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RE: Karma

Posted By: See message on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: Karma will get what they deserve - nm

I sure hope some serious karma hits the folks on this one. My prayers are with the US MTs who lost their jobs.

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Karma is funny that way. :) nm
Karma will get what they deserve
One word: KARMA (nm)
Bad karma on this forum had to rise
I have been amazed and pleasantly surprised at the CIVILITY and support that has been given on this board yesterday and today to MDI MTs, of which I am one. I have had several great interactions with posters offline, some of who work for MDI, some who do not. I mentioned that I had stopped coming to MTStars with any regularity, because there are so many nasty negative attacks made on MTs, totally unwarranted. This is the experience of many of us. It hasn't been worth it to wade through the crapola and mean-spiritedness on this board to glean info. But, once I saw CB had posted here and this was The Forum for MDI right now, I cringed... then happily realized I was wrong (was this a new board, or what) and felt so supported by the posts from MDIers and non-MDIers. Until now. Anyway, figure it had to happen, that the nasty people out there just couldn't stand seeing how well MDI MTs treated each other and how that evoked in kind responses from other - and had to fire some nonsense nastiness out there. So, MDI-MD MTs, it just goes to show and is all the more obvious what a good team we were and what good stuff D had. HAD. I hope to work with you all somewhere down the road...javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I have a bridge to sale you? I guess its karma...