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Just a heads up on Heartland computer....

Posted By: i_am_mtheaded on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl

I was at Heartland late last year for about 8 weeks total.  Worked nights (12a-8a) and would constantly get calls from my supervisor during the day when I was trying to sleep.  Thank goodness I left then. 

But, I am posting mainly to say that my last check was not direct deposited.  In fact, it was held until I returned the computer.  I did not know they were going to hold the check until I got the packing slips in the mail for the computer.  This is just a heads up.  Please plan in advance for the worst case scenario so you do not get double screwed. 

As far as unemployment, I would call your local Workforce Commission and explain the issue.  Ask them when is the earliest you can file so that maybe there will be as little lag time there as possible.  I would not wait for anything from Heartland, let their HR confirm it with the unemployment agency.  If you got an e-mail confirming the last day, print it and use that as notice.  Here in Texas, you can file on the internet and by phone. I hope it is that easy everywhere else.  

Good luck. 

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I wanted to use my own computer and get rid of the RENT on TT computer, but Vista is not compatible.
Good way to make them money.  Not have to upgrade software so that Vista is compatible with Vista.  Huh?
One more computer question. I got my computer today and
trying to set it up.  Man unpacking the box and setting everything up is a major undertaking; more so for me because I used a laptop before and my desk isn't tower friendly.   Anyway, no info came with the tower and I don't yet have the password to get in (paperwork says to call M-F).  Is the tower WiFi compatible?   My DSL is hooked to a different computer and I wanted to know if I can setup new computer as WiFi or if I need to move modem to new computer and set other computer up as WiFi. 
thanks for the heads up
Thanx 4 the heads up...

man, thanks for the heads up
TT heads-up
Make sure they let you do ops.  If you have to do ESL Discharge Summaries all day long, you won't make your line count. 
Wow, thanks for the heads' up! nm
Just a heads up - FYI

I see Breitner is looking for MTs.  This company does not pay on time, pays the incorrect amount, and the first check you recieve is 6 weeks after you start (wrong amt)!  Also, the transcription manger has NEVER done transcription and has no clue what to do if any issues arise. 

I cannot believe companies like this still exist.  They have a horrific track record.

I know there are a couple of you out there that will defend them - and they love people like you.  When they say jump - you say how high.

Thanks to both of you for heads up..nm
thanks for the heads-up.
I decided not to go with them after all.
Thanks for the heads up!
They sent me an e-mail to do this long testing and I will refuse. Why spend half of my day testing for a company that does not treat their employees good. Thanks for the heads up! I will pass....
just a heads up
I don't know how they are handling new hires, but a lot of us are getting multiple accounts which requires reading multiple client profiles. The concept of having a primary account is becoming extinct.

Maybe they are setting up new hires on primary accounts that are abundant in work, but there is the possibility that work may be funneled into your pool from all over the country.

This is MedQuist's way of solving the problem of MTs being out of work. However, those of us who never ran out of work now have lost our primaries to MTs who did run out of work.

So, the good thing is you will probably never run out of work...

I have been with MQ for 10 years and and currently phasing them out of my future career, as many of us oldies are doing.

The platform is great. No pay for headers.

Good luck!
Thank you for the heads up. n/m
Thanks for the heads up!
Thanks for the heads up!

I'm just so darned frustrated, demeaned, etc., etc., Good Lord, I've been in this biz since IBM Selectrics for God's sake, and my income is going backwards! I want to throw rocks at my hubby because he works for a major aerospace company, works virtual office, and sits in the recliner and attends meetings. Yes...he's put in  his 30 years and his income and retirement attitude reflect that. But what the HECK!!!! I've been doing this for 30 years, work crazy hours, 12, 15 a day, 7 days a week and all I get is a decreasing paycheck, frustration, aching bones and muscles, never eat, never get out of my jammies, never go outside. Geeeezzzzeee. Did I take wrong career path 30 years ago or WHAT???!!!!

But...I must dutifully get off this site and go do the first half of my 12 midnight to 4 a.m. shift, and watch my hubby sleep. hummmmmm. It sucks, but I'm too freaking old to start all over. Thanks guys. I really appreciate your input, and appreciate the commradorie of the handful that stick together here.  Have a blessed, restful night.

Thanks for the heads up
Don't want to waste my time or energy on someone who is disorganized and untrustworthy.  Oh well, she will end up digging her own hole.
Thanks for the heads up
I'll steer clear.  I really wouldn't consider working for a service in the southern US anyway.  While there may be a few good ones I don't know about (but I doubt it), the ones I have had experience with are extremely low-paying and try to micromanage their employees/ICs.  Only when I have worked for a southern-based service have I ever had unsolicited and unwanted fundamentalist religious e-mails crammed down my throat ad nauseum by the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet.
THANKS for the heads up!

If they don't think there is anything wrong with what they are doing, why the deceit? I would NEVER work for a company such as this!
Thanks for the heads up!
Heads up every body! sm
I thought this was rather interesting.  A while back I posted about working a short time for a company and then leaving because I wasn't happy with the platform and got a better offer.  Anyway, I was not paid for my work and about a month had gone by, so I posted here asking for help and was given a few good places to start.  I recently received an e-mail from said business with a copy of my post from this board, basically Ha!, we caught you.  However,  I did receive my pay 3 days later.  So, for anyone who doesn't think companies take time to read these boards, think again.   I  never imagined transcription company owners would have time to sit around reading posts on MT boards.
well that won't work for me. thank you for the heads up.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll do that
I thought only OSI did it, thanks for heads up
Using our heads for a moment.
I know and quite admire one of the principals with this company although I do not work there. He is a gentleman, treats all with respect, has an amazing work ethic and has been very successful in this business over the accumulating years that I have known him. I have always trusted his advice and while I do not work for him now, perhaps some day I might. If/because a company may have had problems in the past is no reason to constantly bash them. It may be that they have turned it around and pulled it together. New people, new ideas, lots of new work, all things that can bring you to a place where your opportunities can be good ones. I value other people's opinions but there comes a point too where you have to take a leap of faith and find out for yourself. One MT's mistake is another's treasure. I think that the purpose of the board should be to help people make decisions based on useful information. This MT highway has two lanes, you know, and you often get back the effort you put out in any situation.
Heads Up.. there is more than ONE Donna :)

Heads in sand
You know, I'm always amazed at what people say and what they apparently believe.  I've been told more than once that I only see in black and white.  Well, maybe I do, but I'm seldom wrong about anything.  I've said for years that people with a long way to go to retirement had better rethink the MT field because MTs will go back to where I started, minimum wage.  Well...actually I started before there was a minimum wage.  All one has to do is read the handwriting on the wall and it's usually written in black and white.  It isn't just MTs either, it's the whole U.S. work force.  They're screwed. 
Thx for heads up. Won't ever work for them! nm
Then what? I will have given a heads-up to others who deserve it
There must have been a certain amount of business generated from their advertisement of work being done state side.They obviously plan to keep that on there, so it's had to be a money maker. It certainly makes a difference if I'm the one looking for a job and it's a state side company hiring MTs. Then what...? You're right. It's not going to stop. But would you not want a heads-up? The website says state side. All of us deserve to know the truth going on inside these crooked companies.... because the only thing we can do is look after each other.
Yes they should hang their heads sm
and thank you for saying so. I have a phone interview at 2 p.m. today EST. I will never trust 100% anything a company says again and just as I did with this company, I will have my rear end covered in case this happens again. I don't have to work anymore and choose to work. I am not into retiring at 54. I can work part-time which is what I was classified at Milner. If it gets slow then I take it in stride. I just don't like the lying and I am especially ticked (as I have said) that I plain out asked them because I had another job offer and they told me things were ok. Matter of fact the job offer I had was from a lady with a company who found me, I didn't find her. She saw posts on MT stars and sent me an e-mail. That is so frustrating!
Thanks for the heads up. I've been talking
Sorry your experience had to be so bad for the rest of us to find out about them. Good luck to you.
Just a heads up for both of you, Chicago/Tinley will be
shutting its doors by the end of this year. All accounts are headed to another state. I know some of the office staff are already job hunting.
Count me in, too. How many of the heads at AHDI are

Thanks for the heads up. Got a post card in the mail sm

from them the other day, as well as Spheris, and was not really considring them, but wondering how they got my name and address ... hmm ... oh well ....

Sorry they treated you so badly.  Hope you find a better position.

Heads up, I just found out this is a BC, Canada company!!
OTI Oracle--Anyone give heads up on their benefits
and other info about them.  Thanks. 
Anyone with heads up on the Trans-Tech Test?
guess I won't bother then; tnxfor the heads up
I know they read this board and giving them a heads up on...sm
this problem may help everyone. An employee gets taxes and benefits paid by the employer, equal to about 25% of their line rate, 8 cents a line plus 25% equals over 10 cents a line. An IC can deduct that 25% because they have to pay all taxes and don't get any benefits, thereby making their line rate lover than 8 cents, in the range of 6 cents a line. Get it? It costs the MTSO MUCH less to hire ICs, and then they want you to commit to a schedule.
FYI - Heads Up - Do not Work For "Ascend Healthcare"

Ascend has got to be the worst place in the universe to work for.  I am begging you, please do not work for them.  They are truly a nightmare company to work for.


Isn't that weird? I gave mine the heads up, too, and no one ever called!!
Which I wished I had known, or I would never have given the heads up! Ha!! 
Hardly any jobs since yesterday ! Don't you just love it when the IC's raise their heads at th

of pay period !!!

Where have all you IC's been the other 12 days of the PP?

Internet DSL or cable...heads up to prospective employers sm
I see many employers insisting upon cable or DSL internet only as a prerequisite for employment.

These are not the only two reliable, fast ISPs anymore, folks.

I have fixed wireless, also known as wireless DSL. I have a package right now at 768 kbps, with the option to go 1 mbp. My ISP is every bit as fast as regular DSL (I know; I used to have DSL) and is, in my experience, more reliable. Fixed wireless is NOT satellite (and again, I should know; I used to have satellite, as well). Fiberoptic is also out there and from what I hear, beats even cable.

Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds and I hope prospective employers do not rule out any great MTs because they do not realize that cable and DSL now have company...and competetion: Fixed wireless and fiberoptic.

goodness! sounds like heads I win, tails you lose to me! n/m
For the most part, I agree. Dorothy and I have butted heads a few times, sm

but I do believe that she truly cares about the welfare of her MTs, and is not some evil monster sitting on her throne, deliberately overhiring so she can make lots of people suffer.  As you pointed out, it is not even good business sense.

I am not on the inside track, so I really do not know what the plan is as far as continuing to hire new MTs when many are complaining there is no work, but I have to believe there is some kind of plan.   I have been fortunate.  I was running out of work, and they gave me another account, so I can make my quota.  Plus, I just decided I would be stubborn and sit and take the reports whenever I can get them, all day long if I have to do it that way. 

I suppose in my dream world, there would always be plenty of work, anytime I want it, with only the best of the docs dictating.   But, barring that, I still think MDI-MD is one of the best companies out there to work for, and I wouldn't consider leaving right now. 

Speaking of work, I had foot pedal issues last night, so I am behind and should get busy. 

Happy New Year, one last time. 

Thanks for the heads up. I was hired by a national 1 month ago. I am still waiting to finish
training so I can start working.  These companies make you wait 2 months?  That is incredible!  Grrrrrrrrrr. 
Has anyone heard of a company called Heartland Transcription out of Toledo?  A friend of mine has been talking to them and wondered about it, so I told her that since I was online right now I would ask.  Thanks! 
You MUST be their recruiter.


WOW! What paper was this printed in, the post doesn't mention it. Also age discriminations is llegal folks, and just fort he record HIS hired me and I am 58...make me wonder..................nola
I myslef cannot help but wonder what is going on with Heartland. I currently work for them and scared I will end up without a job.