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I'm sure they are reading as we type. sm

Posted By: HISMT on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Should Dennis Paulik and Kathy Clemmons read the article? - mary K

But I'd definitely let them know that we aren't taking it lying down. I was going to email Dennis myself today.

They are too nosy. You know they are on here searching for their names.

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Webmedx watches every min you type or don't type.
I personally didn't like logging off to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. Drove me nuts. They were too regimented for me. Not sure if you are aware they do that. Part of working at home is the flexibility and they just weren't. Good Luck
You are reading about another
company .. MSI and MDI are not the same company.  I have been working there for over a year and have never seen a bad post about this company.  My checks are direct deposit and always on time and correct and this is strictly clinic and radiology,.not acute care.  Florida is home to MDI and MedScribe also and neither of these companies ever get very good reviews here.  There is another MediScript in another state as well .. but not this company.  I have been pretty happy here.
That's not what I am reading at all.
I think it's just if you set a schedule and your supervisor agrees to it, then you have to stick with it.

What I don't get is how we are supposed to work hours and also know how many lines or minutes we'll get done. I am not used to thinking in terms of working hourly. I can guesstimate how many hours to say I will work, but it won't be exact. I bet it was a suit who came up with that idea.
OSI not for me after reading all the
posts below. I tested 3 weeks ago and never heard a word until yesterday, when I received an email stating they were not hiring at this time. Good reason why! Looks like OSi goes down in the crap book with the rest of the MT companies just like them. It wasn't too long ago that I read they were really great to work for. What happens to these places in such a short period of time? Glad I accepted a good job with another MT company and did not sit around waiting to hear that they weren't hiring at this time. Why didn't they wait longer to tell me? Good grief!
I am not sure, but reading some of the --sm
above posts, it looks like MW was bought out by SPI, or vice versa. perhaps that is the *other name* the SS department was seeing. I still wish you luck though.
then why are you reading and sm
responding to my posts. I guess your posts are so interesting no one can resist?
seems I am reading this more and more, no pay

She can google.com

The name of her particular state name plus labor department or department of labor.

  Can look in phone book for legal aid assistance or again, google.com her state, maybe country too and key in legal aid assistance.

This is bad.  Since she is owed about $1000, they cannot honestly say the work was not acceptable and thus, no pay, this much money is not accumulated overnnight.  They would have to know her quality/expertise so-o-o-o. If it was not acceptable, they would not have let it continue (SEE) I would get on it,   Keep the board posted.

  This is the second one this week I have given suggestions. With legal aid, she would provide the company name, phone, fax, email, name to contact.  Maybe can print out the home page of the company (from google.com)  Explain the circumstances, if you have kept a log of daily work, make a copy and provide this, any other type of paper work, employment sign up paperwork.  They will do the contacting for you, the labor department or legal aid.  I would contact both myself. or .

I cannot believe what I am reading here,
I quote from your post

'I also have a side business where I deal with the Mayor, City Council, and various others in government and they all write like me too!'

What kind of mayor, city council or govermment is this ??

Using correct grammar and spelling is 'pettiness' for you?

Where are you from?

I stop now.

Just my own reading
It lists the closing date as 08/31/2009 and since it reads at closing or shortly following, it can be at any time now. My first guess would be support staff as there would be a lot of duplication of services...IT/tech support in particular comes to mind. I don't know that they'll actually fire MTs....doesn't look good for the can't get qualified MTs here on US shores if it comes out they fired their highest producers.
Think you are reading in more than there
Defensive? About what? I only stated what goes on where I work and I said why would a place send the good out and keep the worst? I could only wish that would happen, especially with the ones I did yesterday. I think with the onslaught of all the ESLs we have now that people perceive we get the worst. If I worked Monday through Friday the dictation is like berries and cream and then comes the dreaded weekend and all the ESLs show up. I thought perhaps the ESLs might be low on the totem pole when it came to seniority and perhaps that is why so many dictated then. (Just my thoughts, could be wrong). As far as I know all the dictators at the place I work are on VR, no matter how bad they sound. Only straight I do is with interns and if they stayed longer than a month, they probably would be put on also. The person asked for opinions and I gave mine.
After reading the below notes sm
After the below notes, along with things posted here in the past, I'm truly beginning to believe it has something to do with who is your supervisor/QA.  I have been there for a number of years, have been very happy and still am; however, I have heard a few things about other supervisors that makes me believe I am one of the lucky ones.  Sad, but I believe it is true.  I believe Amphion's management reads these posts once in a while.  Maybe they'll give this some thought.   
Let me just add to my own post, on re-reading it.
Mind you, I spent many, many nights - as I work graveyard shift - usually with a baby nearby - sobbing my eyes out over the injustice of it. I had to work for the most unfair MTSOs ever on the face of the earth! But I still stuck it out - wouldn't give them the satisfaction of knowing I cared. Because they DO know they are doing it to the unfavorite MTs - its part of the big game - like being in a popular clique in school. But down the pike, so to speak, I am so glad I stuck it out because I can literally type anything and hear any dialect or accent - ANYTHING. I can hear the King of Garbage perfectly and fly thru it! So, yes, it was a horrible painful experience, and my heart goes out to you.
After reading everything posted here, it
that did not endorse or encourage offshoring but finally accepted that it was here to stay, then taught the Indians how to have their own web page, then began to charge people subscriptions to the web page.

The only difference I see since the Embracing Offshore declaration is an upgraded web site with an increase in paid ads from MTSOs who offshore (i.e., more revenue to the web site), a post here and there defending those same MTSOs in various threads by asking us to understand their pay structures, a sporadic reference to webmaster (denoting the site is being monitored more and treated more like a business) and an far greater tolerance for newbies asking questions (perhaps to help those MTSOs grow some acceptable newbies to hire or fill in the gap those companies QA staff can't provide individual attention to?)

Think about the whole overtone of the board and the posts. It has become an MTSO board. I'm sure if I were an MTSO of US MTs only and I was supplementing my income with a website, at some point I would need my website to be my main source of income as opposed to that from transcription.

Deja vu all over again from the mid 90s.
I hope they are reading this!
I would not doubt if I am layoffed earlier than July 7th! That would be another story.

I am emailing everyone people have mentioned on this board and also Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, the list goes on.
after reading many posts sm
on this board, it seems to be the ole bait and switch routine that these companies are pulling. I feel your frustration.
Or reading their audits, bad MT's!!!
DUH...my fault for not reading
the ad in detail.  At the bottom it states they are a private company not associated larger one of similar name.
I have been reading ALL of these posts--sm
concerning KS, and I have seen one consistent trend. It is mostly just ONE person posting negatively about KS and that one person, from her own posts, admits that she could not cut the mustard with KS. Sounds very much like sour grapes to me..but then, that is just my opinion. Ignore her. She is just looking to cause strife.
So - I'm reading a TransTech ad for MTs, and - (sm)

in their list of perks, one of them is hybrid vehicle reimbursement.   My question is, if the MTs are working at home, not driving to work and not driving around to pick up tapes, why would it matter what kind of vehicle they drive?

In reading some of their posts...
It seems that people have been abandoning jobs because they are either unfamiliar with those reports or don't like the dictator, etc., and an E-mail went out that they are monitoring the system and watching for people who commit this company no- no.  If caught, big time trouble lies ahead.  This comes from a recent E-mail from management.  Too many people are doing this, and they are finally cracking down.  I am assuming this is what the poster is referring to.
You are wrong in how you are reading this. sm
You still get vacation; it is still paid at your hourly (production) rate. This bonus plan actually gives you one week to make incentive; the week you are on vacation, you won't.
After reading most of the posts
below about MQ, I would just like to say that Katie is an exception at MQ.  I have been there for quite some time and I'd have to agree with most of what mtroadie said in her original post to Katie.  Things are not straight across the board at this company.  Many, myself included, were never given the opportunity not to do ASR.  Most of us don't make top dollar and are just struggling to get by.  Katie should consider herself very lucky, but I doubt she will as she seems to enjoy flaunting her exceptions to others when I'm sure she's well aware of the differences.  Shame on her for not telling you the truth!!!
I'm in tears reading this (sm)

I work my fingers to the bone.  I work day and night, haven't had a day off in 3 weeks and I make $2000 a month for my efforts.  I've got experience like you wouldn't believe but can't find a company willing to pay for it.

I'm about ready to stick my head in my oven.  **sigh**

What I am also reading in her posts sm

is that SHE needs the externship to be online.  I don't think the school is requiring that.  I don't know of any companies that even offer an externship.  She would have an easier time getting one from a local small service.

It may be that she has a situation, like a job during the day or her children (if she has any) that prevents her from going to an office to complete the externship, but I would think that if it's required to graduate she has known that from the time she began the program.  If it were me, I certainly would have been scouting this out long before this to see what my options were and if I had to go into an office to complete it, I'd have ample time to make whatever arrangements were needed to complete it.

After reading all the posts here and above seems like
this company may just have a dishonest streak. I would say be careful and take another look at your IC job...Good luck to you!
LOL - In reading the old posts it seems
Sorry if I don't share your enthusiasm but you said the same thing last time and the invoice never arrived, nor did the direct deposit.  How much do they pay you to field the questions?  The transcription director (who by the way I bet is about 12 years old judging by her vocabulary) might consider worrying about payroll and not sending out cute pictures and email forwards.  I agree with the other poster - too much of this and is very unprofessional.
You're reading too much into it. sm
I have been one of the people on the account you are talking about. They dictate 1400-1500 lines per day before 5 p.m. and then sometimes later, which is what we will cover.

As for the person that has 4 PT'ers. Email me and I will help. I am a lead on 3 rad accounts and we are working on making the schedules all full time with part-timers just filling the spots that are left over from full-timers. There are VERY few KS rad accounts that only have 2 radiologists; most have 10+, some even 30+. If it is overstaffed, it is because someone was not doing what they were supposed to and they added extra people. It probably just stayed that way without anyone realizing. If no one says anything, we cannot fix the issue.
Perhaps reading is not one of your accomplishments
Reading your post
I have been on three contracts at 3 different hospitals who put VR in their Radiology Depts. I have to say I agree with you that it is much more than babysitting to get those reports out accurately and in a timely manner. It is easy to think you are just reading along, which in some ways you are, but you also have to be thinking along with the reading. Just as if you are transcribing it you have to know what the terminology means, when something does not sound/cannot possibly be right. Then you have to figure out why the VR threw the lean mean machine in the middle of the report. LOL....Some of the stuff I have seen in the reports could rival the best stand-up comics. VR babysitting is not for everyone, if you have a tendency to fall asleep easily, it is probably not for you. If you have a tendency to not have a sense of humor, it is probably not for you. If you have a tendency to get upset at stupid stuff, it is probably not for you. I agree it is light years away from replacing accurate transcription. Just my humble experience at three different hospitals.
From what I remember reading,
Transcend has 1000 US based and 600 overseas MTs.  I would say that is a lot.
Reading down through your postings
You said you learned acute care but then said you had trouble with other specialities? I hate to tell you but acute care about covers it all. I do acute and have worked over the years from everything from a neurologist to oncologist, every type I do in acute care. I really am not picking up much in reading that shows you have much experience in transcription work. You are not straight forward in saying what background you have. You also said you would not work for poorly run companies- yet you said you were paid cash or off the books. Pray tell, what kind of company does that? Sounds like the poorest of the poor run companies to me. You said you worked in market research. That sounds like nothing relating to transcription work which means basically no experience there. Someone here asked you to post experience. I think they want you to post TRANSCRIPTION experience because from reading your posts I really find nothing. That might be why you are failing the tests. So, really, put down in black and white here..... what type of training did you have at Career Step and what type of medical transcription have you done? Your story has a lot of holes in it.
Reading thru your post it might be
the person who died had other issues going on besides just the CABG supposedly needed. If other medical issues, those could have played a part in his not receiving the bypass.
Just reading through posts again and sm
your post really struck me as funny!

First of all I am not an MTSO, never have been and never wanted to be. Closest I ever came to that was hiring MTs in my area for MQ years ago, while working from home.

What strikes me funny in your post is that part about someone making you work Christmas, every-other-weekend even if you kid has a soccer game!

I don't know how old you are but in the working world you don't always get to take off when you want to. Moms who work can't have it all! Yes you can take time off for your kids and if you have a job you put in for the time off in advance.

Are you the type of employee that calls at the last minute and says you can't work because your kid has a soccer game or a dentist appointment or a doctors appointment or whatever?

Whatever happened to putting in for time-off in advance unless it was an emergency. I use to deal with MTs like you always wanting to take time off at the very last minute, never taking their jobs seriously.

Any job that you have MT or otherwise, is going to require that you request time off well in advance!

You just gave yourself and your work ethic away Ms. Rachel Rethinking MT!

The entitlement society just gets better and better!
I was thinking exactly the same when reading
yours with the !!! and emphazing the words with the caps and talking about how IRS would like to know about the companies. I knew before going into this kind of work what hours were, others should as well. Old saying, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
Reading along? Funny. More like

I don't know anyone who gets to just read along with VR.

Well,sure ain't none of that just reading along going on with my accounts.

Course if I left things like the patient was a penis - instead of a pianist in the social history, I would most likely not be submitting the most accurate report.  VR is just not well tuned enough and never will be for you to just read along.  Somebody lied to you.  BUT the companies also lied and told us all we would make the same or more with half the cpl on VR that we got on text.  Go figure.   

she is not reading that stuff all the sm
way through, she is glancing over it probably for typos and totally misses the real mistakes. There is no way you could read 11 pages the way you are suppose to in 30 minutes. Besides that you would have to have the dictator turned up to full speed like Alvin the Chipmunk and how much are you going to miss doing that?

She is full of baloney!
Reading comprehension D-

In reading this post.. sm
Do you really think that MDI was sold based on the idea that all the MTs would stay?  MDI was sold based on the lines per year/money/clients it has and/or generates.  The buyer couldn't care less if the MTs stay or go.  What the buyer is interested in is the customers.  You are right that Transcend will have to hire new MTs if a lot of you don't go with them, but probably at less money than what you all are currently making. 
Okay, MTs: I've been reading some very

and I hope that more than just a few of you plan to use your gift of the written word for more than just posting on this forum.  I hope you're going to take this latest MT sell-out story to a broader media to get the word out on what is happening.  Yes, most people don't care what's happening in the MT world.  But what's happening here can happen, WILL happen, and already IS happening in other sectors of the American job market.  Are we Americans going to just lie back and let these VAMPIRES bleed us dry, or are we going to take a stand to stop the hemorrhage of American work to foreign shores?  We need to make our voices heard, ladies and gentlemen. 


Well you should be reading every word and
hasnt happened to you or the company you work for yet, just give it time, it will. Very likely this shabby business is a 'model' in the eyes of all its equally greedy competitors. If you work for a 'good' company, then chances are one of the monster-companies is already eyeing it as a future acquisition.
maybe she has been reading this board. sm
some of the posts and responses to posts here would make me snippy, condescending, and hateful too.
Company reading boards

Boy do the companies read these boards and when they find out that you are asking any questions about them or should you post anything negative about them -- they zing you a good one.  Nothing like freedom of speech or expressing one's opinion.  



After reading all the posts about MQ and no work,
nationals.   Almost every single large national that I know of has benefits tied to production and a clause in their contract that they cannot be held accountable if there is no work.  Doesn't it make it convenient for them not to have to pay insurance benefits if THEY overhire and there is consistently not enough work to go around? This is the same thing that happened at Transcend.  After all, how much does it really cost the company to overhire when all they have to do is supply the computers, which are a business expense write-off anyway?
I've been reading these posts and
waste of time reading someone who says nothing.
Don't know if true, but I remember reading about it here too
Actually, I remember reading that my generation
generation NOT expected to do better than their parents. They weren't whistling Dixie. And it's only getting worse. Face it: the land of the free and the home of the brave is gone.
ANON - you must be reading my mind...

as I was just looking to see what will happen to my file of shortcuts and expansions when I uninstall.  I am going to try to save them to CD before uninstalling.  It would be very discouraging to lose over 1000 entries!

Try opening SC before your word program and see if the double letters disappear.  Also, if you open Stedman's Medical Dictionary before SC, that should stop the double letters. 

Wish me luck!

You do have a reading comprehension problem.
The topic of the thread that I was posting on was not to bash your precious company, nor was it about tarot cards, nor am I raving about my company. You need to stick with the subject, and not let your anger/hate blur your mind and vision. Again, your about-face evil personality change just supports our skepticism about the picture you paint - you are damaging your own credibility. And, NO, I have no interest in working with you! So not to worry.
I'm going to have to stop reading my co's PR BS. An MT with two months