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I'm keeping it...sm

Posted By: NiceGirl on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: Are you going to choose to keep the computer? - ConfusedDell

But I won't use their uninstall software. I'm computer saavy enough to figure out what to uninstall on my own and that will leave on everything I need. They aren't getting off that easy.

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who tried keeping me down....sm

First, I got rid of the husband who consistently tried keeping me down and shooting me down, and my sanity comes first, in 1991, and then in 1997 I made up business cards, and every Thursday (my only day off) I solicited another medical center.  I sold myself and only walked into the offices of which work I wanted to do.  I got 5 doctors and surgeons that first year.  I went down to 2 MDs/ surgeons (one went into receivership which is a form of bankruptcy and 2 witches I dumped) , and so in 2000 started *moonlighting for MQ*......and still working for MQ and have 4 surgeons.

But every single Thursday I went and solicited another center in my area(s).  And if I ran out of work again today?  I'd do the exact same thing.  *S*

Best of luck to you......*S*


just one more way of keeping us all
and make sure nobody's work is worth giving them a raise. rather ingenious when U think about it, albeit unethical.
Actually they are keeping
companies are offshoring and laying off or cutting pay, Transcend continues to grow it's US MT workforce and retain pay rates.  There is a reason they are in the ranking they are. 
Thank you. I have been keeping a notebook
but have to email jobs, not fax, daily so thought it would be easier to do in a word document. Did not know about the Alt+tab, that should be of great help! Thanks again!
I had trouble keeping up with my
The QA department wants to proof everything before you get paid, therefore what you typed may not be what you get paid for.  I couldn't ever figure out how much I was going to receive.  People were real nice, accounts good, but there was room for dishonesty in line counting in my mind.
TT time keeping?
Do you punch in and out during the day for breaks, lunch, etc.   Do they have a built in time clock on their system or do you keep a manual log and if so how exact do you need to be.  Do you make a note of every potty break, etc.?  Do they use these minutes against lines to figure your LPH rate like MQ does? 
IMO, MTSO may do this as way of keeping MT in
You are right!!! thanks for keeping it real
I have been keeping a list ... SM

I am sure these are not all the Escription companies, but this is what I have noted over the last couple of years.

Transcend, TTS, MVTS, Superior Global, Deventure, Proveros, Focus, DeVenture, AlphaMed, Sten-Tel, Medical Ink, Chase, Lee Perfect, Spryance, Milner, Central Transcription Services, On Point Medical Transcription.

Keeping it fresh
Okay, now don't everyone jump on me here.  I've read the posts and I know the hardships we all face every day, BUT how do some of you keep it going after all of these years.  I mean sometimes I think that if I have to type one more report I'm going to go nuts.  Some of you have been in this longer than me at 15+ years. I have to do this another 15 years!  I live in a remote area so I can't just go get a job anywhere.  Some of you have done this 30 years.  What keeps you going?
Have you considered keeping the job you have
while working for a new company, that way you can decide if you like the new one before jumping all the way in. Your old job can be your safety net. Just a suggestion. Good luck to you!
What is the problem? Are you having trouble keeping up?
Thanks so much for the info, Fran, keeping it under my hat!! NM
Keeping TT benefits question

TT says that we must work 80 hours in two weeks to keep our benefits.  Obviously I know this and am scheduled to work 80 hours in two weeks.  However, when running out of work is an every other day thing now, can they take away your benefits if you work say 72 to 75 hours?  I know they tell us there is always work at night or on your one weekend day off, but I picked my Tue-Sat schedule for a reason - because I have a life outside of work and don't have time to work nights or my days off!

It's not you. It's the Universe keeping you safe
My mom always said, If it's for you, you will get it. There is something better right around the corner. Good luck to you!
Good Luck Keeping Your Job at Heartland!!

I think I have had enough! Yes, I admit, I currently work for Heartland and truly thought they wanted a domestic team. I didn't think much of the managment changes and truly thought we (domestic MT team) would be okay even if HIS was sold, well think AGAIN!

We are being fed a load of crap from the new President (Dennis Paulik)!! The below was sent to me annoynomously. I think that all US-based MTs for HIS should up and leave! Why wait, obviously, he has "other" intentions that don't include us - the USA TEAM!!!!!!

Heartland Information Services, Toledo, Ohio, which employs 1,400 to 1,500 foreign transcriptionists in three cities of India, may help explain why. Dennis Paulik, Heartland's vice president of sales and marketing, says that HIPAA standards are applied to all transactions, including anything outsourced. The company leases private, transoceanic lines, so all transactions are encrypted from the time the information leaves the hospital, to the moment it is dispatched from Heartland's U.S. offices to a transcription center in India, until processing is complete and the medical transcript goes back to the hospital.

Paulik says he hears time and again that there aren't enough U.S. transcriptionists, and that those who do still work here are an aging population--the average trained American transcriptionist's age, he says, is about 59 years. It's one reason his company was formed, he says.

"You're going to have a growing need, and fewer transcriptionists," Paulik says. "It reinforces that point that people have just got to go overseas."

I can understand keeping tabs- but I work for them
and if I take a bathroom break, get a drink of water, etc., etc. I donít hear about it. I can only think if you are gone from the computer for a period of time, say 30 minutes and leave a report on, sure they can know. I donít worry about the foot pedal coming up and down and them counting because I always try to have it on and fast forward. I know they know what you have worked on, your line counts, and like that, but if you take a bathroom break, come on now!
Not many..but I got mine for the satisfaction of having it. Keeping it current is my pleasure..
sounds like Medquist keeping track of all times
my company does not do that
Anyone know whether Transcend is keeping the same insurance this year or changing?
Then we ALL need to start keeping track of our hours and anything that falls
below minimum wage - we need to start reporting these companies - don't care if this is caused only because of a decrease in starting VR or whatever causes it, no work, downtime if not paid, EVERYTHING included.  I do believe that might get the MTSOs attention.  They can't fire us all.  Looks like India MT situation might be in trouble so the MTSOs should be very cautious that perhaps they can't rely on offshore forever in the future.     
My 1 cent (keeping it low so opinion doesn't get offshored).
I agree with a lot of the other people. I will say, though, that I would be A-OK just working on Word since I'm assuming getting a the DocQScribe set up for a bunch of people might be cost prohibitive, at least at first.

Also, since you are talking hospital transcription, that is going to mean 7 day a week coverage. If the need arises, I would rather see rotating weekend coverage rather than requiring everybody to work every weekend.

Also, while cross-training is great for vacations, sick days, heavy work, it would be terrific to be able to get an account and not have to chase the work across 6 different accounts in a crazy MT version of musical chairs. I guess that would mean not over-hiring.

It may be unpopular, and it's probably easy for me to say because I've been at this for so long, but since we don't really establish seniority at a company, I would love to see some sort of reward for years on the job. I think I bring more to the table than someone with 2 years, and it would be great to be rewarded for that.

I'm sure I'll think of more...it's been so long since anybody asked what could make my job great that I had given up even thinking about it!
so, keeping in mind that decent means acceptable standard,
What about keeping a timesheet? Is that required since you just meet a line count? SM
Do you have to keep track that you worked at these certain hours each day, or do you just log on and work and meet your line count and not care what time it is?
Have to agree ... keeping the lights turned on, food on the table, and sm
a roof over my head is pretty good motivation!  Plus, I do not want to exist.  I am single, but I want the same things my married friends have with 2 incomes.  Since I haven't found the seeds for my money tree yet, I work.  As I mentioned below, I have been an MT for 30+ years, but I have worked the last 10 years or so at home, and it is MUCH different than having to get dressed up and drive over town.  Working on a Saturday or evenings or anything is not so bad when you can sit wearing a t-shirt and shorts and have your doggie curled up under the desk. 
There is NO Medical Record keeping in India for hospitals/physicians.
What I read was that they opened a center in India BUT were adding work for them and keeping their
domestic work force as well.
Workin, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that one of the suggestions will work for you too. nm