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Thank You and MT CORP?????

Posted By: OHIOMT on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I'm so sorry for all of you, and mostly you, - lw

We all can use prayers and I would never turn them down at any point in my life. I have worked my butt off to get to where I am at and i am not giving up that is for sure. I was a stay at home mom for 8 years prior to getting divorced and had to work odd jobs, weird hours while i was in school full time with 3 kids, one that ended up in inpatient treatment 3 times through my schooling and i came out wiht all A's and worked my butt off. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. I was contacted by CMT Corp to test from there does anyone know anything of them??????

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Has anyone work for CMT CORP or is working for them. I am going to be testing with them and would love some info on them the good, the bad, and the ugly. lol...What ever i can find out is great

CMT Corp
It's been a while, but the owner is notorious for being a bit, shall we say, nasty. You'll be expected to always do more work than you agreed to, but if the work runs dry on your accounts for days on end, don't expect that she'll find a backup account for you. As is often the case, the dictators will progressively become worse and worse. Depending on what system you'll be using, the owner can choose who gets what work.

Ask a lot of questions and document all situations that arise.
YKT Corp. = D&L ?
YKT Corporation out of Pennsylvania used to be D & L Typing Services, I believe. Anyone out there work for them? Just wanting to know.
Looking for a new job and any info on this company sincerely appreciated.  Thanks.
Corp. Transcription
Does anyone have any contact info. for Corp. Transcription?
Any Info on MT Corp (MTC)?

Does anyone have any info on Medical Transcription Corp (MTC) out of Reading MA?  I just completed their rad transcription test, and need to know more about the company in general.  They always request a return receipt whenever I open any e-mail from them -- is this a red flag?  Thanks!

CMT Corp? anyone know anything about them? email me please
Thanks in advance
Digital Records Corp - Does anyone know
anything about this company - good or bad?  I would appreciate your comments.  Thanks.
Another ? about Med. Transcription Corp. & Online App.


They ask what is your preferred specialty and preferred work type as well as most difficult specialty and work type. 

What are they referring to when they say work type?  I'm confused.  Don't understand what they are referring to.


Any info on CMT Corp in San Francisco?
I have been offered their MT test for radiology.  Anyone heard of them or know anything about them?
Medical Transcription Corp
Just tested for them and they are making an offer. Anyone heard of them (or work for them).
MRC Medical Records Corp? sm
Anyone have any information on this company in Florida? Thanks.
Medical Records Corp
Anyone have any input on Medical Records Crop out of Maryland? In can't find them in the archives. Thanks in advance.
Medical Records Corp
Hi there.  Not sure if I am correct but I used to be with Medical Records Corp out of Florida and then it was just MRC and of course, Medquist bought them out.  Is there a different Medical Records Corp you are talking about?  Sorry if this info is wrong.
Medical Records Corp
I am talking w/them now. Just did testing today. Seems like a nice lady that I talked with. You do know that they don't pay for spaces don't you?
Medical Records Corp.
Worked for them for a very short time. Very unorganized. Ran out of work the first week almost everyday within the first few hours of my shift. It did not work out for me. Had trouble getting my paycheck as well. Maybe things are better now.
Wavescribe International, Corp. - anyone ever work for them - sm

Anyone know anything about this place?



Any info about Back Suite Corp? nm
Digital Records Corp. (DRC) is easy - NM
Any information on MRC-MD, aka Medical Records Corp?
Anyone heard of Medical Records Corp. of MD? sm

They are posting that they are hiring at 10 to 12 cpl, however, wondering what the catch is......are they a school or something???  TIA

Medical Records Corp of Maryland
Anyone know anything about this company? Any info would be appreciated!
What ever happened to Digital Records Corp?
Anyone work for Digital Records Corp in California? sm
Do you work per LPH requirements or line counts per payperiods, have to clock in.  What platform is used.  Is it Word Based.  It is set up in a pool fashion or you are assigned work from a particular group of doctors.  Is pay good?  Thanks for replying.
The good, bad and the ugly on Digital Records Corp (DRC)?
Mine too - Medical Records Corp - Gone with the Qwind. (nm)
Any info on Medical Records Corp or FutureNet?
Can't find much info here on archive search...anybody know anything they can share?  thanks much!
MRC (Medical Records Corp)?? Any information out there on them. I couldnt find anything in the
archives. Any help would be appreciated. Thinking of applying.