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Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts!

Posted By: mamacarolina on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: RE: Karma - See message

Our lives will go on and we will get over this, but I will tell you, I have shed a few tears today. It was not only the job, but the friends and coworkers I was so fortunate to interact with while at Heartland.

Something has to be done about the US sending our jobs away! When is it going to end? So sad. A dark, dark day for us, but tomorrow will come, we will move on.

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Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts. sm
I'm so depressed now I can't work, but guess I'll get over it.  I had interviewed on January 5. I didn't hear anything for a month and called around the first week of February. I hadn't heard anything so I thought she just blew me off. I really never expected her to call my cell phone. She had my land phone number and email address. I also wished the phone wouldn't take messages if there are no minutes left to retrieve them but I guess that's how they get people to buy minutes.  Anyway these are all excuses. Perhaps there will be a better job opening down the road. I hope so.  Thanks everyone for listening to me.
Thank you so much for the kind words!
I want to thank you all for your kind words SM

and suggestions.  It means a lot to me.  I'm a pretty optimistic person, so I believe something better will come along...but it feels good to share my frustrations with those of you who have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt!

I better go to work!  Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

Just Me

Thanks for your kind words
I have 25 years of experience, yet am only in my mid40s (started while in college). I am glad you got lots of offers. It is nice to know that it is possible we are not all thought of as old and crotchety, that is exactly the word I was thinking of LOL. And you are probably right I should not judge all of them just like I thought they judge all of us. Guess I was getting paranoid after speaking to that 1 MTSO.... shame on me! Thanks for your reply :)
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Needing some encouragement. Have been bouncing around without a good work home since before Christmas last year. I probably will not give up my IC position either. Congratulations and all the best to you starting Sept 8. Perhaps we will be working together some day! :) Thanks again for your input.
Thank you for your kind words! s/m
I just finally felt like it was time to share the other side of things with my company. As expected, I was met with talk to your STM (I have) and get another account (I have 4). I just felt like I needed to be honest. I do love Webmedx in most ways. Just yesterday i received praise for my work from my STM. I have NEVER had a manager take the time to do that before I worked here. They truly are nice people. My family just cannot survive with the no-work situation more than just the occasional seasonal lows. This has gone beyond that. I realize that they over hire to take care of upcoming accounts, etc. We received another mass email trying to explain the situation and how expensive it is for them these days. I totally understand that, but my family is feeling it. I have not jumped ship yet, and I might not if something better does not present itself, but I wanted to share my most recent experiences with this company. Isn't that what we are all here for? To be honest and help each other? I am not bashing this company at all, and if I DO ever leave, I will miss it--but I will not miss my ever-shrinking paycheck. I suppose it is the same everywhere these days. Thanks again for taking the time to acknowledge my post. I wish you the best of luck in this crazy MT world! :-)
Thank you for those kind words (nm)

Thank you for those kind words (nm)

thanks for the kind words :)
so I don't know their tax ID number or whatever.
Thank you for your kind words.

What I was trying to do with my original post was spark some healthy dialog, and boy did I!   Itís clear that few are without an opinion on this one, from those who took my fanciful VR language as a true and scary representation of what VR produces each and every time (yike!) to the more Borg-minded crowd (Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.)   My point Ė and I actually do have one Ė is in the title of  Judge Judy Sheindlinís book:  Donít Pee on My Leg and Tell Me Itís Raining.  I donít necessarily see VR as an intentional move by our MTSOs to cheat us out of money, but I also donít see them taking the 30-50% cut in profits they are expecting us to suffer. 


Somewhere between steeling ourselves for a career move that includes saying  *Do you want fries with that?* and allowing ourselves to get all borgified  by our employersí switch to VR there must be a middle ground.  I just have not thought of it yet.   Anybody have an idea what that might be?  Instead of just bitching and catastrophizing about this, I would like some constructive suggestions for peaceful resistance, should employer tell me my account is switching next month. 

Thanks so much for your kind words.. You know I am
examining my heart today, and I think that I need to look to work elsewhere anyway. I really don't love being told that immediately I have to do this, even if it is a learning curve, and I need to be patient and it is a great company and all that.
I just don't like this vulnerable feeling when it comes to paying for my car and my rent and I guess that the fear is turning into disappointment and wanting to move on. I am having a delayed reaction the same people had last week. I need to move on now, my instinct says. When told that the industry is changing and I have to change with it, well, the bills stay the same and go up, so if the 2 don't meet then it's time for me to either work more hours doing straight transcription or get out of the industry altogether which takes time to do having done nothing but this my whole life.
I do believe I am going to spend today trying to get IC work for this payperiod so I can pay bills while I get a solid job with benefits for the next paycheck. Sometimes things like this make us examine our hearts to see what is important. To me providing for my kid is most important, and I am afraid that over-rides my loyalty to a particular place of employment. I never considered myself to give up, but I am tired of stressing and being uneasy. Need to take the control back, because nobody's gonna pay those bills but me!
Thank you for the kind words
It is MTs like yourself that make me think helping is worth the adversity.  Gourd painting is quite more profitable than MT these days.  Bird houses and different gourd art sell quite well at craft shows and flea markets.
Thank you so much for your kind words!
You know, that is EXACTLY what the Kentucky Derby rep said! 
Thanks for your kind words, and being gracious...
is mostly because I have great respect for my team leader and don't want to leave her in the lurch. She has been wonderful to me, very supportive through some very difficult family problems, and that means a great deal to me. It is certainly not for the company!
Thans for your kind words. sm
I live in NC but am originally from Michigan. Been here 23 years. When I came here though I was working for TL/MQ and stayed with them 23 years until they went to employee status and it became such a mess. Worked for Future Net for 1.5 years but then decided to take a break totally. I know what you mean about the south paying less money. When I moved here I made money equivalent to what use to be paid up north and Future Net paid good also. But I am finding out the hard way it isn't so anymore. Thing that gets me is these places use to make you an offer if you had experience even if you didn't like the offer you got one. I have never had one tell me what they told me. There is something very fishy about all of this! 7 cpl for just OPs? I love to do OPs but not for 7 cpl all the time! Good grief!
Thanks for your kind words, it helps a lot.
It is so easy to succumb to worry and disaster. (To me worry is disasted b/c I cannot concentrate on my job, which means less lines, less money and more stress... etc.) I am going to look ahead to the future and stay on task at present... I sure hope many people here are with me with similar approach.. our line of work is difficult enough without allowing negativity to stop us from succeeding and from paying our bills!
Thanks for the kind words. See my Very Long Message

I've been in the profession a long time and I was actually surprised that I could not do the ESL and some of the other Docs at FN.  I've written twice about FN on this board, and I tried to give some of the positives, there were plenty of those too.  When I see how the MTs at some of the big nationals have to punch in and punch out, can't flex their time at the keyboard, have to use up PTO when there's no work available, get switched around without notice, I think FN is probably a whole other, superior culture to work in.  Experience is valued, consistency and regular production is appreciated, the line count as I have said in an earlier post is always correct, the checks are on time (so didn't really need direct deposit once I got used to waiting the few days it took to cut the checks.  My direct supervisor seemed to make assumptions about some situations without asking my version of who said what when, and that was a sore point with me.  They do assess a small monetary charge when certain mistakes are made, per employee handbook this is supposed to kick in after 90 days of employment, but I got my first official notice in my first month, while I was still learning the ropes. I did get quite a few calls about jobs that I never had in my queue being missing, when I never had them in the first place, resulting in having to do them and send them right away.  I kept daily written logs so I knew that I did not have these jobs in my queue. 

The quota is 1200 lines a day times 10 in the pay period to qualify for employee status and benefits, and there were quite a few days with no work available for the full 6-8 hours it would have taken to do the 1200 at my skill level,  and I never could get a straight answer about health insurance although it was a condition agreed upon when I was hired. 

I was sorry to leave, because although I really was unhappy with the quantity and quality of the dictation I hated to just give up.  Should say the sound quality was superb, it was just the actual Docs mumbling, snorting, whatever, that made doing the work so hard, and the general attitude seemed to be to just get used to it. 

My thought on the matter would be that I felt that it might have worked out and I might have stayed with FN because of the 90 percent great people, but only if it had been possible to work in-house for a while or at least to have instant message to some of the QA people so I could ask the questions BEFORE I had to send the report in, rather than getting a marked up report, or as more usual, just an e-mail with the missing words after the audio of the report was long gone.  I don't know about you but I am best at building my knowledge of any Doc's dictating style if I can research in my books, then on the net, then inquire of the QA in charge of my account, all BEFORE sending in a report, instead it went the other way around and I often had to send in what looked like it was not my best work, but in reality was my best effort. 

They DO load their LARGE program on your computer, and although I purchased a new XP computer with all the bells and whistles for the job, the platform had many wrinkles in it, seemed to cause problems with importing the demographics, and did lock up on 3 or 4 occasions, causing a 1/2 day loss of work. 

Well that's a long post all right, hope you'll forgive me if you've made it this far, but I decided I should put down all the bad AND the good in one post to see if it helps some people make up their mind.  I'm well aware that it may have been my problem all along and that I was just not suited to the particular matchup of company, platform, and accounts. 

Good luck to everyone searching, it is a frightening and tiring process.  Hope it works out great for you wherever you decide to work. 

Thanks for your kind words. I will hang in there, and hope
I find a similar pot of gold. If not the fact that the odds become in our favor when we go through this enough, but for the fact you speak from experience. Your kindness is truly appreciated!
You guys are awesome. Thanks for the kind words. nm
Definitely need the Sted's Derm&Immuno Words and a Path&Lab Words to do derm. Lots of weirdness!
Sted's Ortho Words, a lab words book, at least 1 drug book, and your AAMT BOS 2nd
just my thoughts on it. . .
I'm glad we have somebody to take a second look since we live in a litigation-crazy world and, let's face it, most of the time the doctors aren't going to spend much time reading before they sign. Still,it seems these days our pay is based more on our ability to put all the commas and semicolons in the right place than our experience and knowledge of medical terminology. All I say is give priority to the important stuff and don't over-penalize for the petty things. Maybe some of the QA people are English majors, but most of the MTs aren't.
My thoughts...
You may only get to actually transcribe 3 jobs per day while you wait around for feedback. Once you graduate and are put into the expereienced team, good luck! Most shifts they offer are 3rd and the managment well I've found nicer people at the DMV.
My thoughts exactly. Seems like the ones sm
who have no work or similar complaints are the ones with the most misspellings and grammar dysfunction in their threads. And this is English!! Makes a person wonder what errors are made in medical terminology. It's better to have it pointed out by us than by higher authorities at the workplace. With all the offshoring done now, we all really need to tighten up to keep our jobs here.

My thoughts are... sm
That they actually have too many employees, not enough work to go around! Other than that and the requirement to have unlimited LD, they are great to work for with a very friendly staff.
You sound like management. People stay with a company for many reasons. There is no company that is perfect. Someone asked for information and people gave generalized information, positive and negative, not with rose colored glasses. It's better to get some honest thorough answers than some generic snide remarks.
The work is hit and miss. Sometimes they are begging for help and other times there is no work available. They shuffle you around from account to account. They have picked up more accounts, but this seems to have created disorganization. The quickest way to get any response is with IM or a phone call.
My thoughts .....sm
This is not an opinion strictly based because I work for Shapin, this is in general....

Yes, we all deserve the best paying rate. But with the economy the way it is today,it just plain ole' sucks! Its not the companys fault because they can't pay top dollar, I blame the economy. We cant even get a decent waged job outside of the home...

Also, I would rather take a lower pay and deal with a company that is very understanding, friendly etc.. Rather than dealing with those holier than tho MT's and QA's. Its not worth the headache anymore... And I at least know, that if something comes up, (personal/emergency) I know that Shapin will be understanding to the situation and I dont have to worry about being yelled at the next day for not being able to commit to the job etc ..

Now, as far as the whole outsourcing matter goes, whether we like it or not, it is there. It's everywhere. We cant do anything about it... Are we supposed to shut off our phone because our CS reps are Indian?? Now before I get bashed for bringing this up, I just want to say that No I am not in total agreement with it, but obviously they are here to stay and we cant get around it....

Thats pretty much my 2 or 3 cents.
my thoughts
I think we pass but when they see how well we did and how many years experience we have, the say we did not because they know we want/deserve good pay which they do not want to pay.  Just my thoughts.
here's my thoughts
I know I'll be shot down in flames for it but, here goes! :)

First, I think base pay should be premium with generous incentives for production, night/evening work, weekend work, specialties, and difficult dictators/accounts.

Second, I think there should be an absolute standard for employers: They scream they want quality and production at the same time. The only way to get this is to hire well seasoned, experienced MTs who have the production capability. I believe all students graduating from MT courses should have to work inhouse in a hospital or clinic (if that is all they want to do) before working from home. It takes too much time and energy to train them. The course is just more of an outline of what they'll need, to make them familiar with what they will see/hear in this work. It does not educate them and prepare them to be even entry level in most cases (I know what I'm talking about - I see entry level new hires).

Third, I think MTs should take notice and realize that not one single company is in business to give us jobs. It IS a business and it must be run that way. The hospital/clinic/physician is our client and we have to serve them. If MTs do not want to do that and work with their employer, they should simply work for themselves.

Fourth, I think MTs should actually take a professional attitude to heart. All of the message boards are full of the most hateful, catty, snotty, judgemental, whining people but they want to be recognized as professionals. We don't appear to be a professional group because we are not acting that way, speaking that way.

Last of all, we need to realize that the MT industry is not the only one changing -- all businesses are changing. It will not go back, it will not reverse, it will not turn about. We have to learn to adapt, change, and make ourselves necessary for the future. Doing the swollen chest/head routine won't get it. Complaining won't get it. Threatening to quit or unionize won't get it. Making a dedicated effort to be better at our work, difficult dictators and all, WILL get it.

Fire away! I've put on my fire-proof clothes and am leaving the building! Won't bother me.

My thoughts
I am not a butt kisser. You can do everything right and it still does not get you anywhere in this business. Been in clinic and IC. It is the same everywhere unless you are climbing the corporate ladder, which I am not and do not intend to.
Exactly!!! My thoughts exactly (sm)
That is what I am trying to say in postings above. It is OUR GOVERNMENT and BIG BUSINESS creating this issue, NOT American quality.
TRS Please Let me know your thoughts..

Okay, I am a newbie and I have taken a leap of faith to go with TRS, I have been on and off this board and see that there are some wonderful AND experienced MTs on here.  Any info you can give me on what you know about this company would be great!  I am a military spouse and we have recently gone from a two income house to a one, we just spent 5 years in Germany and we bring back a 2 yr old, a 1 year old and one on the way :)  Because of this I decided to go down the MT road for a second income to be able to stay at home.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!  I am really just wanting to know I am going in the right direction.  I know there are plenty of 'better' companies out there, but I need to get my feet wet before they will touch me.

All comments are welcome!!!  Thank you for your time!!



Second thoughts re KS

This week I was offered a job with KS on a new hem/onc account starting soon, which will use the Allscripts platform.  I actually did accept their offer, but after doing so, I am having second thoughts.  The company I am working for now has been very nice to me, but the hem/onc account I am on is a very difficult one with a lot of different dictators.  The new account for KS would not have half as many dictators.  The cpl rates are very close, but I am not sure I want to go through all that new stuff of learning a new platform, new dictators, etc. Has anyone else out there ever decided to stay with the company they are with even though the new account being offered would be much easier.

Would like to get some opinions regarding this.  Has anyone else decided to stay with their present national and not take the new job offer?  TIA

Second thoughts re KS

I posted a message on 11/17 regarding having second thoughts about going to work for KS.  If you did not see that message, would you please read it and tell me what your thoughts might be.  I need more feedback before making my decision.

Your opinion is appreciated.  Thanks.

second thoughts about TT

I have accepted a position at TT.  Now I am having second thoughts about leaving MQ.  I was so impressed by all the wonderful TT talk a few weeks ago, plus at the time being miserable at MQ so I applied.  Now my MQ work is getting better and now reading this post, I am getting nervous.  Worried about working 8 hours a day on the weekend, plus what if the work is worse than at MQ??? I am just getting nervous about the change, I hate change.   Just needing to vent, thanks.

Don't have second thoughts

Don't listen to the bipolar people on this board.  I swear ... one day everyone is praising TT ... next day bashing them.  These people are on a constant hormonal pendulum or something.  I have been at TT for 2 months now.  Aside from the insurance going up (and I'm willing to wait this out), I have been thrilled with TT and love the account I am on. 

Is TT having a few communication issues the moment ... perhaps.  They are growing very, very fast (sometimes you have to take the big accounts when you can get 'em).  They are great people to work for.  This will all even out ... they just need a little time and patience. 

People are crazy on this board.  One bad day and they want to throw it all away.  That is just not how life works.  It is like they are looking for an excuse to walk out the door ... anything.  Like the MT who totally misread an e-mail about when to page after hours.  She didn't even read it thoroughly (or correctly) and she is on here blasting TT left and right saying she is quitting. 

People act like they will just leave a job, start another tomorrow, and life will be dandy.  Changing jobs is stressful, and there is always somewhat of a loss initially whether it is PTO, waiting for insurance, or just taking time to learn a new account, creating normals, learning the names of the referring docs in the area, learning city names, etc.  This all takes time (which means money for us). 


These people who have a few e-mails that go unanswered or don't get answered as quickly as they should need to realize the GROWTH TT is experiencing, which is a good thing.  Have a little patience or bring your concerns to your supervisor. 


TT is an excellent choice.  I hope you enjoy your new position.  I certainly have. 

My thoughts sm
I have used both Bayscribe and Extext. I use Smart Type, can use InstanText, but like the ST much better (I am faster and more accurate). Extext is a Word client, Bayscribe is an internet platform.

I had trouble with capping the first letter of each sentence with Bayscribe. IT would not do it for me THERE no matter what I did. ADT info is easy to find relative to other platforms, but Extext is somewhat easier than Bayscribe. For ME, Bayscribe had too many slots that I had to put the mouse on and put my cursor there. I hate using my mouse and I feel it slows me down significantly. On the plus side, you get a line count of a document just as soon as you send it. That is wonderful, but the companies I worked for on it didn't pay me on that line count, it never matched. I didn't work for MDI at all, so I am sure it is different there. They have an excellent reputation and the companies I worked for do not.

Extext, if you know it, that is a plus. You won't spend any time fighting its ins and outs. I have to say that EXT is much more user friendly in the document. You can't number in Bayscribe, not the way you can in EXT, which is what you see is what you get.

The most I ever got in an 8-hour day on Bayscribe was 850 lines. The most I have gotten on EXT for that time was 1900 in more like 9 hours. Productivity was better FOR ME.

You are an individual and you have your own thoughts and needs with regard to a platform. This is MY experience. Now, if you really dislike EXT, go with the other. If you don't mind it, I'd say that was a better bet for you. Bayscribe is unweildy as far as I am concerned.
My thoughts exactly..
my husband started out 24 years ago with his company at right around minimum wage and has worked himself to a six figure income by HARD work, working overtime when asked, putting forth more than the guy in the cubicle next to him and not whining about it and being a valuable employee. Sure, he could lose his job tomorrow, that's why we don't live like we make a six figure income. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who has a terrific work ethic and his income shows it. We pay our fair share of taxes and then some; we have a right to complain about it. We are tired of supporting people who can't, won't or don't know how to take care of themselves or better themselves.
My thoughts......
If you only have 2 years experience, a hospital may be exactly what you need. I started out in a hospital position, fresh out of high school. There is someone sitting there, who can answer all your questions. And I agree with the other poster, when you are typing in an area you live, you just know things, like doctors, places, stores, etc. Maybe you can do both. Good luck.
My thoughts on this

Say I'm happy at my job.  I come across someone asking questions about my company in general, so I take a quick minute to answer.  That person emails me privately, asking a zillion questions.  I try to answer their questions to the best of my knowledge, rooting through my manuals for answers, looking up my production figures, etc.  This takes me a good long while to answer all their questions thoroughly, and throw in a few extra facts that I think of in the process, trying to present an accurate view of the company, pros and cons.  I know my company is offering a $500 bonus for me AND anyone I recruit - so we both get a bonus if they mention my name.

You're saying I should not mention that bonus?  I should take time out of my busy schedule to help a stranger, and then I'll get accused of greed if I mention we can both profit from our correspondence?  Wow, that's gratitude! I guess I'll just ignore any private emails from now on and refuse to help anyone.

Some thoughts
Is this top person you are dealing with the owner or just management. If it is not the owner, go over the person's head (to the owner if necessary) and discuss what is happening. Maybe that person would put a stop to it.

Have you spoken with other top employees to see if this is happening to anyone else? It seems odd that the company's pay/benefit program is such that it is not worth it to them to have top producers. You would think that is what they would want!

If there is BS going on, maybe you can find some proof if you fish around a little bit and have some sort of legal recourse.

Good luck and let us know what happens. I wouldn't just walk away yet. Maybe this can still be corrected.
Your thoughts
have the same problem on the weekends with them
My thoughts exactly...sm
And when we are told something, it's at the last minute, no kind of warning. I don't think it's for sale. I think the managers are told to keep their mouths shut. I can't believe I still work at Spheris.
My thoughts exactly, thank you
First, only you know how important it is to have equipment provided to you. Other than that, i'd go with the 2nd offer. Because if you are doing work types that you are not that great with, you will be going a lot slower and probably making less money anyway. Plus, you may be less happy doing you job because of the difficulty/stress factors involved. Now if you really love a challenge and would prefer that over being bored, then you may chose the former offer. Good luck!
Some thoughts

I've been in this industry for 20+ years.  What I have seen is a lot of fudging around from other companies about how they interpreted AHDI's old guidelines on what constituted a line. This has led to tremendous disservice to the MTs who are working on production. It's also made it hard for ethical companies to compete with the big guys who have looked for loopholes in the previous line definition (read up on the class action lawsuits against one of the largest MT employers if you aren't aware of this). So I think Jay is on the right path in doing this to keep the company competitive with the others that aren't as ethical and to get ALL of the MT companies on the same page with regard to what a line is. There needs to be one standard. This needs to be absolutely clear in contracts among MTs, hospitals, and the MTSOs out there, or the MTs and the good companies will suffer.

M-TEC is a great school. Their graduates have been awesome. A partnership with them will be a good thing, I think. I can't think of any way in which it won't. Current employees don't lose their jobs. Now the best students don't have to start with some of the sweatshop mentality companies out there like some of us old timers did just to get a foot in the door. Remember those times?

No, I'm not in management. I'm in QA with Webmedx. There is no perfect company, but this has come as close as I've ever seen any MT company. This one has gotten better over the years as they've hired new management and replaced some old. I have been in admin with other companies, and I have seen a whole lot of dirty dealings. I'm not seeing that at Webmedx. I don't get to see everything admin does, of course, being in QA, but I do see some things. What I can say is they're functioning much differently and more ethically and honestly than any other MT company I've ever worked for. The culture is different. There's no feeling from management that they're out to take advantage of the MT.

There are things they can improve on, of course, but I truly think this is as good as it gets in the MT field, and you don't even want to know how many MT jobs (IC and employee) I've had to compare it with (too many!). Too many of us can relate to having the long list of employers. We had to do it because we had to keep rooves over our heads, and we only barely did that with the way they took advantage of us.

I think this company is doing the right things and heading in the right direction.

My thoughts s/m

I'm retired now partly because of all the changes that are taking place in the industry.  I did MT for a very long time and I still care about the MTs who are working.  My feeling is that it isn't so much the off-shoring anymore.  My  understanding is that some of the better schools have an apprentice program for their graduates.  I think that they are using the new grads who will work for less money.  Same thing as nurses being replaced by new grads who will work for less.  I know one MT company  has actually bought one of the schools.  Experience is no longer an asset.  Most likely it's going to get worse.  One thing is certain, there is no longer a shortage of medical transcriptionists.

my thoughts

Gourdpainter (so glad to see you here; missed you)!

I absolutely agree with your post.  I have been a MT since 1981, beginning in an orthopedic clinic and in 1984 working as a Pathology MT since then.  I currently work for one of the largest HMO's in the US (starts with a K); and the MT's here are being phased out by voice recognition.  The union who is supposed to represent us has been sleeping with management who decided that 'we make too much money' - our contract is up in 2009.  To show how much they care, as far as severence pay; for example for an employee who has worked over 20 years they would get 30 days severance; less than that (i have been at this particular company since 1999), I would get 2 weeks severance.  Crappy. This industry is so crooked and would no more care about our experience, quality of work or dedication than they would a stranger on the street.  You are absolutely right that many of these hospitals/clinics are hiring new grads because they know they can pay them less.  At times I feel as if I work in a sweat shop and it's a sad state of affairs.  I still have a job (and I am thankful) but at any time the other shoe is going to drop and we will be out the door.  The union has 'promised' to find us other positions but I am not holding my breath.  That is why I have decided, at the age of 51, to become an x-ray tech.  It is a two year program but it will be two years that I have invested to have a better chance at staying employed as opposed to the way us MT's have been treated.  It's sad because I love what I do yet I know that I gotta get a move on and bolster my education some more.  I truly pray for all of us, not just us MT's but all of us in this country because we have to help one another if we are going to survive not only this deprecession all else that comes with. 


My thoughts exactly...sm
Don't mean to sound ungrateful, but the do-it-yourself cookbook seems pretty cheesy.

And the typing gloves from the year before makes me think of the guy who gets his wife/girlfriend lingerie as a gift. Who's that gift for really? Got to keep those wrists a-working, though.

How about not trying to be so creative and just give something you know everyone can use?
Thank you, my thoughts exactly

I have had very negative experiences with unions also. All of what you say is true and I beleive a union would push all our jobs offshore for sure.