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go to the department of labor web site

Posted By: sympathetic MQer on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl

and check out their TAA and ATAA page --Trade Adjustment Asisstance Program and Worker Adjustment and retraining and notification act. Congress was talking about extending benefits for people who have lost their jobs due to offshoring. My heart goes out to your all.

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Contact the labor department.
They will investigate and fine them for not paying in employment taxes, etc., as by having to ask for time off, vacation, etc., that means you are an employee and not an IC.
Letter from Department of Labor
Has anyone received a letter from the Department of Labor from the state where your employer is located, indicating they are investigating the company regarding various contract laws?  I work for a wonderful company and can't imagine why they would be investigated, unless this is another way to squeeze out medical transcription companies and send everything to India to reduce healthcare costs. 
Go to the Department of Labor website


It is fully explanatory there.  It does not apply to at-home MTs unless they have 50 employees working within a 75-mile radius of them.

Yes, turn them in to the Department of Labor and Industry for nonpayment.
Try the BBB or FTC for unfair labor practices. Send them a certified letter demanding payment or you'll sue in small claims court.
You are still wrong to thank your company on an MT site, appropriate is your site.
sorry, I mean not the HR director, not department. A recruiter is usually under sm
the HR department, but is not the director unless it is a company that is so small there is only one person doing everything. If you did a chart, there would be the HR department headed by an HR director who is responsible for the administrative things in HR, not recruiting. Most directors really are not good recruiters. Most directors are also lacking in the people skills, but they are knowledgeable in all aspects of human resource law.

Sorry to say department above. I was thinking one way, typing another.
I have forwarded all responses to HR Department. sm
Hopefully they are doing THEIR part and contactnig people. If you dont mind, e-mail me and let me know who you are and I'll try to light a fire under them!
Department B transcription services

Has anyone ever heard of a company called Department B or older name PM&R?? I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday but I was just wondering if anyone knew anything on this company.



My son applied for a department store once, sm
and they asked him all kinds of psychologic questions - it was just weird.
send this to your insurance department for their
policy book. Why would you put this on this board?
I worked in QA Department for the Q about 12 years ago. sm
The last straw for me was an MT who consistently typed preformed instead of performed. She refused to change or just didn't care to go over her feedback. Manager would do nothing about it because she too worked 3rd shift. I will never go back to doing QA again. I make more money as a Transcriptionist anyway.
That's a bit misleading. It is NOT just the IT department. The techs sm

who allocate the dictation files to you nothing to do with IT.  If you have a computer issue, they will get someone from IT for you, but Marie and the rest are not part of that department.  The ENTIRE COMPANY is based in India.  Yes, they hire American MTs, but the company is in India, and they at one point even lied to the MTs and said work was slow due to Christmas (this was in the middle/latter part of January), then one of the techs admitted they had outsourced to an Indian MT company. 

They are not the worst company to work for -- the pay is decent and on time -- although I never cared for the way the work was allocated and I absolutely DESPISE the fact that they are now lying and misrepresenting themselves in their ads saying they are based in Kentucky.  There is a residential HOUSE in Kentucky owned by the Indian owner.  Why not just be upfront about it in their ads?

I have called the police department already..sm
I am not playing.  They faxed me the paperwork and I am giving her until Friday for a cashier's check OR money order is in my hands, she is in trouble!  LIES LIES LIES that is all she has done.
What people seem to misunderstand is that a recruiter is not the HR department. They are the sm
recruiter. HR director or department head deals with the rules of human resources, benefits, numbers, etc. Recruiter is the KEY person, the one people-oriented individual, the one who talks and gets to know the prospective employee, the one who tests and usually the one who checks the references. That person hires the people. It is the job of the recruiter in any company to hire the individual and THEN to forward paperwork to the department that needs the MT. Now, as a recruiter, I follow through within three (3) days' time to see that all the necessary contact with that individual and department has been made and if it has not been made, I put the crunch to that department head to step on it. We are dealing with people who need a job and have quit their job supposedly to work for us. No one can afford a lapse in employment unless they want a week off in between, which sometimes they do.

Too many people seem to think HR is the recruiter, but in a company with a true chain of command, that usually is not the case.

I don't know how this company operates in that area, but most of the companies I know that are in growth put an HR dept in place, have a director, and 1 or 2 recruiters. The recruiters hire. The individual departments are responsible for getting those people up and running BUT because I know how important it is to get people started and started on time and because sometimes I feel that no one can do the job as well as me (sadly), I have to follow up to make sure those people are not forgotten.

This is worrisome to me that I feel this way, but unfortunately I have come across companies that have let this happen and I do put a fire underneath the departments and it is successful.
Interview with in-hospital transcription department
and wondering what the rate is for in-house.  Ten years ago when I was an in-house transcriptionist, I was paid 13.00 an hour and 5 cpl for everything over 500 lines per day.  Just wondering how the setup is now or if that has changed.  I live in Alabama and the hospital I have an interview with, will eventually transition their MTs to working from home. 
Ortho department has testing, the others do not at this time. nm
HR Department at Keystrokes is a director, a clerk/secretary sm
and a recruiter. The director is new but only does the legal stuff and is working on the benefits package, etc. The clerk is doing the paperwork. The recruiter is doing the recruiting, interviewing, checking references, passing hire info on. The pieces are in place now and you just validated what has just been put in place. I know there is talk of a second recruiter, one for radiology and one for medical records, but I think this is still in the baby stages. The HR Director heads the department but will not recruit.
if I remember correctly, isn't that Spheris' India department?
Supposedly over 4000 employees, JUST for that India account, according to Advance Health Magazine...
I thought exactly the same thing! Tech department must be lacking
I wrote to their HR department, which is the only contact I could find for them, last week, but no r
The formal QA department is new only started last August. Before that, it was up to the lead MT'
to do QA. That obviously did not work for them and they started a QA department.

Ortho has only done formal QA reviews.

Radiology does QA reviews but internally and only comes to the MT's if there is a problem, otherwise tells them they are doing well.

No complaints at all. Platform is super MT friendly. Great QA department.
Very happy at Medware.
It may have to do with their labor law of ...sm
anything over 8 hours is considered overtime and must be paid 1.5x even if you work 12 hours one day a week.

It is no longer anything over 40 hours per week but anything over 8 hours a day. That, my friend, will cost the company plenty of money.

That is why companies are not hiring California MTs.

You might want to try IC positions......and not employee.
Labor Day. nm

You have to be IC because of labor laws sm

I don't know of any companies like this because they have to verify the # of hours you work.  Most places require a set # of hours per week, if you are full time often 32-40 hours, PT 20-32.  All I have dealt with require the hours be met more importantly than the lines, they have to have staff to cover set hours for client needs.  If your lucky enough to type 250 lph, apply for part-time, then you'll only have that 6 hour day you are looking for and not be obligated to type longer, then if you don't meet the line requirement in that time, you'll still have room to type longer without costing the company OT if you need to type another half hour or hour longer than expected to get there.  These companies have to be very careful to keep track of the hours because they are required to pay OT for anything over 40 hours, and they have a minimum line count so they know the have people that can get the work done instead of people that aren't disciplined to type from home.  All of this is just what I have seen in my 12 years as an MT, may be different for other MTs. 

US labor laws
Maybe this company is claiming ignorance of US labor laws b/c they are based far, far away. I have no idea, really. It's a lame excuse if that's their thinking. Something's very wrong at this company!
labor board
Oh boy, I worked for a place like this. They didnt actually threaten the IC's...but...the first time an IC was not available they would send them an email and say that their services were no longer needed. They held IC's to a schedule and let them go if they didnt work the scheduled hours, so yep, agree with you, they say IC, but expect EMPLOYEE like hours and schedule.
So they are not doing offshore labor only?
Are you the OP?
Contact PA Labor
Oh, well if you were not a part of the HMC account, by all means if you were not paid, email me and I will give you our contact at PA Labor and Industry. Im sure he would be interested in hearing your story, as the Marinos are just pleading innocence to all our woes.  You could be another cog in their wheel.  Email me and I will give you his name. 
PA Labor Board & D&L
They already have my information as well as the PA Sates Attorney's office.. There were a lot of us that quit in and around August, because when the big account people left, they ran out of money to pay us too!  My question is what did they do with all the money that we made on the other accounts that were not a part of the big hospital account.  Heard they (Marino's) live pretty high on the hog partying it up and jet setting or at least trying to keep up with the high society.  Sounds to me as though they have a Champagne appetite with a Beer pocket book. 
Ive used the Labor Board, and they definitely get
}:) heh heh heh
Labor board.
IC labor laws

HAPPY THANSGIVING...  Could somebody point me in the direction I am needing to get the independent contractor labor laws.  And can an employer tell you that you can submit your work in an e-mail if you cannot get into your system.  Doesn't that break confidentialty laws?  Anyway I am needing to know how IC work, works.  Can I set my own hours?  If I am too sick to work for a day and I tell my employer can they charge me a penalty fee?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

If I were you, I'd be at the Labor Board the next day
Even dinging employees' pay for mistakes is pretty low, but since you never typed these reports, I don't see how they think they can legally deduct your pay for not typing them. It would be sort of like if the government siphoned money out of your SS fund, to cover all the years you didn't work because you weren't born yet.

Ripoffs like the one you describe are exactly why your State Labor Board exists. Go sic 'em on that low-life employer of yours!
Labor laws
That is because a lot of MTSOs abuse the IC status. They treat the MTs like employees instead of ICs. Many years ago I worked for a service that fired someone. That person went to the Labor Board and the service had to pay back employee taxes on everyone. We all had to get a second account to satisfy the State that we were ICs and not just working for one company, which they considered a employee situation.
labor is not the only expense
an MT company has so your figures, while interesting, don't show the whole picture.
Labor laws
Why was your last thread locked?
thanks for the support, Labor Dept. did say ... sm
that they will investigate and they will get compensation for me on lost investment earnings. MW sent me a check for what they withheld from my pay but denied my request for 4% interest that I would have gotten in my money market account. I truly hope this is just my problem and not the other 133 participants in MW's 401(k) plan. I have not been in the plan long enough to be vested so their contributions don't matter to me personally.
I'd pay a little visit to the LABOR BOARD, myself. sm
Many years ago, my last paycheck from an MT company I worked for BOUNCED. Not, once, but TWICE. (I put it thru a 2nd time at the owner's branch). So, I went to the Labor Board for help. They not only got me the money from the last paycheck, but also some insurance reimbursement I was owed to me. Apparently this had happened to others at that place, as well. A former co-worker told me the L.B. paid the COMPANY a visit one day, and they went through her office with a fine toothed comb. Found lots of illegal little problems going on, and put her out of business for good. What goes around, COMES around! ;p
That Acetera is going offshore labor only? NM
If Indian labor is so cheap, how come.......
there are getting to be so many Indian-based companies here and in India, owned by Indians?  Do you think maybe this is a lucrative field for owners of transcription companies? 
Only ran out of work for 1 hour after Labor Day. (sm)
Usually always work in primary, if not secondary and tertiary kick right in and seem to be plentiful.

For those new hires or people considering TT, ask the recruiter and she will let you know if they are hiring in anticipation of another new account or not. That should help alleviate your worries.

It's a great company, well worth riding the slight ups and downs with.
Labor Relations Board
might be another place to check in your state or the attorney general in the state, what we used in passed experiences
to break labor laws?
labor boards and lawyers
A nice thought, but in today's economy, it is an employer's market. And we are ....hate the dreaded word....human resources, commodoties to used up and discarded. The only way anything could be achieved is if none of us had to eat during the time it took to get organized. Got a plan?
Over the Labor Day holiday people were
crabbing the work was low. But that was the end of the summer holidays as usual anywhere when everyone including docs take their kids on vacation. Aside from the usual lulls from holidays we are busy. This MT has several accounts and I for one have rarely run out of work. If it ran low during the holiday, I would take a break and come back and there would be reports there. Now there is the usual amount of plenty of work as far as I can see. They do keep things in TAT, but staff accordingly as you need to let them know your intended line count so they will have enough work for your projection. They, in turn, staff accordingly.
They need to be reported to the Labor Board..sm
and their names posted.  Another example of MTSOs pushing as far as they can before we MTs cry, Ouch!   They know they are breaking the law. 
Every state's Dept. of Labor has...sm

rules and regulations re. unfair labor practices.  I don't just mean the BS with the IC and set schedule baloney.  What about:

1.  Requiring an employee to work a set schedule of hours, but not being paid for your time, just the actual lines produced during those hours.

2.  Being told during your set, scheduled shift/hours (which you're not being paid for, remember?) that, sorry, no work or work is slow, but you can't take the day off, because, what if everybody decided to take the day off.  Ergo, must sit glued to seat until work comes in.  Needless to say, line quota not able to be met in the specific schedule you're bound to but not paid for.

3.  Told at end of week you must make up line quota or, (take your choice):

a) Lose bennies for that month.

b) Expect a phone call (who is paying whose phone bill?  I know who's paying mine, and that's why the Almight invented voicemail).

c) You lose job w/o cause... it's in agreement, after all. Hire Indians or other US MTs who are desperate and who'll work for $0.01 less than you are.

d)  We take your first-born (That's next.. with what they are allowed to get by with).


Two words. LABOR BOARD.

labor board only helps if you are