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If they only knew...

Posted By: mary k on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I hear ya! I am right here with you. sm - exHIS

the clients I mean. Maybe everyone's minds should think alike.

I agree, Melissa was once an upstanding person and manager, boy was I wrong! She would not answer her office phone or her cell phone yesterday afternoon when I called and I left her messages. I emailed her that I was going to be out last night due to illness and she forwarded my email to Kathy Clemmons and Colleen Neidert. What, now I can't use my sick time either! Just try me!

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Maybe it would help if we knew exactly
how many people were quitting, if they could maybe post on here (or maybe a less public place might be better) when they find a new job and when they plan on leaving.  Might make more of an impact that way.  I'm going to have to leave, but I don't have a new job yet.  And I agree with you about not giving notice.  They didn't give us any notice.
See? You knew better, but still...
Do you brush off your typos in your work just because it is early morning?

Some people just do not do well under pressure like that (verbal quizzes) regardless of how much they know. Get off of your pedestal.
We knew what we were saying
Both of us knew what we were saying without the extra 000's.  I just looked at my chart notes and at 9 cents per line which is what I pay my subs you lost about 15% and so probably get about 7.5 cents per line.  The first document I checked was a lot of letters and consults and so there were a lot of blank lines in that one -- which I do get paid for believe it or not -- so that was not a good comparison --forgot about that.  But I just looked at a document that had 3830 lines and 2790 words and so you can compare that.   But again I charge gross lines.   Less per line but they much prefer the less per line than the more per line but less lines.  I have weird docs.   Good luck again. 
If we knew of any, we'd all be there!
I knew it
Thank you so much for sharing. That is what I mean, the old bait and switch game. They reel you in, have you quit your current job, and then treat you anyway you want to. Just like 75% of the companies these days. And yes, lying to someone over the phone and the computer is easier for people. All I want in a company is work, paychecks, integrity, and honesty. And you sure wont get it here at JLG!!
I wish I knew
what company this hiring manager worked for.  I would not apply.
If you only knew!
somehow I knew

Call me names if you want to....I really don't care.  I stand my ground.  Acusis is a  great company with great people.  I personally know MTs who have absolutely no trouble getting their Keystrokes in...perhaps you are spending too much time here when you should be transcribing?  Just a thought.....



No it isn't, but seems to be more than you knew. I also know how to
search the archives. 
If she knew, do you think she would ask?

wish I knew..sm
The website looks good-seems like all radiology work., but other than that, I know nothing; I haven't heard from them either. 
I wonder, too, if they even knew it was in use...
when filing a name, how would one know if w/o the copywrite?

wish I knew.. but
I received an email yesterday stating I did very well on the test and wanted to know when I would be able to speak to them. I told them today or tomorrow and gave time. So far, no response email, no call.
Uh oh. I knew something bad had to SM

be coming, since they didn't have any bad news at the last town meeting call.  Too many changes to annotate?  That's their way of having us go through the whole thing and hopefully miss even more things they are taking away from us, OR more things we are going to have to do and not be paid for.

the OP knew what she was doing and sm
I am sure she knew the consequences. She will be fine and she will get another job.

I just hope its not in an office with folks like you. I have been there, done that and no amount of money is worth that.

When it comes my time to die, I sure won't be saying GEE I wish I had worked more hours! I will be glad I did what I could do for and with my family and the OP will do the same.
Well, 2 of us knew it
But don't feel too badly. Some of us manage to be aware of cultural phenomena and the world outside of our own. I don't think any of us expect that from you.
I knew it, I knew it
Wow, I thought Iw as the only one who noticed something weird about this companyh. They pulled the same garbage on me, the 9:00 interview, on Yahoo IM? What a crock. What exactly are they trying to pull?  I also got a computer virus that I think was due to them.
Although this is something I knew, it SM

bears repeating.  MTStars is not giving out that information.  The poster in question made it clear that she gave information in HER OWN POSTS that allowed identification.

There are also accusations against 4 Jane Does in the suit, which shows everyone that nobody from MTStars is giving out ISP or identification information.

Thanks. I knew there was something but
I never knew they had glitches.
I'm in the dark about that.

if you knew what they paid, why did you take the job?
knew that was coming!
Three things are for sure - death, taxes, and that you'll start your vendetta the minute anyone mentions OSI!
I knew it was too easy sm
Probably too good to be true but I will try to straddle both jobs. My current one is a stinko place, lotsa junk dictation, no $$, so T seemed like a big step in the right direction. However, I got it too easy. My experience with both MT and nonMT jobs is if you get them too easily, there's usually a reason why -- nobody else wants it.
I knew 4 companies in NJ this way. It was not a
I don't know firsthand but knew
someone that worked for them once who was happy with them
I knew someone would disagree with me, but
for the account I am on, I am definitely getting the short end of the stick being paid by the report. Unfortunately, that is something you don't know until you actually work on the account. At least by the line, you are paid for what you do exactly.
Money? They pay for this? Who knew?!!!
Dear Foothills:

You are too funny!

None of us make money in transcription anymore. Veteran's in the business can remember when we used to make a living wage, but anymore?

No, we'd all be better off as coal miners because it would pay better. I'm serious. These companies are in the penny pinching business, stealing spaces, headers, footers, courtesy copies, and creative accounting so what you type is not what you get paid anymore, and they have it down to a science.

I'm guessing, but I'd venture to say in the coal mine they wouldn't tell me working for free is part of my job. What do you think?


I'm working on an attitude today with dictators.

I wish they would all yawn, fart, sneeze, eat, cough, talk to other people, answer the telephone, play with the calculator and shuffle papers while dictating as I am sitting here trying to make a living.

Then, if they can gargle like this fellow I have right now where I can struggle to understand, I would just be thrilled! (Sarcasm).

Rudest animal on the planet?


Some days it would be easier for a gnat to give birth to an elephant than to transcribe a horrible dictator. Ever have a day like that?

There in is the reason we make little to no money.

Last I knew it was Starmark sm
and they were awful.
I knew it would come out sooner or later.

If people only knew what goes on (sm)
the deception is something else with this company, I am so happy to be rid of all that nonsense.  Sorry that happened to you. 
Thanks, Wendy, I never knew that.

New Jersey last I knew. nm
and thank you! I knew there was something forgotten!
If we knew the answer to that one...
we'd all be working there!  We all would love to know where to go to make 13 cpl to start, where we are not on a time clock, were we have little to no ESLs, and where we are treated with the utmost respect, paid on time every time, and don't have to worry about being switched to that blasted ASR.  Boy, if there's anyone out there who knows of such a utopian place for a MT, please let me know!  I'll be quitting tomorrow!!
if you knew the company, that is.
Can you say overhire...I knew you could.

Don't bother unless you like A LOT of flexibility in your day.  Have a backup job so when there is no work I can work elsewhere. There is more work at night so if you like working evenings and nights this could work out for you.

I knew something like this would happen...

I got this email from super today saying that a line is not a ine due to production gains with Speech Recognition.  So they are being weighted.

A transcribed line equals a line but a speech line is 0.666666667.  We will receive corrective actions for not reaching the goals. 

I believe this means that I now have to do twice as much work to make speech equal 1 line and to keep tabs on it I have to go to a different window. 

Time to find a new job? 

well I would if I knew who the recruiter was...
But all I got was an automated email message saying congratulations, you passed the first portion of the application process and inviting me to go on to the second portion, which was the test.
Would like to apply to MDI if I knew where to do that. NM
I wish I knew where you worked.
I realize you can't say on here. I really, really hope the work picks up soon for my job. Can get a bit overwhelming at times (not having work).

Does your company advertise for employees on the Looking For Jobs board? Hope so.
Said, "oh, well - I knew I was never going to get to
Thought about pulling what I had left in it out, but you get a huge financial penalty for doing so. Thought about closing the account last July, and putting the money into a money market account instead. Everyone I talked to who was 'in the know' told me don't do it. At first I was freaking out, but now I just figure none of it is *real* money, anyway, since I've not only never seen a dime of it yet, but never will. So I focus on the short-term struggles, such as coming up with enough money each month to pay my rent, eat & keep my utilities turned on. The rest will just have to take care of itself, one way or another, because it's pretty much a lost cause to me. I no longer have any use for the stock market, so it can do whatever it wants to - they're never getting another dime from me. I keep getting these letters from the 401K company asking if I've 'forgotten' about my 401K - why aren't I putting any money into it, and yada-yada-yada. Why should I give them any more money, just to have them spend part of it on their vacation homes in Aspen, and LOSE the rest of it? As the old ad used to say, let them 'make money the old-fashioned way - let them EARN it,' and keep their grubby hands off mine.
I knew you were in a bad mood sm
I am not basing everything on my looks at all, just that it, like it or not, is a factor in getting hired. A groomed, attractive appearance is helpful when applying for jobs that aren't from home.

I have a college degree and many skills. Go back to your first reply and you will see how your mood is expressed through this thread. I will not fight with you. I am confident I will find another job and I will not quit this one until I do. Why do you seem so upset about that?

I did not use MT for a babysitter. It simply allowed me to be home when my kids had school days off, etc. That is why 99% of the MTs do this work. Some work at home because they have substance abuse problems or agoraphobia but yes, darling mtmt, a lot of mommies like to work from home. This does not bring down the quality of MT work. Only the demand for at home jobs brings down the level of treatment we are given by the MTSO because they know we will put up with a certain amount of disrepect.

Now go try to have a better day and cheer up!
gotta say, I never knew him, but Dr.
Reeves was our local version down in galveston county. I did work for a neurologist in the scurlock towers. I think these are both retired now. I have to admit, it does not take much to make a person feel good about themselves. We had a radiology group at 2 local hospitals and after my husband died, I stayed home for about 4-5 years before going to work at the OTHER facility. They apparently were having a lot of complaints, so much so that 3 months later I got flowers from my boss because it was the first time they had not killed her in staff meeting that month over their dictation. In fact, they paid her a compliment. But the main one was walking into radiology that first day to pick up slips (we were on a dictaphone loop then) and the radiologist looked up and said thank God. The poor pathologist there had to train every girl they had ever hired. This was a smaller facility and they were kicking the other facility's butt with patient loyalty. In fact, I am glad I worked there and got to experience the small town flavor of it. Company picnics brought out everybody and none of the spouses complained about having to go, we all enjoyed it. Oh, those were the days, my friend. The cardiologist from India was the one I referred to earlier and such a sweet man. I grabbed the stat tape off of Dictaphone and automatically hit rewind and erase, got most of it, but the last one I could not understand. Managed to grab him as he was walking out and explained I needed him to redictate the last report and when he asked if I had equipment problems, I just told, no sir, I can't like to you, I totally screwed up and he said don't worry, I will go do it now. These guys were real people, I don't know WHO these are people are, some kind of laminites out of new billfold pictures or something!
Whew!!! I knew that could NOT be TT, lol!
Don't feel bad...I've done the same flipping thing myself, TransTech/Transcend. WORLD of difference and I could smack my own hand every time I make that same mistake, lol!

I just don't want someone to get the wrong idea and start rumors about TT again. I work there and *heart* them with all of my lil self.

Thanks for correcting that!!!
I always knew CB was untrue to MT
Sorry, CB, I am just not buying the bit about how I would save an American job if I just worked night shift...blah, blah, blah...I have BTDT!! and where it did it get me? Having to work more than one job because the company is going to do what the company is going to do, with or without me.  It is a FACT that MTSOs are going to offshore.  It is also now proven to be a fact that any MTSO saying they will NOT offshore is a bold face liar.  Kiss up to your lizards, but save me from it.  pfffttt!!!
I always knew CB was untrue to MT
Sorry, CB, I am just not buying the bit about how I would save an American job if I just worked night shift...blah, blah, blah...I have BTDT!! and where it did it get me? Having to work more than one job because the company is going to do what the company is going to do, with or without me.  It is a FACT that MTSOs are going to offshore.  It is also now proven to be a fact that any MTSO saying they will NOT offshore is a bold face liar.  Kiss up to your lizards, but save me from it.  pfffttt!!!
LOL, I knew what you meant...(sm)
I just figured you were giggling as hard as I am and hit the wrong key, lol!!!

At least these KW posts are providing some laughter on my lunch break :-)
I knew they were heading that

Guess it's time to dust off the book covers and retrain for a different career.

I knew what you meant

I just wanted to say that I appreciate your posts, gourdpainter, and I completely knew what you were trying to achieve by your post.  I actually look forward to reading your posts, because I believe you to be true to your character.  Thank you!  It's good to know the doctors are concerned EMR as well. 


I knew on day one that the company was wrong for me and you will too

Give it a try..... but follow your instincts... if the bad rep company gives you a gut feeling, run like hell, do not wait long, just bail out.



My point is...that nobody knew for a FACT who the
based on previous posts on this board. There could have been 10 other similar situations that occured between an MTSO and an MT this week. Nine of which you know nothing about. Not all MTs come to this board and spill their guts about what has transpired between them and an MTSO.