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Isn't it the client's responsibilty to investigate

Posted By: always curious on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Not all clients DO know--that's just it! - SM

where their transcription will be going when they hire an MT company?  If they hire indiscriminately then shame on them.

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Why does she have to investigate?
This must be same company - same modus operandi.

Why does the CEO not know what the problem is already? Can u say STALL job?

sorry insider but you need to investigate
afraid its true
I betcha the IRS would investigate
in a heartbeat if someone involved would rat them out.
The IRS probably won't investigate. Not worth it for
Please share the name of the company so others may investigate this opportunity!

Investigate whether Verizon broadband is in your area. sm
You can take your job with you when you are traveling.
Boston, Mass.
own client
Get this, I had my own client since Feb.  When i first started they were five weeks behind.  Got them all caught up.  REcently have been having trouble getting my paycheck.  Keep being told its in the mail.  I started putting a little bit of pressure on my boss yesterday and now tonight at 10:30 i got an email saying we should part ways.  I am so upset and do not know what to do.  All because i asked for my pay.  Uh may be they dont think over 2G is not a lot of money to them but I do.  They also were pushing me about TAT.  They gave me 4 days no problems as long as i get the files and everything i need in a timely manner, which lately i have not so i have been calling the manager because that is what i was told to do.  I really hate to go back to work for a big national but I guess now i have no other choice.  I wrote back a big reply to her email and waiting to see if i get a response and DH also told me i should call my manager and tell her thanks for the back stabbing?  What do you think?
Oh yeah, they did not even give me the decency of a phone call jsut a lousy email can you believe that?
its the client
Hey, it is usually the client that changes pay practices...why is everyone on this board out to badmouth one person after another....dishonesty is not always the path taken
I have (I am an IC). I had one client that
used cassette tapes and if I had to scan a tape I charged an extra 0.02 per line for that report. Not much, but it did cut down on the Stats. I also printed reports at home and if I had to reprint something because of their error or losing report, etc., I charged 0.05 just to reprint it.
The client usually never knows about VR sm
being used (big secret the larger companies keep), so they are getting full transcription rate and paying 1/2 rate to MTs to edit - more profit for the service!
No, you got the client because

you can hire MTs that will fall for it.   

only if the client allows it
is disengenuous and poor logic. It is also moral relativism, which in my book, is very, very wrong. I ain't gonna be working for them, either.
If they are only charging the client
8 CPL, as you state below, then that is sad.  They are undercutting and the MT is the one that loses out because they will not get paid as much.The services keep dropping their prices and are only able to do that by paying less out to the MT.
Meditech Client

I never used Meditech.  Hope it's easy to learn.  Hope these are not too many questions:

Does it slow you down? If it does, even with cable?

Are there a lot of steps or screens to go through before starting the report?

What does it mean that it is Word-based?  Can I use my own Word?

Is there a spell-checker?

How hard is it to use their canned text?

Does it black out my desktop when I'm signed in or can I still see it and go on line, etc?

Someone said sentences or paragraphs get strange when you try to go back to fix a mistake?

Thanks for any answers and anything you can add that might help.  I'm worried. 

Client does not pay for no report, so...
you aren't paid for a no report. No reports take about 5 nanoseconds to generate and send through, and you can go days before you get one...on all other reports, you are paid for the demographics.
Magic or Client? nm
Its not AccuStat..its the client

I have worked with AccuStat many years now and they always pay as soon as the client pays the invoice.  If you are going to complain, become an employee instead of an IC.  It's so nice that you put something negative about a good company without the explanation behind it!!  Read the laws on paying ICs!!!  

Again to all, the company is a good company; been with them 6 years and they pay always!!! 

I am an independent and I cannot get client to pay
Anybody have any options for me how to go about getting paid?
No company will put an MT before a client, it's the
Just like I had a client request
each day.  I said absolutely not as I am an IC and I am not available sometimes before 4 p.m. and also may not have the work complete.  Once the doctor found out, he was definitely agreeable to my take on this situation as opposed to his office staff.  You see, sometimes, the office staff whether it be for your own private client or for a company will try to get over.  I also informed this office staff that I would have to be an employee for that as well as paid an hourly rate in order to be on call.  I work by production at my own leisure.  I give them the turnaround they would like, but that includes delivery.  The physician has not and will never have a problem with that; it's the office staff that wants to see me sweat because remember they think we have it made.  Without benefits, I call my own shots.  Like or not, the client/MTSO contracting with you must give you that right OR make you an employee if they'd like to demand things.   All in a day's work! 
FYI, MDI has NEVER lost a client.
It is not that every client is questioned,
they usually come in with their list of preferences and if it is not done their way, BOS or no BOS, they will leave very quick.
How do you KNOW what the client pays?
Gottcha, because you are an MTSO !

Do you really think that clients pay 5-8 cpl? Go and fly a kite, toodle-loo, they pay at least 12-15 cpl.
All well and good, but if the client is only
willing to pay 15 cpl, the MTSO cannot afford to pay the MT 10 cpl.
In this case the client knows EXACTLY what is going on
In this case the client was the one who bought the eScription program and forced MDI's hand. They told MDI either you can be our service at this new VR at a reduced rate or we will get someone else. If MDI had said no I'd probably already be out of a job since the account is a large-volume group of hospitals and there is no way the other MDI accounts could absorb that many MTs.
Just because "the client wants it", does NOT
And going along with what a morally bankrupt client wants doesn't make it 'right', either.

I used to have a business of my own once. Service-related, but not MT. Sometimes clients asked for things that were just WRONG. As small as my business was, I still had the backbone to say 'NO'. It's sad that these big MTSOs, with oh, so much money backing them up, don't have the same backbone.

They seem to have forgotten:
Hey, I don't make the rules - the client does! SM
This is what the CLIENT has told us. They don't want us "padding" with "This is" or adding extra words to make complete sentences. I'm as bound by these rules as the MTs!

CorT is a client of Focus actually. sm
Focus subcontracts work to CorT as well as a few other companies.
Not sure how it works, but maybe the client just released (as they do on sm

Fridays) lots of dictation from the 21st, thereby putting the crunch on us.  QT probably didn't want to ask us to work extra over Christmas weekend.  In past experiences with other companies, it is the client who will sandbag the work and send it over in a huge lump that really dumps on the transcription company and its MTs. 

So, let's do extra and make extra.  It's not like we were asked to do it for free.

Stop worrying.  I think we're really okay.  We have to pitch in and help. 



I just recently obtained a client... sm

Last week I typed for our local cardiologist office.  I started out by fixing up a flier with information such as pricing, resources available to me...  I also made up a business card and included a copy of my resume'.  I was offering p.r.n. service, which worked out well for the Christmas holidays.  I figure this got my foot in the door.  I just sent out about four, but I plan to send out more this upcoming year.  All I needed to type for the cardiologist was a micro-cassette transcription machine. 

Hope this helps!

They asked for client not employer
Told them employer. She asked 3 times for the hospital I transcribe for on behalf of the employer. Thanks for confirmation. Glad I didn't get hired...shame on them...they offshore anyway...
maybe not over hiring, maybe no work being given to them from the client

That would depend on your client base -
meaning if you have hospital accounts - the platform will have to interface with the hospital system.

If it is physician practices, that would be much easier.

You would probably need to sell your platform to your clients. Not quite sure what you are in need of; however, see what your clients are using and go from there. It can be very tricky and very costly.

Good luck!
I think Hippo is FTP client software
My client couldn't wait to get rid of MQ
They would send them 150 minutes and it would take them 4 days to return it and 4 people to do it. We do 600 minutes a day and return in 24 hours. Quality was bad and customer service was terrible. FYI.
I use Client for one account and Magic for another. sm
On Magic, I average 18 an hour. On Client, I average 21 an hour. That is an average though as some hours are definitely better than others and some days are better than others. I like Magic better because I have used it for many years.
Any Keystrokers using Meditech Client
I read some posts below that stated some were getting 15 while othere were getting 25 reports an hour. Can anyone specifically tell me what they get an hour using Meditech Client? TIA.
Any RAD MTs work on Client Server
They do offshore, but only at the request of the client. nm
we did x3 but told client x4 to take the heat off
When we did quotes for clients we often told them multiply by 4 or more, but internally when handing out work we often figured x3.
Client names cannot be listed here.

Meditech Word Client

Any opinions on this platform? MT-friendly? 



Meditech Word Client
Thank you very much for the response!  I am due to be starting at Keystrokes soon and wondered about the platform!
MTSO and client responsible here.
As a former transcription manager I can tell you without even thinking about it that ExText does what it is programmed to do. Your MTSO signs a contract with their clients and all of these things are negotiated. Remember that the new ethics takes the consideration out of whether or not the MT can make a living. It is,however, all about cutting the cost of transcription and I would say it is about time MTs made it their business to be informed about how they are paid and then not rushing to work for companies that do not respect their talents. Why validate people who have no respect for what you do to help their business each day.
"They" ALL overhire; it's please the client first; not the MTs.

It can happen if client demands SM
due to errors.  I've seen it happen with 2 companies I've worked for.  Within a week, the people who have no issues go off and the people who do stay on 100% until they get better or are removed from the account.  If the client wants it, that's what happens.
It sounds like the client still used tapes
and not necessarily your employer. Maybe you could talk to her about a switching you to a different account. I certainly understand how this can be difficult for you with small children in tow -- anyone can understand that.

As far as the extra insurance, I don't think insurance is the regulation as much as privacy and confidentiality.
Yes, they are standardizing the client profiles.
Not all have been converted, however, but it is a lot easier than before. On most accounts I don't type patient names any longer, just the patient. That is a big help, not having to go back and look up some foreign name with all vowels. There are other changes as well. With Medquist it's very easy to look up the client profile, just one F key brings it up. I don't know anything about the testing/hiring, but do know they are looking for MTs. Go to their website. And your right, it's probably not any worse than others. People seem to have really strong feelings about MQ and are very verbal about them. I hate my accounts, teaching hospitals with residents, but that's not the fault of MQ. Really, it's the clients I dislike more than Medquist.
I have an interview with another company this morning, and I'm about to talk myself out of it after reading this post. LOL.
It is client-based/ not company
This is set up by the client NOT the MTSO. I have worked on several different VPN accounts for Keystrokes. Some I can access the internet and others I could not. It depends on the hospital/clinic. If they set the security really high, you will not be able to access the internet. However, if the settings are lower, you would be able to do it. If it were up to Keystrokes, they would definitely want you to be able to access the internet.