep them together and pay their salaries, and send out their notices, etc., etc.
not JCAHO but AAMT... n/m

AAMT stands for sm
American Association for Medical Transcription, not

American Transcriptionists. Their support of Indian MTs is actual their support of American transcription going to them. They back the industry, not the American MTs who need them the most.

CMT according to AAMT, who cares?
I attended the best MT school in my area in 1971. It was held in a very large medical center with a R.N. supervisor as the instructor for our medical subjects and an English/Business teacher who taught medical office procedures,health, etc. We saw autopsies, learned to give injections and take BPs. We did rounds with doctors during our internship. We worked in the field in this hospital in at least 9 different areas, doing medical transcription, and were graded by the department supervisor at the end of each term. This on-hands medical training gave us the absolute best when it came to understanding what what we were transcribing. At the end of the course, we were given CMT pins and diplomas and I have considered myself a CMT ever since, which is a heck of a lot longer than the AAMT has been in existence! I do not care about any list they have compiled nor do I care about a $300 test they give so you can become certified. That means nothing to me. I have my excellent training and over 35 years of experience, as well as my diploma stating I am a certified medical transcriptionist, and that is what I am.
The creation of AAMT has been
more of a downfall to the MT field than anything else. These people changed good English and medical terminology into ridiculous second grade grammar,which is just the tip of the iceberg. No association such as this is going to tell me if I am or am not certified, especially by their criteria. And to answer your question: Yes, if I had the appropriate schooling and ended up with MD on my diploma, I would indeed be considered a doctor.
AAMT is a scam - everybody knows that.
What is the connection between AAMT and HPI?

What is the connection between AAMT and HPI? I was printing off articles to send to my Aunt. The ads reminded me of a circle jerk site the way they were saying use our materials AAMT will certify your school. 



In 1971 AAMT had not even been
a thought,let alone an association who arogantly assumes that they are the only ones who can certify MTs. At the end of our training, we were given a final examination that took the entire day. It was comprised of questions from every aspect of our training as well as several demanding and challenging transcription tests. If you scored less than 90% you did not receive a CMT but did receive your certificate indicating you had completed the course. This did not mean that the job opportunities promised to us, if we completed the course, were denied. On the contrary, some who did not receive a grade of 90% or above were still hired and some still work there to this day. Most of us passed the test,with my score being 94%. We were then granted certification by these strict standards. This exam was compiled by 2 R.Ns, 8 physicians and 2 health record department supervisors. This school had state approval before it even opened. I have worked for 2 hospitals, 6 physicians and 3 MT companies, incluing the wonderful company I now work for. They are/were all aware of my training background and how I obtained my certification. They all accepted my CMT as most valid and legitimate. It has been my experience that most professionals, such as those I have worked for, disregard most of what AAMT has to offer or demands.

As far as being sued? Give me a break lady. Who in AAMT is paying you to make such absurd remarks. Yes, get a real life. Very good suggestion.
Boycotting the AAMT BOS
I am so sick of the stupid and nonsensical rules and changes this book has made to the medical transcription field. If a doctor I am typing for dictates Crohn's disease that is exactly what I transcribe. The same for Grave's disease or any other disease that this stupid book indicates should not have the apostrophe after the name unless it is said without the word disease. It looks stupid and it sounds stupid and what difference does it all make anyway? That is how I find most of that book to be, stupid!! Numbers replace numbers typed out unless they are a pronoun. What about prescriptions? I never put down a medication order with 2 numbers next to each other. For example: Lisinopril 20 mg daily, #40, three refills. I refuse to make three refills a numerical 3. Without the coma, or someone just glancing, it could look like #403 refills. I will not use those dumb rules and changes unless a doctor actually indicates I should, and guess what? Not one doctor in the last 5 years (or whenever that book came into existence) has even mentioned it. Between their ideas (wherever they came from and yeah I know, I have been told that the American Medical Association is in on this, too, which makes me wonder what took them so long, since they have been around forever), their so-called CMT testing, which is only another money maker for them, and their outsourcing our work to places no one is even able to pronounce, I think all MTs should boycott whatever ideas, rules, guidelines and anything else they have to do with as much as possible. If nothing else, it will make the reports look better, be a lot more accurate and easier to read and we can perhaps salvage just a bit of our sanity in this ever more challenging profession.
I'm older than the AAMT by 5, they were
pitching at start their aim was to get us recognized (and paid) as professionals within the medical community. In turn we could network, and keep abreast medically through continuing education materials, seminars, classes, etc., to ensure we were worthy of same, and respected.

That was 1981, if you know what I mean. At this point, I'd be happy with the labor board taking some initiative here.
Seriously? That's what The Group Formerly Known as AAMT SM
wants to do. We all take a test, send them lots of money and belong to their group. I'm sure it will be a lot of money. After all, it takes a lot to set up shop in Modesto, CA and, ohhh!, hope it wasn't in the line of those fires!

Truth is, most MT's cannot afford to join a union, if there were such a thing.
Has anyone heard from AAmT yet?
I know the initials were AAMT, so it
was probably All American, can't remember what the name of the other company is/was though.