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If you're contacting clients ...

Posted By: Tex on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl

maybe they'd be interested in the following.

Extortion threat to patients' records
Clients not informed of India staff's breach


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What happens, is MTSOs coddle the clients and let the clients call all of the shots.

Then the MTs get stuck with account specs that are contradictory and confusing. 

It should be simple.  When an MTSO is wooing a client, the MTSO should present with a copy of the style guidelines they intend to follow or if it is the BOS, let the client know that.  It should be made clear that with the exception of report format, the guidelines are not flexible.  Either we use apostrophes or we don't.  Don't do it one way for one client and the exact opposite for the other client and then hold the MT responsible when she gets confused as to what account she is typing that day!

Why don't you try contacting --sm
Fox News, as they seem to be following this pretty closely and they may be able to direct you to someone or somewhere for help. Good Luck to you and your kitty!
Were you contacting him regarding a position?
What are they looking for now?  Do you know if they have a website?
I too suggest contacting them. sm
From my experience they are very happy to try to work things out with you. 
Only that they would be contacting me this week.
I got an email from tammy? who said someone would contact me this week, so we'll see.
Contacting Allegiant

The Allegiant Transcription Services Website has a link to submit your resume.  Due to the substantial increase in work of late, Allegiant has been unable to answer telephone calls.  Please submit your resume and you will be contacted if a position is available for you.


Allegiant Mgmt.

You might try contacting QA directly ...

I agree, this makes no sense and my guess is all the HIPPA folderol is just a smokescreen this person is throwing up (for whatever I do not wanna deal with this or stick my neck out for ANY reason) ...

alternatively -- I would recommend saving each and every report you type from this person AND THEN  flagging the report for QA  so you can fill in your own blanks if no one wants to help you.  I type several doctors who  -- without samples -- speak in some impenetrable monotone ... without my file of samples, their reports would be moth-eaten.

good luck - if your company has a chat board or if contacting someone else on that account/WT might be a (much less convenient and/ or discrete) alternative.

Good luck, Yes, people do actually quit jobs over dictators like that ... too bad so many companies seem to blame the MT and some imaginary work ethic problems when the real problem, imho, is lack of support. 

All this turnover of MTs (or any other employee class) is VERY VERY bad for any company's bottom line...  but so many companies seem to blame the MT personally ... it poisonous.


About contacting an attorney - sm

I too would like answers because half a truth is worse than a total lie because you mislead with half the truth and do much damage.  Please clarify these issues for us.

1.  Why would the company go to all the trouble to pull this two-bit prank when they could just say good bye to you if they wanted to.  You have been ranting to all of us on shift with you for months about how you have been mistreated and were going to sue the company and demand unemployment.  You did not tell the good MTs here who are ready to take your side and defend your position that All Type has a 3 strike rule and that you have told several of us that you were written up once for failing to make production of 1200 lines a day and then spewing some pretty foul language in an email to a supervisor about them making you do OP notes and type ESLs and how that was not fair to you.  It is an acute care hospital.  That is what we do.  Do you remember telling us about being written up for falsifying your time card?  Honestly, that is pretty serious.  If you were the one telling us that, i cannot even imagine what you are not telling us and what your personnel file looks like. 

2.  I have not seen anyone leave, voluntarily or involuntarily on our team in some time.  So who are you referencing when you say a lot of people quit or were fired.  No one stays at a company that is horrendous and unfair out of the kindness of their heart.  Are you telling us you just felt sorry for the company and the management team you hated and stayed to help them out? 

3.  Evidently you believe that you are a very high caliber employee and MT.  I would think you would be able to go anywhere and find a perfectly wonderful job.  I know most companies are just begging for real talent.  Unemployment is probably your only alternative because we both know that you are NOT capable of working in any acute care setting - and unemployment and legal sources are going to laugh you out of the offices if you tell them the truth! Even if you fail to tell them the real story, your history is well documented.   

4.  From all of the foul statements you have made about this company and their management for months and threatening legal ramifications if they mess with you - I wonder why you would want to be a part of a company that you have made clear to any of us who will listen how much you hate All Type and all of the management.  I also wonder if you do not know that from the beginning when you started making statements to the rest of us about lawsuits - that the company most surely handed your file over to a legal team.  I suspect the legal department has been involved in all of this for several months. 

Good luck missy.  I have worked with you for well over a year and your professional behavior and abilities leave a lot to be desired.  You have been so disruptive that most of your team has blocked you from IM and we are all glad that your drama from 4-12 everyday is finally done.  You should have been doing your job instead of driving us all crazy with your IMs and maybe, just maybe this company would have valued you.  As it is, what goes around comes around and your cheating, backstabbing, and lies came back around to you.  I salute Karma!!!

Try contacting someone who has been there for a while to get the real story
you cant go by what someone says that is not there any longer. They are probably holding a grudge and will speak poorly of a company. you only get one side of the story and not necessarily the correct one.

I, myself, have been there for 2 years and plan to be at TH for a long time.

No they dont have incentives. Usually those who do provide incentive lower your base rate and make it look like you are getting extra.

No they dont have shift differential because if they hire you for 2nd shift, they normally pay you a little higher to begin with.

They DO PAY Holiday pay but you have to work if you dont ask off. Thus, you get holiday pay plus your line count which comes out to be double time like you are supposed to be paid.

How many companies do that?

NONE that I know of except TH.

Of course no company is perfect and if there is, good luck finding one.

I get paid on time, pick my own schedule, expected to work my schedule or notify them if I cannot stick to it for some reason, get QA feedback respectively, etc.

They have been growing in size and have been adding management to deal with the size. That is the only change I have seen in management.

I suggest contacting Medware
wanting to know information that should come directly from them, not people "that they think they are in the know."
Try contacting them again. Navesys has been a blessing for me.
I took a job with Navesys a few months ago.  The work has been steady and so have my weekly paychecks. 
Contacting labor board.

Could some one tell me how to go about contacting the labor board about an issue with my employer?  Since I am a remote MT do I contact the labor board in my state or the state my employer is based?  This has to do with pay that I believe was deliberately shorted out of my paycheck as a retribution because I did not type reports on my secondary account that were approaching TAT when I was contacted about it by instant messenger an hour after my shift was over.  I wasn't even at my desk an hour after my shift was over.  I also found out a couple days after the fact that an email from my account manager's supervisor was sent to an email account I no longer use stating that I was requested by my AM to type some reports so they don't go out of TAT and would I please log on and complete these reports. 

Now, lo and behold, my paycheck will be short by almost 800 lines because these 800 lines supposedly sat in QA and weren't completed by the time the pay period ended, even though my shift ended at 4 p.m. on the last day of the pay period.  I have worked for this company for a whole year and this is the first time I have ever heard that the MT is not credited the lines produced until cleared by QA...and I'm not even on 100% QA.  Furthermore, I can't see how I would have even SENT 800 lines to QA in a day.  After multiple emails to both my AM and her supervisor requesting some sort of documentation where these lines went to, I still have heard nothing in regards to this and I'm fed up.  Is this something the labor board will even handle?

I put a blurb about not contacting until a mutual agreement is met. nm
I love the one where the MT was bashing a company for not contacting her..

LOL. I read too fast and thought you were contacting her about porn work. nm
Person from corporate contacting me via email regarding my posting today
I have no reason to meet with you, have a good job and certainly do not care to discuss with you where you send your work. I know what I read and it was quoted by a top official at your company. Even though you said the newspaper slanted the story like they wanted it to read, I saw quotes and never saw where the paper did a retracation of the story.
the clients were in NY. nm
Maybe not your clients, but many are.
Your clients may be behind the times, but many are not. VR has gotten much, much better, and I've spoken with many, many MTSOs who are moving their accounts over.

The average seems to be about 60% to 80% VR and 20% to 40% transcription. There will always be those you cannot put on VR, but it is growing rapidly.
Not all clients DO know--that's just it!
Yes, some clients DO know, and the almighty dollar is the only thing they think of. But some clients DO care, and they don't know their records are going overseas. They would be apalled if they knew. Come to think of it, so would the patients.
not when the clients have the last say
Do not get me wrong. I do not care for it either, but somewhere down the line, the companies will have to suck it up and so will we. Otherwise, we move to a different field. Unfortunately, that is just the way it is.
Becoming an IC with own clients
How does a person become an IC with their own clients, not working for an MTSO? From what I have read on this board, it seems that is the way to make the most money per line/word/page, etc. so I am thinking about doing this after being an employee for 15 years (with things going downhill now). I would appreciate knowing several things:
1. How do you get the clients.
2. Are there certain types of docs that tend to prefer this situation rather than going to an MTSO?
3. How do you determine what to charge?
4. How can someone get the dictation, type it and return to the doctor without having to pick it up and drop it off?
5. Without QA other than yourself, how does an IC handle blanks? Do doctor's offices tend to get upset with blanks?
6. Is there a particular software system that is better to use when you have your own IC service and want to get work over the Internet and return it over the Internet?

This and any other advice greatly appreciated!
I'm sure they do tell their clients to sm
hide it from the MTSO, just like the MTSOs hide the fact that their clients' work is being generated by VR.
Do you think clients don't already KNOW about VR? That they are sm
being sold it at every AHIMA conference they go to? Being cold-called by companies doing VR already? That doc don't get info about it at their little retreats and conferences?

It's better to be proactive and have VR sold as part of an MTSO's offering (with MTs doing the editing) than being undercut by other VR-only companies.
do not forget the clients -
They also deserve to be billed correctly. Sad, sad, sad.
Do you have to pick up tapes and deliver the hard copies with your accounts? I used to have an account where they would dictate into my Sony system (a special system that allowed docs to dictate from their phones, pause, rewind, make changes, etc), and then I would just e-mail the completed work back at the end of the day for them to print out in the office.
I wonder if the clients are leaving
because they are being sold and that is why I have no work? I can't wait until they make the announcement - then I will know if I need to pack up and leave.
If you are seeking clients, there is not
Are their clients aware?
If I were a client of theirs, I would look for someone else to do my transcription. If I were a patient of this client and if I found out that the client knowingly supports this sort of crap, I'd look for healthcare elsewhere. Heck, docs come a dime a dozen!!!

It all comes down to the customers--that's US!!! The American citizens who trust that our medical records are (1) kept confidential and (2) are done correctly IN THE USA!!!

There should be a way to inform the customers of HIS's clients. First and foremost, we, as customers, as Americans, need to boycott the physicians first--the ones who are sending American money overseas!!! There are PLENTY of other docs out there who support the USA and want to keep the work at home. They'll gladly take my money!

Persnonally, I don't want my medical record entrusted to overseas folks who, for the most part, hate us to begin with. They barely speak a word of English and they certainly do a pathetic job at trascribing. I've seen the damage these folks can do to medical records.

I think that we should boycott MDs who are paying HIS to transcribe for them.

If we don't stand up for ourselves now, what's next????

Too bad they mislead their clients about it
That is what is so rotten about the whole thing, the hospitals think the work is all being done in the US when it is not.
RE Acusis Buy-Out, What About US-Only Clients?
Something does not add up here, because many of the bought-out company's current clients vehemently refuse to work with anyone who outsources.  Won't they drop new company outright and have to look for a new MT provider? 
But your own clients bring many of your own
*Stealing* clients

You can steal things, but you can't *steal* a sentinent being (client) who chooses to go with you because you offer better service/better price or any combination of the two.  Said client can walk away from you, too, if you don't deliver.  What company does not try to lure clients from a competitor?

If the severance is minimal, you can easily get another job, and you really believe the company would come after you, then maybe foregoing the severance would let you rest easier even if the clause wouldn't stand up in court.  If you really believe the company would come after you, do you want to spend time and money in court, even if you win?

stealing clients
I partially agree, but when a person uses insider information about a client's setup, preferences, etc. IMO that is stealing. You're using privileged information in an inappropriate way. So strictly speaking, a person hasn't stolen the client, but they stole the information they needed to get the client's business.
Clients at fault?
I really think it varies from client to client what is expected as far as unpaid fussing.  Some expect the moon and the stars (looking up the ordering physicians on huge databases instead of passing us that demographic).  I don't understand why a company would agree to contracts like these with the clients - they know no production will result from it!
TT has just taken on several HUGE clients
That is the reason for the ad
What goes around will come around and eventually your clients
They see that all the other doctors are hardly paying anything per line for it and they'll expect you to adjust your rates accordingly. This is precisely what happened in my area. All the doctors started thinking they should get bargain-basement prices because they could use the threat to send it offshore. So wallow in the green while you have it, at the expense of your offshore workers (and hey, if they're truly so great, why not pay them US rates and really do something really noble to improve their lives?)

You might be helping the economy in third-world countries (they'd starve w/o you?! Get over yourself!) but you are INDEED helping to lower ours here. You can justify and deny that all you want, and frankly, I don't care that you sleep at night. The fact that you are here defending your stance so vehemently tells me you know deep down.

You can also claim there are no good workers here, but you're wrong. We just don't work for MTSOs with your attitude. And guess what? There ARE plenty of doctors that DO care where their work is being done. You might have found a few who don't care (if you truly told them), but that's not par for the course in most places, my dear. Most ESL clients are the most adamant that the work be done here because the US MTs are the only ones who could clean up their grammar!
I can name 5 more on that list who are NOT clients of theirs. nm
Most of the clients don't allow their work
to be sent offshore because of privacy issues, Americanism, etc. The CLIENT decides.
some clients want those apostrophes
The two docs I edit for want those apostrophes there and you can find just as many reference materials that DO include them as don't.

I agree this is nothing that is going to affect patient care, but bottom line - you have to give the client what they want.
MTSOs cannot pay more than they get from clients
If the clients are only paying 10-12 cpl, you cannot expect them to pay you more than 8 or 9.

The only way to get decent pay is to get our own accounts and cut out the MTSO.
Then your MTSO would have NO clients
Overrated you say? If you saw some of the hair-raising mistakes we have to clean up on a daily basis you wouldn't even THINK about doing away with QA because the people you work for wouldn't stay in business.

How about the MTs who are too lazy to look things up and use QA as a reference source. I know I send feedback to the same MT over and over again without seeing any improvement. That is frustrating and a waste of my time.

I was an MT for 35 years before I became a QA person. I had a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge and felt, (very naively I realize now) that I could actually HELP people. But the MTs don't appreciate the help. They just want us to clean up their work and be quiet. If we send feedback we get blasted by the MT instead of being thanked.

I personally got into QA to help people. Boy, have I been disappointed. This is the most thankless and difficult job in the transcription business. Thank you for reinforcing that point.

I am so glad that I have wasted 38 years of my life trying to help people who just want to use me as their whipping boy.

So yeah, do us a favor, get rid of QA. What a waste we are trying to educate and help people. How dare we?

I personally give up. Do your own research and find your own answers. Don't bother me anymore!
It's not KS's VR. It is the clients and they have had that account for sm
several years. The lines are all counted and the rate is the same as my normal rate. The reason is that it takes a lot to edit these reports and they know that. This is not new for KS.

For those that said they do not do VR, they must not in their department or accounts, but there is VR with KS. They have a lot of Powerscribe accounts for radiology and a few VR accounts for HIM already and have for a while now. The pay is good and has not gone down. I am at 9cpl and happy but the VR editing does take as long as straight transcribing.
That 9.9 cpl is what they are charging their clients
I clicked on that link.  It's completely an off-shore based company.  The 9.9 cents is what they are charging the health care providers.  That's only possible if they are paying 1 to 2 cpl for the workers.
So what are you going to do when "your clients" (sm)
So what are you going to do when your clients decide that they want to pay you anymore and go with someone cheaper? It will happen to you, too!
To any visiting clients

The opinions expressed on this board represent only a fraction of the MTs that may be servicing your accounts.  As an MT who is proud of the MTSO for which she works, I apologize for the appalling Jerry Springer-like antics of this chat board and wish to assure that most MTs that I work with are thoughtful, hard-working professionals who do know the difference between venting a frustration and turning into an ugly mob of pitchfork-carrying villagers. Though I defend their right to an opinion no matter how churlish and embarrassing it is, I also assure you that there are still MTs working on your dictation who realize that there are live patients who depend upon us.  I just thought you needed to hear this.    

To any visiting clients
I agree! I appreciate the company I work for and am happy to have a job.
There are 4 new clients starting over the next month....sm
One of which will need 120 transcriptionists.  That's whassup! 
If you have your own accounts and clients you can make that much $$$$. nm
What your boss charges clients isn't
your business. Your agreement is what you are paid for your services.
Fine, You try telling your clients that and let us
know just how long you stay in business. :)

In other words, you do it first and if you are still in business 5 years from now maybe others will do the same.
There are clients out there who do not agree with "offshoring" and want only USA and will pay
That is all I have to say about the issue as this frustrates me to no end. USA all the way or bust!