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They will not give references!

Posted By: maryk)mamacarolina on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: That's what they want... we have 60 days sm - NiceGirl

I spoke to someone last night on the inside and Heartland will not give references! How nice is that?

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They do check past references before an offer of employment is issued.  Don't worry though, it doesn't take them long to get back to you.  I'm sure you are as good as hired.


When they said they were not giving references, I took it to mean they would not verify employment. I think that in the common jargon, that could be defined as a reference. The bigger question to ask is this: Why are they refusing to do so? Don't they at least owe this much to the people they shafted?
As far as the references go...
Sometimes you can look in your reference materials for ages and not find what you are looking for.  If you have spelling way off, for example, it can be nearly impossible to find.  Also, I can't speak for others but I continue to look while waiting for an answer to a question on the word board.  I think it is great that we can work together.  In all seriousness in an office setting people help each other all of the time.  Most MTs are just not sitting in an office an able to ask the person next to them so a board like this is a good setting to do so. 
Don't need references
Just tell a potential employer that you cannot risk losing your job, but can prove experience (1099, pay stubs etc.)

Most MTSOs just want to know if you can do the job and a good test will show that.

Offer to work part time at first to prove ability - and don't quit until you pass probation.

Don't be an enabler for DL - they can't continue to cheat people if they have no one to cheat.
I believe they contain derogatory personal comments that are not even relative to the job.  I think the first reference came from Richmond, VA and every time I change jobs they keep getting that same reference. 
I think it is illegal particularly if there are a lot of lies, half truths and gross exaggerations which I think is probably the case. 
I've had the same situation. You just tell them the situation, send them professional references from those you do know who can vouch for your character, and then move on. That's all you can really do.

Advice on job references - please SM

It seems that most companies may want to contact a previous employer as a reference, but if you leave a job because it did not work out for some reason (i.e. scheduling issues), how do you know whether it is appropriate to request that they be used as a reference? Any advice is appreciated.  In addition, I am relatively new with only a couple jobs so far, so any advice on how to handle references in general would be very helpful!   TIA.

Not giving references
You folks need to contact the Department of Labor as well as an employment lawyer. You have a right to a reference. Do not let these people get away with this!
Took out all the references to attorneys, eh?
Thank you for finally taking your medication.
And have no jobs, and no references?
in bad enough shape!
Amphion checks references only after . . .
Amphion checks references only after an applicant has completed the testing, the telephone interview, and has talked with the hiring manager about references.
It took them over 2-3 weeks to just get my references checked....and....
then by the time they got my references checked, they said that all they had was an opening for third shift, which I was being hired for first shift...so I turned them down.  I had a little bit of hesitancy to begin with before taking the job.  Then, I looked on their website, saw that they offshored, sent the guy an email who was hiring me telling him that I don't think I would be a good fit for a company that offshores (because I do not think it is right),he called me back and emailed me back franticly stating they do not offshore, blah, blah, blah...But that just gave me more leverage to turn down the job ONCE THEY FINALLY called me back...I would be very careful with them...Never worked for them, but that is my experience....
I looked around and see bird references, but
not really an explanation of where it comes from. Is it because she sang Rockin' Robin?
Did references change to refrences in the dictionary? nm
Time to jump in here. Some MTs test well, interview well, only put references on there
that are perfect and basically SUCK when it comes right down to it.
List references, equipment, software, etc. on resume or not? Thank you. nm
I took out the legal references. If anyone has questions about it, email me directly.
I would recommend something other than Webmedx. If you can get good references regarding Transtech,
Only minium wage jobs check references
for some bizzaro reason, I swear.  I wanted to work at a garden nursery and had to list FIVE references and all were checked.  Husband got an IT job dealing with super-duper confidential crap, listed 2 references, and not a single one was called.  What is up with THAT logic?!  Penis=better everything I swear.
I find most joke references to Hitler to be very insensitive
I love relevant, current references in posts.
Business/company references aren't supposed to contain stuff like
"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
They used to give out $25 Amex cheques -- give them time. :-) nm

Had the same happen here, heard the same thing, good references and good ....sm
job record will get you better $$$ if you are willing to promote yourself, search like crazy, talk to everyone, etc., but I have never been paid a cent more for CMT, what a waste, and all the years I paid my dues to AAMT, what a joke, they did NOTHING to better our field, just took the money for better conventions, as far as I can see.
I get what you are all saying about them not having to give give you work, but...
I guess I just figure that as an IC, I am basically my own business and it is my responsibility to make sure that the work is done when it should be. I just think that if the standard of the company is 24 hour TAT then that is what I am agreeing to do when they hire me. There are advantages for both of us to the IC senerio, they do not have to pay benefits, or take care of collecting and reporting the taxes, and I have to adhear to the 24 hour TAT (or what every thier standards are) but can do that during hours that are convenient to me. Of course it is better for the company if they know exactly when I am going to be sitting at my desk and typing that is why they have the option of hiring employees. Just my opinion and wanting things to be like they used to be.. I guess I have to get out of my time warp or look a little harder for a company who really knows what IC status means.
Give it time, sweetie, give it time.
Don't give up what you now have. (nm)
We Cannot Give Up..
I have been doing this for 10 years now and I believe that none of us should give up. It is my understanding that part of the reason why they are going offshore anyway, besides low cost, is because they cannot find anyone who wants to do the work here. Partly, I disagree with nobody wanting to find work because it took me many, many attempts to find a job and I was so desperate at the time that I worked for one of those Indian companies. I found that team leaders there are not qualified enough to lead and really have no leadership abilities. Also, the MTs are not great either. If we all team up together, I believe with my whole heart that we can truly win our jobs back. Besides...how many people do you know wants their medical reports and social security numbers floating over there anyway? I know I don't.
give it to you
on a handout in the packet. I didn't gain, didn't lose.
I would give it a try
about how MTs were dropping out of the sky like flies.  I don't believe it.  Good ones are very hard to find.  Ones that will work and not take a half day to go to Wal-Mart.  It is not a straight typing job.  Most people think it is.  I have people calling me all the time saying My sister is interested in that.  She can type.  and on and on.
i give you the
Why give up one?
It sounds like you have a good thing going working amongst both? But if I HAD to give up one, I'd probably give up the national and stay with the smaller MTSO with plenty of work and good communication.
Seems a bit low? It IS A LOT LOW! Don't give
them the benefit of your time for the interview. Line pay is not worth it at all! Taking a job with a co that pays line pay says you are not into quality because apparently they aren't! All of the QA I know will not work for line pay. There are companies out there that pay decent for QA. Don't settle for it or you will be selling your fellow QA folks down the river. Hang tight and find these hourly jobs. I have one that is a pretty good rate. Tell the 2-cent-per-line companies what they can do with their QA jobs
ugh.. i give up.. that should say.. SM not NM ..
I give up

You know, most MTs who post on this board seem very negative.  I have 2 years experience, but you don't even know what I have been doing in those 2 years, or my educational background, so how could you even say I am not qualified?  I was just responding to a post directed at me.  Good grief.

wow...you can do all of that but you cant give
 Sheesh.. Glad I didn't apply.
in my exp. with KS, you give them
 what schedule you prefer (what you already work now, etc.), whether you prefer to work a certain weekend day (I prefer 5a-1p, Sun-Thurs).  Basically, they trust that you will be on during most of those day time hours.  However, they are very flexible, and are very in tuned to you switching hours in the case of low work volumes, or appointments, etc.  They trust you will get your lines in, somehow, in your 40-hour week.  They just like to have a preferred shift, for paperwork, I think, like MQ USED to do, before they went anal. 
Just keep looking, don't give up.
Real QA does take a fine eye and stellar information base. MTs that edit never make any decent money. It will take a couple years or so to really make a decent living alongwith the right company and account. Making 9 cpl on an account you can't even understand could wind up paying you less in the end than a 6 cpl account with speakers you actually can understand. So, the right fit is also important to your eventual success. Still, it'll take time. Just keep looking and be persistent.

Good luck to you and God Bless.
why not give it a try
I haven't used Meditech before, so can't comment on that, but you can tell MDI that you want to try it for a few days P/T and get a feel for it before committing to the job. They'll probably be okay with that.
Maybe. Only way to know is give them a try but
at least they give you something
that is better than the same line rate for years with the same company.
Don't give up.....

Compared to alot of the MTs on this site I would consider myself a newbie...7-8 yrs experience with stronger skills in psyche, but nonetheless a newbie.  This site has helped me out a lot, I promise you.  I have learned not to give up.  How long have you been in this field?  I worked at a hospital for a couple of years and then was fortunate to float around here at home.  I was recently let go from a company (7/21/2008) that I loved but due to offshoring, I was let go.  I had given alot of myself but not nearly as much as I could have as I look back on it.  But, in either case, you take the positive with the  negative and build upon it....you have to make it work for you (I love it).  I considered going outside my home to work but then changed my mind as I realized that my complaints are the same as all at home MTs (lack of socialization, weight gain, basically not getting out of the house).  I have decided that I love my job and only want to give FN the best, but I love me and want the same things for myself, so I am going to make some changes.....

I give up
Well, it would be at least nice if they would get back to you with your score. I will take that as a start. I guess if they want perfection, they can pay for it too!
Don't give up

I applied for 15 jobs when I was looking last October.  Some said thanks, but no thanks, and others I never heard from.  One of the ones that I had written off because of no response actually responded to me positively about a month after the fact.  That's who I ended up working for.

I know it's a pain, but keep applying and you'll find something.  Companies are hurting for people like you with good experience.

Let me give an example of the pay
I have been working as I have been on this board yaking away and for the first hour of my work today I made $19.28 and that was not really working the entire time on VR and running my mouth here.
That is what I have been doing...i give up.nm
Give it up....
If you're rational and have common sense and actually can do VR, these posters will continue to call you management (or a liar), even when faced with proof.

I've given up trying to reason with them. They're irrational and those types of people don't want reassurance or guidance. Instead, they prefer to label us all management or liars or incompetent or slow typists.

Let them talk amongst themselves and generate further negativity and hysteria.

I continue to keep working rather than whining. This one-sided debate of who can 'yell' the loudest is completely counterproductive and a waste of ANY positivity attempted to be interjected.

I say let them plan their 'mass exodus'...just means more money for the rest of us.
I think he should give up.
If he hasn't found anybody by now I'm not sure he ever will. It must be a a horrible place to work judging by the ridiculous instructions he has for simply sending in an application.