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Absolutely, consider it done!

Posted By: mamacarolina on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland - Charla

This is my mission right now! Damn it, we did not deserve this and now the poster above is right, no email to give us our final resting instructions. I called out sick at Heartland last night due to my state of mind and Melissa Carr, my former manager sent my email to Kathy Clemmons and Colleen Neidert, guess you can't use your sick time either!

I am no longer mamacarolina, but Mary Kirkpatrick, ex-Heartland employee, standing up for all of us at Heartland. I want our voices to be heard. I want this to stop!

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Absolutely not!!!
MTs make more money than migrant farm workers.  We work fewer hours.  We get to sit on our butts inside the house with air conditioning while they're outside doing physical labor in the hot sun.  Our supervisors don't threaten us with deportation.  We're not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides that cause cancer and birth defects.  Believe me, migrant farm workers have life a lot worse than you do.  I would suggest you try it out for a few months if you really think MT is that bad.
Got 1300 lines in today so far, how many you got?
Absolutely . . . sm
But there's no need for personal attacks and insults. And while I have looked to this forum for info on companies, I'm really not interested in someone's daily nonstop personal vendetta against a company. And just because someone else doesn't agree, that doesn't make them "crazy" or "management." Those remarks are ridiculous and uncalled for. If you want to be the playground bully, go find a playground.
Oh, absolutely!

"Kuddos" is a very important medical word. 

Absolutely not
Depends on your acute - on my training account I was typing 300 lph -  now, they put me on the other hospitals in that same account, with TERRIBLE dictators, etc. - and I'm lucky to get 100-150 lph. It's disgusting. Now today - after the big incentive all weekend for my account - after weeks and weeks of backlog, there is absolutely no work. Isn't that special?
You absolutely sure?
no more
Absolutely NO.
You wanted me to make something up, so I did. :-)

Use your tools! Google it! do your homework. Ask professionals.

If people don't answer you here then you need to look elsewhere. None of needs to be called to task because we didn't take time from our lives to address something you could have found on your own (which is probably why you didn't get responses until you got pushy). Be grateful and thankful that some people finally told you where you should already know to look.

You know the saying, give a man a fish....teach a man how to fish....
Absolutely! nm
absolutely not.....
No company should take that long to pay. Even those in other areas of work who get paid once monthly, get paid at the end or the first of the month, not 2 weeks after the fact. That is ridiculous. I would come right out and ask them why the pay is taking soooo long!
The only reason (or excuse) would be they can't get paid any sooner from their clients, which means they should renegotiate pay schedules with them.

No one I know has ever had to wait that long, either at home or in a private facility, to get their check, or else no one would be working.....they would go to someone else where they get paid and can PAY THEIR OWN BILLS ON TIME!!
Absolutely NOT
IF you love nursing, there is definitely a shortage of nurses.  GO...GO.. GO! 

I just started the overnight check thing this week and was curious how it worked.  I hate relying on it to come by snail mail, need it to be a little more dependable.  I have been with them for about 6 months now and really do enjoy it.  I have my own accounts and just have to meet the TAT (48 hrs).  The pay isn't the best but I finally like what I am doing again so it's worth it. 

I left my e-mail address this time, so you can email me if you want.

Absolutely Nothing
Zip, zilch, nada. She probably doesn't even know it's MT week. Sad, isn't it?

ABSOLUTELY!! Go for it! nm
Have to find something else. I heard a lot of good things about this particular company I am with on the board and thats why I went to work for them, but this is really awful. I figured even with a line rate increase$$ its going to make very little difference.
No need to waste your time or theirs if the pay isn't enough
I OFTEN email the reporter on a story - have even been interviewed as a result.

I ALSO like to follow the links/google jerks like this Acusis guy and email them as well. I have NO beef with poor people in other countries trying to improve their lives, BUT I have HUGE beef with cRapitalists in this country sending our WELL-EARNED, decent paying jobs overseas. Wake up people! Don't Americans see what is happening? By shipping good/high wage jobs overseas, we are now forced into a lower stardard of living. PROTEST IS PATRIOTIC. Lift your voices and let your public officials hear from you: FAIR trade, NOT free trade.

And BOTH parties are equally guilty!
Absolutely run

I edited quite a bit of work that she contracted out to an Indian company, which was horrible, and got paid the wrong amount.  Although she did make it right, I decided after just a few days this place was not worth my time and effort.  She talks the talk (looking to make a difference in the MT business, values people, etc.), but she does not walk the walk. 

absolutely right ...
Independent contractors set their own hours, IRS will hold a companies feet to the fire for that. I work Saturdays for Transcend and I gave them my hours I want to work and they accepted them. I think the weekend hours asked for is dependent on the account you work. At least that has been my experience with Transcend. All is negotiated when you are hired.
yes, absolutely.
I will continue to be a cheerleader as well. I agree with all the good things you said about TransTech. I simply couldn't feel happier with my choice to go with them 2 years ago.
I have written emails stating why i deserve the raise and have always gotten one that way. Plus I would always ask for more than you expect...bump the request up to 1 full cent so that if they give you half, you got what you wanted but you could get a bonus too.
Absolutely not. SM
Only the Administrator (owner of the board) and myself (main moderator). There are a couple of other moderators for the political boards, etc.

If you have questions about how the board is run, discuss them via email with us.

Absolutely do it
I did the same approximately a year ago. I've got everything you mentioned, plus they pay my cable bill, plus I get generous PTO allowances, plus they don't run out of work, plus the pay and benefits are great, plus I have the same doctors all the time. What's not to like? Also, I'd think being an IC is not dependable like it used to be. I think you should go for it and fast.
Absolutely too low sm
Considering I am paid 12 cpl for VR and 17 cpl standard transcription. The amount you stated is terribly low.

Of course, this is my own account; however, I can tell you the going rate for companies is 8 cpl standard, 4 VR editing and I have also seen 10 cpl and 6 cpl VR.

Absolutely! nm
Absolutely not, not the MTs (sm)
They brought in a doctor to manage things (can't remember her name - things started to change then) & then for me anyway they drove out my excellent and professional super sweet and hard working terrific account liaison and put another MQ upper person in her position and it was never the same for me after that. So, I guess I shouldn't exagerate and say a bunch because I have no idea how many but I saw the whole mentality of the company change to exactly what I had experienced at Medquist and it was sickening. So, no, it was not the MTs, the leads, the management. They are snotty and started treating everybody like take it or leave it - that was the end of work on your specialty- it was the end of ever receiving a reply to an e-mail question. I could just go on and on but I just don't have the energy left. It's sad but true and I'm over it...I just hope the company can get back to what they used to be but I don't think it ever will be or could because they don't acknowledge their issues so how can they fix it? Just like MQ would overhire and make you just sit there waiting for work...is it deja vu or what working for MDI now? People who have been hired anytime in the recent past (and not counted as one of their favored long-time MTs) is simply and plainly being used as overflow disposable MTs and they want to pay you less and less so pushed out the people they hired at 10-11 cpl back when we had to pay for unlimited LD and dial in. Now they are .wav...MTs who want to work for them are a dime a dozen..they want to stay on top of TAT instantly so ipso facto overhire and keep overhiring and they get what they want and you get whatever you can get and good luck! Back in the day, you could write D. directly and she would answer and address it immediately and satisfactorily and caringly...good luck ever hearing from her unless it is just a form email rah rah bunch of fake (and misspelled by the way) crap sent to the masses. People used to be treated so well...now you are just a number...their era of greatness is over IMO. IT was good while it lasted but you can only survive on memories of greatness for so long before you have to face reality.
Absolutely should say something--
Old dog, I'm probably an older dog, and I participated in the first credentialing cup challenge. I was so nervous the entire time because I just didn't think I was going to be able to learn every little minute detail. The course walks you through each body system and also grammar and punctuation, HIPAA regulations, etc. It will definitely prepare you for your exam.

The book you need for the course (The CMT Review Guide) wasn't very helpful to me. Someone recommended Davi Ellen Chabner's Language of Medicine - 8th edition. I bought that and it was the best investment I have ever made. She has developed a wonderful system for learning the information.

I absolutely recommend the CMT prep class. Make sure you get the LOM book - I bought mine online for a very decent price. Make sure the one you get has the CD, that has many chapter quizzes, learning tools, etc.

When I got to the testing site for my CMT exam I was a nervous wreck, but once I sat down and started taking the test, most of the answers just came to me.

You will not be sorry if you take the class, believe me. They will reimburse your exam fee if you pass, too!

Good luck to you! I'll be rooting for you!!
Yes, I absolutely do believe that.

I have had some seemingly unfortunate things happen that turn out to have been for the best.  We all have.  Miss a plane and the plane goes down.  Leave a job and find out those who stayed didn't get paid for the last month.  Lose out on a job and find out that was a pretty good thing.  Now you're still looking and available for some other opportunity.  It may take some time to pan out, but I'll bet you will eventually find out that it was a pretty good thing. 

My niece was running very late for work one day.  Very late.  Thought she would get fired from the hospital.  Turns out if she had been right on time she would have been on that bridge in Minnesota that collapsed.  Good lunck/bad luck.  It is not always so immediately apparent, but I do believe things often happen for the best. 

Hope this helps!

I absolutely do not...
work for MDI, nor would I ever.  I would never work for a company that paid 3 cpl, NEVER!  I have more self-respect than that. 

I have 20 years in this business and I would NEVER EVER WORK FOR A COMPANY THAT SAYS THEY ARE HIRING IC's AND THEN DEMAND SET DAYS AND SET LINES FOR THAT MATTER....  Stick by your guns!!!!!!!  Tell them like it is on here because IC is self employed and not employee!  Until they are hiring employees they cannot set your hours or your line quota.  You are right, right, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I could not agree with you more!!  Hopefully with things that happened yesterday and things that are supposed to happen in the future regarding offshoring, things will become better for MTs.  I guess only time will tell and during that time my fingers and toes are crossed. 
oh absolutely...
Get that plan B in order ASAP.  The good news is, I think, at least from what I am hearing, everyone is getting snapped up pretty quick.  Keep us posted!
You are absolutely right ....
I just sent an email to this person, not applying, but just to let her know that this pay is beyond insulting for an experienced MT and IMHO, even more when it is for an ESL regardless of how easy he is. 
absolutely 100% sure

Not aware that it is inside info though.  New accounts that were supposed to start are not, and current accounts leaving, at least two, one in June and one in July.  Also 100% sure about the QA position elimination which is never a good sign.

And MDI-MD, having quite the reputation for doing quality work with cream of the crop MTs...Well, it makes sense a larger facility trying to establish itself would want to grab it.

Particularly if that company were interested in turning a large profit through and could ride on the coattails of MDI's reputation.
You are absolutely right
This is why I have all my IC's just sign on IM when ready to work. The only thing they have to meet is a TAT. They don't want to work, they do not have to. there is no minimum and no expectation of a schedule except their own. They can decline assignments whenever. Do not let these other companies call you ICs and then demand line counts, hour counts, or anything of you other than quality work. Also, if you do not get paid don't sit on your butt - if they did not get the power paid they would get finance and late charges - insist on your worth.
Absolutely. nm
I tried explaining this in another post that apparently didn't sink in either.

MQ already found this loophole. I don't know all the details, but apparently as long as the final clearance is done through an AMERICAN QA, they can get around this because the final step before it gets to the client is on American soil.

I don't understand why this concept is so difficult to grasp. *le sigh*
No MT should EVER test without knowing that the job meets their basic requirements of pay and schedule. It is a waste of the MTs time and of the company's time. If the company won't tell you anything about the pay before you test, don't waste your time. If they are not willing to communicate with you before they even hire you, think how much worse it would be if you were employed with them! And they probably won't discuss it because they know it's substandard.
Absolutely - always work available. nm
Absolutely. No website that I know of yet. nm
She is probably the recruiter and has absolutely
there is absolutely nothing on this company = sm
nothing came up, even in the posts below.
I can absolutely verify this. SM
Awful work.  The worst of the worst dictators. Yes, the platform is great, but that doesn't help much when you have nearly 100% ESL dictators and the WORST ESLs I have ever heard.  QA is definitely very rude and if you like getting 9000 e-mails a day begging people to work, then it is your cup of tea.  I live in the Midwest and I was not offered employee status ever.  I have to pay to get my check sent to me overnight.  No direct deposit and no bennies.  Nada.  So in other words, decent pay, 10 cents a line, for crap work and no bennies.  That about sums it up. 
I would absolutely agree with you. SM

Something terrible has happened to the work ethic in this country.  I have met so many MTs who feel entitled to high pay per line, easy work, no weekends, no nights, and who don't want to give even the tiniest bit of effort when it comes to completing their work on time and CORRECTLY.

I wouldn't want to be an MTSO for any amount of $ in the world.  MTs are too difficult to deal with and there are tons of them out there who are totally undependable and/or incompetent these days.

Absolutely true.......sm
Time and time and time again... always the same story. Run! and don't look back.
I absolutely cannot stand it - sm
When people feel the need to correct errors in posts!
Absolutely true!
Absolutely love my job! nm