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that's professional of her. Isn't one of them taking today off...sm

Posted By: Wow.. on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: If they only knew... - mary k

Was it Kathy or Colleen? Perfect timing, dontcha think?

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Well you are less than professional. Act like
one if you want a professional response. I am not who responded in the post you just responded to but you certainly are not acting like a professional.
That was a very professional
It is professional to do this
I believe you always should leave a company on good terms. Of course, on the other hand, if work is super low and they wouldn't feel the pinch if you left, I think less than 2 weeks would work. I had to do this at my last job. I gave them a week's notice because I just could not afford to work part time at a company where I was promised full time.
Professional Transcriptions
From Florida, any info from anyone on this company?
focus is not professional

I  also work for Focus Infomatics,  I mean worked.  I have been working for months.  They payvery poorly 6.5 cents per line.  as compared to other companies, that is very low.  Also they trick you into thinking it is a transcription job, then they tell you when you are trained, that you are going to be doing editing, without giving you a choice.  I am very disappointed with them.  I also thought they were good in the beginning.  They are not very professional.  I would not recommend this company to anyone who is looking for transcription work.



I would think you would know, pay should never be discussed with anyone - not very professional.
I am not your honey...please be more professional (nm)
Professional tester SM

I feel like a professional tester.  Tested for so many companies in the last six months I can't remember all of them - not one answer from any of them. 

Just tested for Transcription1 and still have not heard from them either.  Anybody have any info on this company?

Just my own professional belief sm
I personally do not think that anyone who is taught English as a second language could ever type or edit American English as well as American English-speaking people that are trained to do so unless he/she has solely devoted his/her life to mastering the craft.  Granted, there are many, many Americans who do not use the language properly even a little bit, but these people typically do not become MTs either!  I cannot imagine learning Russia as a second language, barely being able to articulate it, and then overseeing a born-and-raised Russian's grammar and punctuation skills.  Just my personal opinion, of course. I'm sure there are exceptions...somewhere.
I thought she was professional.
I talked with a recruiter once who talked to me like I was her long lost friend... it was kind of distracting.

I like the way the DR recruiter conducted everything. She was professional and pleasant, but not overly friendly.
lol You just did yourself in, professional recruiter!
How wonderfully professional you are!
Is this from the same mouth that threaten LEGAL action for imagining having been called a liar? Calling someone a psycho and ignorant? You neglected to mention the NUMEROUS emails you write to me, not just one! Yes, I'm sure anyone checking this site for suggestions or recommendations as to where to work will find this post helpful. they will realize that we have and maintain such a high standard that loons like yourself cannot possibly ever get hired on. For that, we are blessed and quite happy, and successful I might add. You have doctor friends- seek one out and get help. I pray for you...
to the point and v. professional and well-said.
You would think a professional would use the name of her company sm
and not a moniker to post with, plus like the other poster, I am not sure as a potential employee I would need to know about her 26 surgeries (26?!!!).   I think I'll pass.
Sorry, I meant Professional. Thanks

Was in a hurry

Actually, this is a professional website and

that is probably why they told you not to mock their advertisers.   Put youself in their place.  If this was your website, would you want MTs to mock your advertisers?

You are not a professional and by far, your post was not an opinion
It is apparent that you possibly are one of those MTs that has to jump around from company to company.
Professional Dication Associates
Am looking for more info, I know they use Emdat.  Has anyone worked for them who can tell me about part time line requirements, hours and in general how they are to work for?  Thank you. 
Anyone heard of Professional Transcriptions of NW FL
Any info, good or bad?
Thank you also. Very nicely and professional stated...nm
WHAT? No one holds you back from being professional! OMG!
Talk about utter lack of accountability and responsibility!

You don't have a clue about running a business, the cost of capital, etc.!

You are an angry little person, huh?!
experienced and professional MT poster

You are just wrong.  I started over 10 years ago when one could make good money working productivity with bonuses and benefits.  The behemoth -- the Walmart of transcription -  came in and bought most everyone out and reduced line rates and decimated benefits.  All others had to also to stay in business.  I have a devil of a time making the same wage I made 10 years ago.  I recently left a place because I was making $12 an hour - working as hard as I could (less than 1/2 what I usually make).  The HR person called and asked why I left.  When I explained, she said those days are over and better get used to it.  If a CEO increases productivity and profit -- they get millions.  MTs are expected to double their productivity while making about half what they used to with VR.  Sorry poster, this is reality.  If you have prospered, be thankful, but don't put the blame of the dismal working conditions of transcription on disgruntled workers.


MDI-FL and Cornerstone Professional Services

Could I please hear from anyone who is currently working for MDI-FL or Cornerstone Professional Services.  I have searched for both companies, but would like to hear  how the people who are still working for these companies like/dislike working for them.  Any information would be appreciated...both pros and cons.

Thank you.

Professional Dictation Associates anyone?
Any and all info is appreciated:)
Professional Dictation Associates?
Anyone had experience with them? Archives look positive. I sent a resume and got a quick response back. They want me to test.  Curious to know anyone with recent knowledge of them. Thanks!
professional..I know, you're tired. Me too :)
Anyone know anything about Physicain and Professional Services out of TX?
Any info would be great -- pay scale, line requirement, ins, etc.  Thanks!
I have one. I am professional Stars poster.
Professional Dictation Associates
I was just wondering if anyone has any input on the company good or bad TIA.
Cornerstone Professional Services
Cornerstone Professional Services is a very bad company to work for. They lie and they have trouble keeping people.  Find another company!!!!!
Cornerstone Professional Services

How is this company?  Do they pay on time? Is there is enough work? How is the QA staff? How is their platform?  How are the owners?  TIA

sorry for so many questions, but I like others am looking for a truthful company with stable work that does not, dog me out.

Be professional? lol You're joking, right?
Bottom line......The levels to which I have read of some MTs stooping to on this board does not belie a professional attitude. Personally, the whole thing makes me pretty nauseous.

Perhaps you should turn your nausea towards the declining wages being offered to seasoned MTs, then you might understand why MTs choose to sign on with multiple companies.

You expect MTs to be professional, but in this day and age there is very rarely a professional attitude returned to the worker bee MT.

The MTs are the ones who are trying to remain professional in this unprofessional rat race that transcribing has turned into. I say more power to any MT that has the guts to accept multiple offers and walk away from those that won't be beneficial to your pocketbook. I for one admire you, it's not something I know I could easily do.
This post by a supposed professional is
They were very nice and totally professional.
Then I got hired.  I was a very good employee and always exceeded my required line count.  They totally take advantage of that and you end up working weekends and on your days off. 
Professional liability insurance

is also known as E & O insurance, short for errors and omissions.  It serves to cover a professional if/when they commit an error or omit something that causes harm to their client.  Doctors call it malpractice insurance.

It is very specifically NOT, I repeat NOT a part of your homeowners insurance.  Professional liability insurance is LIABILITY coverage.  That means it covers you if you cause harm to someone else.  Insurance that would cover your personal computer is PROPERTY insurance and would indeed be part of your homeowners or renters' policy, assuming you have enough coverage for your contents and/or an electronic media enhancement to the policy.

To all MT's out there - do not ever sign something that says you will carry Professional Liabilty coverage.  This has the potential for putting the liability for mistakes on you, rather than on the doctor who signs the report.  It's saying that You are responsible for errors that may or may not cause harm to a patient somewhere along the line.  Don't do it.


Professional Transcription Company
Anybody have any experience with this company?  I haven't been able to find anything on them.  TIA!
thank you for speaking like a true professional. NM
Need info on Professional Transcriptions out of Pace FL. Anyone? nm
Anyone know the gal who runs Professional Dictation in Alpharetta GA?
I used to work with her way back, and we have lost touch many years ago.  She probably would not even remember me, but I've often wondered how she is doing.  It's been far too long and too much water under the bridge to try to contact her again, but I was just wondering if anyone knows of her.....
Professional Dictation Associate employees; may I
ask you some questions before accepting employment?  Please email privately if possible or can ask questions here if you would prefer.  Thank you.
Info on Professional Dictation Associates- (PDA) sm

Does anyone have any info on Professional Dictation Associates (PDA)?  Please advise if you do. tx

Sometimes I want to hire the first professional resume I receive!
And just because it is so well done!

Those email wallpapers make my eyes cross and twitch after a little bit of time! If I cannot read it easily, I chunk it.

I hate it that people cannot be more thoughtful of their own careers but I'm not getting paid to advise them of their mistakes.
I also worked for IR. They changed their name to Professional Transcription or
Not informed Professional MT Recruiting Service
As a student in a business law class and working on my AA in business administration, I can tell you this strange poster by Professional MT Recruiting Services is not well informed and smells of a troublemaker. Recently my law professor and another professor who is also a vice- president of a bank and deals with employees both discussed this topic a few months back. The current temperament and laws in most state make it very, very difficult for a former employer to say anything bad about a former employee because it makes that former employer open to big law suits. One would have to have committed a serious crime such as major theft from a company, and been convicted for a former employer to say anything negative about a former employee. In fact, both professors tell us that it is not worth the time or trouble to say negative things about a former employee for fear of law suits. Our law professor is a practicing attorney and a CPA who runs his own business, and if he is telling us he would not take the chance of saying something bad about a former employee who was less than an idea candidate, I am going to go with their expert advice. Both professors tell us it is better to be neutral and keep law suits at bay.
You're a professional trouble maker, that's what you are!
Any info on Physician and Professional Services -

Beth Joyner is the owner.  Has anybody ever worked for them, or heard any good or bad comments about them?  Thanks in advance.

I can't believe a supposedly professional adult said bite me! HA!!! sm
Now we ALL want to work for Proveros and get invited to bite the management woohoo!
Virginia Professional Transcription Services

Has anyone hear of this company?  If so, could you please share info on them?  TIA.

Any info appreciated on Professional Transcription Co out of NY
Any information on working there is appreciated. 
Oops. meant their time. (did I say professional?) nm
Anyone who deviates from their professional persona is h*ll to work with.
Cranky, rude, intimating, bossy, just plain mean - these type of people can suck the energy right out of you, distract you from your job and in the end, cost you a lot of money. If a person seems difficult within the first 3 months of a job, I would advise to not stay there. This job has so little people contact that the contact we do have is extraordinarily important for our sense of what the tone is of the company, anxiety or uncertainty, curt responses in e-mails can determine what kind of day you will have ... all because they are inept.