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nice editorial, sums it up

Posted By: Good job on 2006-05-12
In Reply to: I wrote this email and sent it to the Toledo Blade newspaper. - mamacarolina

Thanks Mary. That was very well put. I have to say I admire you for the way you have stood up and made yourself heard. :)

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Such a good post!! Sums it up quite well!
I absolutely love this business and my job - Right now.  Of course this is subject to change without a minutes notice.  I have learned that.  I have been right there with the rest of you though.  This business is not what it used to be and I have considered getting out too.  I have compared it to other professions.  If you were, say an insurance salesman, etc., etc.  You have to be educated and experienced in your field, certified and pay all kinds of state fees, get CE credits, and will still lose clients all the time.  That is the business you are in.  That is what the MT business has become.  Even if you love your company, clients are going to move all the time.  When I was finally let go after 10 years due to lack of work and offshoring, I checked into working outside the home in a local office M-F, 9-5, no weekends, or holidays with secure work.  At this point there are not many of those either, so I kept looking in the MT business and found that PERFECT job!!!  Specialty I love - 9-5 M-F, no nights, weekends, or holidays.  I am blessed for now but I do realize that if I stay in this business this too ABSOLUTELY WILL COME TO AN END.  They all do.  Then I will be on the job hunt again.  I just hope I can keep this up until I retire which is not too far off.  It is easier than walking into an office applying for a job at my age with all the younger competition.  If you hate your job - at least look for something else.  I have said it before and I believe this - Serious and dedicated MTs would be much happier in a smaller U.S. Company.  They post on here and other sites all the time.  They state U.S. only on their job posts and on their web sites.  Their pay is better and there is steady work, except around holidays.  They do not over-hire.  They do not offshore.  Even though they lose clients too, I think I will stick with them.
I agree.. Can you say "getting the runaround".. Yep. that sums it up.
If never want a straight answer on ANYTHING, then go for it. Best wishes.
'me' in the Softscript thread below sums it up pretty well.
See post below about noncompliant MTSO - this pretty much sums up Midwest - nm
Very nice owner, nice work, nice place - sm
the leave you alone.  I left because they do not budge from their pay which was kind of mediocre.  I would go back if I had to because they were extremely nice.
Very nice people, nice place to work. nm


Yes, nice QA (and nice people in general), but very little work right now. nm
Yes! Nice lady, nice company. nm
I second that. Amphion is nice, nice, nice

that's nice. have a nice weekend.
Nice post, thank you and have a nice day. nm
Yep! And it's a NICE one, too, for each

full-time referral!  The trick there is the new employee has to be meeting their minimum line requirement by 90 days. Good luck!

If you can't say something nice about ... sm
someone/something, don't say anything at all. Then again, I also learned that a "cranky (sic) sailor is a happy sailor" - there is no need for all these people to gripe for no reason except to have their "voice" be heard. Sheesh
Wow, that is so nice of you to say.
I think I know who you are, but please email me tomorrow.

You are such a sweetheart. People like you make my job so much easier. You know, we really try to keep our MT's happy cause Sue and I are MT's and we know what the deal is.

Candy, give me a call or an email tomorrow. That is so nice. MDI has gotten such bad press from this board and you know, I didn't even know how to post and Sue explained it. Duh???

Thanks again,
they are nice
decent people
She is very nice
I have talked to Jean M. a few times already.  I just accepted their offer Friday and wanted to be sure I understood what they had told me.  What they told me sounded very good.  I am looking forward to starting.  They are going to let me work a split shift.  I am on evenings now with 2 little boys and it makes it hard. 
They were very nice. sm
The two things I did not care for was the unlimited long distance, and their software Bayscribe.  Even though it was easy to use, the spellcecker is way too outdated.  I did not care for that at all. 
Yes..of course..say something nice about OSi
I agree. Based on the writing, wording used, and the same old themes used over and over, it really does seem like the same couple of bitter people complaining about OSi. I don't know what has brought them out of the woodwork all of a sudden. Doesn't really matter to me. I'm happy there. I'm not a newbie, wasn't when I started, and have been there 3 years now. I hope to be there for a long time to come.
WOW, must be nice!!
I have a little over 9 years. 30+ years, way to go!!!
That's nice. They still are not MTs.
It would be nice to know what the
for most of the ER MTs and for most of their acute care MTs so we could get a general feel for what can truly be achieved. I have also heard they have several platforms and wonder which ones are the most MT friendly.
Nice try - someone from QA?
Oh that is so much BS. QA has always been very nice to me. Everybody's nice.
It is nice to be appreciated now and then.
Have a nice day to you all! nm

Thanks, that's nice of you (sm)
I figured the KS people would be happy to get the lost IDs back after a fashion. Maybe the 3 people who had to stop last week can start on it again. It's news to me that KS was getting it all, though. But that hospital wasn't up front with us about many things. I hope you all are making good money on it, I couldn't make much money on that platform even with my IT.

I doubt that there will be severance, though. I'm just a little in shock that it was so fast; I figured we'd have another week or so at least. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.
Hey, that's not nice. I'm sure they let her off QA

because, after looking at her reports, they see that she knows what she is doing!

Again - not nice!

You have no idea what dictators she got.  I was off QA after the first day at my current job.  One of the reports I transcribed on my first day I received back with a note about how exceptionally difficult the dictator was, and what a great job I had done.  QA had to leave a number of blanks in that one.  It was awful.  I still got released from QA, because that horrible, terrible dictator gave me a chance to show what I was made of.  If I could handle that guy, I could handle anybody, and I do.  Maybe you haven't reached the level of experience and competence to be released from QA in very short order, but there are those of us who certainly have.  Maybe some day you'll get there.  In the meantime you shouldn't insult those of us who have worked so hard to excel in this field. 

That's nice to know. Thanks. nm
Must be nice (sm)

I do work 7 days a week.  I transcribe until 11 at night most of the time.  I work 3 transcription jobs.  I have absolutely no life, no quality time.

I make 8.25 cpl for one company

7.25 cpl for another

9 cpl for a third

The 8.25 cpl job is basically straight typing, no headers, no footers, no demographics to fill in.  I can crank out 500 lines an hour but I'm only given 500 lines-700 lines per day to transcribe.

7.25 cpl is VBL, ESL and small amount of work

9 cpl is lots of demographics to fill in, small little notes and not a lot of work but it takes double the time the 8.25 cpl job does.

I would give my eye teeth to make 12 cpl and be able to do 500 lines per hour at the same time.  Stopping and starting, filling in demographic blanks and forms takes up so much time that I'm lucky if I make $2200 a month but again, 7 days a week and no life away from the computer.


Well I emailed them and asked what that was all about with no response. I guess that is what they are going to give. I will be staying away from them in the future and would suggest people to do the same. This is highly highly unprofessional in my opinion.
must be nice............
gosh, what does it feel like to actually make $25.00 an hour? I do remember long long ago when I made this much while on overtime and working inhouse, but I am lucky to get anywhere close to $10 an hour these days, most of the time even less.  I guess I am just not fast enough to even be in this business.
nice one--very nice
that was really nice of you...
to take the time to write all that! I'm sure many will benefit from what you had to say.
Nice of you, but now everyone on here

I would think unique is what you should care about.  I don't care for the fact that you are stating we don't care if you worked at Burger King because that is what a resume should consist of, truthful work history, education, experience. 

I would just like to add that you didn't mention that it's best if you do have private accounts to keep the names private because there are MTSOs out there that will try to steal your clients.  Therefore, I list specialty only.

I must be okay since I've gotten plenty of responses.  Maybe your resumes were from new MTs or non-MTs that were make believe, but usually an MT has a good grasp for a resume.  JMO.  Thanks for sharing!

Hey J - nice to see ya!!!

Hey J - nice to see ya!!!  I second, third, fourth and fifth that.  Cardioscribes IS a very nice place to work AND has very nice people that work there.  So nice try.  It did not work.  All the naysayers are just good at being...... well.... Negative.  Have you ever heard the old saying? If you can't say anything nice, don't say it? 

I am with Jennifer, Shannon and Krissy all the way !!!! 


lol nice
That would be nice.
I don't know of any MTSOs that pay weekly. It would be very rare if you did find one.
That would be nice...
I saw something similar on mtjobs.com with ATSI, only I think the hours are set and it is probably employee status, not sure. I noticed it said three 12-hour shifts, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Nice try
I had 100% reviews when I was there and I made the bonus for lines typed. I spoke to the recruiter over and over since I had been a supervisor and QA person elsewhere and they wouldn't budge. I think I was making 4.5 on VR when I left and that was because I begged and begged. But if it makes you feel better to say we just aren't good enough, then so be it.. glad you are having a better experience than most...and maybe they upped it since several people were leaving.
hmm, is she nice now? sm

That had to be the rudest and nastiest person I have ever dealt with.

that would be nice --- just getting something is always nice.
Have a nice cup of tea
MT30ness! I didn't say YOU SUCK AS AN MT. I said I wondered how many were good MTs.

With your resume, I cannot imagine why you cannot get hired.

(And you continue to make a fight with me when I have no fight to offer.)
How nice

Isn't that just so nice though?
I mean to actually be glad to be working for a company. I know I am sure happy, especially after today's meeting :)
Some are nice, but there is one that --
never question her, she can be the nastiest, snarliest human? I ever encountered. Think maybe she doesn't know the answers and uses that as a coverup.
Enjoy your 20 bucks an hour for hard work for those few good bites.  Meaning, you probably have to work at least 3 hours for that nice evening out with appetizer, drinks, meal, gas, etc.  And that is only if its just you and a partner.  I read between the lines.  You are not struggling to pay your bills, otherwise you would never be doing this....the people on this board complaining about VR pay cut are the ones who have to pay bills, etc.  JMHO
Very nice ....

You are so nice
What a nice thing to say. I feel like the others right now, and I think that MDI has over-hired, which is done in this industry because they want the client to be happy and in doing so they don't have enough work for their MTs on different accounts. I agree with the person that said they should take care of the MTs they initially hired and make sure they have work. I also wish I could give work to everyone here that has no work..I know what it is like to not be able to pay bills. The one reason I went with MDI is that they said they did not operate like other companies and took care of their MTs.
thank you, cj, that was so nice of you
and I'm glad to see that everyone is being so nice and civil during this so far, no 'put on your big-girl panties' stuff so far, and I'm grateful to have a place to connect with others who are dealing with this right now!  Thanks again, cj, and my best to you, too!
Good job! I will contact this Congressperson with a letter - it does make a difference when you contact your reps in Congress. There is power in numbers. UNITE. WRITE.