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maybe freelance writing?

Posted By: Dawn on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: I wrote this email and sent it to the Toledo Blade newspaper. - mamacarolina

You tell it like it is, mamacarolina. Let us know if this letter is published -- or even acknowledged. If you're burnt out on med trans, maybe you should consider journalism?

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Freelance copy writer here - sm
$25-$45 an hour or per project.  It isn't steady but it pays for the extras! 
Freelance transcription work
Has anyone every used Contract Medical Transcriptionist and Freelance Transcriptionists Services website for IC work? I was wondering how legit they were.  Tired of working for large compaines and thought about using this venue for employment.     

Contract Transcriptionists & Freelance Transcription Services

Thank you very much - I have nothing in writing! ty
Thanks again - I appreciate the information.
If you have it in writing that they pay a certain
way and they don't, you can fight them over it. When I was with MQ, I got a fat check for $1000 because on one of my accounts I was not being paid correctly. They had to go back to day #1 and pay me the difference. It takes a lot of pushing, but if you can prove your case they have no recourse in situations like that.
None of that is in writing, though. There is SM
no policy that I can find saying this.  An STM should not be making promises that may not be kept.  Unless that is in writing (and it is not), we CAN lose our benefits because they don't provide enough work.
Sorry, I was writing to fed up.
Ah, Atlanta. Lived there, as has the rest of the world it seems.

Remember when in the hospital, nurses, ward clerks, medical records personnel used to complain about not being able to read the doctor's writing. How did they fix that? Can anyone say EMR?

Keep protesting. The jobs keep disappearing and then we'll be left with what? I will put up with the ESL. And yes, we left sticky notes and the docs took offense. They said it's part of your job, deal with it.
In writing
Yes, I have the originally E-mail that sums up the whole deal.  I did contact an attorney today and it looks promising for me, per our telephone conversation.  I have a consultation with him Monday morning to see what my options are.  Will keep you posted on the outcome, although you nor anyone else will probably run into something like this in your lives.  Nobody has heard of this situation!  As soon as it is safe to, I will definitely reveal the name of the company.  Holds true for the old saying, If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  In the long run, you're gonna get screwed!
writing congress
Good idea.
I would ask and get in writing from the company SM
that you can work a split shift, but it is likely they will want you to commit to specific times for the split and you have to work that---that part is not flexible.  If you say you will work 7 am-11 am and 4 pm-8 pm you had better be on there working during those times, in other words.
Maybe the offshore MTs are writing the ads now too. nm
Writing on the wall
I think its time for us all to think about different careers...the writing is on the wall.  In NY state every hospital and doctor has to be on EMR by 2008...and I'm sure more states will follow.
Make sure you get everything in writing.
The answers change to the exact opposite every 24 hours.
What are you writing, a book
and what country are you writing from?
Well, with your writing skills.....
They're probably happy to be rid of you .
Why not ask for this IN WRITING up front?... SM
However, most of what you get in writing from MTSOs is (have you ever read a rental lease drawn up by LL/mgmt?) almost always in THEIR favor, whether it's an IC contract or employee agreement.  Ever notice how they hedge on where it comes to pay rate?  Mine states only compensation.... on an agreed-upon rate. Still, you could probably negotiate items that are important to you and not negotiable, like in your case, no typing, specific pay rate, hours, schedules.  If they refuse to state these in writing, don't count on being able to negotiate them later.
Try writing all that to the people you sm
are contracted with.  Nothing will change, but it's better than posting it on some board where it really won't get any notice.
Wow! Thank you for writing this. This is very important
Yes, I do depend on a paycheck being timely and so do my bill collectors. My rent cannot be late either. And I have a small child to feed. Thanks for letting me know the history of this! Now back to the drawing-board for my job search :).
You know, I noticed they never put it in writing
It was always written to make up the missed work or adjust your schedule.  Nothing about when to make it up.  When there would be work.  You could spend hours and hours day and night waiting to make up that work but they would never comment about it in writing.
Creative writing at its best

I have NEVER read such unmitigated untruths (polite way of saying lies).

At least you had the courage to sign your name-----I would be afraid (and ashamed).

The writing is on the wall

If you truly believe what you say, then don't stay another minute. Run, FOR-REST run!
Does MQ in Monrovia pay for spaces - do you have this ans in writing?
ask PLENTY of questions and get it in writing
Ask questions like: Why has there been a big administrative turnover in the last 2 months? Why are all the people who have been there forever leaving or already gone? Why have all the former department heads stepped down to lesser positions? Why aren't editors able to track their line count? Just as a word of advice: Don't quit looking for something better. I LOVED the people that I worked with before and they were wonderful to me. They were REAL people. They cared! I can't say that about the new management!!! Just BE CAREFUL and watch your back!
I saw the writing on the wall a month or so ago
When my primary was consistently out of work I hesitated to go to take work from my secondary accts because that would take away from THEIR lines. I got a rather snippy email from my liason saying that of course I should gobble up secondary work, that's what they are there for. But the work was all gone by the time I got to that point. Can't win for losing. I agree w/previous poster; the more accts you cross-train on the more the work is going, going, gone.
I saw the writing on the wall and got out sooner after the buy out SM

It made me sick to see TransHealth become WMX!  I loved, loved, LOVED working for TransHealth.  I thought management were good people.  They even flew their QA staff to TN for Christmas parties, but then that last one was when they announced the buy out.  It was disappointing, but at least I got nice weekend trip out of the deal and a few good meals!

I miss the old TransHealth.  I would give my I-teeth to find a company and job like that one again.

I feel for you ex-TH-ers who have weathered the WMX storm only to now take pay cuts.  It sucks! 

AWESOME! Very creative writing.

Just wish it would happen.  I do believe that management should take a pay cut also!  There is no reason that they should not have to do more work for less pay like the rest of us.  After all, this is a very tough economy we are dealing with and we have to keep the clients happy.  That is our number 1 priority! 

Some people don't like the truth, I love to shout it out LOUD. 

To the other poster who keeps bashing the original poster.... anyone can obtain an account.  That is the easy work.  The hard part is keeping them, and I believe that is the job of the MT. 


Who from management of OSI keeps writing in to pump themselves up to look great?
Did OSi hire somewhat to sit and post on MTStars all day good things so that people would apply there?   This company kills me! 
It is time to read the writing on the wall and get out NOW!
They are going down and real fast!
Anybody into scrapbooking?(LOL).

Get out while you can. Major changes on the way.
Perhaps writing the letter boosted her self-esteem, which
obviously she felt was lacking due to the reasons expressed in her note. Writing something down, such as in a diary, can do wonders to boost the self-esteem. Re-read her post; honor, (dignity), self-esteem. I don't blame anyone, especially oldtimers, being p'od about being offered a piddlin wage after decades of hard work employed as a MT. It is belittling to accept the wages that are being offered now. I'm glad she wrote it and got it off her chest. HOPEFULLY, she is feeling much better about herself. NO JOB is worth become depressed over; which is where I think this poster was headed if she had not expressed her feelings in writing, and on a board such as this. I applaud her.
Well, I put in writing mine has to be when I see a doctor or hospital.
Yep, took my daughter to the ER last week and told them that the record MUST stay in the U.S., be transcribed by an American citizen (inhouse) or only to a company that employs only American citizens, and they better darn well note that in the chart. They do. I do this every time I go to a doctor, hospital or any medical center. I tell them if they have no such option, I'll transcribe my own records, which always gets a chuckle.

I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Sorry for those who stuck around!! sm
I sure hope you find something soon......my heart goes out to you. Lesson learned, I suppose. When people show you who they really are....believe it.

I'm all for writing our congressmen about offshoring medical info, but...
These are old bills introduced to the 109th congress in 2005.  I wish people would get their information straight.  It just makes us all look like idiots if we write to congress refering bills that don't exist anymore or we are actually referencing current bills that have nothing to do with protecting privacy and offshoring medical info!
Read today's letter by **** - it specifically DOES SAY in writing sm
that this will not happen.
The company does if you contact them about the job. I like to inquire before writing things off nm

at first impressions. 

A few days ago, there were messages they were bouncing checks, writing bad checks, etc. Search the A