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This is tragic. I hope you also write to AAMT who

Posted By: SM on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl

has supported outsourcing and anyone else in our industry. In the meantime, go to the Jobs Board of this site and email all companies who have advertised jobs on this site as well as other sites and put those feelers out.

ALSO, I HOPE that none of you buy into that computer at that whopping deal of $800. You realize of course that you can buy a brand new unused one for that much. Tell them to send overnight ship tags to you so that you can return their computer.

All involved in this traitor type of deal should hang their heads low and I hope they are the very last to find good old American jobs.

Good luck to all of you. There are lots of companies out here and many of us have the same fate no doubt in our future, but some of us work for companies who will fight that type of fate up until the very end.

Again, write some of those companies. I am seeing many on the Jobs Board of MT Stars who are advertising. Put in your Subject line that you are a soon to be out of work Heartlander so as to let them know that you are not just one average MT who looks everyday for a better company.

Hang in there. You will find a place in our workforce. We will be looking out for you. BTW, I will make it known to my company that this has happened and let our recruiters know to look out for the MTs and QA staff from Heartland. We try to take care of our own.

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I believe AAMT guidelines is 65 chars. with spaces. Maybe go to aamt.org and see if you can
I am looking for some information on this company. Are they flexible? Plenty of work? Do they require a certain amount of lines per day for full time or part time? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
I write down all the
jobs I do. I am an IC and have to submit an invoice each pay period, so I always compare what they have with what I have to be sure it is correct!
write me
I sent you an E-mail, but in case you don't get it, will post on here as well.  I left the Q three years ago and now work for a company I really like.  They are small.  I've recommended them to people in the past and even though I tell them up front what it pays, some think they are the exception.  It pays 7 cents and goes to 8 cents after QA...and stays there, but if you're really interested, let me know.  The platform is Emdat/InScribe.  Very easy once you learn it.  Very frustrating until you do :) 
Pleeze don't write another one Flo
OMG that is the most stupid thing I have ever seen next to the first one of course!!
Why would you ask here? Write the recruiter and ask her.
All-Write Transcription
I was wondering what you could tell me about All-Write Transcription. Does anyone here work for them? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Anybody know anything about or work for Med-Write?...
Looking for any information. Thanks.
All-Write Transcription...anyone?...

Good, bad or ugly?  Anyone with any experience with them? 


please don't write in all caps
Write One Transcription
Hello all!  Writing to ask about a company called Write Now Transcription...anyone works/worked for them, etc?  Heard from them today. 
Yes and another reason I write
them down is sometimes, they will email me for missing work and I can go back and see when I sent it back to them and get it straightened out. If I had not written it down, I could still find it in the logs on the computer, but it is much easier to just loko at that date on my paper.
This could be your own opportunity to write your
Yikes .. right, not write. nm

Interesting. What exactly is it you write?
Have you ever heard of tax write off? sm
Either give it to the government or let employees enjoy it as a write off. More companies should do this sort of thing for bonuses, MT week, Christmas, etc.

If you don't like it, move on and build your own company. When the up and ups in a company does is not really anyone's business but the business owners.
Did you write that post?
Care to share some specifics? I see posts in the archives calling her mean and then your post calling her trash, which is not enough to go on to make a decision. Just sounds to me like disgruntled MTs. Care to share your experience? What was it she did that was so awful?

Yes, but who takes the time to write
Gheesh...so ridiculous
Why didn't you just write down "Not enough." nm
Definitely can be an employee and write these things off.
Turbo Tax walks you through and also your tax advisor can assist you.
To write your senator/congressman

I just put in the name of my senators and I got directed to a home page and I could then E-mail him direct.  Which I did telling him that if all of our jobs go overseas then no one would be working to pay his salary.   They need to start taxing these companies that do this as they are missing out on a lot of FICA and fed taxes, etc.  Don't know if it will do any good but I put in my two cents worth for all of you losing your jobs.  Also wonder if the price is going DOWN to the clients, that would be interesting to know. 

Good luck to all of you. 

Do you want to be one? Write to the recruiters who posted
and maybe they will tell you. That kind of information could cost them their job if posted on a public board. Leave them alone.
Correct - I don't want to write a book.
If you want more information, please email me. I can only say what I experienced.
I think what Transcend does is write you a letter
telling you that because you did not make incentive you are considered part-time and no longer eligible for benefits.  This is what I have heard.  But please talk to your supervisor because this may not be the case.  Good luck.  I know they are a stickler for making production no matter what the circumstances are.
I put my email at the top up there and no one cares enough to write. They just want to complain
and tell untruths about this company. Some are a good fit, others not, but the things that I am reading are definitely not true. I would not worry about constant complainers. These people would not fit in anywhere and I am not upper management either nor am I lower management.
I would write them an email if it has been a couple of days.
Never hurt to try.
I would love to write a letter to the account I used to be on
and tell them that their work is being sent to Vietnam now. I know for a fact that they have already threatened to take the account away from SPI due to major issues with TAT. I'm sure if they knew about Vietnam that would be the last straw. Tempting.
The book contains suggestions. They don't write the rules
they merely published them in a format convenient for us to review - save your anger for the JAHCO and the American Medical Association.
LOL .. I'll bet you are write. UGH on the carbon paper ... sm
We typed in triplicate, so had to correct 3 documents each time I made a mistake.   Forget the good old days in this case ... I am going to give my PC a big hug right now! 
I think you should write novels or short stories :-) nm
Correct, But don't write checks in advance b/c
if you write them Friday, chances are the bank is going to post them 1 minute before midnight and the paycheck hits the bank midnight. You will look for some nasty overdraft fees. Although the check is dd like clockwork and the bank knows it, naughty naughty to write checks in advance. Bad lesson to learn the hard way!
Agree the post(s) are quite obvious. This is not how we write here. SM
This is a fine example of my question: How are editors not having to make major changes to reports coming back from overseas? No matter what anyone is saying, there has to be some major editing. Possibly not so much in regard to medical terminology, but just misuse of proper grammar. This has to be creating a lot of work if you have to edit almost every sentence in a report. But I guess, if the overseas MTs have a doctor dictating who knows our language properly, they get to type verbatim. Just curious how overseas MTs do when they transcribe for an ESL doc from a different country here in the U.S. who is not so efficient at dictating. It has to be a mess.
We have to take our cause to the national level. Below is the link for all the legislators' email addresses, and don't forget to send one to the Commander in Chief! Look what he has done already for us little people (the homeless lady in Florida he helped find a home)! Even send one to the First Lady, it'd be a great cause for her to get behind, since the real backbone of this industry is us women.


Tell them we need their help in ensuring that we keep our jobs HERE, in the USA. Also, you'd think HIPAA would totally frown on sending our work out. Point out all the information that gets bounced around in other countries by outsourcing overseas...I wouldn't want MY info going over there, would you?...would they?

The way this will help all OF us MTs, and this is the ONLY way to help, as it will put the work back in the hands of us capable US MTs, here in the US. When that happens, we will demand the wages we deserve and NOT wages from the 80's and 90's! At that point, once the demand goes up for our services because they HAVE to use us, we have to get tough, band together and demand what we're worth.

If we spent as much time (myself included) griping to the people that can actually make this happen as we do posting on here, we'd REALLY get the ball rolling. How 'bout it? Instead of replying to MY post, email the Powers that Be!!!! javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

I'll write, but not on AHDI's behalf - (sm)
Instead, I'll write on behalf of myself, and the American medical transcriber. I will ask them to bring at least part of the American MT's work back home by imposing a financial penalty PER JOB for each American MT job that is offshored. And I'll also give them an earful about how ADHI has sold not just the MTs downriver - people whom they led to believe that ADHI was their voice and their advocate - but the American public as well, whose private medical and personal information are at increased risk by being offshored, not to mention the quality of the record itself.
25% sounds good to me too. I put it in my regular account, but I write it somewhere else so I don&#
oh dude, I totally write like I have Parkinson's... bad micrographia. nm

Buying reference books a tax write-off, yeah? (nm)

My husband is a Christian minister - I write -Christmas-
I find no offense at all with Xmas. If you do your research you will find this is true.
This is great! We should also write our local newspapers in the... smsg
form of letters to the press. Ask the people of your community if they are aware that their medical records may be in India, or elsewhere, at this very moment. Make the public aware that their SS numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, and very personal information may be on a computer offshore at this very moment. Educate your community! In conversations with many people, even those just in my neighborhood, as we exchange comments about our professions, when I inform them of the possibility that their medical facility may be offshoring depending on the transcription service they use, their eyebrows become raised and they are shocked. Most people are not aware of where their medical records that contain very private or delicate information are being sent. We all need to act in some way. I personally, would not go to a medical facility where my MR is offshored! I ask first! People do have the power! MT Smith, GO TO WASHINGTON!!!!
2 choices: Continue to call/write repeatedly or move on. nm
Here's how to safely post a bad experience with a company - just write "have you tried
Anyone have any info on Transcript USA in South Carolina or Write Now Transcription in California??
I suppose you have to write down the line count for every single document and it doesnt track them
for a total for the while day. That is what I was wondering.
Forget AHDI, just follow the instructions for how to write proper authorities use your own words-sm
I'm afraid folks are not acting.  Maybe it won't do any good, but certainly if we don't raise our voices, the chances are not good for us. 
On the MTIA website, those entries are dated July/August 2006! Now, in 2008, if you write your...

congressman in support S. 810 or H.R. 1653, you are supporting an act governing federal grants for scientific research or abstinence teaching in federally funded sex education programs,

And, I'm not saying I don't support those two issues.  I'm just saying it has nothing to do with outsourcing.  In order of effect real change, we must at least sound like we know what we are talking about.  Writing our congressman in support of a two year old bill that no longer exists or writing out congressman about outsourcing and reference bills that have nothing to do with outsourcing, makes us all look like uninformed weiners!

Nothing much... can AAMT do anything?
She said AMA not AAMT, and (sm)
they will be taking American out of the name, as there is a committe in place to work on a name change for the organization.
Not only is not AAMT not ashamed of what they do, they are PROUD of it! And MTs think AAMT cares about them? They're only in it for the money, kids.
And you trust HIM? AAMT has gotten to be one of those companies who are out to make money, be it from India, Phillipines, who have you. Everything that falls from his mouth is NOT gold. Read 05/11/2006 post for notice on India trying to get him to come over - I would bet my bottom dollar this wouldn't be his first trip.
How about if everyone quits supporting AAMT as in stop paying dues and stop signing up for their useless CMT exam?  The only thing greed understands is cutting off their money.  And as for the politicians, how about FIRING them?  Useless bunch of scumbags anyhow.  Republican or Democrat, they're all alike.  We need a leader...anyone remember hearing about the Boston Tea Party?  That worked then, it'll work now.
As of right now, I am canceling. Was going to take their CMT test, but why can't another company be started or asked to create a CMT exam? Why is it only the AAMT that has the exam? I will no longer have anything to do with AAMT on a national or local basis. I have given them enough of my money for a magazine that comes four times a year and a discount to go to the national meeting. Big deal. It's not enough.