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What exactly happened? Are you out of jobs

Posted By: immediately? Did you get severance? nm on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl


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This happened to me at my last two jobs.
Pretty soon all that was left was ESL garbage dictation. Both companies had gone to voice recognition. Now the MTSO is making even more of a profit, and I wound up job hunting both times. I am NOT taking a cut in pay to do their garbage work! I even got out of MT for a while but everyone's hours got cut in half at that job, too. Now what? Start my own transcription company? Go back to school for another degree in another career field? Go bankrupt and go live under a bridge somewhere?
Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
Don't think any do except for those in-house jobs. Some QA jobs are paid hourly. nm
They didn't take our jobs, QT gave them our jobs. The account is now
back in the hands of US MTs, or will be in just a couple of weeks.  
Are MTs that are looking for jobs finding good jobs right now with everyone looking or is it
getting more difficult to find a good job.  I am most interested in jobs for experienced MTs with more than 10 years service.  I wonder if it is better to put a resume on or just keeping applying or what is the best way to go about this.
Look at all the jobs on the jobs boards.
You can find a job and won't have to apply for unemployment. You would be surprised how many companies need qualified MTs! Go get 'em and get 'em now!

Don't wait until the 11th hour. Too many needs to put your hat in the unemployment slot.

What they lost is our gain.

I did that, but nothing happened

I have a scroll mouse, but font is still same size.  Appreicate the tip, though...never knew that one. 

Thanks for posting!

What had happened was, sm
I've known Linda for over a decade now. In the timeline of the article, which is during the time that I've known her, I've only known of Executive Secretarial Services. In many other interviews and articles, she's plainly stated about changing her goals and target market, hence the name change to ExecuScribe to reflect that she's not just a secretarial service. The ESS name can't attract MT clients, and she wanted to open herself up to that market. The articles and a conversation we had both reflect the same.

I think that all of this is a tragedy. This happened 15 years ago and for the RBJ to be rehashing all of this doesn't serve any constructive purpose whatsoever. What it will do is hurt Linda, her clients, her staff, and the community, which could very well trickle down to the MTSOs in our area. She paid her dues and it should have been left alone. The RBJ staff writer was wreckless and irresponsible in bringing this to the forefront. What I can't figure out is how all of this started in the first place, i.e., what made RBJ investigate into their past?

Rochester is dying and has been for years. We have no major or attractive employers anymore except for SMH and the non-degreed positions there are only a tad over minimum wage. Over half of the city population lives in poverty-like conditions and we have one of the highest murder rates in the country. On a national level, she did bring Rochester some recognition and she also provided local jobs.

Again, I think all of this is a mess. You have to admit that Linda's a tough one though. In the article, it stated that she made an "impassioned plea," but it was only ONCE and that was it. She didn't grovel. She's kept her self-respect intact. She's smart and she's also very savvy. She'll pick herself up and dust herself off and go about business. What she did build is very impressive, as have all local MTSOs, which I've had the pleasure of meeting in the past decade.

A lot of people are going to get hurt from this because of careless journalism. The mighty always fall the hardest. I don't think that any of us should rejoice in another's hardship.
this happened at my last job
People were staying up all night working,by the time 8 a.m. rolled around...no work...soooo frustrating for those of us who sleep at night. Had to get away from that, plus the boss had favorites that got all the cake work and the rest of us were stuck struggling with whattever was left over...definitely not an even distribution of work. I asked my boss about it, but of course, I was being crazy....
happens to all... happened to me
But i only was for 2 weeks.
Oh no! Not you too me2!! IT happened to me, too:)
Sorry, but that struck me as funny saying you2 me 2, happened to me2.
Something that has happened to me lately at MDI
I will dial in and get the no more reports message.  A few minutes later I will dial in and start getting reports from the night before or whatever, dictated obviously before the last time I dialed in.  My question is - where were those reports the first time I dialed in?  Do they transfer them off of the hospital system onto MDI's system and maybe they weren't transferred yet?  Just puzzles me when that happens and it's happened several times lately.
I'm sorry this happened to you. If it were me, sm

I would resign to keep my record clean, and try like heck to get another job but this time in a hospital or clinic and get my production skills up.  If you try and get another job at home (I'm under the assumption you might be a newbie), this could happen again.   You don't need that. 

As for unemployment payments, I doubt you could get them if you resigned.  You'd be better off getting another job right away. 

Good luck!  I hope things work out for you. 


It has happened to me too

Sort of the same thing happened to me as well, right before Christmas, different company though.  I had been told prior by someone that my accuracy was at 99%; only to be told by someone different that I was being fired because my quality had gone down over the last few pay periods, but what is odd, is I never got any type of feedback.

I am still relatively new to this profession--having only graduated in June of 2005.  I had also contacted my supervisor and asked how well I was doing prior to the firing, only to be told that I was doing great, and to keep up the good work. Then be e-mailed--not called--but e-mailed stating that I had been terminated effective immediately. That was the worst time to be fired from a job because NO ONE hires right before Christmas, and I am still trying to find another place.

Good luck to you

This happened to me.

Go to a different branch of your bank and this time DON'T tell them that you had your passcode with the card.  They can look up where the money was withdrawn and they will reimburse you (my bank did).  Then go to the police and they will send an officer with you to go to the bank wherever the money was withdrawn.  A report will be made out and they will check the surveillance tape to see who it was, as long as that ATM has cameras. 

Good luck to you!  Dont' give up on this.    

This is not what happened to me (sm)
Maybe it depends on the account, but I log off whenever I want a break.  I don't have to stay on the entire 8 hours straight.  Demographics didn't have to be filled in.  They were already there.  The only time I have to type anything on demographics is when there is a change, or I have to do a seach for the correct admission. 
What ever happened to DSG? Are they still around?
This also happened to me at my last job...sm
Even when I said something...i was crazy and when my line count dropped they wondered why. They actually accused me of not working up to my potential in order to get benefits for my disabled son, well not acused, asked me if that was what was up. No, it wasn't....I left shortly after that last insult.

If I were you...I would most definitely say something and keep saying something or ask for a difficultly premium or something. It is unfair in my opinion.
happened to me, too. .. (sm)
only they disquised it as a new revised pay scale. Lots of patient demos and flipping thru schedules and faxes, low work volume... I would say look elsewhere, too.
Happened to me twice.

I submitted resume to one company, they didn't have any openings, so they sent it to another company that they knew had openings.  Guess they were buddies.  Another time, they saw my resume on monster.com


It happened to me also (twice)
Don't feel left out. This happened to me twice by Zylomed in Florida and Alex Medical Transcription in Virginia. They offered me a position, told me they would send me my papers, and I never received anything. I sent several e-mails and no reply. That just tells you how disrespectful a company can be when they treat employees or future employees this way. This must be a signal that the company is not worth our time and there are other better companies out there. Good luck!
Yes -just happened again to me.
Really tired of it. They should spread them around. Why should every day be hard for me because they cannot do the tough people???
This happened to me once and this is what I did..sm
I was somewhere for only 6 weeks, it took them 5 wks (3 wks overdue) just to get first paycheck, I was begging for work, so just say see ya.  The gave me promises that were never fulfilled.  I was hired under false pretences and felt I owed them nothing.  They couldn't even give me work and when they did, couldn't even pay on time.  I already had another job lined up that needed me immediately that I could devote 40 hours + a week to, so why waste 2 wks?  I just decided I wouldn't ever put them on a resume or use them as a reference.  So I just sent them an email and asked them if they could possibly send me my last paycheck and the actually did.  If they are breaking contract you don't owe them anything especially if you are an IC.  JMO.
This has happened to me (sm)

Most of the time I just ignore what I see.  However, if it is a blatant error, as you describe, I would either report it to the QA people or Support.  How did you know, though, that it was never sent to QA for blanks?  Is it possible that she sent them and they couldn't fill in either?  As far as format goes, though, I would say that's a biggie.  Maybe it is something that MT was doing and has since stopped.  I would report it, though.  No one will be mad at you for doing it - as I said, I have done it for big things and actually was told at one time when I started that I should.

Happened to me also
I have 10+ years' experience in orthopedics and they told me that I did not pass either. They would not show me my test results either, but just told me that I did not pass the test. Company sounds strange in my opinion.
Never happened to me
And, I'm sure that the people in ops don't know how many hours everyone has worked during the week so far.  We aren't required to clock in and clock out, per se.  We do have a timesheet but obviously it's not always current for everyone, and the people in ops don't have access to that anyway as far as I know.  Many people don't work their full hours when they are supposed to and have time to make up from time to time.  If an account is behind, I think that ops is asked to call and see if they can get help.  All you have to do is say I've already worked my full hours for the week.  Not a problem. 
what happened with the lay off?
I was hired and they couldnt keep everyone in work.  Did they fix this.  I quit as I was told I would have to scramble for line counts. 
sorry it happened the same day
telling you if it continues this way they will issue corrective action? Sorry about your mom.
What ever happened to....(sm)
*It's the thought that counts*? I appreciate being remembered and it was certainly a more useful MT Week gift than some I've received -- or not received -- from some other MTSOs over the years.

What I REALLY wanted, though, was an Acusis logo tee-shirt like the CEO was wearing in the web conference.
So sorry that happened to you. nm
What happened to QT?

Here is what happened to me...sm
After I found out I was hired they said it would a week or two before I could get trained, and the computer would be shipped to be ready ahead of that date. They actually gave me a date it would show up to make sure I'd be around to sign for it, but it came a day sooner and caught me off guard. I was home so it worked out, so just something to keep in mind.
This happened to me too!
I called HP, (type of computer I have) and they couldn't help me. The place where I bought my computer could not help me. The company I was going to work for couldn't help me. Finally figured it out on my own. If it is still showing up in your program list under CHANGE/ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, click on change instead of remove (this worked for me) and then I was able to remove it. Don't ask me why. If it isn't showing up, try reinstalling it and then try the above method. Hope it works for you.
Yes!! That happened to me, also....sm
I thought is was somewhat rude to apply, correspond, and test and not hear, and then one day, instead of automatically deleting my Bulk folder (because of all the Spam protection), something told me to go through it first....glad I did, there were some of the job offers!!! Don't know why, this is happening with many of the servers, from what I hear! And some services are just so busy right now with new accounts, feel free to send a short note of thanks for the opportunity to test with you kind of thing....I have found that to be a gentle reminder and it can really work in your benefit!
Has happened before, but they
eventually did pay up. Must be having cash flow problems. Sorry to hear this happend to you, I recall waiting for payment too. That was my cue to move on to other pasture, but that's just me.
This is what happened!
The problem wasn't due to AccuStat. AccuStat changed bank accounts for their payroll company. The payroll company debited the old account instead of the new one. This caused the bank error making all DD's bounce.  AccuStat fixed this immediately though.  This was not a company issue or error.  I work at the bank that AccuStat works with and, I do MT work on the side for them so I know this is what happened.
That happened to me with SPI!
They kept calling and calling 6 months or so after I had left asking me why I hadn't been working my shift and asking me to do stat reports, even though I had given them notice when I left! I finally had to threaten them with a harassment suit, especially since they called after midnight several times. They finally stopped.
That's what happened to us. (sm)
insurance co was jacking the rates up every 6 months or so, and we didn't even have any claims.  I'll stick with the group, even though that sucks too.
That has happened to me...

and I just asked.  I learned they went with someone who already owned a C-phone. That someone lasted 2 weeks.  They ended up providing me with C-phone, long distance minutes, and a great cpl and I've not missed a weekend with them in the 14 months I've worked for them.

In my humble opinion, you certainly don't want to burn any bridges but if they call you for a phone interview, I see no harm in saying, I'm sorry, I thought you needed to hire someone immediately......I've already taken a position with another company.  It's not offensive but it gets the message across that you're not going to sit around jumping through hoops.  It also suggests you are in high demand and are easily employable.

I am so sorry this happened to you although cannot sm
say I am surprised at all. I had a run-in with her several years back and saw her true colors at that time - despite her coming off originally as a very classy lady with a Christian background. It will catch up with her some day!!
Sorry that happened.

Take him to the cleaners. 

Okay, about Precyse, I am supposed to start working with them pretty soon but with me it will be text but going to ASR.  So far they have offered the best pay of all the other companies I looked into, but my job will be at night.  That is what bothers me.  The people I have spoken with have been super super friendly. 

This happened to me.
I worked for a company that was just starting out, and I was told I would be paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. Then I read that exact same clause you did in the contract, which made me iffy, but I went ahead and took the job as an IC.

I did not get paid on those dates. The owner of the company was extremely apologetic in not sending my money, but she said she was having trouble getting it from the place she subcontracted with. It happened with both checks. Plus, I wasn't getting the work I was promised, not even half. I ended up getting a regular employee-status job at another company before I received my second paycheck from my IC position because I just couldn't afford to live that way.

The woman who runs the company I took the position with was wonderful, but I was not getting paid on the 15th and last of the month as promised. I was getting paid when they got paid, so I think you're being very wise by reconsidering, I truly do because it happened to me the exact same way you've written.
this is what happened to me
About 1 week after I got that same email, I was contacted which was 2 days ago. I was sleeping also so I called back. The person was really nice. She did say that they had a lot of responses to their last ad and she is checking them out. She went thru what I needed to know. Once I accepted, the paperwork went thru very quickly and I train next Monday. Give it a couple more days (if that) and see what happens.
That happened to me at DSG. (sm)
The very same thing happened to me at DSG. No biggie. The recruiter was behind in her paperwork and my references notified me a week or two later that they had been contacted. I had nothing to hide, and everything was fine.
same happened to me.........
Took the test, have 16+ years of experience plus teaching experience, etc., etc., had no problems with the test whatsoever, not even a questionable question.........they sent me the email that said I failed BUT they would hire me on as a new MT. LOL. They tell you that you failed so they can screen you for an MT position instead of a QA or QC position........that's my take on it and I'm stickin' to it!
Has this ever happened to anyone?
I started a job based on the information I received that benefits (health insurance) starts 30 days after employment.  Here it is 2 months after starting and I have not received my health insurance card.  They have made 2 deductions from my pay.  I have e-mailed the necessary people and called and left messages.  No one has cared to respond.  I want to just quit point blank right now today without notice or anything. 
Sorry this happened to you, however if
I needed a phone card to continue checking on this and ran out, I would have gotten another one pronto.
Sorry that happened to you...

The issue with the e-mail and the recruiter, that's just psycho.  You have to watch your back on the Internet in general.  Next time, create a free e-mail account and use a fake name when you correspond with people.

I'm sorry that happened to you as well.

In the long run it sounds like that's not a company that I personally would have wanted to work for, so maybe it worked out for the best.  I hope you have something else lined up.

As for the snarkiness, unfortunately, it's not confined to just this board. If you can wade through that kind of stuff, there are a lot of people on here that are nice and I have had quite pleasant e mail exchanges with some of them on some topics.

I used to go on a soap opera board quite a bit (huge fan of General Hospital) and the silliness over there was very similar.  Very innocuous postings resulted in all out board wars.  If it was a full moon and I had PMS (which unfortunately is my regular cycle, yikes!!!)  I would get popcorn and sit back and watch the show. I've stopped going there though.  There's so much crap in my real life, I don't need the crap in the board life as well.  That's supposed to be fun!  I think it's because of the anonymity of internet posting, though.  People can just let loose and they forget that there is a real person on the other end of that screen.

I have learned a lot from the posters on this board, so it can be educational and even entertaining.  Hope you stick around and you have a better experience.


This happened to me

They gave us a whole 24 hours warning that the account was leaving through no fault of ours (I assume they gave it to India).  Yes, me and my teammates had secondaries.  They assigned each of us one of those as our new primary (we did not get to pick which one).  Those accounts didn't have enough work to support more than 1 person.  After that, we were clawing each other's eyes out for work, nobody could make 40 hours attempting to work 7 days a week, we were forced to use all our PTO to make up the difference until it was gone, then we were supposed to starve to death while we listened to endless excuses and lies as to how they were going to change us over to a new platform, but somehow it never happened.

Needless to say I quit.  If that sounds like what's coming at you, start seeking another job immediately!