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Oh for Heavens sake! That is old news and all their clients already know about that.

Posted By: GingerBred on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: If you're contacting clients ... - Tex

Come up with something new, and maybe people will listen.

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Oh, for heavens' sake! (sm)
If you were at all familiar with DRC, you would know that the current clients REQUIRE all MTs who do their work to be USA-based. Why would the CEO of Acusis spend big bucks to buy a thriving, successful company, then turn around and send the work offshore and lose the contracts that made DRC worth buying in the first place?

Move over, Chicken Little... you've got houseguests for the weekend.
Oh for heavens sake! Did it occur to you that maybe she left there for a reason? She
addressed that when she came to Transtech and emphatically that she was not interested in offshoring and they are not going to offshore. Sheesh! She worked for ONE company that offshored and she left that for a reason (didn't like offshore).
What happens, is MTSOs coddle the clients and let the clients call all of the shots.

Then the MTs get stuck with account specs that are contradictory and confusing. 

It should be simple.  When an MTSO is wooing a client, the MTSO should present with a copy of the style guidelines they intend to follow or if it is the BOS, let the client know that.  It should be made clear that with the exception of report format, the guidelines are not flexible.  Either we use apostrophes or we don't.  Don't do it one way for one client and the exact opposite for the other client and then hold the MT responsible when she gets confused as to what account she is typing that day!

No news is good news for me. I check my audited reports all the time
If I need to talk with one of them, I call or IM them.  But, no, I have learned that if I am doing a good job, they leave you alone to do your work.  They are not in any way a company that micromanages as long as you do what you are supposed to.  If you give them a reason to think you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, they will keep an eye out on your work, etc. 
Good heavens!
I didn't know Deb was the owner!!  Add modesty to her many attributes.  I've known her for years and years before TT and she never told me she was the owner.  If she is the "owner" someone said was moody, I beg to differ.  She only has one mood and that's CHEERFUL.
I thought no news is good news, too. Then got email about
No news is good news! If there's a problem, they'll
Oh heavens. Sorry about that. Half awake. nm

Heavens, no. They are free to leave at any time.
themselves to be. 
Heavens to Betsy, learn voice recognition
Good heavens, outsourcing Radio services see link
I have heard of NightHawks - reading radiology reports at night etc., now even the radiologist are at risk for job loss and lower wages just like the MT.  Can be read as far away as India and sent back. Interesting article see link
I guess no news is good news! :-)
Thanks anyway!
If no news is good news why is a person
I agree - no news is good news - sm
They are busy making sure you have work and want you to stay productive and busy.  What is there to talk about?  I personally like being left alone to do my work.  As long as you get a check and the work keeps flowing, just do your thing! 
Is this news should have been labeled NEWS ALERT ...
This is breathtaking information and everyone who works at TT or is considering has the right to know. It will be buried with a title like is this news? It seems as if you are responding to the first poster's complaint of no work.
Looks like they pay more at MQ for goodness sake.
Pretty sad.
Oh for God's sake! I said it because it's TRUE.

As I said, I've been an MT for over 20 years.  I worked as an MT in house for a hospital for over 10 years.  I have a standing offer to go back and work for them at ANY time.  The way it is now, I do overflow for them any time they need extra help.  I also have had many of my own accounts other than this hospital over the years.  Yes, HOSPITAL accounts.  Why?  Because I'm a good transcriptionist.  I have had surgery center accounts, hospital ER accounts, overflow accounts doing ops, discharge summaries and ERs, and psychiatric hospital accounts.  I have a couple of doctor offices, but I prefer acute care.  When I got tired of the hassles of my own accounts, I applied with a small national that pays very well and only hires people with lots of experience.  I have worked for them in some form or other, sometimes more and sometimes less, for about 13 years.  When I have heard of something interesting, a job I might be interested in and that I think will pay will, I have applied.  Other than the small national, I have worked for JLG.  I have applied at various transcription companies over the years and was offered jobs by ALL of them, and have been offered good line rates by all of them, but in the end decided to stay with my own accounts and the small national I mentioned above that I have been with for 13 years.  Having been an MTSO myself, I know GOOD TRANSCRIPTIONISTS ARE HARD TO COME BY.  I have severely limited the amount of work I COULD have because of an inability to find QUALIFIED MTs.  I have been absolutely HORRIFIED over the years at what I have seen produced by experienced transcriptionists.

So when I do apply for a job, the MT companies RECOGNIZE that I am a good MT.  Everything I have said is true.  I didn't say they fall all over themselves to hire me for the heck of it - THEY DO!  And if you had my experience, they would if you applied too.  You obviously DON'T or you wouldn't be ridiculing what I am saying.  Anyone who is a truly good MT knows that what I say is true.  If you are good, you are highly in demand.

Oh for Pete's sake. If you are a TH MT, you know
they do not offshore. Some of their accts are on the border which is why the email is that way. TH does not offshore in any way. One of the few left that does not.
then for cripe's sake please

volunteer to be reassigned to that account so the posts that distress y'all so much will cease.  Check back with us in a week or two, okay?


Oh, for Pete's sake
Oh for pity's sake
There are tons of companies out there not on the board at all - I know because I work for two of them and never see anything negative at all about them. Did it occur to you the one's you see here over and over probably deserve much of the criticism?

For goodness sake!
This is whining now, ridiculous.
Oh for Pete's sake
It wasn't a dig. Simply a statement because I didn't take her email the way others implied it should have been taken. There were multiple posts by people earlier about MDI going the way of MQ and making all kinds of other statements to damage the company. I was at MQ when that ship started to sink and have seen nothing remotely close to that here. And as far as having compassion for someone with no work, apparently you didn't read all of my post or you would have read that I do understand what they are going through. I went through the same thing, not for a few weeks like the OP, but for 3 months at MQ and it probably would have been longer had I not decided to finally bail out of that mess. So before you decide to judge me or pretend to know what I think or feel, try reading all of my posts. Actually, don't. I'm sure you will just find some other reason to rag on me because I'm not having a horrible time with my company at the moment. To sum up all of my posts: To the OP down below, I'm sorry for your situation, but no, I'm not experiencing the same thing. To the other posters talking about management as if they are in it, unless you actually are in management and can say something factual, shut up. Regarding the message from Carlotta, all I got from that was take your issues up with management instead of hashing them out on a public forum. And to the snot I'm replying to......WHATEVAH!
oh for Pete's sake!!
they did use Transcriptionist in the body of the ad. Why all the assumptions here anyway. Do they pay on time? Are there any real problems here?
Oh, Fer Pete's Sake!
She quit her job because she was upset about the use of the word NEED??? For all we know, the person who phrased it in a less than acceptable way was not accustomed to handling bereavement requests - I'd have cut him/her a little slack. I'd have taken that opportunity to *educate* the HR person how to handle future requests with a little more tact, not bit his/her head off and complained all the way to the top of the food chain.

And how is the HR person supposed to know what kind of relationship the OP had with her father? or how emotionally upset the OP was or wasn't?

Bottom line, the OP is out of a job and the rest of the company is going on just fine without her. I think that's called shooting oneself in the foot... all for one little word: NEED. sheesh.

Well for goodness sake
spill the name of your company, maybe I'll come out of retirement.  LOL
I hope for your sake it is. At MQ, however, when we
were told the new pay rate would allow us to drastically increase our pay, it ended up cutting our pay in half... It sure sounded good though...

I will cross my fingers for you that it will all work out!
Oh, for Lord's sake, fastMT...What's up...
with the racist bashing today? Is it really necessary? My concern is not WHAT anyone puts on their heads, whether it's a bindi or earmuffs, but that Americans' medical records are being sent offshore, to ANY shore.
Explain for goodness sake!
These clip answers do not really help anyone.  Why not discuss your reasons why?  I would like to get a better picture of why your thoughts are such; otherwise, it leaves everyone going
Sometimes.....NO news is Good news. sm
Maybe you are doing just fine and everything is correct. Maybe they do no feel you need feedback because your quality is excellent!!

Good thought for the day :-) !!
good news and bad news ----
Good - plenty of work, just landed a new acct.

Bad - Check posts from a few weeks back. Out of the blue, everyone got a huge pay cut.
Not bragging, for pete's sake. The OP asked about if we run out of work or not. I do not. We a
It's a holiday, for heaven's sake, alot of docs off today!
lighten up.
For Heaven's sake, they did NOT overhire. It was a holiday weekend when dictation practically st
Get a grip, people!
the clients were in NY. nm
Maybe not your clients, but many are.
Your clients may be behind the times, but many are not. VR has gotten much, much better, and I've spoken with many, many MTSOs who are moving their accounts over.

The average seems to be about 60% to 80% VR and 20% to 40% transcription. There will always be those you cannot put on VR, but it is growing rapidly.
Not all clients DO know--that's just it!
Yes, some clients DO know, and the almighty dollar is the only thing they think of. But some clients DO care, and they don't know their records are going overseas. They would be apalled if they knew. Come to think of it, so would the patients.
not when the clients have the last say
Do not get me wrong. I do not care for it either, but somewhere down the line, the companies will have to suck it up and so will we. Otherwise, we move to a different field. Unfortunately, that is just the way it is.
Becoming an IC with own clients
How does a person become an IC with their own clients, not working for an MTSO? From what I have read on this board, it seems that is the way to make the most money per line/word/page, etc. so I am thinking about doing this after being an employee for 15 years (with things going downhill now). I would appreciate knowing several things:
1. How do you get the clients.
2. Are there certain types of docs that tend to prefer this situation rather than going to an MTSO?
3. How do you determine what to charge?
4. How can someone get the dictation, type it and return to the doctor without having to pick it up and drop it off?
5. Without QA other than yourself, how does an IC handle blanks? Do doctor's offices tend to get upset with blanks?
6. Is there a particular software system that is better to use when you have your own IC service and want to get work over the Internet and return it over the Internet?

This and any other advice greatly appreciated!
I'm sure they do tell their clients to sm
hide it from the MTSO, just like the MTSOs hide the fact that their clients' work is being generated by VR.
Do you think clients don't already KNOW about VR? That they are sm
being sold it at every AHIMA conference they go to? Being cold-called by companies doing VR already? That doc don't get info about it at their little retreats and conferences?

It's better to be proactive and have VR sold as part of an MTSO's offering (with MTs doing the editing) than being undercut by other VR-only companies.
do not forget the clients -
They also deserve to be billed correctly. Sad, sad, sad.
Do you have to pick up tapes and deliver the hard copies with your accounts? I used to have an account where they would dictate into my Sony system (a special system that allowed docs to dictate from their phones, pause, rewind, make changes, etc), and then I would just e-mail the completed work back at the end of the day for them to print out in the office.
I wonder if the clients are leaving
because they are being sold and that is why I have no work? I can't wait until they make the announcement - then I will know if I need to pack up and leave.
If you are seeking clients, there is not
Are their clients aware?
If I were a client of theirs, I would look for someone else to do my transcription. If I were a patient of this client and if I found out that the client knowingly supports this sort of crap, I'd look for healthcare elsewhere. Heck, docs come a dime a dozen!!!

It all comes down to the customers--that's US!!! The American citizens who trust that our medical records are (1) kept confidential and (2) are done correctly IN THE USA!!!

There should be a way to inform the customers of HIS's clients. First and foremost, we, as customers, as Americans, need to boycott the physicians first--the ones who are sending American money overseas!!! There are PLENTY of other docs out there who support the USA and want to keep the work at home. They'll gladly take my money!

Persnonally, I don't want my medical record entrusted to overseas folks who, for the most part, hate us to begin with. They barely speak a word of English and they certainly do a pathetic job at trascribing. I've seen the damage these folks can do to medical records.

I think that we should boycott MDs who are paying HIS to transcribe for them.

If we don't stand up for ourselves now, what's next????

Too bad they mislead their clients about it
That is what is so rotten about the whole thing, the hospitals think the work is all being done in the US when it is not.
RE Acusis Buy-Out, What About US-Only Clients?
Something does not add up here, because many of the bought-out company's current clients vehemently refuse to work with anyone who outsources.  Won't they drop new company outright and have to look for a new MT provider? 
But your own clients bring many of your own
*Stealing* clients

You can steal things, but you can't *steal* a sentinent being (client) who chooses to go with you because you offer better service/better price or any combination of the two.  Said client can walk away from you, too, if you don't deliver.  What company does not try to lure clients from a competitor?

If the severance is minimal, you can easily get another job, and you really believe the company would come after you, then maybe foregoing the severance would let you rest easier even if the clause wouldn't stand up in court.  If you really believe the company would come after you, do you want to spend time and money in court, even if you win?